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Street Release Date: 11/21/2006

Chris Daughtry starts his first post-American Idol disc with a song whose title reviewers coast to coast will be grateful for: "It's Not Over." What an understatement. For the Idol-watching rock fan's money, nobody--not even Southern-fried heartthrob Bo Bice in season four--stormed the stage with more raw talent. That it translates so well to a solo disc (Daughtry was recorded with studio musicians; future discs will include a Daughtry-assembled band) proves all he needed was a little prodding, the kind the tube has gotten so good at. Here are a dozen songs that'll flick your rock & roll switch, whether you're a Creed fan, a club kid, or a mambo king: "Used To" and "Over You," a couple of early tracks, ought to arrive bundled with a road map they're so highway sing-along-ready, and "Feels Like Tonight" screws the lid on the premise that Daughtry can deliver a punchy pop-rock song without flinching. Elsewhere, the North Carolina family man lets his inner (and outer, actually) goatee- and eyeliner-type guy rip: his built-for-the-hard-stuff voice bites down appealingly on "Breakdown," a dark serenade to mental health, and also on "What I Want," an '80s-style fist-pumper featuring Slash. The loud mad dash of those songs leads to a midtempo wind-down ("All These Lives," "What About Now"), but as a mix, it works. Daughtry is a man of many moods--contemplative, explosive, insistent, humble. No matter which pokes through on a given song, he steadies it to a place as honest as it is accessible. Rare is the rocker who lays out so broad an on-ramp. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally - an American Idol worth hearing
    I have not watched American Idol for several years now, but the last year I did was the year Chris Daughtry was on. When he got the boot was the final nail in the AI coffin for me - this guy was loaded with raw talent and he was out? Too much for me. I forget who even won that year...I have not even bought an Idol CD before now.

    Until "Daughtry." Here's a guy who has his nu-metal moves down, and every song here (most of which he wrote or co-wrote) contains enough variety to keep his album from sounding stale as it plays on. Chris Daughtry mixes his sounds up from the successful rock milieu; "Used To" harmonizes like Bon Jovi while opener "It's Not Over" revs like Nickelback. Still, his personality comes through each cut, with the terrific chart topping "Home" joining the great road songs of classic rock (think Motley Crue's "Coming Home" or Aerosmith's "Home Tonight").

    With the blessing of a few of his heroes like Slash, who plays on "What I Want," Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, Daughtry seems like he may be the one of the few AI alumni to have a serious career. if not, he can at least claim one of the show's best debut albums....more info
  • Blew me out of the water
    Jeez, when I heard that Chris Daughtry released an album, I was a little perplexed. I thought it would've been average, but I was 100% wrong! This album has feeling. You can feel those classic rock influences. His voice is so powerful, that it rings through your head after you're done playing the record. This was one of my best purchases ever....more info
  • Very good 1st release
    I really enjoyed Chris on American Idol, and like many others, was devastated and shocked the week he was eliminated. In my opinion, he should have won the competition. I waited for a while after this album was released to purchase this album. I know that a lot of the AI artists go on to make albums and some are good, and others are not so good. I guess this was the reason that I waited.

    Well, I shouldn't have waited so long. I am not going to give an opinion of every song, song by song, but I will say this, no two songs sound alike. That is the first thing I look for. It is one thing to stay true to your genre of music, but something else all together to keep some variety. I am really enjoying the album, and once again, I wish I would have bought it sooner. I only hope his second album is as good or better than the first....more info
  • The epitome of a pop rock album
    How important is winning American Idol? Ask Chris Daughtry, the 4th place finisher on the fifth season of the popular reality show contest, and the answer is 'not very.' Following his (often considered shocking) 4th place finish on the show, Chris formed a band under his last name (ala Bon Jovi), and put out what has to be one of the most perfect pieces of pop rock along with Nickelback's "All the Right Reasons" in years. Now those who detest this type of music may as well leave the shrieks of blasphemy to themselves. As an avid fan and owner of every Alice in Chains and Nirvana album, I am in no way ashamed or embarrassed to admit my liking for the radio friendly side of rock as well. If I want introspective and alternative rock, I'll pop in In Utero, but sometimes I just want music that's catchy and mainstream, and in that case you'd be hard pressed to find a more suitable choice than Daughtry's eponymous debut.

    With nearly every song sounding like a hit single, it's no wonder the album is pushing at the 4 million mark in sales in such a dead time for the physical album market. The song's tend to be more pop orientated, but heavy hitters like "What I Want" featuring Slash, and "There and Back Again" (which contains one awesome riff) would be easily at home on any rock station. But, as I said the album focuses mostly on the pop rock sound, recent bands like 3 Doors Down and Nickelback have made so popular. The best example of this is the mega hit first single "It's Not Over", which has to be the biggest rock and pop crossover hit since Nickelback's "How You Remind Me." The song is a perfect summation of the type of music Daughtry does so well. Second single "Home" is also a excellent example of what a power ballad is all about, and was nearly inescapable on pop and AC stations throughout 2007. Third single "Over You" is a fast paced poppy sing a long that is very addictive, and my personal favorite from the album since the first time I heard it. Those three songs alone would be reason enough to recommend the album to fans of this kind of music, but the thing is nearly every other song is great as well. The melodic "What About Now" gives "Home" a run for its money as power ballad of the album, and "Breakdown" sounds like a coffeehouse song with a bit of an edge. Even the lyrical content of the songs are very solid, from the interesting topic of kidnapping in "All These Lives", to the vehicular to relationship metaphors of "Crashed." Even more impressive is that Chris had a hand in penning every song on the album, with the exception of "What About Now" and fourth single "Feels Like Tonight."

    All in all, "Daughtry" is possibly the most impressive album form an Idol to date, in that it has appeal to a very broad group, and it accomplishes exactly what it wants to. 5/5 stars

    My Top 5:
    1. Over You
    2. It's Not Over
    3. There and Back Again
    4. Home
    5. What About Now...more info
  • Fozzy recomendation is well deserved...and this CD is AWESOME
    Near perfect CD...no way you won't be playing this all summer long. Great guitarwork and of course the vocals. If you like Daughtry you owe it to yourself to buy the Fozzy All that Remains Reloaded CD/DVD that has been mentioned in other reviews! All That Remains Reloaded (W/Dvd)...more info
  • an excellent rock album
    Like all musical genres, rock has become somewhat tired and originality is often hard to find. At most, an artist sounds like a dozen other artists, and the songs on the album tend to sound alike, with perhaps one song different enough to be released as a single and then overplayed on the radio. Daughtry's album is a step above the rest, because despite a characteristic "rock voice," there is enough musical and lyrical variation on the album to keep you interested, and somehow even the 7 singles from the album are hard to overplay.

    I heard Daughtry's "It's Not Over" on the 2008 Grammy nominees album, and was impressed by the soaring yet raw power of his voice, backed by heavy percussion and emotional lyrics. After hearing all of "Daughtry," from the softer pop sounds of "Home" to the jangly, riff-heavy "There and Back Again," I was left disappointed...that the album was over. An impressive debut effort, and one worth listening to for anyone who likes rock....more info
  • Daughtry Rocks
    This is by far the best CD I have purchased in a long time. If you like Daughtry, add this one to your CD collection....more info
  • Good stuff
    Just plain old rock mixed with newish buzz-rock and the result is something easy to listen to and not too embarassing to play loud on your car radio (considering the American Idol roots). I enjoy every song on it and well, let's face it, he's easy on the eyes too. "Feels Like Tonight" is currently one of my fave tunes....more info
  • muusic
    Very happy with the album. I was very excited that we were able to preview the album before purchasing....more info
  • Daughtry
    I wa a little hesitant buying anything that involves america idol but I'm glad I did. His CD rocks. Great tracks, great ballads. Reminds me of Nickleback.

    ...more info
  • Fans of Idol will not be Disapointed!!
    I was shocked when Chris got eliminated on the fifth season of Idol. So when I found out he was releasing an album I was one of the first in line. It did not dissapoint. All of the tracks are hardcore rock without being screechy, and unlike Bo's debut the album actually showcased Chris's amazing vocals, especially the track entitled Home ( which is one of my favorites). This album is defenitley worth a buy and I can't wait until his next one comes out!!...more info
  • Great voice, but mostly depressing songs
    I am a big fan of American Idol and I love Chris' voice. When I bought this CD and listened to it, I thought the musical aspect of it was great. I only wish Chris didn't quite sing so many broken hearted songs. I hope he includes some happy love songs on his next CD...after all, I do believe he is still happily married!...more info
  • daughtry rocks in the UK too!!!!
    I sent the cd overseas to my cousin Paul in the U.K. This is a great cd!! He loved it and wants to see him in concert ASAP....more info
  • i can't stop listening to this album
    I enjoy listening to this album a lot. The songs a really good, the writing also. One can find the album a little too sleek but it is still very enjoyable....more info
  • Service
    The CD was promptly sent and in excellent condition. What's more, it was great sounding at a very, very reasonable price. You can't beat Amazons' prices!...more info
  • Great Surprise
    I didn't know what to expect when I bought this CD. I don't watch American Idol so when I bought it I didn't know he had been on the show. I just wanted the song "Home" by the random voice on the radio. I was pleasantly surprised by the songs I got and the voice I heard. I would recommend this CD to anyone!...more info
  • great cd from daughtry
    i didnt but this at first cause i didnt want to buy it full price only having heard a couple of songs, but i finally broke down and bought it. what a good choice, cause this cd is real good. hes the only person from american idol that i actually like, and if you like any of his songs this cd is great, even though they sound alot alike. my favorites are its not over, over you, and crashed but the rest are good. reminds me of nickelback but i think this beats nickelback. looking forward to a future cd from daughtry. great job ...more info
  • No surprise
    We knew him, we loved him on American Idol. It was a wonderful twist of fate that many of us were too complacent to vote him in as winner. Because now he has the best of both worlds. He gets to live his dream, but live it the way HE wants to--not some labelmeisters. Good for him--may God continue to bless him. And may he use his gift to give Glory to the God who gave it to him......more info
  • Favorite new artist
    This is my favorite album. I couldn't wait to listen to his music after he left American Idol. He is a hit macihne for the coming decades....more info
  • One of the Best CD's I've bought in a long time!!
    I am a big music lover and have a huge CD/ipod collection...and Daughtry is one of the best CD's I've bought in a long time. Dare I say it's as good as some of my favorite early Bon Jovi CDs? Yes, I do!!

    I know some people have a hard time getting past the American Idol thing....but just do it. Daughtry is not another AI, he's a gifted and talented singer/performer. This CD is irrefutable proof. It's a good mix of rock songs- some soft, some harder, some more like ballads. But mainly, I see it as a solid rock CD. One unlike any I've heard as of recent years. I don't think there's a song on this CD that I *don't* like, but here is a list of some of my favorites: Not Over, Used To, Home, Over You, Feels Like Tonight, Breakdown, All These Lives and What About Now.

    To sum this up...I can't wait for his next CD. I have a feeling that this is one band that I will be enjoying for a long time to come. I guess being voted off, paid off....more info
  • One of the best, but I agree the new Fozzy CD is better
    A great CD with numerous memorable songs, the Nickelback formula but much more variety with the vocals. I agree with the previous reviewer who mentioned the Fozzy All That Remains Reloaded.....you'll love that if you dig Dughtry...more info
  • Daughtry Rocks!
    Awesome! How is it that I waited THIS long to get this CD? It's not too late. Whether you're a fan of AI & it's contestants or not, I think you'll really enjoy Chris Daughtry's debut CD....more info
  • Perfection
    Probably the best CD of 2006 in all genres. I love this cd. One can easily listen to every track. Chris Daughtry's first CD has the perfect mix in his music to allow many pop fans to like him as well as rock music fans. I grew to like this band when my uncle played the CD while I was working with him on weekend. Later when I looked them up I was shocked to find out that he had been discovered on American Idol. I only knew about Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood making it big from that show so I am happy a guy finally did as well.

    My favorites on this CD include: "What I Want," "There And Back Again," & "All These Lives." The last of these two I believe are hidden gems in this CD. I love the lyrics to "All These Lives" because it tells a great story. "There And Back Again" shows Daughtry's rock side and was written by Brent Smith (Lead Singer of Shinedown) who is one of the top music writers in my mind of all rock music.

    A great CD in which you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Smokin
    This entire CD rocks. The song writing is exceptional and it has a great variety of music with a rock base....more info
  • This is cd is a must buy!
    i love this cd. Every song is good. you won't be disappointed. this cd is a A+....more info
  • Great Music
    this is a great cd from start to finish. I recommend it to everyone. You'll find yourself singing along to all the songs....more info
  • Daughtry
    Excellent rock album/CD! The guys that back Chris are very good and compliment his voice to a "T". One of the best albums I've bought in the last few years....more info
  • Son of a Daughtry
    You know I wasn't a big fan when he was on AI--but he has come into his own. This album is very good and I think appeals to all. Good job--now keep it up. Al...more info
  • Review
    I have only managed to listen to this a couple of times since purchasing the CD, but I have enjoyed what I have heard. There are some of the more well know ones since American Idol and some new ones to me....more info
  • MUSIC!
    Daughtry is a great band with great music. I am not really a remember band names kind of person, so I had heard several of the songs on this CD without knowing who sang them. I looked one up to get the lyrics and realised that I had heard their name before. Bought it ... Love it....more info
  • Eighties-Style Party Rock
    Since I can't stand even two minutes of American Idol and the musical fecal matter the show generally promotes, I would never have heard of Daughtry if the wife of a friend had not lent it to me and urged me to listen. Well, I admit that I am slightly surprised that while the style doesn't really appeal to me, its not the pure garbage I expected.
    Plainly put, if you liked the corporate-style of arena rock prevalent on the airwaves in the eighties, you will like this. Its actually better than many of the popular acts who played in that style then.
    When I listened to Daughtry several times, I didn't hear anything memorable but neither did I hear anything that made me want to smash my sound system. Since this CD is bursting with youthful bombast, this would be great as background music at an outdoor party where the majority of the guests are under thirty and a high-energy groove is imperative.
    If you are an Idol-ater, you probably have an opinion about this CD coming in. I'm not going to buy this myself, but if you haven't heard this and are a fan of the type of music I described, by all means go for it....more info
  • As Good as They Come
    Season five of American Idol will probably go down as one of the show's best, and it truly is, considering that a man who was eliminated before the final episode has released a debut album this amazing. "Daughtry" oozes the rock that made Chris Daughtry a standout talent on a show full of would-be pop stars, and being booted off early may have been the best thing for him. One thing's for sure: this album is as good as they come.

    Since its release over two years ago, the record has not left the airwaves. Like a Matchbox Twenty album, "Daughtry" is an album that keeps on giving hit after hit. The record opens with Nickelback-esque rocker 'It's Not Over', followed by 'Used To', which could pass for a song by Creed. And 'What About Now' evokes the feeling of Lifehouse. However, Chris's mature songwriting stands out from other rock acts with songs like 'Home' (made famous as the goodbye song on Idol during season six) and 'Feels Like Tonight'.

    It's refreshing to see an album by an Idol alum that is more than simply mainstream pop. While Kelly Clarkson has had success in that genre, no other contestant has. And with Daughtry penning ten of the twelve songs (all but 'What About Now' and 'Feels Like Tonight'), it's obvious that this man is a true music professional. With a first record so successful, I can't wait to hear the next one. ...more info
  • never received
    I would love to give you a review, but I have never received this product and it was paid for. I will never order anything from amazon. com again....more info
  • Excellent and better than anticipated....
    Great freshman effort from an AI "loser". There will most likely be great things from Daughtry for years to come. I must say this album is better than 90% of the other artists in the same genera. Unlike a lot of albums of late, that your lucky if 50% of the album is any good. Daughtry is definitely really good all the way through. This CD is definitely worth your hard earned cash!...more info
  • Great CD
    The message and music of the CD is excellent. We loved his performances while competing for American Idol and look forward to whatever else this fine performer has to deliver!...more info
  • This band should evolve to extraordinary...but not quite there yet.
    If one were to rate this band solely on vocals and musicality without question they would earn five stars. But there are other factors that mark a success in the music industry. One of the primary factors of importance for this reviewer is something that can be termed "believablity"...does the vocalist convey the feeling of the lyric? Another factor, primarily for the visual performance, but to some degree also for the audio, is the ability to engross the audience. Those who are highly successful (legends like Sinatra, Garland, Elvis, even Garth Brooks) had or have all of these elements, each combined with his or her singular strength (vocal charisma, showmanship, sexuality, exceptional performance ability). There is no question in this reviewer's mind that Daughtry has all the elements to make them a large and lasting success. They just need to hone some of them, and put their own unique stamp on it.

    The latter is what this offering lacks. Not to advocate distinctiveness that becomes monotony, of course. But most of the songs on Daughtry have that polished commercial sound that could be...anyone. "Crashed" sounds like something by Default. "Breakdown" sounds a little like the Ginblossoms. "It's Not Over" could be Nickelback on an exceptionally good day. "All These Lives" could be any of the slickly-packaged Top 40 Country studs in current popularity.

    Anyway, you get the point. Is this CD a good listen? You bet. Is it stand-alone memorable? Not quite. It's when Daughtry comes out of the box that the songs stand out, like "What I Want" and "There and Back Again". And you sit back in amazement and say "Wow!"

    Anxiously awaiting the next "Wow!" from Daughtry!!...more info
  • One of the best CDs I own.
    I have never been so inclined to write a review for a product before. This is my favorite CD, and it is quite frankly the best CD I own right now. That is saying a lot, as I am a huge music fan. There are no "filler" songs in my opinion, each song is better than the last. My favorite, though hard to choose, is Feels Like tonight. His voice is so commanding, yet subtle as well, he can rock it out, and just flat out sing like in All These Lives. I would recommend this CD, and is actually worth the $10, unlike many CDs put out these days. ...more info
  • Every song is a winner!
    I've been wanting to get this CD for so long and I finally got it! I love every song-it's got such a great beat to the whole album. His voice is amazing!...more info
  • Buy this CD
    I am usually hesitant these days to purchase CD's because there may be only one or two songs on the entire thing that I care for. This CD was different. Every song is great. My only disappointment is that "Breakdown" is almost identical too his song "Conviction", which is not on the CD, and I prefer "Conviction". Other than that, I love every track....more info
  • Finally, some great rock music!
    If you have been mourning the lack of good rock music, it is back. Daughtry's voice is fantastic, his lyrics are soulful, and the music is great. ...more info
  • To my surprise
    Well wife bought this cd for herself but ended up listening to it all the time....more info
  • Amazing
    This is an amazing album for a new artist. I'm a fan of American Idol but I wasn't a fan of his other than one or two performances. There isn't one song on this CD that i don't like. And i can understan each word he sings.. which is an accomplishment now-a-days. Am looking forward to his next CD and expect he will have grown further as an artist. ...more info


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