Sunpentown SR-1881W Induction Cooktop (White)

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*** with/ FREE PAN HK-1000 *** Electric induction elements provide best cooktop performance, safety and efficiency. Unlike other electric elements, induction elements provide precise temperature control. Turning the dial down, the heat energy to the pan immediately decreases. Magnetic waves have no effect on skin or anything other than iron or steel. If a child accidentally removes pan from the cooktop, no more heat is produced. Four Reasons to buy Mr. Induction: SAFE no flames, butane or burners! Eliminates the danger of gas jets and hot burners. The innovative design of the ceramic plate creates instant heat, but only to induction-compatible pans. FAST no waiting time, heat is instantly transferred to the pan CLEAN reduces pollution, fumes and offensive odor. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth CHEAP induction heat costs 6 ~ 8 vs. $1.75 per hour for butane

  • Dual function: COOK and WARM
  • COOK: adds heat
  • 3 temperature setting for COOK: Low / Medium / High
  • WARM: adds heat to set temperature and maintains at set temperature
  • 9 levels of heating power (120 - 420?F)