Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy (Colors May Vary)

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Product Description

Cats find this toy simply irresistible! They love to bat the lightweight ball around the track and get a kick out of sharpening their claws on the cardboard scratchpad in the center at the same time! Perfect for the cat that finds his current toys simply boring!

  • Shades May Vary - Hunter Green / Mint Green
  • Ball in the circular track provides hours of entertainment
  • Scratch pad is replaceable

Customer Reviews:

  • Turboscratcher
    We have 5 of these turbo scratchers pads in several of our houses with various cats for well over 12 years. Some cats love it and roll the ball around at all hours, making a rackett, so the ball has to be taken out for the night. Other cats love scratching on the pads or sleeping on them. We even have had one of our cats have her kittens on the pad! We also get primo organic cat nip from the Common Ground County Fair here in Maine, and put it on the pad. They go nuts! We throw away the catnip they package with the Turboscratcher, as it's worthless!
    I have yet to buy the flashing re-fill ball. It's hard to find cheap, as shipping is so high. It's not in our local stores yet that I can find. What I don't like is how hard it is to find the color desired. We have only Hunter Green and now this color seems higher priced then the other colors. Turboscratcher of any color and their refill pads are no longer available in our Walmart's at all. Both have to be special ordered and you can't select the color of plastic you want. So I ordered 15 from Walmart and all were a light green or bright blue. They got returned!
    So I'm on the hunt for 2 more Hunter Greens at a good price!
    As far as the plastic prongs which hold the pad in, I don't try and bend them. I just bend the cardboard pad slightly in to pop the pad in. And the same to take the pad out. ...more info
  • a must for cat owners
    ok, it looks like you don't need another 5 star review for this; but, I have to add our experience. Our first cat loved it without prompting. Would often find him laying across it sound asleep. The new kitten didn't take to it automatically, but after a few interactive play times, he was hooked. Sometimes we'll hear him in the middle of the night playing with it (no, it's not loud, it's near our bedroom) and whenever I need to distract him from something that's 'not a toy', I'll spin the ball and like a bullet train, there he is.
    ...more info
  • Fabulous cat toy
    This Turbo scratcher is appealing to cats, even if they reject most scratching posts. The ping pong ball adds an element of excitement. I have 5 cats, and they all like to play with this toy....more info
  • Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy
    I received this today and the new kittens haven't stopped playing with it! They love it. The ball keeps them active as they chase it, and the scratch pad is good for working out their claws and AVOIDING damage to my furniture. I only wish the vendor would have allowed me to choose a color rather than just get whatever color they decide to send. However, that is more for a vendor review and not the product review. The product itself is great. And cheap!...more info
  • A major hit as a toy and a scratcher
    My cats have had more fun with this than with almost anything in the house. And they have a LOT of toys. In addition, they prefer this as a scratcher over any piece of furniture. Really, how many items provide that much value--fun and functionality?

    I listed the pros and cons below. I gave it 5 stars in spite of the minor cons because my cats adore it, and I care about their reaction to it more than I care about my minor gripes. If they're happy I'm happy!

    Pros: Fun toy for one cat or multiple cats at the same time. Provides horizontal scratching surface, which my cats prefer over vertical scratching surfaces. Large, they even rest and sleep on it. Scratching insert can be replaced. Very affordable.

    Cons: No rubber feet to keep it from sliding on the hardwood floors when they scratch. I'll add that myself but wish it came with a non-skid surface underneath. The cardboard scratching material shreds and makes a small mess....more info
  • I lucked out on this cat toy!
    I was able to get this cat toy for $4.69 on Amazon and just noticed that they bumped up the price. My cats love this thing! I took it out of the box and they immediately took a liking to it. The kitten goes on top of the cardboard thing and uses it for scratching. My other cat, I can tell she wants to play with it too, but let's the kitten go on it first. She'll play with it once a while when the kitten is done.

    The cats also went crazy over the catnip that it came with.. they really love this toy. I'm planning on buying another one to give as a present to my brother who also has 2 cats....more info
  • Best way I know to save furniture
    I've been using the TurboScratcher since it came out in the early 80s as a toy and scratching item for my cats. I have NEVER paid for than about $12-13 for it, and the inserts used to be available from WalMart for 3/$9. The catnip helps get the attention for the scratching part, and once the see how much fun it is to scratch, they rarely go back to carpet or furniture. I've had more than one cat that never ONCE went for furniture because I made sure he/she had her own turbo-scratcher from the moment they arrived in my house. I have one that is a light blue from back in the 80s when everything was light blue and mauve. If left in the sun a bit too long, they do tend to get a little brittle, but while they feel a little flimsy, they are perfect for the cats. For those without carpet -- use the rubber shelf or drawer liner cut in a square or circle a couple of inches bigger than the whole toy and it doesn't move at all. I have never had any problem on any surface until I recently moved into a house with handscraped hardwood floors that are uneven. This trick worked wonders there and I suspect it would have been more stable on the tile floor in our last house as well, but our cat like to sleep on it in the window in the sun just as much as playing or scratching it. I recommend one to any cat that I adopt out at rescue, and for my foster babies, I give one to the family that adopts them because that's what I teach them to scratch on and I don't want them developing bad habits of scratching furniture or carpet in their new home -- where they are often trying to cope with the unfamiliar. I've been told by my adoptive families that this was a really great thing to send esp since it was familiar and they were surprised at how much it was used. Before replacing the cardboard circle, make sure you turn it over and use both sides! if they seem a little bored and you are out of catnip, just pic up a little bag of it and it will totally get their attention again....more info
  • Our cats love this thing and it saved our carpet
    This seems to satisfy the urge to stretch and scratch. It saved our carpet and even better, the inserts are replaceable, so the scratching post part lasts forever. My cats sleep in it, play with it, scratch with it. A crucial bit of kitty gear....more info
  • A cat toy and scratcher that works
    My kitty just loves it.She spends a lot of time playing.It is amusing to both the kitty and you.It's really exciting to see her focused with determination running after the ball as it goes around the track.For all cat lovers its definitely a good buy for your beloved kitty....more info
  • Daily use for going on 12 years now
    We have two Turbos for two cats. It's a territorial thing. We brought one home 12 years ago when we added a kitten to a house with an adult alpha male. When kitten proved to be a pushy prodigy, we had to get adult his own. Both are still in high use by the same cats who haven't slowed down. Ours have hefty wooden balls that make the house sound like a speedway when whipped hard. The (overpriced but necessary) cardboard replacement scratchpads are getting scarce in retail stores (Amazon has them)and make a lovely (not) mess when disintegrating. I had hoped that the scratchpads would satisfy all needs to scratch something; instead, the cats get wound up batting the ball, then scratch the center like crazy and, in the final act of frenzy, leap to nearby upholstery to finish....more info
  • cat scratcher and toy
    My cats love this item. It saves my furniture since they use this to scratch on plus the play with the ball for hours. Having owned one already, I found this an excellent price for the product and now my cat's each have one (though they do share)....more info
  • Best Cat Toy EVER
    I have bought countless toys for my cat, and invariably, after one or two days, he got bored with them. I've had this for over a month now, and he plays with it constantly. Everyone loves watching him jump around and pounce on it, it's quite entertaining watching your cat think a toy is going to somehow jump away before he can get to it. I highly recommend this toy, I'm glad I listened to the other positive reviews. We had a similar toy to this made of cheaper plastic, but the ball just didn't go around quite as smoothly, and he got bored with it. The ball on this one will go around about 6 times after he pushes it, entertaining him. The scratch pad does need to be replaced, (he actually USES this one rather than my couch now) so I suggest buying a few replacements with it. As a matter of fact, I just purchased 4 extra packages of pads (8) to hold us over for the next 6 months or so, and that's why I'm here writing this review! Definitely worth the money since it is used, and since I only have the one cat, I like to see that he is occupied and active as much as possible when I'm not able to play with him....more info
  • Turbo Kitty a Hit!
    A younger family member had taken the weighted ball out of the one we have at home and lost it. This is another cat's favorite toy to play with. After checking local stores, there wasn't a "Turbo Kitty" to be had. I found it right away on Amazon - like I always do - and, as always, the transaction just took a few minutes. It came very quickly (I ordered 2) and Murray was "back in business" with his "turbo kitty". He went from his sulking mood and not playing to me hearing the sound of the weighted ball going around and around on the track and him running around the house playing again. My Amazon experience, plus the product, was very good - as always. I always recommend Amazon and the vendors to friends. They are always my first place to look when I want to purchase on-line....more info
  • Cat toy for a cat that doesn't play.
    It's well-made and looks like fun, but my cat couldn't care less. We had a visiting cat here briefly who did love it, and sat right in the middle on the scratching part and bumped the ball around. So for the right cat, I would recommend this toy....more info
  • Helps cat not scratch carpet
    My cat really likes this. At first he was exited about the ball, now he pays no attention to it. The ball lit up for about the first day, now doesn't work. He mostly just likes to sit in the middle and sharpen his claws on it. The catnip helps attract him to it. I got it so he would not scratch the carpet. He doesn't use the carpet as much, but the cardboard may need replacing, he tears it up. That's one of the downsides, that you have to pay $6+ to keep replacing the cardboard every couple of months. ...more info
  • entertaining
    The shelter cat loves this toy. She spins around, whacking at the sparking ball. However, the two scottish folds just sit on it. I move it around from room to room or hide it from time to time so it never loses its allure. I should spend time inventing cat toys as good as this one for the mass market....more info
  • Another toy my cat won't take to...
    I love my cat, but have spent so much money on toys she doesn't like that I'm starting to get annoyed. She's healthy and (otherwise) happy, but doesn't enjoy batting balls around or chasing string things as much as she used to. Lately I've bought the "Cat Charmer" and the "Cat Dancer" and the "Kong Squirrel" (all available on this site) and although she still likes the Charmer, the rest are sitting in a box now. I was hoping this Scratcher would make a difference, but it didn't.

    I have two main problems with the purchase:

    1. My cat has no interest in catnip, which seems to be the main draw to the cardboard part of the toy. She's unlikely to EVER scratch that part, especially considering how big and loud (the ball part of) it is. I guess I thought the ball would entice her to it, but after years of tossing balls around freely on the carpet, one stuck on a track doesn't seem to appeal to her. She's afraid to even approach this big, loud "thing" in the middle of the room.

    2. Usually packaging isn't a big deal for me, but this was just awful. The box arrived with the flaps bent and partially open (the one piece of tape barely held it together). The "packing material" is one big piece of butcher paper, and the toy itself was not in good condition (the edges are cracked and discolored). Besides which, the box is about 3x too big for it, which seems like a huge waste if you're paying for shipping (I got the free deal since I bought more than $25 worth of stuff).

    I'm about to throw up my hands and just get another cat for her to play with....more info
  • A great toy that will keep your cat busy
    My 8 month old kitten loves this. The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is use the scratch pad in the center. Then he enjoys batting the ball around the track. It keeps him occupied for quite a while each time he plays with it. It's a great toy and scratching pad in one. It keeps him from scratching the furniture too! It includes some catnip to sprinkle in the center to attract your cat. I'm very happy with this purchase. I'm ordering the replacement pads too because this is one I think he'll be using for a long time! ...more info
  • Sweet Toy
    My kitten loves this toy! She can't get enough of it. (I can't stop watching her play, its adorable) It took a while for her to realize what the scratching area was for but the rolling ball fascinates her terribly. She prefers to play it with me, watching/trying to catch the ball when I roll it. I would just say if you were going to keep it in your bedroom, your cat may wake you up at night rolling the ball round. ...more info
  • gari loves it
    My cat loves this thing. He has no interest in batting the ball around the circle, but he took to scratching at it the moment he became comfortable in my apartment (just adopted him!) I would highly recommend this to other cat parents....more info
  • Our kitten loves this thing!
    Watch Video Here: We bought another of these for a different room since Molly (our kitten) enjoyed the first one so much....more info
  • Worth having!
    While no one toy is THE answer to keeping your pet exercised and mentally engaged, I have found that this toy is a MUST HAVE. My cats come back to it often to scratch (they have NEVER messed up furniture) stretch, play with the ball in the tunnel (some cats just are not into this feature, others can't live without it) or just use it as a fine place to sit for awhile. My small dogs also enjoy trying to chase the ball out of the tunnel. This ball won't get lost! ...more info
  • Cat Toy Wonder
    Our neighbor gave us this toy for Christmas and our younger feline has been entertained almost non-stop ever since.

    We have and have had several other felines, canines and equines, (previously also have had tarantulas, turtles, parakeets, zebra finches, pigeons, chickens, pheasants, rabbits, lizards, ant farms, etc., not to mention human younglings, also one particular precocious horned toad named Bob), and in our expeience, the only two real questions for a pet toy are: Does it truly entertain? AND does it hold up to the entertainment?

    This toy is awesome on both counts. Our two cats play it like tetherball or racquetball, but mostly the younger one entertains himself, even dragging some of his more mobile toys onto it (hoping they will somehow learn from it?) Then, having tired himself out he drapes himself across it in sleep... Only to start this series of events all over again at 2:00 a.m. (Hint: At night put it where he/she can't reach it if you want an uninterrrupted night's sleep.)

    He can't strip it of any feathers or fuzzies, or bat it semi-permanently under the fridge. He can't run out the batteries and doesn't tire of its full potential gamut, as it just gets more challenging to him the more he learns.

    And it's just as entertaining for us to watch the play!

    Plus it's a great deal. The best cat toy we've ever seen/ bought/ imagined/ been given so far in a combined some 70 years of experience with cat friendship. Buy it... if you're a cat person AT ALL (and who isn't?... don't answer that!) then you won't regret it! EVER! Mike & Michele...more info
  • Great, if your cat will use it
    In general, my cat Loves toys, as well as scratching things. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to transfer to the turbo scratcher. She will use it occasionally (rarely).. but for the most part it just takes up space. I tried adding some catnip, too, but that didn't seem to help. From the reviews, it seems most cats love them. It looks like a lot of fun, I just don't understand why she doesn't play with it.

    EDIT: I loaded this thing up with catnip a few times a day for about a week and now my cat uses it occasionally. Even still, it's rare for her to hit the ball.. but she does sometimes. She mostly likes to scratch. Maybe that's because the cardboard is now loaded with catnip!...more info
  • Cat #1 loved it right away, cat #2 warming to it
    Out of the box one of the cats got very excited about the Bergen Turbo Scratcher. At first cat #2 ignored it, but after a week or so she's started playing with it, too. Originally I rated this as 4 stars but if I could add another star to my review I would. The toy is sturdy, the ball is heavy (not a ping pong ball) and with it's low profile I can slide it under the sofa or coffee table to put it away when company is over. I like this product and recommend it, however there is a risk (as with any cat toy) that your cat may love it or leave it. ...more info
  • My 85% blind kitten loves this!
    Great for her, because it makes noise. My older cat isn't as interested, but the kitten loves it to death! She gets great exercise out of it. Doesn't use the scratching post portion (except as a chair/bed), but LOVES chasing the ball around (and around....and around....)...more info
  • Lasts forever, cats love it
    I have two of these (one is kept at Grandma's for when the "kids" go visiting.) I have had both for well over 10 years and the cats just love it and both are still in great shape. The best part is, no chasing the ball (I recently went looking for a bracelet I knew the cats had pilfered and found about 15 of the tiny fur mice under and behind furniture.) It does have a distinctive sound when they are playing with it so even just rolling the ball has my cats running for it. My poor little boy kitty is allergic to catnip so I can't use that to entice them and they still love it. One cat toy they WILL play with....more info
  • My Cats Like It... Your Cats Will Too!
    Watch Video Here: I purchased this product after reading the reviews on Amazon. As soon as I introduced the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy to my cats and showed them what it does, they were very interested. One of my cats insists that I play with the toy with him.

    This is a short video showing you Smokey playing with the toy. Nothing speaks louder than seeing it in action....more info
  • best toy I ever bought for my cats
    my cats love it. they learned hot to spin the ball by themselves, and it's just the cutest things. Just remember not to leave it in your bedroom, because you will be hearing it at 3AM! Lol....more info
  • a MUST have if your furry kids scratch the furniture!
    I have three "kids" who, sad to say, have a tendency to claw the furniture. This is without a doubt the best alternative they have found. After trying a number of other scratching pads, they keep returning to this one. AND the very good thing is the durability of the scratching pad itself. Other products were getting torn to shreds, literally all over the house, and the cats... or they weren't getting used at all. Replacement pads are available, but so far I haven't had to replace one. Oh, and once in awhile, they play with the ball in the track. Definitely try this Turbo Scratcher... purrrrr...more info
  • My cat loves it!
    Sigh. Cats are so picky. You never know what they're going to like. If I had a nickel for every toy I have purchased that they never gave a second glance...
    One trick I have learned is not to make a huge fuss over a new toy. They seem to like to discover things on their own, so when I bring a new toy home, I just set it on the floor and walk away. Don't even act like it's for them. I find that they respond better that way.
    One of my cats loves this thing and the other won't even look at it. I rate it a 5 because the cat that does like it goes crazy for it, and I don't even use catnip. He loves scratching on it, swatting the little ball around and he even falls asleep on it sometimes. Too cute!
    I have bare floors, but I don't have a problem with the toy sliding around, because my cat stands on the outside of the toy and it rests against his hind paws as he scratches with his front paws. He figured it out on his own and he doesn't have any trouble with it.
    Also, make sure you turn the refill over and use the other side as well....more info
  • A nice distraction!
    The cats both like to scratch this, and they will play with each other while the ball is spinning around the outside. Reapply catnip every few days, and watch them go!

    They seem amused, and its a safe place to scratch rather than the furniture.

    Love that I could pick the color, and not just settle for whatever color happened to be on hand in the warehouse. Pink doesn't look good in the living room, after all! ...more info
  • Endless entertainment!
    Watch Video Here: It's taken our 9-week old male kitten quite a few days to learn how to fully enjoy his new Turbo Scratcher, but it is well worth it! In the beginning he found it very entertaining to watch and he would come running whenever we moved the ball around. We've had to help him learn how to move the ball on his own, gently grabbing his paws and pushing the ball for him; now he's finally started to use it on his own and plays with it until he's wiped out. He still hasn't figured out that he can scratch the middle part, but we figure he'll learn soon now that he's started to play with it and using his claws on the ball.

    Plus, it's just darn entertaining for us to watch him play with it and scoot himself along the track!...more info
  • Good for keeping kitties entertained
    This is a great way to entertain cats and also provides a scratching pad in one compact item....more info
  • cat toy, exerciser and nail sharpener
    Had one of these Turbo Scratchers given to me and this one is a gift. They are great, especially for indoor cats/kittens. They provide lots of fun for both owner and cat and help to save your furniture from kitty scratches. As I review this product, one of my cats is curled up in my lap making sure I include everything....more info
  • the best invention for cats ever made
    If you are looking for a toy that will occupy your cats for hours this is it. If you only buy one toy this is it. My cat's play with the turbo scratcher all day. Not only do they get the excercise but there is a scratcher pad in the middle. Amazon carries the refill scratcher centers. It will be the best money you will spend on a cat toy....more info
  • My Cat is mesmerized
    Truly a riveting toy for my Cat! My Cat is a little impartial when it comes to every day cat toys. Her hobbies are very different from most cats. One day I found her watching the Discovery Channel. She was intensely viewing a program about Partial Accelerators. I found this very interesting. Even though she is only 4 months old, she's really taken an interest in the scientific world. Electromagnetism along with how elementary particles acquire properties are two subjects she constantly ponders whilst using her Litter Box. I'd say that the two things that puzzle her the most are: 1) Do particles have super symmetric partners? 2) What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy? I strongly felt that by purchasing the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy for her she might find the answers to these as well as many other questions. I also strongly recommend this toy for cats that just like to see balls spin around a scratching post....more info
  • Fun Fun Fun!!
    I've seen lots of variations of this idea but the Blitz Turbo Scratcher is the best (and I believe, original) one. It's built to last, VERY sturdy, and has a weighted ball that keeps rolling longer. It's easy to clean and I've had three of them forever. If you have more than one cat, think about getting two of these because the cats will want to OWN this toy. The scratchpad is made of corrugated cardboard. It seems cats prefer this material over carpet or sisal and would rather have a flat scratcher than a vertical one if given a choice. When it becomes worn, flip it over. When they rag that, buy the replacement pads. Pads or no, the cats go ape over this thing. Older cats and kittens alike play with the ball, scratch it, throw themselves over it...sleep on it (hence needing a second one lol).
    Want to see a cat ballet? Five big paws-up for this one....more info
  • Cat ignored
    I was excited to order this product for our playful cat. He likes to chase and pounce, but he just didn't seem interested in this toy despite the cat nip we put on. I think out cat may not like scratching cardboard. ...more info
  • The Throne
    I got this for my new cat who needed an outlet. She likes best to sit on it. I used up all the catnip. Mostly she sits on it, but both cats have used it to scratch. Neither is interested in the ball....more info
  • My Cat Loves It
    My last cat simply didn't play with toys -- or at least not for very long. Something as simple as this would have entertained her for all of 15 minutes, if that. It probably would entertain me for longer than it would entertain her.

    But I have a new cat now, and he's, well, he's not as bright. But he's restless, and constantly needs something to do. (I'm not even sure if he ever sleeps. I haven't caught him sleeping yet!) I bought this toy based on a lot of good reviews here, but I was skeptical. It just seems too simple.

    Well, I set it on the floor, and spun the ball for him a couple times. He came up to it, scratched the center a few times. I spun the ball again, and he started playin with the ball. Then I went to get his dinner ready -- previously the apparent highlight of his day (he scarfs food like a dog) -- and he just ignored what I was doing. Fresh food in his bowl, and all he could do was play with his brand new toy.

    A couple hours later, the noise of the rolling ball stopped, and suddenly there he was in my lap, excitedly giving me a nose rub. And then he was off again to play with the toy. Apparently, I was now his hero.

    I thought he'd be bored with it after a few days just like he got bored with the laser pointer when he figured out that there was nothing to actually catch. But it's been a couple weeks, and not a day goes by that I don't see or hear him scratching away at the center, or batting the ball around the track.

    It may not keep him from his dinner anymore, but he has been less of a brat lately. He's apparently learned that when he's bored and frustrated that it's better to go have some fun with this toy than it is to pretend he's a lion and I'm a zebra. So the scratch marks on my ankles are finally healing, and I owe it all to this toy....more info
  • Happy Cats!
    I bought this product because I had just bought some new furniture and was looking for something to keep my cats distracted from scratching the furniture. Declawing was going to be my last resort. They absolutely LOVE it! They love the ball when there's catnip sprinkled on it, but otherwise anytime they get to urge to scratch, they go straight over to there toy and scratch away. =0...more info
  • Cats LOVE it!
    I have three cats and they all love the turbo scratcher. Because the cardboard is kind of an open weave, you can put cat nip on it and it falls down into the scratching area and doesn't get all over the carpet once it's worked in.

    My cats follow the thing from room to room if it gets moved. It's a great buy for the money!...more info
  • A Timeless Toy
    Both of my little disciples play with this toy day after day.
    I bought it for Thomas about 9 years ago if not more and now 2 year old Tabitha cannot get enough of it. You should see them queuing up to play with it.
    It is messy, but it is only cardboard and it is better than them scratching the furniture
    Endless fun for both of them and me.

    ...more info
  • Just The Greatest!!
    Since we have decided to keep our new cats indoors, I have been trying to find toys which might hold their attention, most of which are good for a day or two. Not this Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy! They love it. They play on it trying desperately to catch the ball, scratch their nails (the center inside circle has catnip) and then fall asleep on it, before starting all over again. You will not be disappointed with this cat toy. ...more info
  • Three of my four cats love it
    Put a little catnip in the scratch pad and your cats will probably love this. Unlike most cat toys, this thing actually gets used....more info
  • Fun even for an older cat
    We had one of these several years ago and even without the catnip, our cat loved to paw/scratch and chase the ball around. We didn't have an indoor cat for several years and I guess we got rid of the first toy. I was delighted to find it again on Amazon, and our old cat loves to scratch on it with her paws, face, and body. It's really quite amusing and watching her chase the ball around is great. It gives her some exercise and enjoyment, with or without the catnip....more info


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