Sunpentown SR-1881S Induction Cooktop (Silver)

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Product Description

Electric induction elements provide best cooktop performance, safety and efficiency. Unlike other electric elements, induction elements provide the precise temperature control of gas burners for gourmet cooking. Turning the dial down, the heat energy to the pan immediately decreases. Magnetic waves have no effect on skin or anything other than iron or steel. If the pan is accidentally removed from the cooktop, no more heat is produced. Features ceramic glass surface made in Japan. SAFE - no flames, butane or burners! Eliminates the danger of gas jets and hot burners. The innovative design of the ceramic plate creates instant heat, but only to induction-compatible pans. FAST - no waiting time, heat is instantly transferred to the pan. CLEAN - reduces pollution, fumes and offensive odor. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

  • Dual function, cook and warm
  • keep at set temperature
  • 9 levels of heating power ( 120 F - 420 F)
  • Smartscan technology
  • Energy efficiency: 83%
Customer Reviews:
  • Performs even better than expected.
    I took a long, slow time decided on which induction cooktop to buy, and it was hard deciding because there weren't a lot of reviews around. This one had the best reviews available and I took a chance on it. Now I'm glad I did. In fact, I'm giving away my old apartment sized gas stove and putting a nice attractive work table in its place where I can put my steamer, my wonderful Black and Decker toaster oven, and my GREAT Mr. Induction cooktop. With that range of equipment I can cook a tiny meal for myself, or a full meal for guests. The first usage took me a moment or two to get the hang, but soon I was cooking away. I do everything from omelets to meats to veggies to pasta. For a single person like me I have everything I need on my little table of electric goodies. No more pilot lights! No more vaporized oil. No more dangerous flames. No more overheated summer kitchen. This is a great little product, easy to use, and requires absolutely no setup. You just plug it in to a conventional electric socket and it's ready. You will need to experiment with the temperature settings to determine how they work compared to what you're used to but you should adapt fairly quickly. Those who've complained about the type of cookware required shouldn't - after all that's a known factor, not a defect. I found I had a good plenty pieces of cookware, many of them enamel, that work just fine with it. Take care when you remove something from it - the cooktop does stay hot a while after you remove the pan, but it turns itself off if left unattended, has a timer if you need to leave the room, and the pan that came with it is nicely designed with a clear glass cover with a vent hole. It's attractive and easy to wipe clean. I've read some minor kvetching about the fan sounds, but to me they're soft and rather unobtrusive. It's exactly what I wanted, better than expected and an all around good value for the price. Couldn't be happier!!...more info
  • so far so good for me....
    i rate this cooktop only 4 stars... cause i have to buy all new cookware that stainless.... but so far i like it!...more info
  • A superb cooker.
    I have been using this cooktop for a while, since I am preparing to move from a gas-stove-equipped to an all-electric kitchen (uggh.)
    The Sunpentown countertop model boils water in the same time as the gas stove. More importantly, it takes the same time to bring my pressure cooker to high pressure and it then maintains the pressure better than the gas stove. Temperature control was truly instantaneous--pressure started to drop as soon as I reset the heater. (Hint: use Medium, not Low, settings to keep the cooker 'warm'). There are no boilovers and very little adjustment needed though you will still need to watch the presssure cooker.
    Rice does not boil over on this cooktop, and I was able to pick up my All-clad pan by its handles without using potholders. Amazing.
    I plan to use it for items that require heat changes (rice, pressure cooker.) The electric stove is suitable for steaming veg and stir frying, not much else.
    I don't hear much of a noise from the fan at all. That other reviewer clearly had a defective model, or else their ears are unnaturally sensitive. The fan makes a slight noise, about the same as an air filter, certainly not as loud as the over-the-stove ventilator fan.
    I don't know how durable this unit will prove to be, but it is a good, midpriced addition to a cook's kitchen when you don't have a good cooktop available. If I was remodeling, I'd consider induction cooktops if gas wasn't available....more info
  • Induction cooking is EXCELLENT
    I have been using the SR-1881S induction unit for two weeks... and in that time I have used the regular stovetop once. The unit is that good!! Now the great features:

    Safety - will not turn on without a cooking utensil on the surface - forks, spoons etc. will not turn it on; if the pan is empty or overheats, turns off.

    Speed - easily twice as efficient - tested with one cup of water to boiling and was twice as fast

    Controllability - as precise and fast as a gas flame but no heat escapes from around the pan

    If you try induction, you will never go back to gas or electric heating tops!! My next project will be to replace my standard top with all induction.Sunpentown SR-1881S Induction Cooktop Silver...more info
  • WOW
    wow if your looking for a a extra cook top then you need not look any moor you can take this one any where just plug in and your cooking yes you need a magnent pan but to my suprise this one came with one to get you on your way i also learnd if your looking for extra pans take a magnet shoping with you if it sticks then you can use it. ...more info