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Who Reads Vegetarian Times?
Vegetarian Times is written for those at the forefront of the healthy living movement. Published nine times a year, it provides delicious recipes, expert wellness information, and environmentally sound lifestyle solutions for both full-time and part-time vegetarians. Replete with beautiful photography and articles from leading experts, Vegetarian Times will be of interest to anyone with a passion for eating healthy while staying environmentally conscious.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Health: Vital food, health, and nutrition news. Nutritionists and doctors answer questions about vegetarian lifestyles.
  • Eco-Beauty: Presenting environmentally friendly, cruelty-free beauty buys.
  • Quick: All about making great tasting meals in not a lot of time. Expect to read about healthful and delicious 30 minute meals, and dishes you can make using just 5 ingredients.
  • Life--Carrot and Stick: Who walks the walk and who's nothing but talk. Tips to make your habitat healthier and become more eco-enlightened travelers
  • Cuisine: Editors find creative new ways to incorporate your favorite flavors into dishes.
  • Vegan Gourmet: Our popular plant-based column.
  • Features: From recipe contests to eco-friendly advise, features run the gamut of information that vegetarians crave most. Recent stories have included "10 Ways to Green your Fridge," "South American Superfoods," and "Earth to Table Herbs."
Past Issues:

Contributors range from Restaurateurs, chefs, nutritionists, artists. These people are carefully selected for their passion and knowledge of vegetarian food and the accompanying lifestyle.

Magazine Layout
Each issue features beautiful food photography, focusing on a soft palette of colors for long reading sessions.

Comparisons to Other Magazines
The magazine is written for both vegetarians and flexitarians alike. It promotes a healthy vegetarian lifestyle without putting guilt on those who eat meat. The editors strive to bring readers articles in a positive light without preaching and politics.

Readers will find advertisements mainly from companies making vegetarian foods products. Additional frequent advertisements include supplements, cruelty-free beauty products and eco-friendly products. Most advertisements include a "Reader Service" option so readers may request more information about specific products.

Vegetarian Times is the magazine of great food, good health, and smart living. Each issue is packed with mouth-watering recipes that taste great-and are good for you too. You'll find new tastes, old favorites, and tips on how to cook with fewer calories and less fat.

Customer Reviews:

  • Must have...
    This is a great addition to new vegetarians! My family loves to read this magazine and the recipes in it!...more info
  • mag review
    My husband and I have been vegetarians for a year now and have loved every minute of it. We both feel healthier. With the recent meat recalls we are so glad we went "veggie". This process has been made easier with this magazine. Great receipes, easy to follow and taste good. Some you would not know you weren't eating meat, all you do not miss it. It would have been a lot harder going "veggie" without this mag. Lots of other info too, not just food....more info
  • eating is not a religion
    Vegetarian Times is an OK magazine. The recipes are expensive and time consuming. If your obsessed with your diet and being a vegetarian with a preachy, in your face, pin a medal on my chest attitude you will love the magazine. I simply don't eat meat, not practice an extreme religion....more info
  • This Ole Mare Ain't What She Used To Be...
    Vegetarian since 1980, Vegan since 1990. Loved this magazine back then, when it really was a monthly treat for us. Read it cover-to-cover the moment it arrived in my mailbox.

    Then it changed. Suddenly, few, if any, vegan recipes. The "vegetarian" ones started to contain fish! LOL, since when did fish be considered plant food? Unbelievable. After calling and writing to deaf ears and blind eyes, I let my subscription expire.

    Now it isn't even published monthly? Just nine issues for a one-year subscription? Sheesh. Sad.

    Two stars for omnivores to begin an exploration of cruelty-free eating, but it is no "bible". Read anything by John Robbins, especially, "Diet for A New America". That is what made me go vegan. Yes, he was to be heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune, but he forsake that.

    God Bless you, John, and thank you for making a delightful difference. Diet for a New America...more info
  • Great for Non Vegetarians too
    I got this magazine to help give me more ideas on how to cook more veggies. I absolutely LOVE it. They have such great recipes in every issue. I am never disappointed. And its not chocked full of ad's, as some of those other more well known magazines are. If you're tired of eating the same veggies, cooked the same way, then you should give this magazine a try. ...more info
  • Vegetarian Times
    We've received 2 issues so far. The recipes are interesting, uncomplicated, and do not require exotic ingredients. They seem very accessible to the home cook that wants to prepare tasty and healthy food. The articles are interesting yet brief enough for a quick read....more info
  • Glossy front cover does not hold much content.
    Very disappointed with this magazine subscription despite the gorgeous glossy front covers. Content is scant and recipes are not great tasting. I've been a vegetarian for several yrs and was looking for some decent recipes. But don't expect it from this publication. Recipes does not seem to have been tested for taste. Futhermore, delivery is sporatic at best. My Jan and Feb issues went missing (and that was not the first time this happened). After contacting them, I was promised replacement issues would be sent. They never appeared. My subscription ends in May and I can't wait to try another publication. What a waste of money and time....more info
  • Vegetarian Times
    I love this magazine. I became a vegetarian less than a year ago and this magazine has really helped. The recipes are easy to follow, taste good, and are healthy. Even my husband (a part-time vegetarian) uses it. ...more info
  • Inspiration for a healthier lifestyle
    The October issue of Vegetarian Times arrived yesterday and its already in use in the kitchen! Were they reading my mind? Opening the magazine and instantly inspired I quickly regretted not putting beans out to soak the night before. No problem! A handy little article by Mary Margaret Chappell - "Bean Basics" with four nicely illustrated simple recipes with shorter soaking times took me immediately to the kitchen. There were so many useful articles I can't wait to prepare and share: bistro-saavy gluten-free recipes to delight my friend with Celiac Disease who always has to drag baggies of alternative foods to dinner parties and Morrocan vegetarian recipes to surprise my friend traveling there next month. I carefully studied an insightful piece on headaches including foods that may trigger migraines along with a plan to test reactions. I was dazzled by the menu creativity in a piece about a vegetarian cruise. Wow! This is just what I was hoping for. I'm an accomplished cook and know the health food territory - but I like gorgeous and tasty food. I'm not a vegetarian now, but evolving naturally more and more in that direction. The food styling and photography is first rate - and yes, sexy! You would have to stretch your mind to notice the meat wasn't there. The text is meaningful and supplies just exactly what I want to know. The recipes are very accessible and perfectly express my wish for healthy art from my kitchen....more info
  • Way over the Top
    I ordered this magazine because I wanted good vegitarian recipes to try out. I was not prepared for all the anti-meat, anti-killing animals, and anti-anything except for vegitarianism. The recipes are great, the content and editorial junk is not....more info
  • Vegging Around
    Vegetarian Times is a fun, user-friendly publication for those who'd like to eat healthier. The recipes are easy and budget-friendly. As the "green" frosting on the cake, there are environmental and eco-friendly tips for the everyday. Vegetarian Times succeeds because it's primarily focused on recipes rather than polemics. It also takes into account that there are more vegetarians (or occasional vegetarians) than vegans. MOST people don't completely eschew dairy and eggs. Vegetarian Times is realistic. It isn't preachy, nor does it bash those who like cheeseburgers and milkshakes. It simply offers a healthy alternative.

    Vegetarian Times is good enough to eat!...more info
  • Tasty recipes/beautifully presented
    I can't wait for each issue to arrive. The recipe ideas are creative and I have never prepared one of their dishes that was not a success. I especially enjoy the somewhat more challenging recipes as the results are always worth the effort. This is a great source for my dinner parties for non-vegetarian friends. As a vegan, I am grateful for the abundance of recipes that will suit my diet (or others that are easily converted). I am only sorry that I waited so long to be a suscriber....more info
  • A great source of veggie/ vegan recipes, health, and lifestyle info
    After admiring Vegetarian Times on magazine racks for countless months, I finally took the plunge and ordered a one-year subscription. VT features numerous helpful product reviews, vegetarian / vegan recipes, health info, interviews, and a spotlight on green restaurants and businesses around the country. The Carrot & Stick section gives kudos to earth-friendly businesses and institutions and shines a light on animal rights violators. For me, this helps me decide which companies will receive my business based on their track record on environmentalism, recycling, and animal rights.

    The biggest downside is the amount (and size) of advertising; the already-thin monthly issues feel like they're 50% full-page ads targeted at vegetarians / vegans. This definitely detracted from an otherwise artistic, well-laid-out magazine. Personally, I feel that full-page ads are redundant in the Internet age; I'd much rather have a list of advertisers' products / websites at the back of the magazine, although I realize that advertising revenues are an essential evil inherent to the business.

    Many of VT's monthly recipes are ethnic in nature; I was pleasantly surprised to see that the September issue featured vegetarian makeovers of several High Holy Days standards such as Mock Chopped Liver, Noodle Kugel with Caramelized Apples and Raisins, Sephardic Stufffed Cabbage, and Chocolate Apricot Rugalach. It's really rare to find Jewish vegetarian recipes in mainstream magazines, so I greatly appreciated the inclusion (for more Jewish vegetarian ideas, check out Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World and The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook).

    VT's recipes, many of which can be adapted to vegan, use common ingredients and are within the realm of weeknight preparation; I haven't found many recipes that rated "too health-foody" or "just plain out there." Vegetarian Times is an excellent investment for today's vegetarian or vegan, and even for those questioning carnivores who are looking to add more fruits and veggies into their diets....more info
  • Something of a disappointment
    First, the disclaimer. I am not a vegetarian. I have, however, planned many vegetarian menus and cooked thousands of vegetarian meals, both professionally and at home.

    This magazine has a rather quaint approach to cover art and illustrations that reminds me of magazines that my mom read in the sixties. Apart from its appearance, the recipes are wildly inconsistent. Some are very good, fast, and easy to prepare. Others are bland and lifeless, reinforcing the misconception that vegetarian food is uninteresting and "healthy tasting." Some of the recipes contain obvious errors and omissions or call for such odd proportions that one wonders if they were tested prior to publication.

    Vegetarian Times seems to try reasonably hard to avoid the sanctimony and self-righteousness that afflicts so many publications in this genre. Nonetheless, there is enough polemicizing to annoy when it intrudes on the culinary purposes of the magazine.

    My final observation is that this magazine has one of the worst advertisement-to-content ratios that I've ever seen. In a couple of recent issues, the ratio of ads to recipes is nearly one to one. I don't mind paying a reasonable price for a useful publication but I do object to paying for the privilege of reading marketing hype.

    Bottom line? There are better vegetarian cookbooks readily available through Amazon or other dealers. Robin Robertson and Madhur Jaffrey both offer superior alternatives....more info
  • Okay, not great.
    I've read and have been a subscriber for years. Vegetarian for most of my life.
    The magazine goes through editors like we go through soy milk. They just can't find their way it seems.
    These days, most recipes call for expensive and / or hard to find ingredients. Worse, some call for pre-made items that just can't be found. Case in point, the latest issue with the very yummy looking pizza on the cover? You will not find the recipe for the crust in the magazine. Funny, eh? Also, the magazine, for the most part, ignores the male reader.

    After all this time, I'm saying farewell to VT. With a host of wonderful blogs on the net, and amazing cooks who generously share there "secrets", I'll save the trees it takes to produce this advertising biased magazine.
    ...more info
  • Magazine is a no show
    this was ordered on jan 24 today is feb 26 you are asking me for a review of something I havent seen .Does it still exist ? you seem to have no way to contact anyone for info you need a phone number or web site for subscription information! Carol A Melroy...more info
  • Great magazine - Lots of Helpful ideas
    This is an excellent magazine. It is full of great ideas, recipes, and interesting articles. I purchased this for my sister and she loves it. I feel better knowing she's getting some good and healthy advice for her vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Also, great customer service! I needed to contact the publisher to change an address, they did it so quickly via email. Great magazine!...more info
  • good diversity
    well i am excited to start experimenting in the kitchen. but i havent gotten my first magazine yet so im just waiting for it. ...more info
  • Vegetarian Times is really lame and not vegan friendly...
    Vegetarian Times is pretty lame. It is not very vegan friendly, take no issues on vegetarian issues and many of the recipes are so filled with dairy or eggs that they are unhealthful....
    VegNews is a much better magazine as is Vegetarian Journal. I have subscribed to Vegetarian Times since 1984 and am letting my subscription lapse this year. I find nothing in the magazine interesting...and am also annoyed that many of the ads in the magazine are for non-vegetarian products.......more info
  • Vegetarian Times reviewed by a non-vegetarian
    Vegetarian Times is a wonderful resource for finding fresh ideas for cooking vegetables. The recipes are healthy; most use fresh ingredients you can easily find at your grocers; the selections frequently combine vegetables I would not choose together to put together; the presentation of the vegetables delights your eyes before you even taste how good it is. I am not a vegetarian, but I can get such wonderful ideas for putting together a nice food presentation when I feed my family or friends....more info
  • Informative Magazine
    I've been a subscriber of this magazine for many years. It's an important tool for vegetarian cooking, but a good resource for non-vegetarians as well. It has limited recipes for vegans, but most non-vegan recipes can be altered. The price was right for this magazine, at full price I would not have ordered a subscription....more info
  • Innovative and Delicious
    This magazine is so innovative and has delicious dishes for people who want to enjoy vegetarian cuisine. Easy recipes, tasty results, and you get additional information on many subjects. Each edition is a keeper for your cookbook collections. ...more info
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome...
    This magazine offers great vegetarian options for people. The pictures of food are wonderful, but my favorite part of the magazine is that it gives informative articles on health and wellness. I really like to hear which companies are doing the right thing. I like all the articles on organic produce, bottled water, and other hot topics. A definite must read....more info
  • Happy vegetarian
    This was a gift for my daughter who is a vegetarian. She was very excited to receive her first issue and has already prepared several recipes from it. She loves it! ...more info
  • Have not received the product
    I can not review this purchase yet, because I have not received a copy of the magazine as yet...more info
  • Great info for a new vegetarian
    We recently chose to stop eating meat and have been trying to find great tasting, quick and easy recipes. Vegetarian Times has incredible recipes in each issue and also has lots of great advice. It has made our decision to not eat meat so much easier! With all of the great information and wonderful recipes, we don't miss meat one bit. A wonderful resource for anyone that has chosen a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and for those considering doing so.
    ...more info
  • Anxiously awaiting each new issue
    It's a good day when this magazine arrives in the mail. My daughter is a vegetarian and I am a vegan and the recipes in this magazine are just right for us and so delicious. We haven't had a bad experience yet with any of the recipes....more info


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