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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 11/28/2006 Run time: 125 minutes Rating: Pg13

If you're expecting bandaged-wrapped corpses and a lurching Boris Karloff-type villain, then you've come to the wrong movie. But if outrageous effects, a hunky hero, and some hearty laughs are what you're looking for, the 1999 version of The Mummy is spectacularly good fun. Yes, the critics called it "hokey," "cheesy," and "pallid." Well, the critics are unjust. Granted, the plot tends to stray, the acting is a bit of a stretch, and the characters occasionally slip into clich¨¦, but who cares? When that action gets going, hold tight--those two hours just fly by.

The premise of the movie isn't that far off from the original. Egyptologist and general mess Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) discovers a map to the lost city of Hamunaptra, and so she hires rogue Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) to lead her there. Once there, Evelyn accidentally unlocks the tomb of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), a man who had been buried alive a couple of millennia ago with flesh-eating bugs as punishment for sleeping with the pharaoh's girlfriend. The ancient mummy is revived, and he is determined to bring his old love back to life, which of course means much mayhem (including the unleashing of the 10 plagues) and human sacrifice. Despite the rather gory premise, this movie is fairly tame in terms of violence; most of the magic and surprise come from the special effects, which are glorious to watch, although Imhotep, before being fully reconstituted, is, as one explorer puts it, rather "juicy." Keep in mind this film is as much comedy as it is adventure--those looking for a straightforward horror pic will be disappointed. But for those who want good old-fashioned eye-candy kind of fun, The Mummy ranks as one of choicest flicks of 1999. --Jenny Brown

Customer Reviews:

  • hd dvdvdvdvdvdvd
    this is amazing i have never heard and seen anything so clear and nice its widescreen only but who cares buy it buy it this movie rocks on hd dvd...more info
  • Absolutely Phenomenal On HD DVD
    Everyone knows the plot of the movie and that it was based on the 1940s film, "The Mummy's Hand," so what I'm going to talk about is the HD DVD transfer.

    I got my HD DVD player last year and have been thoroughly stoked about it, given the right movie. "The Mummy" is definitely one of those right movies. From the opening credits to the first views of the Egyptian city, the clarity of the high-def presentation rivals that of your local theater. Once a wall-sized monitor becomes available, film buffs are truly going to be able to have the theater experience right in their own homes.

    The action sequences are great. The colors are fantastic. And the special effects are tremendous. The dust cloud confrontation at the end just blew me away all over again.

    I owned the movie on DVD and had watched it on television a few times (it's one of those on a list of guilty pleasures) but I hadn't seen anything like this presentation outside of the theater.

    Now I gotta get "The Mummy Returns" and "The Scorpion King." And I can't wait for "The Mummy 3" coming in 2008!...more info
  • First rate movie and HD treatment
    Awesome HD makeover for a top notch action flick = placement on my HD DVD library shelf at home....more info
  • The Mummy!
    I lost my original purchase of this and had to buy a replacement, one of the very few movies I watch over and over and enjoy it each time!...more info
  • The Mummy Comes to life again
    Not as startling as some of the more recent HD transfers. Don't get me wrong it is very good. Bringing life backing to old family favorite. The colors and sound were the most noticeable, mind you the high quality picture was not to be out done either. It was like watching a new movie. Well not quite. But there were a bunch of little things and scenes that went unnoticed before that are front and center in this edition because of the improved sound and picture.

    One thing I never noticed before is right after Imhotep's casket fell through the tomb ceiling there is a line through the center of the picture, it disappeared in less than a minute. I doubt this is fault to do with the HD transfer so it was probably on the original print.

    One weird thing was the menu. All of the other HD DVDs have graphics from the movie, this one had generic music and the universal logo.

    Great Picture. Great Sound. Worth having on HD. Over all 4/5. Bring on Jurassic Park!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Release!
    If you love The Mummy - you will love this release in all it's HD goodness! Go, buy it now - listen to the voices in your head :)

    Excellent picture - Excellent sound!...more info
  • This is what Blu is all about!
    I can't recommend both Mummy movies on Blu Ray more! Awesome transfers for both flicks. But most of all, just good wholesome entertainment! ...more info
  • Fun Film Looks Even Better on HD DVD
    My wife and I both enjoy this film immensely. Few movies better it for shear popcorn film fun. Action packed, humor filled and just silly at times, it makes a perfect film to pass an afternoon.

    This is a very good HD DVD effort, but not perfect. Detail and color are excellent but some digital noise is evident in a few scenes. The increase in resolution is noticeable and appreciated. It is a nice improvement over the SD DVD.

    ...more info
  • Excellent film!!!
    This is one of those cases of original productions, that you must have in your collection. A great movie. Anna...more info
  • A great remake of a classic...
    Though light on the horror. It had more of a gross angle to it than any horror. It's a great action adventure at least....more info
  • Incompatible with Some Blu-Ray Players
    This dvd does not play on my Pioneer Elite BDP-95FD. The machine loads the menus but none of the movie will play. The player has up-to-date firmware and is less than a year old.

    Might be a great transfer but more care should have been put into seeing that the DVD functioned on all blu-ray players or a warning should have been given about what was needed.

    Based on other reviews, this problem does not appear to be limited to Pioneer machines. ...more info
  • A Classic Renewed
    1999's "The Mummy" is a well-done throw-back to an earlier age of movie-making with its monsters, heroes, and damsels in distress. The 1932 horror classic featuring Boris Karloff gets a thrilling remake with a strong cast headed by Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Arnold Voslo, and John Hannah, much enhanced by the latest in computer-generated imagery.

    The movie opens with the story of Imhotep (a nicely menacing Arnold Voslo), an Egyptian priest caught by the Pharoah violating one of his concubines. Imhotep's murder of the Pharoah draws him the horrible living death of entombment in a coffin full of flesh-eating bugs, at Hamanatra, the City of the Dead.

    The story flashes forward to a French Foreign Legion unit under attack by Arab raiders at the same location a few millenia later. The leader of the Legionaires, an American named Rick O'Connell (played with suitable swagger by Brendan Fraser) survives the massacre and escapes across the desert.

    The story jumps now to a museum in Cairo, where Evie (played with equal parts brains and klutziness by Rachel Weisz), a female Egyptologist, is researching the mysteries of the now legendary Hamanatra. Her never-do-well, cowardly, but likeable brother Jonathan (John Hannah) surfaces with an artifact that is the key to the mystery. The two decide to find the City of the Dead.

    Rachel hires Rick to guide them across the desert, after first rescuing him from the hangman's noose in a Cairo jail. The three, accompanied by Rick's erstwhile jailer, travel by river steamer and camel, racing a competing team of archeologists and tracked by a mysterious group of avengers who seek to prevent them from reaching Hamanatra. At Hamanatra, our heroes uncover the "Book of the Dead" and accidentally resurrect Imhotep. The stage is set for a wild series of adventures, as Rick, Evie, and Jonathan are pursued back to Cairo by Imhotep, then must follow him back to Hamanatra to rescue Evie.

    The movie manages to be a nice combination of thrilling action broken up by moments of comedy. Much of the story is a tongue-in-cheek homage to earlier adventure classics. If the dialogue is sometimes cliched, the action steps along quickly enough to avoid boring the viewer. The sets are authentic looking, and the movie score nicely accents the action.

    This movie is highly recommended as first rate entertainment. This DVD version has some nice extra features on the special effects and Egyptology 101.

    ...more info
  • Scary but really GOOD (9-year old's review)
    The Mummy is in my opinion a very well written movie. For kids just going into PG-13 movies it might be a little scary, but for kids who have already seen PG-13 movies it is a very interesting movie and if you like violence and Egyptian mummies then this is the movie for you. I myself haven't seen The Mummy Returns but I can't wait....more info
  • Get the upgraded firmware
    This movie is beautiful in Blu Ray but when I first attempted to play it, my Sony 300 and 301 shut down right as the movie started. I noticed that it used a brand new DTS-HD Master Audio (only!) 5.1 surround sound and suspected that this was causing the problem, so I went to the Sony site and downloaded and then burned the latest firmware for each of the players, installed them and now the disc plays perfectly on both players. The trouble is that Sony had notified me in the past about such upgraded firmware and they didn't this time. You can also get the CD of the upgrade on the Sony site as well and they'll send it to you. ...more info
  • it's not scary as you thought
    this is so called the new remake of the older Mummy Films.
    The acting is really bad, cause the director concentrated most only in the special effects.

    The one truth Mummy movie is "THE MUMMY 1932 with Boris Karloff as Imhotep".

    ...more info
  • Great movie!
    It's the Mummy need I say more? Great movie for the family (except may be really little kids) and the sequel is just as good as the original....more info
  • Great movie in HD
    This was a great movie in HD. Made it seem like I was watching it again for the firt time....more info
  • A Thoroughly Satisfying Adventure Movie
    The Mummy is high quality entertainment. It does a great job of entertaining, that's saying something. Some movies can't even do that. But this succeeds on all levels.

    It's a great popcorn flick. And it's packed to the brim with action.

    The DVD features a commentary from the director Stephen Sommers, deleted scenes, a few making of featurettes, and a bevy of other special features including trailers and a music only track.

    If you're a fan of action, definitely recommended....more info
  • Excellent BD release!
    This movie is one of the few movies made before the HD era that has actually blown me away with its graphics and sound. The graphics look EXCELLENT, details are amazing at 1080p! Clear, crisp, live-looking images in which you can actually even appreciate the texture of the walls, the stones, the sand and the special effects simply look awesome. Overall one of the best transfers I've seen so far in Blu-ray, a definite must-have for any fan of the franchise and High Definition movies....more info
  • Be Aware...
    I haven't yet been able to view what is supposed to be a beautiful transfer onto blu-ray. This release by Universal will not currently play on Samsung players (I have tested four different Samsung players; it plays fine on other manufacturers' decks), beyond the FBI warning, opinion disavowal, film rating, and opening menu. Instead it locks in a "Slide Show" mode with a dark screen which is not responsive to your remote. There is a recent firmware update from Samsung dated 6/20, which may resolve this problem....more info
  • Good, but...
    The movie looks great. However, there are a couple of curious and annoying issues.
    1. The PS3 had an update a few months ago which gave the machine the capability of "remembering" where the viewer left off (stopping the disc or even removing it). Upon restarting the disc, it would pick up at that point. This disc does not respond to that useful feature. You have to noodle your way through the film to find where you left off.
    2. Sometimes I like to freeze the frame and enjoy a moment in the cinematography, or perhaps play a portion in slo-mo. This disc has a pop-up "slider bar" which shows you where you are in the time line of the film. This thing appears whenever you activate Pause, etc. The feature seems to be unavoidable and I find it quite annoying. This a case where, IMHO, the Blu-ray "bells and whistles" are out of control....more info
  • Fond Memories Of This Movies
    My (then future) wife and I got know each other whilst this move was playing. We had it on VHS via a 4:3 TV and basic Pro-Logic surround system but we enjoyed it all the same. Its blend of humour, adventure, action and nostalgia really did make it the INDIANA JONES IV movie that never was (but still may yet be - personally, I hope not. Best leave it at 3 good movies).

    This disk is a good place to start for you if you are a bit new (as we are) to HD. It was, for years, a standard def test disk. The picture looks beautiful and sharp. The blue skies look crystal clear, the flames look hot, the gold looks warm and the reds don't bleed at all. Great DTS core sound too (its all we as yet - but we're working on it!) and a story that is a great old yarn that is creepy rather than scary.

    There are some faults but they do lie fully on the limitation of film making technology at that period in time. On this disk, I do feel that the format does rather show up those limitations, it does make some blue/geen screen work seem even more obvious that it perhaps might be - a fault shared with THE MUMMY RETURNS, which we also have. It is hard to believe that what is regarded as cutting-edge can move so quickly.

    That quibble aside, its a good film on a good disk....more info
  • Amazon Scammed Me Of My Free Ticket
    The movie is great in Blu-Ray as are almost all of them. Unfortunately, the Amazon version of this movie did not come with the movie discount for the new movie. Other stores have it for the same price so just buy it elsewhere and get the discount ticket. Wish Amazon would have disclosed that before I bought it....more info
  • "Imhotep...Imhotep..."
    In The Mummy, Steven Sommers has given us a modern classic film. The quality (in all areas: acting casting, cinematography, directing, music, special effects) is impeccable, and the storyline unique.
    This film tells the story of a librarian named Evelyn (played by Rachel Weisz) and her brother Jonathan (played by John Hannah), who come across a map that leads to Hamunaptra, a burial city said to contain enormous treasure, the Book of the Dead, and the Book of Amun-Ra. They enlist the help of a rag-tag American named Rick O'Connell (played by Brendan Fraser), who claims to have been to the city before.
    Along the way, they find that they are not the only ones after the City of the Dead, and two separate groups reach the City simultaneously. During their stay at Hamunaptra, some smart, "unsuperstitious" person decides to read a spell from the recently unearthed Book of the Dead, which in turn awakes a mummy cursed to be undead for eternity. This mummy, named Imhotep, wishes to reawake the woman he loved millennia ago, and then conquer the world. It is up to those who awoke him to put him back in his grave. Sounds like fun!
    I believe this to be a landmark film. The special effects are very realistic, with barely a trace of CGI "gooiness". Jerry Goldsmith's (so sad that he has passed away now) score is haunting, beautiful, and unforgettable. And Stephen Sommers proves himself to be the director for good, exciting fun in movies!

    P.S. ----Please, if you value your health, your sanity, and your life, never, EVER, watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Stay away from it like it was the plague! Fear it like the mummy's curse! Unless you like to see a perfectly good franchise destroyed with rotten dialogue, ludicrous storylines, and irritatingly crummy special effects, you will avoid that film at all costs.

    Ryan Robledo
    Author of the Aelnathan:...more info
  • Terrific movie with a sharp looking transfer
    "The Mummy" receives a very nice look Blu-ray transfer for this new edition of the movie. Capturing the adventurous elements of films like "Indiana Jones" and injecting it into the basic story for the 1932 film "The Mummy", Stephen Sommers creates a terrific, enteraining film. For those interested in a synposis of the plot, I'll provide it at the end of the review because you've probably already seen this.

    The Blu-ray transfer looks quite good here with bold colors that more closely recall the original theatrical presentation than the DVD. The image is crisp and while there's evidently some digital noise reduction applied, Universal hasn't completely cleaned away all the film grain which is a good thing because when that's done you actually lose sharpness and clarity (it is restored with a loss of detail via Edge Enhancement like the recent reissue of "Patton" which went overboard with digitally cleaning up the film). The best thing that Universal could have done here was to leave the grain intact and dispense with the Edge Enhancement. I suspect that the same source was used for the Blu-ray as was used for the HD-DVD edition but that the Edge Enhancement is more transparent here because of higher resolution.

    What does all of that mean? The film looks extremely good but could look brilliant. Still, on the whole this looks much better than the DVD edition.

    The extras are still presented in 480p (which is standard DVD definition)so be aware those haven't been updated. However, Universal has made this a U-Control disc where you can customize the extras as you watch the film (something developed for and carried over from HD-DVD). You do get the ability to watch the visual commentary/extras while watching the film. All of the original extras from the DVD have been ported over for this edition. All of the extras and the film are on the single disc edition here (unlike the DVD which has most of the extras on a second disc).

    Followed by the equally entertaining (and much bigger production of) "The Mummy Returns" and a fun entertaining (if lesser)spin-off film "The Scorpion King", "The Mummy" is worth picking up again even if you have the original DVD edition. Highly recommended.

    Oh, and the plot? A group of explorers led by Evelyn (Rachel Weisz)and Rick (Brendan Fraiser)rush to find the riches of an Egyptian tomb and end up reviving Im-Ho-Tep (Arnold Vosloo)an Egyptian High Priest buried alive for his part in a conspiracy to kill the Pharoah. Brought back by the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Im-Ho-Tep takes revenge on those who plundered his tomb and seeks the Book of the Dead to bring back his beloved princess who helped him kill the Pharoah.

    It is a great popcorn flick.

    ...more info
  • Exciting Adventure!
    An exciting action packed movie with lots of surprises in store for the viewer! There is an abundance of crazy adventures with some romance and comedy thrown in! Pretty much a good movie for all ages and is sure to keep the attention of almost anyone. Set in 1923, a group of archeologists stumble upon a tomb at Hamunaptra, the city of the dead. The main characters of the movie, Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evie (Rachel Weisz) uncover the mummy of Imhotep, Pharoah Seti's priest and one-time lover of Seti's mistress. Imhotep was cursed and when he gets woken up the results are fatal....more info
  • HD DVD Video Quality Review
    This HD-DVD uses the same transfer as the standard DVD from 1999. Although the increased resolution offers far more detail, defects such as dirt & film weave are now more apparent. The contrast seems to be artificially lifted, clipping details both in the high and low end of the image (The Universal logo at the beginning of the film never looked this ugly), making it look processed and not film-like.

    Compared to reference HD-DVDs auch as "King Kong" this is a slightly below average transfer (2/5) ...more info
  • Good Adventure Movie
    Like this one alot, worth adding it to your collection of those adventure type films....more info
  • Very good transfer, AWSOME movie
    What can I say? This movie was excellent in standard dvd but it's even better in HD!...more info
  • A fun ride that doesn't take itself too seriously!
    This was such a fun movie to watch. I can remember when I first heard Brendan Fraser (George of the Jungle) was starring in it I questioned whether I wanted to see it but I am SO glad I did. As good as it is on a small screen it was outstanding to watch on the large. Even though it's barely over two hours you almost left the theater exhausted.

    Fraser plays fortune hunter Rick O'Connell, a man motivated by treasure but also very loyal to his friends & partners. Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardener (Widescreen Edition)) plays Evie, a librarian whose specialty is ancient Egyptian artifacts. John Hannah (Sliding Doors) plays her brother Jonathan, a less than scrupulous want-to-be archeologist/fortune-hunter who, contrary to a review in the New Yorker Magazine, is not a "dim but cowardly..." character. To me, Hannah's portrayal of Jonathan is one of the surprising gems of the film. Always looking for the quick-fix but willing to stand up for his sister. But the one character that steals almost every scene he's in is Arnold Vosloo's (Blood Diamond (Widescreen Edition)) "Imhotep", otherwise known as the mummy.

    The premise is Evie (with a little not-so-legal help from her brother) discovers the location of the lost treasure city of Hamunaptra. Upon arriving she reads from the "book of the dead", releasing the mummy, who plans to resurrect his lost love and then pretty much rain disaster over the whole world. And of course, he needs to sacrifice Evie to do it. It's up to O'Connell & Jonathan with help from a descendent of the ancient Pharaoh guards to rescue her and kill the Mummy before he can unleash his terror.

    There are many things to like here. The actors play off each other wonderfully. The plot, while hokey at times is a blast to follow, especially because the filmmakers never take it too seriously. The special effects are outstanding, not only for 1999 standards, but holds up well even now. And the soundtrack is a perfect fit, never over-powering a scene. Overall, just a great film to escape into for two hours.

    Unfortunately, the sequel (The Mummy Returns [HD DVD]) never lived up to this film. Although it used the same blueprint, the plot quickly slipped from unbelievable (OK for this type of film) to ludicrous (a death sentence). But with the new film (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [Blu-ray]) being released this summer I am hopeful for a return to greatness, or at least a return to enjoyability. My only reservation is that Rachel Wiesz was unable to reprise her role as Evie. Let's hope her replacement, Maria Bello (World Trade Center (Widescreen Edition)), is as good.

    ...more info
  • Indiana Jones style archeology without the ick factor
    Egyptian priest Imhotep was mummified alive and cursed after killing Pharaoh Seti and sleeping with his intended fiancee. In 1923, treasure hunters Rick O'Connell (Fraser), Evelyn Carnahan (Weisz), and Jonathan Carnahan (Hannah) accidentally set him free. It's up to the intrepid trio -- with a little help from their friends -- to set things right before the Mummy destroys the world. You've got a good deal of action and adventure with some serious romance thrown in, too.

    If you don't mind the slash and burn style archeology from "Indiana Jones" with a lower ick factor and a bit more comedy, you'll enjoy "The Mummy."

    Rebecca Kyle, August 2008 ...more info
  • No Dolby Digital 5.1!
    If you don't have a DTS decoder on your receiver, then don't even bother. The 5.1 audio on this disc is DTS ONLY, with the only Dolby audio being a lousy Dolby Pro-Logic 2.0 mix. Hardly the "Purest Digital Sound Available" that it falsely claims on the back of the box. Yeah..."purest" IF you have DTS equipment. Had I known this beforehand I wouldn't have bought it. Of course, who would even think to check since just about every DVD ever made has had a 5.1 channel. What is especially insulting is that the main menu audio is in 5.1. It would have been nice to have a warning or disclaimer on the box. What's the point of a hi-def format when muddy, bogus 2-channel audio is all that's available for someone with a Dolby Digital setup? Especially since its available on the standard (and supposedly inferior?) DVD release? Do they want us to buy a new $300 receiver just to play one movie? What a joke. If you only have a Dolby setup, avoid this release. ...more info
  • Mummy Comes To Life
    I already have the standard Mummy DVD. This HD version sounds and looks better. If you love the movie buy it. If you don't, the standard DVD is fine....more info
  • Pretty decent action-adventure flick
    (3.5/5 stars) This movie brings to mind some action-adventure movies of old, such as "Gunga Din" or "Bengal Brigade." Despite the efforts of its keepers, a mummy is inadvertently awakened. It terrorizes a group of treasure seekers and archaeologists with its rather flamboyant magic. Will he be stopped before enslaving humanity? I prefer T.P. to CGI, but CGI's appeal is understandable, especially on such a large scale as this. There is also too much humor in this film. Sparse amounts, sprinkled intermittently, might suit the adventurous mindset of the movie, but it was carried too far here. Apparently the intent was to distance this from the 1932 horror film as far as possible. The likeable Brendan Fraser fits the action hero role well, and I have given this three star movie an extra ? star since it also features the beautiful Rachel Weisz. This belongs in the same category as "Pirates of the Caribbean" because both are enjoyable, but not great by any means. ...more info
  • Oh Rachel!!
    This is one of my favorite movies of all-time, I just love the action and adventure plus Rachel Weisz. I was very happy when this movie was finally released in Blu-Ray I watch it all the time just to re-live the adventure and watch Rachel. This movie sparkles in Blu-Ray and has more features and extras that I am still watching...more info
  • Great on HD DVD
    This is a excellent movie. This review is about the HD DVD version. I thought the transfer was overall excellent. However, there were a few spots where you can see lines or spots on the film (most other HD DVDs I have seen have not had lines or spots at all, so I was surprised to see some in this one). Other areas look almost 3D like. Sound is great.

    Most of the special effects have held up well over time. The acting and direction are great. If you enjoy pure action / adventures with a bit of humor, and a wee bit of scariness, this movie is for you!

    HD DVD transfer: 3.5
    Movie 4.5
    Overall: 4.0 ...more info
  • The Mummy-DVD
    I haven't received the item above, yet have had two emails to review it. If you've sent it, please verify that it has really gone out. If not, please don't send me another email. Thanks....more info
  • Quick Review: A fun & excellent movie
    I love all things "Egyptian" and was definitely excited to watch this when it came out. It was so entertaining that I got the DVD. I love this movie. It's NOT supposed to be taken seriously, so all those that gave it a 1-3 star need to loosen up and wake up (literally they do, because some said they fell asleep watching this?!!) This movie is the essence of what you call "escapism." It helps you escape from life, plain & simple. It's full of action, comedy, duels, suspense, and adventure. The 2nd one in my opinion is better in some ways, like in terms of writing, and there is much more substance, but to me the original is always the best. The difference between the 1st and 2nd is this one is funnier, while the 2nd has better action & adventure. If you're feeling down & need laughs, bored and need excitement, or have a movie night with family and/or friends, this is the perfect movie for you. Yes, it can dip into being a bit corny, but that does not diminish it's humor, excitement, and adventure. I couldn't agree more with Amazon's review by Jenny Brown. She says, "If outrageous effects, a hunky hero, and some hearty laughs are what you're looking for, the 1999 version of The Mummy is spectacularly good fun." And "When that action gets going, hold tight--those two hours just fly by." And even though Anthony Lane of "The New Yorker" did not have much kind words for it, he was intelligent enough to notice how good Brendan Fraser is in it, " What redeems it is the presence of Fraser...he successfully demonstrates how to be lusty and affable at the same time." I love him in this. He is sexy, funny, and tremendously good at comedy. He has excellent comic timing. Rachel Weisz is also excellent in it. I think she played her bumbling, clumsy, but sexy librarian wonderfully. Watch this movie, you won't be disapointed-and definitely not bored!
    ...more info
  • Beware, does not come with free movie cash!
    Unlike buying this product in retail stores, for some reason the Amazon copies of this title do not include the $7.50 free movie cash for Mummy 3. Buyer beware!...more info
  • The Word Is 'Fun'

    It seems like a long time ago when this came out, but I remember it being the first DVD I had ever bought sight unseen, meaning I had never seen the film in the theater or on tape. I was pleased. I got what I had hoped for: a fun, special-effects extravaganza.

    This was an Indiana Jones-Jason And The Argonauts combination adventure story. It's cartoon-like in nature with an absurd swashbuckling hero, outlandish action scenes and the occult theology that filmmakers love so much. (The Mummy has God-like powers, even producing Old Testament plagues.)

    However, the film is too long by about 10-15 minutes and there is simply too much action and too much noise. The film needs more lulls.

    Brendan Fraser is pretty good as the Indiana Jones figure and Rachel Weisz, a new face at the time, makes a solid impression in her debut. The DVD offered a sharp picture which highlighted a number of jaw-dropping scenes. It's pure escapist fun and not meant to be anything else.
    As in many cases, I think this was the best in this modern series, which now numbers three, I believe....more info
  • The won't work
    I got this about a month ago and also had bought The Mummy Returns. I just got a HD DVD player in Feb. and it won't play on it or any other I have in the house. They had a piece of paper that came in the movie case and said that you machine may need to be updated. I went to the website and all they have is an announcement saying that they aren't making HD-DVD players anymore. ...more info
  • Movie: 3.75/5 Picture Quality: 3~4.25/5 Sound Quality: 4.25/5 Extras: 3.75/5
    Title: The Mummy
    Format: Blu-ray
    Version: U.S.A / Region Free
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    VC-1 BD-50
    Running time: 2:04:53
    Movie size: 31,59 GB
    Disc size: 35,80 GB
    Average video bit rate: 23.30 Mbps

    DTS-HD Master Audio English 4649 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 4649kbps (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 1536kbps)
    DTS Audio French 768 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 768kbps
    DTS Audio Spanish 768 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 768kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps
    DTS-HD Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps

    Subtitles: English SDH / French / Spanish
    Number of chapters: 19

    #Audio Commentaries
    #Documentary: "Building a Better Mummy" (SD, 50 minutes)
    #Visual and Special Effects Formulations (SD)
    #Storyboard-to-Screen Comparisons (SD)
    #Deleted Scenes (SD, 2 minutes)
    #Photograph Montage (SD, 5 minutes)
    #Picture-in-Picture - U-Control
    #'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" Sneak Preview (SD)


    Format: HD DVD
    Version: U.S.A
    VC-1 HD-30
    Running time: 2:04:45
    Movie size: 19,93 GB
    Disc size: 24,51 GB
    Average video bit rate: 16.98 Mbps
    DDPlus 5.1 1536Kbps ...more info
  • The Mummy
    Great action movie, a little comedy, romance, and special effects. The blu ray transfer, "WOW", clear, crisp, picture and great sound. One of the few movies on blu ray I highly recommend. A must have in your movie library. Enjoy!...more info
  • Beware!!! No Movie Cash- buy elsewhere.
    Unlike every other retailer, Amazon's Universal DVD's do NOT include the $7.50 in movie cash, and you will not find out until you open it. Thus you can't return it. Don't buy from Amazon, go to Sams- $19.23 or Circuit City or Best Buy....more info
  • Six Stars
    This movie is a perfect example of how films ought to be done. A good script, a sensible plot, and flawless casting make this film a surprising classic. Even the subplots were gems--although you see Captain Havlock (Bernard Fox) for three scenes, he is a lively supporting character with his own soul and story.

    Fraser was able to pull off a credible Indiana Jones-type character, while still maintaining his own adolescent playfulness. I am glad that the directors and the producers let Brendan be Brendan, and thus differentiating this film form the other 1930's era films: The Phantom, the Shadow, and Sky Captain.

    This film is a delightful mixture of seriousness and comedy, horror and humor, capped off by tongue in cheek playfulness--reminiscent of the Ghostbusters or Kolchack.

    There are only two drawbacks to this film. The first is that they went a little too wild with some of the CGI, specifically the slack-jaw expression of the mummies. It looks funny the first time, but is too hokey. They keep their shape, but do show some yellowing with age.

    The other issue is why they called this The Mummy. The Boris Karloff classic is it's own thing, and bears a superficial resemblance to this film. As a fan of black and white films, it certainly would have cleared up things if I could talk about the Golden Age of Horror film without confusing the uninitiated. Then again, if you do not call the film The Mummy, what would you call it?...more info
  • Above-average old school adventure flick
    The Mummy is a throwback to two different schools of filmmaking: the globe-trotting republic serial adventure flicks (where Indiana Jones took inspiration from) and also the monster horror genre for which Universal Studios is famous for. The plot-line is pretty well-known; explorers and treasure hunters disturb a mummy's tomb, and he comes back to seek revenge. Only now instead of a man wrapped in bandages, we get sleek, sexy, bald Arnold Vosloo in robes and enhanced by computer graphics. And instead of the plastic, gung-ho hero we get the very likeable Brendan Fraser.

    The Mummy is a pretty fun film from a relatively undistinguished director. If you dig the romanticized, Indiana Jones-style adventuring with laid back heroes and fiesty female leads (Rachel Weisz), this is a great movie to check out. The cast is having lots of fun, the script packs in lots of good comedy bits and action setpieces, and the CG effects are handled well. They went a little overboard with the sequel and packed in too much of everything there, but this first installment is a nicely contained film.

    There are two editions, the regular collector's package and another 2-disc ultimate package. The ultimate set doesn't add that much except for commentaries and a look at the sequel (now useless), and also loses the isolated score bonus feature. This single disc can also be found in the Mummy 3-pack that collects all the movies together. Whichever version you pick, The Mummy is a solid adventure flick thats good for repeated viewings. ...more info


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