Rainbow Mice Cheese Wedge - 60 pieces

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Product Description

Your feline friends won't be able to resist these rainbow colored furry mice! Each mouse is catnip treated for that extra ZING, and they rattle when played with! They will provide hours of fun and exercise and are a healthy outlet for your cat's natural hunting instinct. This cheese wedge box contains 60 furry, catnip infused mice, each with a felt nose and eyes and measures approximately 3" long from tail tip to nose tip.

  • Rainbow colored mice
  • Fur covered bodies
  • Catnip infused for longer play time
  • Felt nose and eyes
  • Mice rattle

Customer Reviews:

  • cats love these mice
    My 7 year old female cat is very fussy about her toys ... and she loves these mice. She will bat them all over the house and they're small enough for her to toss and try to catch. A great product, but as with all toys, you should supervise your cats while they play. ...more info
  • Hours of cat fun
    My cat displays antics I didn't think possible for a feline with the furry mice-- sits up on her back paws, bats the mouse up into the air, catches it in her mouth or in her front paws, chases the mouse off the bed onto the floor, grabs it & flies up onto the bed with it. And if I want her to come, I just have to pick up a mouse and rattle it -- she's there in a flash.
    I had seen some earlier reviews that indicated the mice came in a plastic bag, rather than in the cheese-shaped box, and with fewer than 60 mice. Mine came exactly as advertised, in the box, and with easily sixty mice in the box. The shipment arrived promptly. This is the best cat toy I've ever purchased for my feline -- it's provided hours of fun....more info
  • Nice Mice!
    My kittens love these mice! Not only are the mice covered in soft fur, but they rattle too! Just give them a few shakes and a good throw and your kitten will be entertained! If your kitten likes to play with other toy mice, then they will love these ones. ...more info
  • Awesome Toys!
    These little mice are great!! My two cats absolutely LOVE them. They love playing fetch with them or just batting them around and stalking them. I would recommend getting these rattling ones over the regular grey, white, and black ones because the bodies on these rainbow ones are made out of plastic instead of cardboard. With the cardboard ones, once my cats chewed at them for a while they'd get to the cardboard body and would shred it all over the carpet. No problem with the plastic ones and they are a lot easier to spot. Plus the rattling is super fun too. Also, this is a great price as they are usually close to a dollar a peice at a pet store and having a large quantity on hand is great for when you end up with an infestation of little rainbow mice under your oven and fridge!...more info
  • 60 Zanies Furry Rattling Rainbow Mice
    mice are well done and cat's enjoy to play. I will buy more of those mice they are awsome. ...more info
  • Cat Loves them, but I had to throw them away
    My cat LOVES mice that rattle. For that these were great mice. They rattled very well. The mice have a couple problems though. First, their tails come off within about a minute of playing. Many of the mice barely have the skins attached too. Those aren't the reasons that I decided to throw them away.

    One of the ways that my cat plays with her mice, is that she loves to try to drown them in her water dish. Although I didn't notice with the first one that we gave her (a yellow one), the next one (a red one) turned the water bright red overnight. I was very concerned that they would drink the dyed water or even worse... she would ingest the dye off of the mice. So they were tossed. ...more info
  • My cats favorite toys!
    I have furry mice all over my apt, under chairs, beds and closets, but my Cats ADORE these mice! They are so entertained by them, I would have to say they are their favorite toy...ever!...more info
  • Mice Galore!!!!
    My cats love fur mice, and this pack was a great deal!!! I normally have to pay a lot for just a few mice. They lose them like crazy, so having all the extras helps. The only thing I found to be irritating was the SKU sticker on each mouse. You have to peel each one off, but other than that, these rattling mice rock!!...more info
  • 60 mice
    I bought this for our 2 kittens and our son's cats, as well. They really do enjoy these little mice a lot. This is a very reasonable price for so many toys....more info
  • Best Cat Toy Ever!
    When I presented one of these mice to my small kittens, well, you'd think they'd died and gone to cat heaven. Not having much experience thus far with either real or fake mice (only being 12 weeks old), they were both convinced that the mice were real and proudly paraded them around the room while growling and acting like fierce jungle hunters. Even a week later, the mice are still the favorite toy, although I think they've figured out that they aren't actually real dead mice. They bat them around and chew on them for hours and fight over them. Because I got so many, it's ok if they lose them under the furniture. And 60 mice for 13 bucks was a deal! Two thumbs...er...paws up for th...more info
  • Cat Toys
    Items were great! We have 5 cats and they love running around the house with these mice hanging from their mouth....more info
    My cats just love these mice. And for this price, to get 60 of them, that's an awsome deal. Unfortunately, my dogs love them as well, so needless to say, I will be buying more!...more info
  • Cats LOVE them!
    The rattling noise makes all the difference in making them fun for the cats - they love these! Always rip the tail off tho, at some point the cat will tear it off and eat it....more info
  • Potentially dangerous cat toy
    These little mice are colorful and cute and made as a cat toy. However, in a child's hands or if picked up by a dog, they are potentially very dangerous. They are very small and covered with real fur. They are about 3/4" in diameter, about the size of a child's or dog's throat. I'm not crazy about the fact that they are made of real fur either. I am by no means an animal rights person, but I find it senseless in this day and age to make a toy out or any kind of real fur....more info
  • Zanies Rainbow Mice
    My cats went nuts over these mice. They have to be their favorite toys.It's a product that I will certainly order again. Any cat lover will really enjoy the coolcybercats web page that provides this product....more info
  • Best cat toy I've found, my kitten just loves them
    My vet (a true cat person) gave me one of these mice when I took my kitten in for her first check up. When we got home I put it on the floor and Molly (our kitten) and the toy were literally "off to the races". Now she even brings one of the mice to me when I'm watching TV and wants me to throw it for her to "fetch" (I had no idea cats enjoyed playing fetch too).

    A couple of days before we picked up our new kitten at the shelter I got online with Amazon and ordered several cat toys based on the various reviews. I assumed that the catnip ones would be best only to find out kittens aren't into catnip until they get about 9 months old or so I've read. All of the other cat toys I ordered, including some fairly expensive ones are getting very little playtime but Molly truly LOVES(!!!) these mice. And hey, you get 60 in a box what more can you ask for? Don't look any further, just buy a box of these mice and get ready for your cat start playing....more info
  • Rainbow Mice
    These are so great! My cat has so much fun and I enjoy watching her play with them!...more info


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