Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, Assorted Colors

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Product Description

  • Remanufactured floor-washing robot that washes, scrubs, and dries in one pass
  • Cleans under furniture, tables, and other hard-to-reach places
  • Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile, and marble
  • Simple to operate--fill tank, press "Clean," and empty tank when finished
  • Model number (5800 or 5999) and color may vary
  • 90 Day Limited warranty

    Scooba's Four-Stage Cleaning System

    Scooba features a proprietary four-stage cleaning system that will simultaneously prep, wash, scrub, and dry your floor in a single pass.

    Prep: With Scooba, there's no need to sweep the floor before washing. Scooba preps your floor by picking up loose dirt and light debris, including hair, dust, and many cereals.

    Wash: Scooba then washes your floor by laying down a mixture of specially formulated Clorox Scooba cleaning solution and water. Clorox Scooba cleaning solution is safe on all sealed hard floor surfaces. And it's nontoxic, so it's safe to use around kids and pets.

    Scrub: Next, Scooba's specially designed brushes gently scrub floors, cleaning spills and removing grime. Scooba's brush spins at 1,500 revolutions per minute, scrubbing your floor more effectively than traditional mops or any other hard-floor cleaning system.

    Dry: Finally, Scooba actually dries your floor by picking up the dirty water left on the floor and depositing it into a second tank. The residue is held in the "Dirty" tank until it is emptied. So, instead of just redistributing the dirty water around your floor like standard mops do, Scooba leaves your floor cleaner, drier, and ready to walk on.

  • Scooba Covers the Entire Floor

    Scooba thoroughly cleans floors, covering every section of the floor an average of four times. During a cleaning cycle, Scooba monitors its environment 67 times per second and adjusts its cleaning behavior for maximum coverage. Scooba uses three behaviors in every cleaning cycle, ensuring thorough cleaning of the entire area.

    Wall Following: Scooba uses this technique to clean the entire perimeter of the room and for navigating around furniture and other obstacles.

    Room Crossing: Scooba crisscrosses the room as it looks for new areas to clean, ensuring total coverage of the room.

    Spiraling: In this mode, Scooba creates a large spiral pattern to effectively cover large open areas.

    For best coverage and faster cleaning, iRobot recommends removing chairs and other furniture from the room you want to clean. Scooba cleans an average kitchen in about 45 minutes, covering each area of the room multiple times to thoroughly clean your floor.

    Over the course of a cleaning cycle, Scooba will automatically react to obstacles and maneuver its way through a variety of situations. Scooba features integrated cliff sensors that tell the robot to turn away from stairs and other drops. Scooba's non-marring bumper is gentle to furniture and other obstacles. Scooba also has infrared wall sensors that allow the robot to clean around the perimeter of the room and around obstacles. Scooba also features special escape behaviors that allow it to quickly get out from under chairs and other furniture.

    Scooba also comes with a Virtual Wall to contain Scooba in the area you want to clean. Simply place the Virtual Wall in a doorway and turn it on. The Virtual Wall will stay activated for the duration of Scooba's cleaning cycle. Scooba automatically turns away when it detects the Virtual Wall's invisible infrared beam so you can keep Scooba in one room or away from obstacles.

    Easy to Use

    Scooba is easy to use. Simply fill the "Clean" tank with Clorox Scooba cleaning solution and water. Place Scooba on the floor, press "Power" and then the "Clean" button. Scooba will clean the entire room in approximately 45 minutes. When Scooba is finished cleaning, empty the "Dirty" tank into the sink or toilet, rinse and replace the tank, and connect Scooba to the power supply to recharge its battery.

    Scooba is powered by a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery. Scooba's battery fully charges in about 3 hours and will last for almost two complete cleaning cycles. For best performance, iRobot recommends recharging the battery after every cleaning cycle. Scooba's battery is environmentally safe and will provide hundreds of cleaning cycles.

    Clorox Scooba Cleaning Solution

    iRobot has teamed with Clorox to develop a cleaning solution that is specially formulated to ensure best performance. Clorox Scooba cleaning solution is designed to be safe and effective on all sealed hard floors. The cleaning solution is safe around children and pets.

    iRobot recommends using only Clorox Scooba cleaning solution in Scooba. Only Clorox Scooba cleaning solution is specially formulated to enable high traction, so Scooba can move freely on most floors. The cleaning solution is also designed to produce less foam, preventing foam from building inside the robot or on your floor. Clorox Scooba cleaning solution is also non-corrosive to Scooba and its electronics.

    • Remanufactured floor-washing robot that preps, washes, scrubs, and dries in one pass
    • Cleans under furniture, tables, and hard-to-reach places
    • Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile, and marble
    • Simple to operate--fill tank, press "Clean," and empty tank when finished
    • Model number (5800 or 5999) and color may vary; 90 day limited warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Scooba clean!
      Have had this robot for about 6 months now and it does what it says it does. We only use it on hardwood floors or tiles and use the scooba juice or water and vinegar mix. Both work well to clean the floor once or twice a week, and the battery lasts about 2 full tanks. We use the virtual walls from the older Roomba we have to limit the areas where the robot goes, and they work fine. Cleaning the unit is easy as is charging. the noise level is no louder than a vacuum cleaner and we find the cleaning is done within an hour. We tend to setup the walls between the carpet and wood floors and start a roomba and scooba before we go out. When we return the floors are clean. It then takes me about 10 minutes to clean both machines and put away the walls for next time. Highly recommended product....more info
    • Works like new - does both vacuuming and washing
      I also have a Roomba, and now that I've had the Scooba for a few months I almost never use the Roomba anymore. The Scooba sucks up dirt and pet hairs in addition to scrubbing the floor. This is a MUST HAVE appliance if you have a lot of hard floors. Reminds me of going from the old fashioned washing board to the modern washing machine....more info
    • "I am stuck" light is lit with 5 Beeps
      I have purchased refurbished Scooba. It did not work even couple of times. "I am stuck" light is lit with 5 beeps. This means that there is some problem with the wheels. I have checked the wheels and they are fine.

      It is total waste of money and effort. I should have bought a new one with 1 year warranty. ...more info
    • Scooba is handy but a not hassle free
      I love the fact that you can start it and walk away. It is a little trouble to get ready though, because it has to be charged each time before you use it, so you can't just decide to use it at the last minute. Also, it is a little bit of work to clean it all up afterwards. You have to purchase special cleaner for it too, which isn't very convienent. You will need more than one virtaul wall though, so that will be an additional $30/wall. It is nice just to press a button and come back later to a clean floor!!...more info
    • Regret Purchase
      I purchased this after a friend strongly recommended it. Unfortunately, I have had a completely different experience. When I tried to use the scooba for the first time it would not move at all. The recommendation from their tech support worked. Yet, it is still a disappoint. One of the benefits of the scooba, is that it picks up the dirty water. Mine doesn't. This problem has not been resolved by tech support. I recommend you save your money and get your husband to do it.
      ...more info
    • works
      the remanufactured scooba works well. no problems. however it didn't look new. scooba didn't work to my expectation, and would not pay retail for it. scooba don't seems to be as smart as the roomba, which i also have.
      4 stars for jobs it does at the price, 160.00 i paid, but if i paid full price for it i would return it....more info
    • Scooby-Does
      We've been wanting the Scooba (we named ours 'Scooby' of course-what else?) floor cleaning 'bot since getting our Roomba and we're not disappointed. Although noisy during TV time, it works great and cleans well, especially considering what our two active and always shedding Texas Healers track in from the backyard. Its easy to prep and simple to clean after each job. The only issue that keeps our rating from being a 5-star is battery run time; our Scooby seems to run out of gas while there's still half a tank full of cleaning solution. We'd would've liked to see it go the distance, at least until the solution is almost out.
      In any case, great job Roomba - you've done it again!...more info
    • not great for larger areas
      We have a very large 'great room', and I found the scooba misses too many areas. To remedy, we use the electronic wall or furniture to keep it in a more confined space so it can clean that area, then I move it to another quadrant, then another, ect. It doesn't clean quite as good as a mop w/ a scrubbber, but it definitely works because the output water is filthy! I hate mopping, so it's a good enough product for me. ...more info
    • Excellent
      I have been using this scooba for 2 weeks, absolutely in love with it. I was a little worried to buy remanufacturing scooba but it works fine, no problems. It looked brand new when it came. I run it almost every night. I would recommend it. It saves so much time. Don't hesitate, get's worth money....more info
    • Floor cleaner
      The remanufactured Scooba is good value.
      It's great on tiled floors but only if they are fairly level. It gets stuck on our very uneven brick kitchen floor but works well in the bathrooms and playroom. I haven't dared to use it on the wood floor because I think it would make it too wet.
      The instructions say not to bother vacuuming first, but it has to be fairly clean because there is only a small filter for collecting big bits.
      The dirty water is impressively black a the end of the cycle.

      It's a bit fiddly cleaning SCOOBA after use, but better than actually doing the job yourself.

      If it's a choice between ROOMBA and SCOOBA, buy ROOMBA -it's quicker and more agile.

      ...more info
    • better than my high expectations
      I received my Scooba three months ago and it works beautifully on my hardwood floors. It took several cycles to get the floors clean... but that was because I HATE mopping and never did it. Now I run it weekly in the kitchen and monthly in the rest of the apartment. Two of my skeptical friends have borrowed my unit for a weekend (along with my Roomba 410) and were so impressed, they both bought themselves one of each. Like me, they've had no issues with the re-manufactured Scooba (or their Roombas, for that matter)

      I get compliments on my floors from guests. I didn't know you could get compliments on your floors. True, my friends are all slobby grad students, but when my mom saw my apartment, she dropped some hints about wanting a Scooba for Christmas. She's getting one.

      Yes, you do have to empty the bins and clean the brush after each use, which takes 3 minutes. But that's nothing compared to cleaning up the mop and bucket after mopping your floors yourself.

      And btw, not an issue with cats. I have a hide-under-the-bed-until-mealtime cat when I so much as look at the my full-size vacuum cleaner. He doesn't even glance up from his nap when the Sccoba or the Roomba are running. ...more info
    • Scooba
      I purchased a remanufactured iRobot Scooba. The first did not work and had to be returned. Amazon promptly sent another, and it works GREAT! It does have a whir as far as sound,which is expected from a machine. It takes approximately 30 or 40 min or so to complete the job thoroughly. I use it on a kitchen floor and it cleans as well as someone scrubbing the floor on their knees. After cleaning the kitchen in the evening or morning, I just turn on the Scooba and leave. I am very happy with this purchase....more info
    • Don't do it
      Scooba's often last a year or less, which makes it very expensive. The replacement parts are expensive, and needed every 3 mths or less. iRobot don't care about you after the warranty expires, you can not get repairs done. I was told at 13mths, tough, buy a new one (for more than the original, with no tank!) and it would only have a 90 day warranty. An expensive toy. Worked well for about 2-3 months, then it broke 3 times in 1 year. And it doesn't clean corners, and often misses parts of the floor, while doing some areas several times. Woudl I do it again- no way!
      ...more info
    • Has to return it
      Couldn't get this thing to start. I have a ROOMBA and was very excited about this purchase. Returned it for a full refund...more info
    • Poor Customer Service
      The first use it ran perfectly - nice shiny floor! I followed the manufacturers' instructions for care in storing it. A few days lter, I tried to charge it and the charger wouldn't work. iRobot customer support responded to my initial complaint with a follow up note asking for more information. I responded and....nothing. I sent another note asking for assistance and....nothing. So I'm returning my iRobot Scooba and I'll never buy remanufactured and never an iRobot product again. Too bad, the floor was really shiny when it worked....more info
    • Works great! The best way to buy roombas and scoobas is refurb
      Watch Video Here: Watch the Scooba 5800 in action, including cleaning up V8 juice spill. I've bought 2 Roombas and this Scooba all refurbished from iRobot at amazing discounts off new, and have been very happy. Also got the Amazon extended warranty, as the refurb warranty is only 90 days. I've never had any problems with a refurb, but I would expect a refurb product to have a higher chance of failure than new, so that's why I got the extended warranty (around [...]). It's still far cheaper than a new one! Also, check out [...] chat forum for all kinds of usage tips! Note: You must follow the directions carefully for filling and cleaning the Scooba to get a long life out of it. ...more info
    • A disappointment of epic proportions
      Why so epic? Because I'd been pining for a Scooba, even before the new model came out. When the new model came out, I couldn't justify $400 on it, so I hoped to get a deal on an older model Scooba. If I liked it enough, I'd shell out for the newer Scooba. Even new, the 5800s still sell for more than $200. So, I thought a remanufactured one would be a good entry point. Well...

      First, I used the Clorox detergent supplied in the box. I let the Scooba run with it. After my floors dried and I walked across it with flip flips, I could hear the tearing sound you get when there's something sticky on the floor. The Scooba left soap on the floor. So, after reading the manual, it suggests an alternative to the Clorox is white vinegar. So I went out and bought some, and just didn't feel like it sterilized my floors. Not happy.

      But my biggest complaint is that it left dirty water in the grout lines of my kitchen floor. So, on top of my floors not being clean, I had dirtier grout lines than I had before the Scooba. So now, I'm going to have to take bleach and my steam cleaner and rectify that, because dirty grout lines are disgusting.

      So, all in all, this Scooba has cost me more work than it's worth. The mediocre job it did cleaning my floor will now cost me several hours on my hands and knees cleaning up its mess. ...more info
    • Don't buy - defective battery charging
      When I first got it, the wife thought I was yet again wasting money, but pretty soon she loved it. With 2 toddlers in the house, the kitchen hardwood floors are in constant need of a cleaning and the Scooba took care of it.

      However, just a few months after buying it, the Scooba stopped holding a charge. It would run for about two minutes before stopping and asking for a recharge. Upon research I realized that a lot of people are having a similar problem.

      1) iRobot used a Nickle Cadmium battery in the Scooba (a step back from the Roomba). Apparently, the charger doesn't scale back to a trickle charge and your battery burns out if you keep it on charge.

      2) iRobot customer service mentioned that yes there was a problem with the Scoobas and they would send me a programmer to help flash upgrade the firmware which should help with the charging problem with the battery. Then they asked for the product code.

      3) I was informed that the unit was out of warranty and I would have to buy a new battery. All of a sudden, no mention of the need to reflash the firmware. So I am supposed to buy a new battery and burn it out with their faulty recharger.

      I highly recommend that you avoid the Scooba until iRobot comes clean with their customers and fixes the problem.

      Any lawyers out there that want to file a class action lawsuit against iRobot over this issue? I will be glad to volunteer as the plaintiff....more info
    • cleans tile floors
      Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner. After owning the iRobot vacuum I just assumed that this would be just as great. It does clean and if you use the cleaning liquid that comes with it --- smells clean BUT it doesn't get corners or the dirty spots that are stuck, BUT every time I dump the dirty water out I'm amazed at how much dirt it got up.

      I use mine a couple of times a week, which means a couple of times a week that I'm not down on hands & knees. Just know that if you're a neat-nik you'll still need to do the hands & knees scrubbing to do edges etc....more info
    • My floors are still dirty.
      I live in a modest studio with hardwood floors and I wanted to find a way to keep my floors dirt-free. Before running iRobot the first time, I thoughoughly swept with the intent of running iRobot everyday and maintain the cleanliness. While I have not had any problems with the battery life of motor, my feet still get dirty when I walk around barefoot. En fin, iRobot is not a bad buy, but if you are looking for a thourough cleaning, you will most likely have to continue to sweep and possibly mop yourself....more info
    • Best thing I've bought in a long time
      I don't think my floors have ever been this clean! I recommend this to anyone who has a busy schedule. There are a couple of things that you have to clean, but its WAY BETTER THAN MOPPING!!
      The battery that came with our Scooba only lasts for one cleaning cycle, so I suggest that you buy another battery. Have that battery charging as the Scooba is running, then you can use it on another area.
      ...more info
    • Love it !!!
      I was attracted to this by the price. I was hesitant about it being "Remanufactured". But after looking at other reviews I decided to purchase it.This was to be a gift for my wife. We received the blue one, it looks brand new! The only hiccup was priming the pump. The instructions say to use the included primer bulb to blow air into it, but we kept getting the check tank light. I was taught to prime a liquid pump with liquid. We primed it with water, and it took right off. It cleaned our kitchen linoleum wonderfully! The water out of the dirty tank was black! And the vacuum filter was completely full of dry debris that I didn't even see on the floor! It had no problems negotiating the multiple angles of our kitchen walls, and as it ran over a floor register it hung up, but went into a free me mode and continued on! Cleaning it afterward was a breeze, and most of the replaceable parts have the part# on or near them. The noise level is what I would expect out of a vaccuum/motorized device. I am very pleased with this purchase. Looks like she will be getting a carpet version for Christmas....more info
    • Great Deal and Works Great
      I had a initial problem with the battery not completing the cycle and Irobot suggested the battery would need to be cycled a few times in order to get it to full capacity. Amamzon shipped me a new one, a whole new
      Scooba, and it works great. I have used it many time already in order to test it during the 90 day warranty and it has past the test thus far.
      I can highly recommend this product and Amazon to back this product.

      John Frazzini...more info
    • Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washer
      Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, Assorted Colors

      This product performs as advertised. The unit I received was in like-new condition. It is my second Scooba (first one still works but needs a new battery; the battery failed after the charger was left unplugged for several days. Batteries are expensive and confusing to purchase online because there are several versions).

      The remanufactured Scooba would not operate until I primed the pump several times (per included instructions); it then thoroughly cleaned a vinyl floor, leaving it slightly wet in spots.

      Either the Clorox cleaning liquid or vinegar work well in the Scooba.

      The Scooba can get stuck in the toe space under kitchen cabinets if there is not enough clearance.

      I remove the brush and filters (easy to do) after using the Scooba, rinse, and allow to dry before reinstalling them....more info
    • My new little buddy
      I love my Scooba. He's a tenacious little guy. Sure, he has a fairly short battery life and is slightly high maintenance, always needing to be "cleaned out thoroughly." Once, he got a little stubborn and just moved around in circles. Turns out I didn't clean him well enough and a sensor was covered in gook. Easy fix though. In all, our Scooba has become a part of my family. My daughter has named him "Bongo." He keeps my hardwood floors clean and tidy while I run around the rest of the house like a chicken with my head cut off. I know every few weeks I may need to give the floor an extra scrubbing by hand, but for maintenance, my little Bongo is perfect....more info
    • Great concept, parts need improvement
      It will relieve you of some of the housework (doesn't do corners), so great concept and minimal cost to run the cleaner. The body parts last about a year and company has poor customer service. So the old reliable mop stays until I see a new and improved version with sturdier parts, or the price on this drops significantly....more info
    • Doesn't last long
      Worked pretty well when I first got it. Three months later, the darn thing lost its ability to pump and pick up water. It is now retired on a shelf in the garage....more info
    • Love my Scooba
      This little gadget is amazing. My kitchen and breakfast room floors have never been cleaner. The Scooba scrubs and then sucks up the dirty water. It goes under the table and other hard to reach places. All I have to do is pick it up and dump the dirty water and add cleaning solution and clean water. ...more info
    • Good,when you can get it to work properly!!!
      I bought this for my parents for Christmas 2007,and it's great when it works,a pain in the @!$#? when it does not,this contraption was expensive,and should work,hands down,even got a replalecement from Irobot,and it had the same Clean Tank issue,sure it works some of the time,but for over 200 bones I want to work most,if not all the time,my mother even gave it a name "Penelope",kinda corny but that my Mom,who I love very dearly,the reason I got this WAS to save cleaning time for them(my parents),BOTH are over 60 with some medical problems to boot,and they also have custody of 2 of their wonderful grandkids,my nephews who we LOVE dearly!!! Well to keep it short i'll stick to the old fashioned ,broom & dustpan,mop,or swiffer wet,it's still faster than the Scooba,and cheaper too!!!...more info
    • Battery won't hold a charge
      I purchased this item but am returning it to Amazon. I used it a few times and it cleans reasonably well, but the battery won't hold a charge. It works for a short while (about 10-15 minutes) and then needs to be put back on the charger and then takes a long, long time to get charged back up - at least charged enough to run for 10-15 minutes agin. I'm asking them to send me a replacement. Hopefully the new unit will be better. If not, back it goes. ...more info
    • Another cool iRobot product!
      I was a little apprehensive about buying this because it was Remanufactured and cost $100 less than new. I can say now that we have used it I am very satisfied. It was Remanufactured directly by iRobot so any of the problems originally found in the scooba 5900 have been corrected. It does an excellent job at cleaning the floors. We were amazed at how dirty the waste water was when we emptied it. The floors looked clean before we ran it, I can't imagine where it found all the dirt and grime it scrubbed up. We have iRobot roomba floor sweeper, the dirt dog garage floor cleaner, and the Verro pool cleaner, and I have been very satisfied with all of them. My personal experience with iRobot customer support has been excellent. When I called them with a problem they did an excellent job trouble shooting my problem. I had a problem with my roomba home dock and they had a replacement sent to me within 2 days. ...more info
    • Excellent clean. Works very good.
      Excellent product. It cleans the kitchen really well. It works, but dont expect it to be 100% absolute clean. I say 80-90% clean. The part i hate most is that i need to recharge the battery before use, which usually take a day. Remember, dont put the battery in the scooba when not in use for a month or so because that will shorten your battery life. Recharge the battery and then leave it out from the scooba to store it somewhere else. Great product. It took about 45 minutes to clean my whole kitchen. My kitchen is kind of big. Great product....more info
    • Doesn't talk back
      Received my reconditioned scooba yesterday, instructions very easy even for someone instruction challenged. Charged battery last night. Washed kitchen floor today. It's great. I sip coffee and Scooba does the work.
      For those who are concerned about purchasing refurbished items. The packaging was exactly what you would get in a new one. Every piece was like brand new....more info
    • Refurb turned out to be a blessing
      I bought a refurb Scooba 5800 from an online vendor other than Amazon. When I plugged it in to charge, it gave me an error code. Unlike the bad experience that another reviewer in this thread has had, my unit still had a serial number and an iRobot "Factory Refurbished" sticker on the inside. I called iRobot customer support with the problem. They told me that it was a fatal error, instructed me to throw that unit away, and informed me that they would send a new machine. Two days later, a new 5900 arrived. After charging the battery, I tried it out in the original "fatal error" scooba and the machine worked fine. I immediately ordered another battery from iRobot. So now I have two Scoobas for a hundred bucks and change. Having more than one unit is handy. I have had the machines for over a year. They are used several times a week and always work flawlessly: it is unbelievable how much muck they suck up off of an apparently clean floor. Setting them both working together in the same room is fun to watch... plus... it really baffles the cat....more info
    • Loved it at first, now terribly disappointed
      I purchased my refurbished Roomba and Scooba one year ago. After nine months the Roomba failed and could not be repaired. I was offered what I thought was a great deal from iRobot. They replaced the Roomba for $170 with a new version of the same model (minus the battery and charging unit). I figured I paid what I would have paid if I bought a new one right at the start. Three months later the Scooba failed. I was told it could not be repaired but they had a wonderful deal for me. They could replace it with a new version of the same model for $170. This might be a great deal but from what I'm reading here, many Scoobas stop working in about a year. Am I really going to pay $170 every year just so I don't have to do my own mopping? I'm very disappointed. I loved the Scooba. I loved having wonderfully clean floors without having to do all the work. But perhaps I would be better off getting a little exercise and mopping my floors nearly for free. ...more info
    • BEWARE!! No support or repairs after warranty expires
      Nice when working, but BEWARE! After our 380 failed out of warranty, our only option was to buy a new unit for $375 + shipping. That's only a 5%-20% discount off of their regular to sale price. Horrible! They do NOT repair their products or provide refurbished machines for reasonable prices. They do NOT sell spare parts. They do not sell extended warranties. Apparently, their customer service hears these complaints a lot and management will not change their policies. They do NOT care about their customers. They only want to screw customers into buying a new unit.

      Imagine buying a new car and when the car breaks down shortly after the warranty is over, you need to buy a new car. No parts and no repairs!!! HORRIBLE!!!

      These units break down a lot!!! This is our forth unit. Luckily, the previous three units failed under warranty!

      Stay away!
      ...more info
    • Fun while it works, but absolutely abysmal customer service when it doesn't
      The Scooba was fun while it worked as a novelty. In all honesty, it barely saved any time over doing it myself, but it was fun watching it go. However, after using it once a month for 6 months (a total of 6 times), the battery completely died. The instructions state that I'm to keep the battery in my Scooba at all times when it's not being used to keep it in tip top shape, but then on online forums, people are telling me that by following that instruction, I burnt out the Scooba's battery permanently, and in fact once it's fully charged I need to take it out immediately to keep it from burning out.

      Customer service said too bad, since you bought it remanufactured you only get a 90 day warranty, doesn't matter that our own instructions directly caused your Scooba's battery to die, why don't you visit our online store and buy another battery? Like heck I am going to give them more of my money as a reward for selling me a shoddy product. I would say avoid the refurbs like the plague, but a visit to online forums seems to suggest that Scoobas just are incredibly unreliable machines, and you shouldn't expect them to last more than a year or two. So maybe it should really be avoid Scoobas like the plague. I got a total of 6 moppings out of this thing, costing me 30 dollars a time, with the time I spent cleaning the thing roughly equal to the time I would have spent mopping....more info
    • There is nothing like a clean floor
      I have the type of flooring that as soon as a smudge appears on the floor, it looks dirty. Due to the fact that I hate doing floors, particulary, mopping my floors; so they went uncleaned to the point of filthy. I needed a quick fix. I thought, eBay will fit the bill but the bidding was far too rigorous and the prices were getting way out of my range. As I always do after a lack of success with eBay, I turned to Amazon and sure enough the refurbished price was far lower than eBay.
      I absolutely love the Scooba. I went to Linens N Things and bought 3 bottles of the cleaning solution, and now 6 months later, I haven't used the first bottle. The house smells so fresh and the floors are dazzling. I have found the iRobot customer service to be top notch. I highly recommend the Scooba. Now to get a robotic lawn mower. ...more info
    • No more refurbs!
      I don't normally purchase Remanufactured anything, but was hesitant about this product and thought it would be ok to test this robot as I was interested in purching others if this worked well. The Robot did work well the first few times and then after that, it just spread the water all over the kitchen without picking it up... I cleaned the bot well to no avail. Then, I let the bot put the water down and had to mop the floor afterward. This worked ok for a few months, but after 7 months, it decided it wound't move at all. Without the tank inserted, the unit kept telling me to check the tank! Check the tank? It was not even attached! IRobot send a software update early on so I again tried updating the unit. Nothing seems to work.
      This was an unfortunate waste of money and I would not recommend this to anyone. ...more info
      what a waste of money. i bought this thinking I could go to work and come home to a clean floor...too bad the irobot got stuck in corners and beeped for hours. And then it leaked. And leaked some more when I had to carry it to the tub to figure out what was wrong with it -- twice (all dirty water by the way). After that first use I packed it back up and sent it back to A Swiffer is way easier and less expensive.......more info
    • husbands best friend
      My husband was skeptical when I bought this but it's now his best buddy. Works well on both our wood and linoleum floors. It's easy to clean after each use and the parts are easy to remove & labeled for easy replacement. Most difficult thing is to find local supplier for the cleaning solution - we found it at Linen & Things....more info
    • New Scooba - Denied Warranty - PLEASE READ
      I just got off my first call with Customer Services now (April 08, 2008).

      I decided on buying this product after reading several reviews on various web-sites about Scooba products and customer services. Scooba custmer services (and supervisor Jason) basically denied me any warranty for a brand new never registered Scooba 5800.

      Reason ?

      This was purchased from an online retailer that was not approved by the company. New products that are sold online by Amazon and E-Bay and other online sites are not supported even thought they are brand new.

      This is news to me - and this information is nowhere online. So I thought I'd post it here.

      This policy is not satisfactory for a high-end product like Scooba. In this day and age of online commerce you can't ask consumers to not buy from online discount stores and sites like E-Bay. As long as the product is new & not registered - it should be supported for a year. My warranty card tells me so!

      I have written an e-mail to public relations about this. I will update the post once I hear it....more info
    • Don't Buy It!
      I had one of the Scooba units for 14 months, just past the warranty. I might have used the unit two dozen times. It stopped working due to a malfunction of the start button. I spoke with a rep. who advised that I could send it back and get a re-manufactured unit at a cost of $200.00. No thanks. My last one lasted only a little over a year. At about $350.00 divided by 24 usages it comes to $14.00 each time it washed my floor, what a deal!. I explained this frustration to a customer rep. with little sympathy or consideration. Don't buy one!!!...more info
    • irobot scuba
      Nice product! I bought it specifically for ceramic tile floors and it does a great job with the routine cleaning (grout lines excluded). Irobot has done a great bit of work making the unit easy to setup prior to use and very easy to clean afterward. I would have assigned the product five stars but I subtracted one for the operational noise....more info
    • Great helper!
      So far I love this product and in fact I also bought an IRobot Roomba because the Scooba is so fun! I have dogs that run in and out on this linoleum floor and requires so much clean up. This does a reasonable job and only needs a little pickup on some of the edges with a towel. It is a time saver for me. I have had it about 3 months and it is running fine. I would only say it would be nicer if they made it so it goes to a charging base on it's own like Roomba....more info
    • Sad but true
      I received the iRobot Floor Washing robot in January but didn't get around to opening it to use it until today 2/23 and guess what? It won't work. It keeps telling me to check the tank, I've followed all the troubleshooting and still no go. I waited too long to return it, so now I have to find a way to get it fixed. Very disappointed since I absolutely love my iRobot vaccum :(...more info
    • A bargain at $130
      I paid $130 for this item, which makes it a bargain. There appeared to be no problems with it being "remanufactured". Packaging was complete, but the unit showed a couple little scratches which I thought was more than acceptable for the pricing discount.

      The unit does a good job cleaning. As other reviews have said, it obviously doesn't get everything (cracks, right next to walls, around chair legs), but does a good enough job that I'd feel comfortable having guests over after a Scooba only cleaning. I use this mostly for my kitchen and it takes perhaps an hour to clean (I have a fairly big kitchen). My Scooba usually fills up with dirty water first (it beeps at you), which means I have to dump it and then I put it back down and re-start until it uses all it's cleaning solution. However, if you wanted to just leave some left over cleaning solution in the unit for next time, my floor is usually clean by the time the dirty water resevoir fills up.

      A couple of important points. This item was a lot bigger than I realized from the pictures online (and I did a lot of research). I was expecting it to be perhaps the width of a regular frisbee for some reason. It's more like the size of a wheel from a.. well, a Big Wheel. Remember those? This makes it like a foot across, pretty deep, and heavy (this isn't a cheap build, which I've heard the new ones feel a little more flimsy). So make sure you have a plan for where you're going to put this thing when it's not cleaning. It takes up some space. Also, this model is loud! I read that the newer Scooba was quiet and now I know what that review meant. This is loud enough that if I have it running in the kitchen, we'll have to jack the volume way up on the TV in the living room while it's going. I understand why some reviewers have said they turn it on when they plan on leaving the house. It's not unbearable, but it's like someone vacuuming with a stand-up vacuum in the other room (different sound, but about same volume). For this reason, if you could get the newer model for a similar price, I'd probably consider it (both for quiet operation, but also for speed from what I've read - the other unit has better floor coverage algorithms / it's more intelligent).

      After I purchased this robot on Amazon, I was a little upset that I spent $130 on something that replaces my lazy girlfriend's floor cleaning duties (just kidding honey!). However, after running it a few times, I think it's well worth the $130. Now someone paying $400-$500 for some of these Roomba's and Scooba's? That thing better do my laundry too for that kind of money! Get a remanufactured unit and see if you like it before you start spending a good portion of a paycheck on a robot you might not like or use that much....more info
    • I love you, Scooba
      I experienced much the same situation as several other reviewers. I ordered Scooba direct from Amazon in January and received the light blue model (5900?). I took him out, charged his battery overnight, primed the pump, then let him loose on the kitchen floor. Scooba started off ok, but soon stopped laying down solution and gave me the blue "check tank" light. After trying for a while to figure out what was wrong, I called iRobot customer service. The service rep was very helpful and after asking some questions, explained that there was probably dust in the system due to shipping, and I should prime the pump with water, not just air. I hung up and tried this, but no luck--still no solution coming out.

      I called customer service again and got a different rep, who was wonderful. She even had me hold my phone up to Scooba to listen to his startup noises--and from this was able to determine that his pump was not working. She then ordered a replacement for me and said I could keep the broken model to use for parts. Excellent! About a week later, Scooba #2 arrived, this time a dark blue (5800?) model. We've had Scooba #2 for about a month and he works great, both with the Clorox solution and with white vinegar (which is much cheaper!). I emailed iRobot with a question about his innards (specifically, does he have the OSMO update that allows you to leave the battery plugged in at all times for charging?) and after sending the service rep Scooba's serial number, he was able to quickly answer my question (yes, the model I have does have the update).

      Kudos to iRobot for exceptional customer service, and to Amazon at offering Scooba at such a great price in January ($139.99). I have just ordered a factory reserviced Roomba from another web site, looking forward to expanding the fleet!...more info
    • Scooba rocks, but dicey out of the box.
      Initially, our refurbished iScooba did not work appropriately out of the box. The pH indicator was faulty. I then read on-line that iRobot was having poor customer service in November and December 2007 so I was concerned. However, when I called iRobot, I experienced exceptional customer service! They walked me through a few tests and then, without hesitation, apologized and sent me a brand new unit in which they designed the pH indicator out of the system altogether. It was delivered within a few days and they offered I keep my broken unit in case I ever needed some of the expendable parts for standard maintanence (brushes, etc.) We've had this floor washer a month now and it has been exceptional. My wife and I could never believed this little unit could clean our bumpy tile floor to a crisp white as if the floor was brand new (and admittedly, better than we have ever been able to clean it). I would, and have, recommended this purchase to anybody interested. I would buy it again without hesitation, even given the initial problem discussed above. I also recommend white vinegar mixed with the cleansing water. It works great for cleaning and odor....more info
    • Scooba Do
      The Scooba works for me. I have a lot of tile and live in a dusty area. She works inside and out. Yes, the floors are damp and she can't get right up to the wall, so I just run a dry mop in those areas. It doesn't take long. I do have to be home when she runs, as she needs emptying half way through the cycle. ...more info
    • Love it
      I love this thing. I run my Roomba around the floor and then unleash the scooba. Does a great job. Leaves the floor clean and dries quickly. ...more info
    • i Robot Scooba
      Best household item that I have ever bought. I would recommend that everyone has one of these for their home. It does not do the corners or edges of the floor well, but it is minimal effort. The product is user friendly and cleans better than I do with a scrub brush and mop. I can do my laundry an mop my floors at the same time. WHAT A TIMESAVER. I LOVE IT!!!!...more info
    • All Hail SCOOBA!
      I received a scooba for christmas from my parents. He (scooba) was remanufactured. I read some horrible reviews and it scared me alittle. The floors in my house are not carpet, they are hardwood, ceramic tile and pergo. So scooba has to go everywhere. I got him, primed the pump like the instructions said, filled him up with water and scooba-fluid and unleashed him. What a pleasant suprise. He handles the floors with no problem, scrubbing and partially drying in about 45 minutes. He does not beat on furniture and stays in a room with just a boundary module (that came with him) and a kitchen chair on it's side. Prepping scooba takes all of two minutes and cleaning him takes about five once you have the routine down. I leave him plugged in when not in use and park him in the closet. He is always ready to go. The battery lets you know when it is fully charged by the light not flashing and staying on. Now lets be real, if your floors are caked with scum, scooba is going to have difficulty getting them spotless - duh! He is round, he will not get into the square corners of a room - another duh! But about once a week when I wipe my baseboards, I get the corners at the same time and it takes me all of two seconds.

      So I close with advice...invest in the scooba fluid. It really works and does not leave a sticky residue on any of my floors. I have three dogs (lots of hair) and do have to make sure I rinse scooba really well when he is finished to get any trapped hair out of his filters or brushes. But as I said before, it takes all of five minutes when you know the routine. I am signed onto the internet today to buy scooba's relative, the roomba. And I will buy remanufactured because my scooba is great! He did not have any "battlewounds", just one light rubmark on the top of him. You cannot see it from more than two feet away. So don't believe the haters...I love scooba and so will you!...more info
    • Does just what they said
      I purchased the remanufactured version for $129 last month and have been running this twice a week in our kitchen. Its wonderful. I have come to like cleaning my floors and my wife likes that too! Its easy to prepare and other than sweeping up before we get started, the overall prep time is about 5 minutes. Finding the darn Clorox liquid at Linens & Things is difficult, but we now have two bottles.

      Overall, a great choice, and now I am looking for the Roomba!...more info
    • Didn't Work -- but ...getting replacement
      Unfortunately this item did not work. They sent us a replacement and it ALSO didn't work. The good news is that they are sending us a THIRD replacement and we're crossing fingers that the 3rd time is a charm....more info
    • I use it daily
      I use mine daily since I received it and have a much cleaner home. I does go through a lot of special Clorox for SCOOBA though. 1.5 ounces at a time will really add up but its well worth it! (I tried the vinegar but the smell is just a bit too much)....more info
    • Back Saver
      I was sceptical, but thank goodness I gave it a try. The Scooba Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, Assorted Colors vacuums up all those little crumbs, even pet hair (as long as there's not to much). Then it scrubs the floor clean really CLEAN. And lastly, it squeegees it dry. The Clorox cleaner iRobot 5950 Clorox Scooba Cleaning Solution used in it does a great job. I use it on all my floors, linoleum and hard wood. As far as being a re-manufactured item, it works great (I own several remanufactured items, just buy a warranty too which you should any way). I am now looking to by the Rooba 530 iRobot 530 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, White so I no longer have to sweep....more info
    • Trust the reviews - wait for the new model
      I have a Roomba 530, and I love it (except for the fact that the side brushes break off quite easily, and it's been hell trying to get replacements!). I had lesser expectations for the Scooba, and it failed even them. The remanufactured Scooba simply didn't work, straight out of the box. I knew about the need to prime the pump, which I did, but I kept getting the blue light which means that you need to check the tank, etc. I checked the tank about 18 times, reprimed, etc. Finally, after fooling with the thing for about 45 minutes, it started to move around in a spiral. After about 2 minutes, I realized it wasn't laying down any solution, so AGAIN I primed the pump. At that point, the Scooba went back to the blue light, and I gave up (after another half hour). So, I sent it right back to Amazon, and they were great about the return. Amazon rocks!...more info
    • I'm on my 6th Scooba
      My Scooba worked well for about 2 weeks, then it went dead . 7 months later, I'm on my 7th unit!!!! The last 2 units lasted for 1 day each time!!! They clearly have problems with the Scooba and I would not reccomend this to anyone. Even though the company exchanges them with little hassle, it is not worth it. Stay away from this product!!! I recently edited this review , but could not edit the amount of stars. It is one star at best!!!...more info
    • Scooba, will you marry me?
      I love my Scoooba! I bought the remanufactured Scooba and it has been my best friend. I use to mop my floors almost every day because my one year old loves to throw food over onto the floor. Now I just run the Scooba (we call it Scooby)every other day during nap time. How do I know it is doing a great job? Easy! Every time I empty the tank, it is filthy water and crumbs. I seriously think this does a better job than me and I am a pretty thorough cleaner. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't get into the corners but at the end of its cycle, I grab a wet floor towel and polish it off. I still give it five stars because it saves me so much time and I am in love :) Great little helper for all moms! ...more info
    • I Heart Robots
      I was so excited when my scooba arrived in the mail. I charged it overnight and hurriedly set it up for a test drive the next morning. I followed my instructions carefully and placed my scooba on my kitchen floor, pressed power, than pressed clean. I heard the cute little noise it made and then it start scooting around the floor. I was a little concerned when it just started spinning around but then I realized it was just calibrating the best way to clean the floor. It did a wonderful job. My floors are REALLY shiny BUT it doesn't clean the corners of the room. It left all the crumbs and dirt in the corners. It cleaned rather well underneath my kitchen cabinets and along the edges of the wall though. Another thing I wasn't too pleased about was the fact that my scooba doesn't dry the floor too well. Other than those two factors I love my scooba and will definitely be keeping mine. I'm looking forward to the day when I get a Roomba now. :)...more info
    • worth the money- i think!
      After great debate I took the plunge and bought the scooba. My kitchen is fairly large and I have 3 kids so I figured it would be worth it. Here is the truth: it really is quicker for me to just sweep and mop the floor myself. I can have it done in 15 minutes, but the scooba takes up to 45 minutes. HOWEVER!!! I think it is worth it, to know that the scooba is *really* cleaning the floor, not just pushing dirty water around like I was when I did it all myself. Scooba does a great job, have had no problems yet with it, charges super quick. The only things I dont like about it: it obviously does not get in corners. my advice is to take your trusty old broom and just sweep out the corners into the middle of the floor before using the scooba. then afterwards, i just take a wet rag to the corners and its done. one more downside: not only do you have to empty the tank after use, you have to rinse out a few parts and it also suggests to take off the brush bar and clean it to.( all of which is not mentioned in the description here!) it is quite time consuming to do all this after a cleaning. i tried to go without doing this after one cleaning but then when i ran it again, it left some nasty clumps of gunk on my floor, so i wont be doing that again! anyways, overall i would recommend the scooba IF : you have a large kitchen and hate mopping. I dont honestly think it would be worth it if you had a tiny kitchen....more info
    • A lovely little piece of tech that does what it promises.
      What a great piece of tech. My least favorite housework job (literally, a step below cleaning the toilets) is a thing of the past, thanks to a friend's recommendation of the Scooba.

      Caveat emptor: if you're not a manual reader, DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. You won't clean it properly or operate it properly. Just stick with your mop.

      - However -

      If you're willing to read the manual and give this little machine the room it needs to do its work, You can dump your mop and instead, play with the kids/watch a movie/pester the cat, etc. etc. It is imperative to follow the *precise* instructions that ship with the Scooba, and use *only* the proprietary Clorox product that they direct. BTW, I found the best deal on this juice at the iRobot website.

      The device requires that you set boundaries for it if you have open portals around the floor being cleaned, such as I. I use a combination of the virtual wall (which ships with the Scooba), my kitchen trash can (a very sturdy one) and my accordion in its case. Yes, my accordion. You must use something of heft to provide a boundary for this little brute, otherwise it'll plow right through or get hung on the precipice to a lower flooring level (I've found the 'edge detection' to be a bit lacking). Also , to concur with some other reviews, the Scooba won't get every nook and cranny of the room it is working on - you'll need to touch up the corners and close to the baseboards. Finally, it is imperative that you clean the Scooba after each use, and charge it up properly.

      And, yes, this is a review of the refurb model. I've found that from my MacBook down to this item, refurb is the way to go for the budget-minded electronics shopper. This machine has worked like a charm since I unboxed it.

      $139 for not having to mop my floors? Sold.

      ...more info
    • Do not waste your time and money on this
      Scooba just doesn't work. The one I purchased just wet the floor, and then tracked dirty soapy water all over my kitchen. The kitchen was worse off after Scooba than before.

      Yes, I followed the instructions to prime it with the bulb. It didn't help. I wasted a huge amount of time trying to make this thing work. None of the fixes or instructions given helped. It's just a dud. ...more info
    • Cleans well, battery died after 10 months, they replaced it for free
      I purchased the remanufactured iRobot Scooba for quite a bit more than the current price in February, 2007. It cleans well, but is a little noisy and tedious to clean. It does a good job of getting into nooks and crannies, but has a harder time getting through chairs around a table. This is just a size limitation and is expected.

      In December, 2007, after leaving it plugged in for a few weeks, it would only run for a few minutes. Recharging and trying to use it several times resulted in the same problem. I called customer service and they offered to send me a new battery and a firmware update using an OSMO (all for free). That is great customer service. It was well out of the 90-day warranty for the remanufactured scooba.

      Apparently there is a defect with the charging mechanism of some units where it feeds the battery too much of a charge in trickle mode (after the charge is complete to keep battery charged). This will ruin the battery. Even after the firmware update, they recommend that you remove the battery from the unit/charger if you don't use it every week....more info
    • Love it!!! Senses & stays off carpet.
      I bought the "remanufactured iRobot Scooba (various colors)" and received the 5900 (light blue body with dark blue front bumper). I read the whole manual to see what I needed to do to keep it off the carpet (in our great room, the living room is carpeted & the rest of the room is tile) but there was no mention of carpet other than "remove lightweight rugs from the floor." So I let it loose in the room and was delighted to find out that it somehow senses when it gets to the edge of the carpet & stays off of it. The housing itself does appear to be used, although very clean. It looks like a full replenish kit was installed (new wheels, brushes, filters & squeegee). The battery also appears to be brand new, I charged it overnight and ran 2 45-minute cleaning cycles back-to-back on a single charge. I started a third cleaning cycle but the battery needed to be charged. The cleaning solution smells pretty good... it does have a pretty strong "clean" (not bleach or ammonia) scent. I'm delighted so far!!!...more info
    • Does a better job than I've ever done
      I think I get bored a lot more easily than it does.......

      Seriously, it is not fast, it doesn't do an absolutely perfect job, but it does a job that looks great both from a distance and when you get down on your knees to make sure it is as good as it seems.

      I wish I had bought it years ago....more info
    • I love this machine!
      When I first received my machine, it would not work. √Čvery light on the unit lit up and the unit played a scale up and down. When I contacted iRobot via e-mail, they promtly responded by e-mail to inform me the unit was still in diagnostic mode. They instructed me how to return the unit. They quickly sent me a brand new unit, plus extra filter and cleaning head. I give iRobot customer service 5 stars.

      I have now run this unit multiple times and am very happy with the results. The floor is spotless...better than when I mop it by hand. I am amazed at the dirt in the dirty water tank and the hair and grudge caught in the filter.

      Cleaning the unit is easier than dumping a bucket of water and rinsing a dirty hand mop. After letting Scooby do its thing, my back doesn't hurt and I am not tired, like I am after hand mopping. This machine is golden.

      ...more info
    • Scooba - Reconditioned: What a time saver!
      I purchased this product for about half of what the new versions go for. It came well packaged and was ready to go upon opening. I charged the battery - which showed "full" after about 2 hours. It took about 30 minutes to read the manual and learn how to run the Scooba. It is very well designed - the tasks that you need to do prior to and after each cleaning cycle are very easy and take only a few minutes. We have dogs and long hair in the family and the Scooba was well equipped to handle this - much better designed than our vacuum which always cloggs! We use the Scooba to clean a large expanse of rough slate flooring. The floor is sealed but it is not smooth like ceramic tiling. The Scooba performed very well. You can always tell when you enter the room whether the floor was 'swept' or whether it was 'cleaned' with a mop or the Scooba. We are very happy with the cleaning results of the Scooba. After a few cleanings we figured out the process - we have to open our dishwasher because the Scooba tended to get stuck behind a ledge at the bottom of the door. We lay down a few barstools to block off sections of the floor. We use the included infrared beam to block off an 8 foot entry on to a carpeted area. Now - when we are going to be out of the room for 50 minutes we set the room up and dump in the Scooba. That's it... When I return, it's clean. 5 minutes of post-cleaning work on the Scooba and it's ready to go again or go to its charging station. Bravo!...more info
    • It beeps and squeaks and constantly breaks down
      Do not buy this product, wait until the 5th or even the 10th generation on this product. I bought my Scooba from Allergy Be Gone and in 32 or 34 days it literally quit working and I mean no budge, remove and replace battery, would not budge. I called Allergy Be Gone and told them what happened. Their answer? Let me look you up in our computer....pause....I'm sorry but your warranty ended a couple of days ago. Okay, but your still going to fix it or repair it, right? Sorry was what I got. We didn't plan it to break down right after your 30 day warranty expired. Right. So much for their customer service. She gave me the phone number.

      Again, do not buy this product, too many people have complained about the battery dying, and are having to have it replaced several times. I am a believer in these reviews due to my issue that seems to be insolvable and the product itself.

      Now on the other end of the scale....there is the Roomba, I can't believe it works that well, it is durable, tough, has staying power and if I could afford it, I'd have one in each room. That's how good they are.

      But again, stay away from Scooba unless you want to throw your money away. And you will be, mark my words or just heed them.

      IMHO: Scooba is harder to maintain than a wild 2 year old on 3 days of caffeinated sodas....more info
    • Worked for awhile
      Like many of the other reviewers, I was extremely happy with the job it did on my linoleum kitchen floor. Very easy to use, clean up wasn't that bad, and the cleaning solution left a fresh scent. However, after 4 uses, it no longer squirted the cleaning solution. The vacuum function seemed to still work. I tried all of the suggested fixes, but no luck. Luckily, returns were easy w/Amazon. I'm planning on buying the newest model directly from iRobot next time and am hoping all the bugs are fixed, cuz I loved having clean floors with no effort!...more info
    • Sort of works....
      I was dubious because of bad reviews, but I think this was probably worth $150 (for the remanufactured version). I've had two major complaints:
      1) The wheels leave muddy footprints on the floor while it's cleaning.
      2) The battery dies before it finishes cleaning. I was planning to call the company and find out if it was performing up to spec or not, but I haven't done it yet.

      Cleaning out the robot afterward is a bit of a pain. You have to remove the brush and clean the trap that has scummy dust/hair/leaves. It takes a bit getting used to because it's a little confusing getting everything apart. It also involves some nagging because my partner sometimes blows off cleaning out the whole thing when he uses it.

      Other tips: You don't need to use the portable wall if you have a lip or a drop-off at the border to your room. There is a 1" lip from our kitchen floor that the robot won't go over. We were worried we needed to buy another wall. Also you could put a physical barricade where you want it to stop.

      I haven't decided yet whether to use it on the wood floors. They're polyurethaned hardwood, not as firmly sealed as you might like, but it seems like the amount of water it leaves is comparable to a sponge mopping.

      Update: I did contact customer service and got a new battery, and that problem is solved. By the way, the documentation that came with the robot said you should leave the battery on the charger all the time, but the newer documentation online said never to do that (which was my instinct anyway).

      I have used this on hardwood and it worked fine, hardly any water left. However it doesn't do an excellent cleaning job on my tile kitchen floor (1" octagonal tiles). It leaves some gray streaks near the walls, it gets some mud on the moulding when it bumps its way against the wall, and it sometimes gets stuck under the fridge. We think if we ran it every week or every other week we might get better results, because there wouldn't be so much dirt to track around. But even using it every 6 weeks and getting gray lines, it's still better than trying to do it by hand....more info
    • Remanufactured not NEW - false advertsement
      I ordered a RE-manufactured Scooba from Amazon and had to return it because it never worked. I searched Amazon again for a NEW one instead hoping to have better luck. I found one and ordered it. Nowhere did it say RE-manufactured anywhere on the description or title, instead it stated clearly "NEW" so I ordered it with confidence. I mean, it said NEW right? Now I get a message from Amazon after it is shiped and it NOW states REMANUFACTURED!? What-tha??? This is clearly false advertisement when I'm lead to believe I have a NEW product not newly remanufactured (which doesn't make sense). I'm extremely disappointed with Amazon's advertisement methods when they lead their customers astray. I have clearly received the same NON-working machine that I returned the first time!! The picture was even false.. not the new dark blue version but the light blue old one. False picture, false NEW, untrustworthy Amazon product...!!!...more info
      Jeffrey's Wife Says; "I Love my Remanufactured Scooba! I have a lot of ceramic tile floor space to cover, and with back problems, the floors didn't get scrubbed or mopped as often as I'd like them. I'm thrilled with the amount of unseen dirt that this unit picks up off my floors. It also picks up all the "burrs" and grass that come in on our little dogs feet. I have had absoloutly no problems with it. It's easy to use and to clean. I phoned the iRobot company once to ask a question about cleaning, and they were very helpful. My floors have never before been scrubbed so often! It's like my husband bought me a maid! I couldn't be happier." Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, Assorted Colors...more info
    • Scooba - a little quirky and likes to be spanked.
      I purchased a remanufactured Scooba floor washing robot because of my experience with the Roomba vacuum robot, which I love. I was impressed with the Scooba too but soon found it had a few quirks. It did an incredible job on my big kitchen floor the first time I used it. However, after a few uses it started to display an error code that indicates its bumper or wheel has become stuck. When that happens I need to pick up the robot and jostle the wheels and bumper so the error code will disappear. Also, it has failed to put down solution several times and I've found it wandering around the kitchen floor, going through its paces but not washing anything because the solution isn't being put down on the floor. I spent time online trying to diagnose the problem and read somewhere that if you slap the Scooba on its side right where the charger cord connects it will start putting solution down on the floor. It worked after the first slap! So, if I knew these problems prior to purchase, I probably wouldn't have ordered it. On the other hand, it was "remanufactured," proving again that you get what you pay for....more info
    • Scooba to the rescue
      I have been very impressed the Scooba Floor cleaner. I have ceramic tile and laminate wood flooring throughout most of the house. Scooba took care of about 1000 sq. ft. of tile and even though I thought the floor was clean, the dirty water bin was quite dark when it was emptied. The best part of the scooba, I think is the low profile closeness it has with the floor. I have carpeting that butts up to the tile and I was worried about scooba getting on the carpet. But, because of the low profile, soon as scooba got to the carpet, it turned around and stayed on the tile. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be amazed....more info
    • where it can get to, it will leave your floor spotless but a bit wet
      Got this one remanufactured, so maybe that's part of the problem. It's certainly been tons of fun, but I'll be returning it. I got lots of hardwood floors that have to be very carefully mopped wherever dirt gets tracked in. If it gets wet enough that water runs between the cracks it will warp. Moist is fine. I usually clean it with an almost wet but not dripping cloth, and then follow up immediately with a very well wrung-out cloth. After 5 minutes you can walk in socks without getting them wet.

      Most of the time, the Scooba worked fine and was fun to watch and not to hard to clean between uses (though the filling, setting up, cleaning probably takes almost as long as getting a good mop out). The brush-assembly can be taken apart enough to make long hair a non-issue: it's easy to unwrap before it does any damage. Scooba will not do the gap next to the fridge, inside corners, and the space behind the toilet. Unlike Roomba, it won't fit between the legs of my chairs. It gets stuck on the border to the doormat and on the very shallow threshold between dining room and kitchen. Where it got stuck there would be a - gasp - puddle. After a few runs I noticed that it would leave the floor noticably wetter than after the first run. Combined with the puddle issue, I decided not to run it on hardwood anymore but return it.

      I'll miss it because my floor is so much cleaner - especially the few linoleum areas that it did very nicely and that I did not mind getting somewhat wet.
      ...more info
    • Nothings perfect but.................
      the Scooba, once you get it properly primed is one amazing robot.

      Every time it's taken from the charger, filled and provided with the proper amount of cleaning liquid just goes and goes and goes. Other than the set up time I can't explain how pleased I am with the Scooba. This robot is truly going to make a difference in my day to day house keeping process.

      *** Never EVER buy an iRobot product without an extended warranty!!!

      I learned my lesson with this one and now always buy an extended warranty from either here or from SquareDeal. com. This technology is vastly improving but cover yourself from a very expensive mistake. I'm on my second Scooba but a less than one year life if simply not acceptable in my book. Square Deal. com offers a fairly priced warranty. Or pick up one from Amazon. ...more info
    • Only one cycle
      I decided to order the scooba after purchasing the roomba, I only wish it worked as well.

      The description states that there is no need to vacuum before operation, I must disagree. I have tried to run the sccoba twice in my small kitchen using the virtual walls. It only vacuums and never mops the floor before the battery runs out of juice.

      The first attempt, the filter got clogged with dog hair and I would stop it, open it up, clean the filter, then it would run the entire vacuum cycle again and the battery would die before the cleaning cycle; it did vacuum for 45 mins but no cleaning solution hit the floor.

      The second time, I vacuumed myself with my Dyson to get up as much dirt as I could, again, it just vacuumed, ran for 45 mins, and had to go back on the charger.

      Also, the virtual walls are not compatible with the roomba, why wouldn't they be compatible with other iRobot products? Just another way to get you to spend more money I guess. My thought was to have the roomba go in first followed by the scooba; that means I will have to have two virtual walls right next to each other, how lame is that?

      I will try it again tomorrow in the kitchen, if don't see a freshly mopped floor, back to Amazon it goes.
      ...more info
    • Disappointing robot
      This is my second irobot purchase (first irobot item was the roomba red, which tragically stopped functioning 18 months after purchase).

      Having tested the Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner for two weeks my impression is that the machine doesn't meet realistic expectations. The judgment is based on the following observations:

      Cleaning of a normal sized room (roughly 350 sq ft) leaves behind a considerable amount of filth such as sand, hair balls (usually rolled together by scooba and then left in its wake), and down from pillows. Clearly, this performance is not satisfactory and indeed poorer than my late roomba red.

      On top of the poor performance, the preparation and cleaning of scooba is not easy. Comparing the time and energy you need to put into filling the robot - adding clean water and clorox mixture, then emptying waste water, and removing and cleaning parts on the robot - with the time and energy it takes going over the floor with a mop doesn't justify the purchase either.

      On battery efficiency, I agree with other customers who have commented negatively. Perhaps the issue is more correctly described as energy management as I have observed scooba continuing cleaning a room over and over again even though all surfaces have been covered many times over. The result is that the robot has very little action time after being left on its own to clean just one room. If more areas need cleaning you most likely first have to charge the battery and empty/refill the water.

      Last, scooba is born without a side brush, considerably diminishing its effectiveness in corners. Again, in comparison to the roomba red, scooba scores considerably lower in cleaning efficiency and action range.

      To sum up, this Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, an almost 200 dollar refurbished robot with 90 days warranty, does a below satisfactory cleaning (i.e. leaving dirt in its wake and not getting into corners) and is relatively cumbersome to prepare and clean. As the product does not deliver on its promises and require a manual clean-up afterwards, I give the product one star with the advise to potential customers to look for a different product....more info
    • Wow neat gadget
      I hate mopping floors. The scoobie really works. You can get extra cleaner and a neat stand from IRobot web site if Amazon doesn't have it..

      I block the doors with the electronic wall gadget (included) and a chair and let scoobie go. When the fresh water tank runs out it stops and the floor is clean...

      Be sure to follow directions for first time use. The little rubber bulb is used to open a value that might be stuck after long storage...

      1. You must fill it according to directions using the factory cleaning solution (about 4 oz comes with it). A little measuring cup comes with it marked to the proper amount of solution. Then add about 2 1/2 cups of clean water...

      2. If won't start the problem is usually the
      a. filter screen is not seated
      b. the rubber hose is not seated.
      c. the brush assembly is not seated correctly..
      d. The tank is not latched down...

      After mopping is done. You must drain the dirty water tank and rinse and
      a remove and clean the filter screen
      b.remove and clean the rubber hose.
      c.remove and clean the rotor brush

      I love my Scoobie... Also my sweeper Roomba (Fred).

      ...more info
    • what fun!
      It actually does work--uses very little cleaning solution, and is fun. The only drawback is the room divider feature. the line it draws to divide up a big room is a cone shape and not a straight line, so it makes it a bit difficult to use precisely, but still works! My tile looks great, it's easy to clean, and easy to re-fill. Even the grouting looks good...more info
    • WOW

      hahaha well i just got a job and i dont have much time to clean my house as often as i used to ( mop twice a day) and paying a maid wasnt worth it too much waste of money for slopy jobs since i wasnt at home to supervice.

      i simply love it. it goes over the floor several times. ...more info
    • I LOVE this little robot!
      I LOVE this little robot. My scoobie-do almost seems to have a personality--and any time I'm thinking the tile floors need cleaning, I just pull him out, fill him up, and let him go to work--while I do something more enjoyable....more info
    • Fantastic product--not sure how long it will last
      I love my Scooba! I am a firm believer that the best way to get your hard floors really clean is to get down on your hands and knees and scrub them, but that process is too time consuming to do very often. Using the Scooba doesn't take up much time at all, and it does a better job cleaning than I thought it would. I really don't have to vacuum or sweep before using the Scooba--I just pick up the big pieces of food, paper or whatever, and the Scooba takes care of dirt and crumbs. I still get down and clean the floor with a rag at times, but not nearly as often as I used to. If you have a big room you may need to run the Scooba twice, or divide the room with the virtual wall. The one reservation I have about the Scooba is an apprehension that it won't last very long. I have owned 3 Roombas in the past 4 years. Obviously I love the IRobot products or I wouldn't keep buying them, but my Roombas have not lasted nearly as long as I thought they should. We'll see how long my Scooba lasts. I will say that IRobot has excellent customer support--they have fixed my Roombas for me several times, even when they were out of warranty....more info
    • Streaks, no fresh scent, loud, lame
      I was disappointed in this machine. It left streaks all over my floor and it's very loud.

      I had to move all of my furniture anyway, I'd rather just mop myself especially so the baseboards will get cleaned.

      For the price I would at the minumum expect clean floors without streaks.

      Don't waste your money....more info
    • Love it, Love it
      Does what it claims, Great Support.

      I have pets & it does the jpb!...more info
    • 7 month later and still love it!
      I bought this item in March 2007 after purchasing the Roomba. I really like that you can use either the special Scooba cleaning solution or you can use vinegar and water. This item is easy to operate and cleans very well. However, I was stupid not to realize that with the rounded design it did not clean into corners or up close underneath the cabinets. I still have to clean those areas by hand. I still find myself from time to time using my "Wet Jet" instead because I do not have to clean that up when I am finished using it as I do with the Scooba, and the Wet Jet takes less time to complete the job. It is great, but has it's downside as well. One thumb up! ...more info
    • could not get them to work
      Two thumbs down for the product !!

      Tho thumbs up for AMAZON !!

      Seemed like a great bargain when I ordered it for under $200. The unit looked perfectly fine, but getting it to work was problem. Service light and four beeps. It took a few hours to get it to start up, just trying different concentration of the proprietary Scooba solution (what a pain..). All this jsut to find out that it left wet trails behind.. SO I ordered a replacement from Amazon.. same problem with the second unit. Both defective ? I am now with 2 Scoobas in my house.. and none of this working.. boxes everyewhere. I deciced this was 2 much fun for me to handle.. Return the Refanfactured units !! praise the Amazon return policy.. not so much for Irobot Quality testing team.. their customer support suks too..

      ...more info
    • Amazing
      This device works very well. I think the squeegee-like cleaning process and the fact that it does not continually reuse dirty water (like mopping out of a bucket) is part of the reason for its effectiveness. If it continues to work as it has been doing I'd buy it again (and again, and again...) ...more info
    • it's AMAZING
      I have wrist and hand limitations that make cleaning the tile and wood floors in my home difficult and painful at best--Scooba is easy to use and I find I am fascinated watching it--it's very easy to use and clean--I have found for my floors vinegar works best and is a much cheaper alternative to their cleaner--...more info
    • It may work for only a few times.
      These robots work great in the first 2 months or so and the customers are very happy about it and they give great rating on the products. Once you use them for several months, you know the quality of the robots are poor. I have a scooba and 2 roomba and I can tell you my frustrated experience with them. The battery of scooba will die after 6-7 months of use. For about 30% of time, the scooba will not pick up dirty water. If you leave the scooba unattended for the cleaning cycle, you would probably see a very wet and slippery floor which you need to mop it again. There is no water in the dirty tank when I empty it because all the dirty water is left on the floor for my dog to lick. Once this scooba doesn't work, which I think will happen in 3-6 months. I will not buy it again. So much for the trouble. You really have to use them for some time before you see the robots' quality. ...more info
    • One + Year Later - Awesome little cleaner
      I've had the remanufactured Scooba for OVER a YEAR now and I love it! My dark green laminate flooring was such a pain to clean, I had to go over it with towels to completely dry it every time I mopped it or it would show streaks from the mop. I have a large home with a lot of hard floors (tile as well as laminate) so when I did take a day to mop, that seemed like just what it was, one COMPLETE day! Now I just move things out of the way and set my Scooba to go. It cleans for quite awhile on one charge and does an excellent job! I have found the pool noodles work great for blocking off areas that are hard to block with the Virtual Walls. Now instead of mopping once or twice a month, I mop at least oncea a week!...more info
    • Expect it to break eventually ... but even then you have replacement option from iRobot
      If you're a single guy who likes gadgets and hates cleaning house, iRobot products are true blessings!

      I have tiled floors downstairs in my condo and purchased a Scooba to see how it would go. I made my purchase on eBay. This was a big mistake. It was advertised as "new, not a refurb" but I suspected otherwise because the serial number sticker was missing when I received and opened the box ... that was the chance I took by buying it at a discount, right? Well, the missing serial number turned out to be a problem because after 1 month of heavy use, it had electrical problems and I didn't have a serial number for warranty coverage. Read on, there is a happy ending here:

      Despite what other reviewers said about iRobot's support, I had no problem reaching them and you shouldn't too, if you don't mind being put on hold for about five to ten minutes (hint, doing something else while using a cell phone headset during non-peak hours ... you can call them on Saturdays). I got through on three separate occasions. First time, they provided some suggestions to fix my unit ... didn't work. Second time, upon my asking of their out-of-warranty repair services (there aren't any through them, but you can google some repair services), iRobot responded with an offer for an out-of-warranty exchange: $179 + S&H + tax. Third time, I called back to accept offer. All three calls I did were through their normal tech-support phone routing.

      IRobot's out-of-warranty exchange included a 1-year warranty on their replacement unit, which you will absolutely need if you're a heavy user like I am. Though my condo's tiled area is small (about 900 sq ft), I still need to run my Scooba 5800 four separate times to get the whole floor thoroughly ... Scooba 5800 has a small capacity and I have a lot of obstacles in my floor plan. If you don't like this part, then spend the extra $100 to $200 for their higher capacity 350 or 380 models (I have no idea how they came up with their model numbering sequence). With the smaller capacity with the 5800 model, there is the hassle of cleaning the brush, cleaning the removable filters, cleaning and refilling the tank between each clean cycle but it's MUCH easier than sweeping and mopping the whole floor yourself since the Scooba parts that requires cleaning are rather small and you can do all this in a tiny area on your kitchen counter.

      Scooba is a bit noisy, about as loud as a handheld vacuum cleaner, and this noise will go for the full clean cycle of about 45 minutes. But if you clean when you're at work or clean at night with your bedroom door closed, the noise should be no problem.

      As stated by some reviewers, you will have to watch Scooba the first time it cleans. It doesn't like computer cables, electric cords, etc., on the floor. In the end, I had to tie-tie them and tuck them snug against the wall or tie them up high on my computer desk. If you don't watch Scooba during it's first clean cycles, expect it to catch on cords and pull on them ... even had a PC mouse get yanked and murderously dragged on the floor. (I like to think it's just some machine-on-machine rage.)

      Bumping into things isn't a big deal if you have cheap furniture like me. If you have a glass menagerie collection in a sturdy bookcase, you don't have to be too worried. But if you have a delicate display case for your glass collection, then I'd worry if I were you ... or at least think of a better home for it.

      If you have a dog or cat, you'll love seeing Scooba's (or Roomba's) effect on them. Scooba runs a series of pre-programmed patterns in a seemingly random order. It's mesmerizing to watch it, even for humans. In the end, every spot of floor should be covered by Scooba at least three time, thus ensuring it's pretty clean. You may have to manually hand wash with a brush any tough spots that you see after Scooba is done but you don't have to worry about the other 97% of the floor. For corners and dust stuck against the wall, you'll have to do a quick sweep with a broom to push it into the center where Scooba can gobble it up. As for mopping in these areas where Scooba can't get, I never have to worry about that since all my gunk and light mud tracking that needs cleaning is more centered in the floor where Scooba can get it.

      Scooba's stair detection works like a charm. I use Scooba to clean the lower surface level of my coffee table (collects house dust) and that is about six inches off the ground ... NEVER fell off once.

      Over time, you will become emotionally attached to your iRobot products in much the same way folks become attached to iPods. It becomes part of home environment. Hence, you will become VERY irate when it breaks down. I think iRobot underestimated the heavy use their products get put through. For instance, me being slightly OCD, before house guests come by and given at least a day's prior warning, I always put Scooba through it's paces. I honestly don't think Scooba was designed for that level of use, so if you're like me, you as a consumer will want to protect yourself and make sure you're covered by a warranty at all times, whether it would be with the original purchase or with an exchange arrangement (like in my case). There are lots of moving parts in iRobot products so you definitely want to cover yourself. But even then, it's worth it if you can use your free time for better and more productive things (I'm an hourly contractor so less house clean means more billable hours). Also, if you hire a maid to clean your floors for a year, it'll be much more expensive than the price of getting replacment Scoobas each 12-month period. Don't believe me? Do the numbers yourself. $179 + S&H + tax + inflation adjustment per year is much cheaper than the lowest priced maid service ... and you don't have to worry about anybody mucking around your personal belongings when you're not there watching them. As for the continuity of iRobot's replacement program, IRobot has worked hard to capture the market share they have, so I wouldn't expect them to do away with their out-of-warranty replacement program at a price point that is probably profitable for them ... just think of it as a leasing program that they're offering you.

      As for me, I'm getting a Roomba for my carpeted upstairs and a Dirt Dog for my garage and patio (has same cement floor texture as my garage), all with warranties of course. I am truley impressed by iRobot's ability to provide value at their price points. I have so much time now, as you can see, that I can write these lengthy reviews on Amazon!
      ...more info
    • Died one week after warranty expired
      Brought Refurbished Scooba May 16. It worked fine and did about 20 washes. Turn it on Aug 16. It danced a few circles, stopped, "I am stuck" light turned on and beep 5 times. That error signal indicates the wheel may be the problem, checked wheel which was OK. Considering a refurbished Scooba cost $170 and last only 3 month, should have got a new one, which cost $220 and last at least one year - new machine has one year warranty. ...more info
    • Floor washing made easy.
      The Scooba does a surprisingly good job of cleaning ceramic tile floors. The water that you dump out of the dirty water tank, when cleaning is finished, will take your breath away.
      One minor inconvenience is the need to remove and rinse several components after every cleaning cycle.
      ...more info
    • Ok machine for light cleaning
      I bought this machine to clean my tile floors AND my wood floors. Well, it ended up working reasonably well on the wood floors as they are a flat surface. It was even able to go under the sofas to clean. I ran the dust mop before using it and let it run while I ran out to work. The dirt that came off the floor was amazing!
      My tile floors were another story...they are an uneven stone floor and the scooba kept resetting its cycle with every bump it would hit. It was also unable to reclaim the water that it lost in the grooves.
      Overall, I would recommend this for light cleaning, completely flat surfaces....more info
    • Pleasantly surprised
      I was not only a little leary about the Scooba's capability, but also with the Scooba being remanufactured. I've got to be honest, I don't remember when the floors have felt better or been cleaner. There is no sticky residue left behind and the floors dry really quickly. The Scooba doesn't leave the floors totally dry as it goes over it, but it picks up the water wonderfully. Again, don't expect the floor to actually be dry as it completes a pass. I expected that from what I read about it, but that's a little more magical than it's capable of. I love it and would buy it again. It actually made me take a second look at buying a Roomba. I bought one of the Roomba Schedulers and love it too. I have a total of 5 cats/dogs and it helps me keep up with them. ...more info
    • CZ
      Did a wonderful job. I have health problems and it beats the vacuum and mop method....more info
      I bought this product 14 months ago. While it was working, I was not impressed: it's very loud, doesn't get in corners, battery doesn't keep a good charge (30 minutes then recharge for hours) and I always had to run over it again with a mop. After about 4-5 months the battery quit and the company sent me another one at no charge. However, now it's 2 months after the warranty expired, and the motor has died. The company offered to send me one at discounted price, but at roughly $300 a year, I said no thanks. Don't waste your money on this expensive, sub-quality product till the makers can get it right....more info
    • otimo
      great product, after first use my wife and I felt that it is already paid!...more info
    • We love it, cat hates it.
      My roommate and I got our robot after initially wanting to buy a really good vacuum cleaner. Then we saw this and thought it might just make more sense since our entire apt is hardwood floors. And we're lazy. The scooba is perfect!!! We clean much more now than we did before and it cleans much better than we ever did. As long as you clean the Roomba after you use it and remember to charge it the night before you want to use it, you'll be fine. We also like to sweep before we put the robot to work so that it can scrub the entire apt without having to be cleaned. It does not get corners well (neither did we) and sometimes gets "confused" underneath the sofa (we did as well). All in all, we are very happy with our refurbished scooba...our cat, however, is not pleased that something else is vying for our attention. Maybe she'll learn to love it too. Eventually....more info
    • My Little Sanity Saver!
      I love my little Scooba. My daughter has named him (her?) Andy. We ordered Andy on Wednesday morning and he arrived Thursday morning with free shipping! (Go Amazon!). We charged him all day and put him to work that night.

      He did a great job on our kitchen/breakfast nook/sunroom. We broke it up into three sections, with each section about 300 sq ft and he did fine. We let him recharge (about 2-3 hours) between each run. We didn't have D batteries for the virtual wall, but laying down the barstools worked just as well.

      After reading some reviews, I kind of knew what to expect RE: corners and residual wetness and I was pleasantly surprised to see that neither were much of an issue. The floors were dry five minutes after he finished, and the corners were easy to wipe up using a cloth diaper and some of the residual wetness!

      Again, I knew what to expect RE: post-operation clean-up and was still pleasantly surprised. Most of the mess is contained in removable vessels external to the robot. I rinsed out the tank. I rinsed out the filter and inlet. The I took the brush assembly and rinsed it out (it comes apart and goes back together so you can really get it clean easy as opening a book) In all, it took MAYBE five minutes.

      This is aside from the fun that my one-year-old and three-year-old had watching the thing roam randomly around the floor. Despite us cheering for it to go where we thought he needed to go, Andy cleaned every bit of the floor just as good as I ever have.

      I would highly recommend it to ANYONE who would like a little less time spent keeping the house clean but doesn't want to sacrifice a clean house....more info
    • Pleased with Scooba
      Scooba seems to do everything that is claimed it will do. Be sure to read the instructions and be patient the first time you use it re priming. Water must be pumped INTO the priming port (instructions are not clear)...more info
    • Love it!
      This Scooba works great! The first few times I used it, my floors were a little streaky, but I found out it was because it was really cleaning good and my floors must have been really a lot dirtier than I thought. Now that it has done its work a few times, my floors look great and actually shine! I thought the shine had been worn off! It's a strong little guy, too. It gets stuck under my cabinets sometimes, but works itself out every time! I bought this as a refurb and have had no problems so far. I use it a lot more than I did the floors myself. I also bought a large amount of cleaning solution from the Irobot website after registering and got a 15% discount....more info
    • Good mopper and fun too
      I was curious about the product and didn't want to spend 300 to 400 for a new one so I went with the re-manufactured version. I got a 5805 model with a separate charger and the new priming instructions. After using my Scooba for about three months now, I have to say I'm impressed. Here's my routine for cleaning the kitchen floor (about 200 sq ft). First I move all the chairs and garbage cans to another room. I then push our large table over to the wall to save time. Scooba tends to spend a great deal of time working around legs so putting two against the wall speeds things up a bit. I then sweep up the larger debris (cheerios and above). I might be able to do without this but it seems to work fine and only takes two or three minutes. I then fill up Scooba and set him in the middle of the floor. I also have to block off underneath my cabinets since Scooba is just tall enough to wedge himself in. I found that pool noodles that the kids use for flotation in the pool work great. I turn Scooba on and then let him run around. About the only thing I'd like to change is to have a more efficient method of picking up the water it puts down. I'd say about 35 to 40% gets picked up. I have a textured tile floor so the uneven surface may be the cause.

      When Scooba is done I clean him up as directed in the manual. This now takes me about 10 minutes. I spend about 20 minutes in prep and clean up. It used to take about 30 to mop the floor. So as far as a huge time saver, not so much. I just don't have the square footage to support much of a time save. The one thing I have noticed is that I "Scooba" the floor every weekend whereas mopping was more a monthly thing. The floor is remarkably cleaner and I actually have fun watching TV while Scooba works. The water that is picked up in the dirty side of the tank is truly nasty, so it must be doing something!

      Once a more efficient water pickup is added I'd give this thing 5 stars.
      For $169.00 its a pretty safe bet. Just make sure to use it several times in the first 90 days since that is all the warranty you will have.

      ...more info
    • Works OK
      I had a Roomba for some time and I am very satisfied with it, so I decided to try the Scooba. When I turned it on it keep showing the blue light. After opening and closing some times, moving the battery, the filter and the vacuum port, it started to run, but no solution came out. I was seriously considering shipping it back. Then after a few days I read the suggestions in the web site again and went through then carefully. I am not sure exactly what was the problem, but probably the battery instalation was the key and it started working correctly. It does a decent job. I am happy now, but I understand that many people will have a hard time, which is why I took out one star. Design a more reliable product.
      ...more info
    • Very handy!
      I had been wanting one of these for quite a while, and finally decided on the remanufactured one. It almost did not want to work at first, but it has worked fine ever since. It vacuumms (lightly), scrubs, and picks up the water all in one pass. I do feel like I need to vacuum with a normal vac first as I have 4 kids, so there is always food on the floor, and then I can let the Scooba scrub the floor. Watching it work you wonder why it moves so randomly, but it will get all the parts of the floor. I have a lot of tile, so I block off one area, letting it clean one area at a time (I do 2 areas). It saves me a lot of time! Of course, every once in a while I do like to do a good deep cleaning job with my mop and bucket to remove any caked on food on the floor and to get the corners really good. ...more info
    • Great product
      This is a great product, but by no means is it perfect. It has trouble with tough stains and it doesnt get right up to the edge, but these are minor problems for me since I hate doing the floors and this vacumes and mops all at once. I run it often to avoid tough stains and just go behind it and clean were it misses with a rag. A huge time saver, and with 3 little ones I need all the extra time I can get. A great buy....more info
    • A WOW experience - Not any more...--UPDATE 07-04-2007
      My Scooba is on its way back... That "little" problem I was willing to live with - not picking up the water - has turned into a MAJOR problem - hardly any water gets picked up, the floor is WET, and when dry - looks awful with all the water stains. Then as the dog and I walk on the floors, the water stains have his paw prints and my footprints on top.

      I am so sorry to see it go - for a short time, I was SO delighted with it! At this point, I am going to way to see what people say about the new 380 and 350. Are these truly the 2nd generation or just upgraded 5800?

      I would have downgraded my rating to 2 stars, if that were possible.

      I own and love my two Roombas (one upstairs, one downstairs). Decided to get a Scooba. OMG, why did I wait so long? I have high gloss bamboo floors both upstairs and downstairs. Yes, they are not that hard to clean anyway, but... Scooba does an amazing job getting them to look brand new each and every time!

      I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for 2 reasons:
      1. It DOES NOT pick up all of the water, and I do have/see/wipe water tracks/marks it leaves behind.
      2. This model, 5800 (the original one), covers ~200 sq. ft, I think, and in larger rooms, after it runs out of clean water and gets refilled, it starts the cycle all over again and "does not remember" where it has not cleaned yet, so I end up with areas washed 2 or 3 times, and some that were not washed even once. To avoid this, I re-start it in the area which still looks not done, and by the end of the 2nd run, everything has been cleaned at least once.

      As of this writing, I've had it for a week, and have been running it 2-3 times/day, every day. No problems. I also run the Roomba first to pick up most of the dog hair [1 dog, short hair, sheds NON STOP, even as he inhales/exhales, I watch the fur settle around him :-) ], then Scooba, and I clean both religiously after each use to keep from having problems down the road.

      I have to add that as I watch both Roomba and Scooba 'work' the room, I like the way Roomba 'tracks' the space better than Scooba: I don't find areas Roomba has not cleaned at the end of the cycle, unlike the Scooba.

      However, I love it, recommend it, and plan on making some of my friends happy when they unwrap their birthday gifts!

      My next wish for iRobot: I want one that dusts, does the windows, walks the dog and picks up his poop... I could go on! LOL...more info
    • Mine Broke after 5 Months of Light Use
      Mine Broke after 5 Months of Light Use. Not much recourse after 5 Months with 90 Day Warranty....more info
    • We LOVE the Scooba
      This little bot does a remarkable job on our wood floors, tile (yes even the grout) vinyl and linoleum floors. I first tried it on floors I had already cleaned and was shocked at the dirty water I poured out! The Scooba solution does a great job and leaves a really nice shine. Also works well with plain water or water and white vinegar. Does a great job of cleaning up spills and really SCRUBS floors. Not too much trouble to clean after use and kept on the charger it's always ready for use!...more info
    • Love it!
      I love this little guy! To sum it up, its easy to use, fun to watch, sort of pain to clean, and works like a charm in my kitchen (haven't tried it on laminate flooring yet though). ...more info
    • I LOVE my robot!
      It arrived in good condition. It was easy to setup and get going. It does a superb job in white vinyl kitchen and laundry. Handles pet hair and small dirt easily. Simple and neat to clean and maintain. Unable to find special cleaning solution locally, but online order came in 2 days. I could not be happier. I will NEVER mop or scrub again and I have the cleanest floors ever! I LOVE my robot....more info
    • Clean floor - no effort!
      If you're on the go like my wife and I, this is a product you should consider owning. Being sceptical when purchasing our Scooba, my concern was that I'd be packing this baby up and sending it back for a refund.

      After following the easy set up instructions (5 minutes or less) this amazing little robot was cleaning our kitchen floor better than if I washed it with a mop. No need to even sweep the floor as we watched in awe.

      This robot works so efficently, that we now set it up when leaving the house and come home to a perfectly clean floor.

      ...more info
    • cute little floor washer
      This is really a great product. I bought it for my wife for Mother's Day but the whole family likes to play with it. It did leave tracks the first time we used it but I checked the wheels and determined that they had flat spots. After a quick call to I-robot (the manufacturer), they sent me a new set and it has been working perfectly ever since. It is not as loud as a vacuum cleaner but you still have to talk loud to be heard over it. We have scrubbed all the floors in our house and we love it. We have a Roomba and we do run it first so that the Scooba does not get too much dust or dirt clogged in it's little filter. We have a messy bird that throws food, poops at random spots on the floor and molts regularly. The scooba cleans all that up and leaves our floors looking clean all the time. We would definitely recommend this cute little robot for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time cleaning floors but still wants them to look nice....more info
    • I love my Scooba!!!
      This little gizmo works great! It does a wonderful job washing my hard floors. The only down side is that you only get a little bit of the Scooba Cleaning Solution, and I haven't been able to find any more at my local store. But you can use white vinegar, which is MUCH cheaper and works very well. What a life saver!...more info
    • Love it!!!!!!!
      This is so awesome! I'm so happy with it! Worked right out of the box! Wish I would have gotten it sooner!...more info
    • really deserves 10 stars
      Holy Moly!!! I wish I would have ordered one of these years ago. What a time saver. This remanufactured 5800 does the job and I am free to do other things. It works great and cleans like a dream. The first time, I had to use two cleaning cycles because my mopping skills had been lacking as of late, but it cleaned my brick floor beautifully. I put it in the bathroom with the virtual wall at the door, and go out to do errands. I come home to a perfectly clean bathroom floor. This is the greatest thing since chocolate. I'm going to order the vaccum now because I am a lazy slob and don't want to have to do any of that stuff myself, but do yourself a favor and get one of these. They are great...more info
    • Love, love, love it!
      Okay... I bought a refurbished Scooba from Amazon. I have always hated to mop or scrub my floors by hand and this little robot (who my family fondly refers to as "Rosie") has eliminated that chore from my list. Rosie is easy to use and customer support at iRobot is AMAZING. After owning Rosie for a short period of time I was having trouble with my battery. I called customer support. They didn't care that I bought a refurbished - they sent me a new battery and an upgrade to the programming immediately. I guess there was some trouble with the batteries dying (completely dying - unrechargable) when left plugged in for an extended period of time. They have created an update for anybody having that trouble. AND they send it out free of charge. Excellent customer service!!

      After using it for awhile I noticed the water was not sucking up as good as it did when I first purchased it. Well, I had a baby bottle nipple brush in my drawer... so I used it to clean out the non removable "tunnels" in my Scooba and it did an AMAZING job. Now it sucks up the water like new.

      Anyhow - I love it so much and have had such good luck with it that my husband bought me a Roomba. I love it just as much - if not more!! I run it on my hard floors before I run the Scooba and the Scooba stays so much cleaner.

      I just want to say I HEART Robots!!!!...more info
    • Scooba Good
      Nice item that works good. I have used it 6 times and am very happy with the results. I read some reviews that were not to good before i bought
      it but I think it works very good. ...more info
    • Nice!
      I have had my Scooba for about a month and it is pretty awesome. It does a nice job of cleaning the floors, and mechanically it has been very sound. Occasionally it will get stuck over the register grates on the floor so I put something over them, and it cannot get under the kitchen counter toe space, but that's an easy job to do by hand....more info
    • Received Defective Unit, Horrible Customer Service
      I read a lot of the reviews here, and decided to purchase this for my hardwood floors. I opened the box, plugged it in, and immediately received the "Service warning" light and 4 beeps. I contacted irobot customer service which took 2 days to reply to me, after which they informed me that I had to ship this defective unit (15 lbs) at my cost back to them, after which they will send me another refurbished unit, and my warranty would be 60 days on it.

      After wasting more time with customer service, they offered to give me one free bottle of cleaning solution, which is useless since the unit I received was not working. Too much of a headache, so I decided to just return it back to Amazon. It may be a good product, but a remanufactured unit has a 50-50 chance of being defective.

      Had Irobot customer service been easier to reach and more helpful , I might have actually considered keeping this....more info
    • The Future is Here
      This is an amazing invention straight from the future. The iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner is a futuristic, serious must have for your home. It's a four in one cleaning method that's easy to use and you never have to do a thing. It reaches under furniture and places a regular vacuum cannot go. This floor cleaning robot preps, washes, scrubs, and dries in one pass. It makes keeping a home clean, a very easy task. The iRobot cleans all by itself as it roams your floors independently. All you have to do is press power and clean. Occasionally you rinse it out and recharge it, but that's all you have to do, leave the rest to the iRobot. This enhancement of technology is a floor cleaning amazement and I never get tired of watching it work....more info
    • A Maid- In- A -Box
      I have a Roomba which I am crazy about and am amazed at the great job it does (I have 4 dogs!) so I jumped on this good deal from Amazon. I feel like I have a maid and love to "multi-task" with my cleaning partners here.
      Another reviewer mentioned that you do need to clean the little filter, brushes, and vacuum nozzle gizmo but the more you do it and it becomes second nature, the less time you spend with it. It is much easier for me than lugging pails of dirty water and cleaning/ rinsing/squeezing grungy wet mops.
      I have vinyl flooring, tile, and hard wood and it cleans them all while I do other things. Love iRobot. ...more info
    • Good for the price- good time saver
      I'm happy to say that this was a great purchase. I got the re-manufactured Scooba model # 59999. It did a great job on my hard wood and linoleum floors.

      The set up was easy and the noise was kinda like a vacuum cleaner although not as loud.

      The only thing I can say negatively about it is the cleaning of the machine. It is a little messy to clean it correctly, but if that is a drawback, it is one I'm willing to live with.

      Also, I have to say that the design is great. If I ever need to replace parts, they are clearly marked with the Part # right on the machine and they are easily accessible to remove.

      Highly recommend the product and if you can get a re-manufactured one you'll save yourself a couple a hundred dollars....more info
    • Great Little Gadget!!
      I bought roomba last year and I love it!! I have laminate floors and it just made cleaning them effortless, literally, you hit power and which level you want and it goes. So when I heard about Scooba I desperately wanted one, but I read that they were not safe for laminate floors. After months of trying to find reviews saying anything about laminate floors, I finally found one. The truth is, scooba leaves a trail of water behind it as it goes, but it dries in less than five minutes, and it has made life so much easier. I highly recommend Scooba (and Roomba)!! I especially recommend them for pet owners whose pets hate when they do housework (like my yorkie who barks at any form of housework, especially mops and vacuums). They do a great job of cleaning up, and even amuse my puppy!

      Also don't be worried about the "remanufactured" irobots they're great, no problems and they save you money in the process. Happy Scooba-ing!! ...more info
    • Scooba clean
      Being used to the swiftness of the Roomba (10 stars!), the Scooba seems very slow. It does not follow the wall as much as the Roomba but at the end of the cycle, the floor is clean and sweet-smelling.
      On the downside, my carpet is at the same level as the flooring so I have to put up barriers to keep the Scooba on the hard surface only. In rooms where the floor is lower than the carpet, Scooba keeps to the hard surface just fine....more info
    • cleaner floors more time for me
      This little robot is great! I love that there are compartments to keep the clean and dirty water seperate. Also, the robot dries the floor as it cleans so no worries about traffic through the room when cleaning. I highly recommend!!...more info
    • No problems with the 5800 model!
      I have been using this for a few months now. Actually bought it beofre any reviews and was hesitant regarding the "remanufactured" part but I took a chance. It does save a lot of money. I couldn't belive how good this works on my hard wood and linolium floors. Very clean and shiny. The water was so filthy when I dumped it out. Unbelieveable. So much better than a mop. You aren't going over it with the dirty water. I would definitly buy another refurb. one on amazon and would highly recommend it to others! The cleaning solution can be found at linens and things fairly cheap. By the way, I have three dogs with lots of hair(one is a puppy and is not potty trained) and it cleans the messes up without difficulty. I will never be without a scooba. I also love the roomba....more info
    • Scooba by iRobot
      I bought this on a lark to save myy wife and I a little time. What the heck... It works great. The cleaning solution is a bear to find locally, so I opted to use 40% solution of Simple Green and it works as well or better than the Clorox that comes with it....more info
    • Scooba Dooba
      We were so pleased with our Roomba that we bought the Scooba. It arrived in perfect condition, it looked brand new, I couldn't tell it was refurbished! The scooba is my favorite helper! I move the chairs in the kitchen and it mops and dries it all. It does a great job, I am a meticulous house keeper, and no one wears their shoes in my house, but I run the scooba twice a week and it always picks stuff up! We couldn't be happier with the little robots we've added to our home! We suggest them to everyone, we practically treat them like pets!...more info
    • Scooba floor washer
      I bought this product because I liked the vaccumn so much. It stood up to my expectations.....more info
    • SCOOBA
      Amazed at how clean and polished my new wood floors looked. I have been a Roomba fan for years, and this is a wonderful addition to my robotic clan,...more info
    • Remanufactured iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, Assorted Colors
      The Scooba is a dream. It vacuums and mops in one sweep. My floors have never been cleaner! Highly recommend!...more info
    • Life made simple!
      This is an awesome product for the price. I was a little worried by it being "re-manufactured" but I've had no problems. Just a little advice, after putting the solution in fill the clean tank with water slowly as you tilt it slightly backwards to fill it completely. If it is not filled completely you will wonder why it's not working. Not that it's happened to me. : )

      I have to say the floors look great and it's fun to watch the cat freak out! That's worth the price right there. ...more info
    • It really works
      Until I saw this unit in operation I thought it was a rich man's play thing and not worth the money. After seeing one at a friends house I immediately ordered one.

      This item is GREAT. You charge it, add water and vinegar. set it down turn it on and leave. And it does a great job of washing and drying hardsurfaced floors in about 45 minutes. After that you remove the dirty water tank, empty it and you are done.

      It used to take us 2 hours to wash our floors, 2 hours we just did not want to waste. Now i turn it on once a week and we have clean tile floors with maybe 5 minutes of effort.

      this is not a luxury as far as we are concerned now, but a necessity. Even my techno phone wife loves it.

      Now if they would only come out with one that washes carpets....more info
    • So easy to use
      I love the IRobot Scooba! I have a seven month old grandson and he spills sticky juice all over the floor. I just fill the Irobot Scooba and turn it loose. I am very happy with my purchase....more info
    • Hard working floor cleaner
      Although My robot was missing a part upon receipt, i Robot quickly sent one out. This is fun to watch, goes underneath things easily and keeps working on hard to clean spots. My son said the floor had never looked so clean!...more info
    • If you like to mop your floor while sitting on your sofa then this is the product for you!!
      1 year later and I am still in love with this little machine!!! I use it on a regular basis. It still does a great job. It is hard to find the scooba solution but I just use white vinegar as the company suggests and it does a great job!!

      Even though I have not had this item long it is working great!! Any day you can sweep and mop you kitchen floor from your living room couch is a great day!! I did have a hard time priming the pump but called customer service and they helped me over the phone. After that everything was great and has been ever since. I use it at least four times a week and am very happy with the results. I am a mother of three and have to clean my floor alot and this robot has saved me a great deal of time. I also own one of the regular irobots and have had it for a little over three years and love it as well. I have suggested these machines to all my family and friends. ...more info
    • A little disappointing
      I'm glad I bought a remanufactured scooba because if I had shelled out for the latest model I probably would have been very upset to have wasted so much money. Where it cleans it really does clean very well. But there are a number of problems. It is much bigger than I expected so it is difficult to store and doesn't fit under the overlap of my kitchen cabinets or the dishwasher(where all the dirt is). It is very noisy - you can't have it on while the baby is sleeping or while you are watching TV in the evening. It doesn't know when the carpet starts. The virtual wall is fairly useless and very difficult to position. The 8 feet setting covers about 4 feet. When the scooba gets to carpet - it gets stuck and leaves a dirty gray mark on the carpet. So the only way to have it on while we are out is to lie down all the chairs to make a wall along the edge of the carpet. Even then it really needs babysitting as it often runs out of battery or neglects a whole section of floor. Its also quite a fiddle to clean afterwards. It works best if you move the table. By the time I've moved all the furniture i might as well have mopped the floor. I also wondered about using vinegar instead of clorox for environmental reasons but there is no information. What i really need is a wet version of the robomaid - which is so simple and I love.
      I thought I would use it every day (with two small and messy kids) but it is too much effort, and even using it a couple of times a week I still need to get the mop out every now and then to clean under the units.
      ...more info
    • Awesome product at non-commital price
      I bought a remanufactured Scooba. I own their vacuums, which I LOVE, but the Scooba has a $400.00 price tag for a new one. That is heavy to swallow, if you are not thrilled with a unit. So, I wanted to try the Scooba, but not lose out of $400.00 - As with the Roomba's models the Scooba is not a disappointment, in fact, I can't be without my Roomba or Scooba. My floors are cleaner, not just because the Scooba uses ONLY clean water ALL the time, but because my floors get Scooba'ed almost every day or every other day. I was lucky to get a (dirty) mop to them ONCE a week. It is easy to use, clean, compact, easy to clean up and put away. I would love to buy another unit to have two going at a time - I have all hardwood floors, laminate, and tiled surfaces. There are some drawbacks. The Scooba (and Roomba) are quite noisy (loud), the Scooba doesn't pick up ALL the water - so the floors are really NOT ready to walk on immediately as it claims, on tiled surfaces tiles are extremely slippery so caution, and unless you had a perfectionist tile and grout not every tile is laid down or grouted evenly and some dirt, debris, and excess water is accumalated in the low or high spots, Scooba does NOT do corners, however, if you Roomba and Scooba often that shouldn't be an issue. In fact, going around with a damp cloth just for the corners once in awhile (especially for visitors) is all you would need. I have faithfully used both units for two weeks and I wiped the corners and they aren't even dusty or dirty to need a damp cloth in them, yet.

      My recommendation is to buy a Scooba. I have the 5800 series, there is the 5900 series, which I don't have. I like the fact, that I have a choice of using water, vinegar, or the Scooba solution. You don't have that choice with the 5900 series (from what I read and heard). I have three dogs and being able to use vinegar to help break the cycle of their favorite spot (although it should be outside in the cold) has been absolutely wonderful. I have a LOT LESS accidents. I really don't know if there are IMPROVEMENTS in the 5900 compared to the 5800, but I love the fact, I can choose the type of clean - water, vinegar, or Scooba solution I want. So, if you want choices, freedom, cleaner home (yes, reduction is allergies) I say go for it, but if you are unsure, because of the price of "NEW and UNUSED" try a remanufactured unit. You will NOT be disappointed. I haven't had any problems or issues with my unit at all and I am VERY happy. My house has never been cleaner. Buy a Scooba with CONFIDENCE....more info
    • Ordered a remanufactured 5900 but received a model 5800
      The list price advertised $399, and the picture are for a 5900 model which is the higher priced, higher capacity model. The model I received was the 5800 which is not $399 list, it's $299 list making it a savings of $90 over new, not the $190 as advertised.

      The waranty is 90 days limited instead of the 1 year from iRobot. This is not worth the $90 savings.
      ...more info
    • I love these robots
      I have cats and work shift work. The robot is very helpful to me. I can get it going and do something else. I have the discovery robot also. They are wonderful if you have animals. Big help on the war against cat hair. I do wish the battery lasted longer. Also wish it was faster. I wish it had suction cups so I could hang it on the wall and let it clean the whole house. It makes me feel like Jane Jetson. Which is a step since I don't have a flying car....more info
    • Disappointment
      I have a back problem so I was really looking forward to this little scrubber. I charged it up, filled it up (found that the requisite cleaner was not available at any local supermarket so I purchased it online and paid shipping) and turned it loose. It sweeps beautifully but will not discharge liquid to do the scrubbing. It does, however, provide limitless amusement to my two small dogs....more info
    • irobot floor scrubber
      it is a good unit works well. only problem I had was with the one click purchasethru amazon, I didnt get the chance to use the ADVERTISED discount they offered, or any other options for discount. I did send an emial to amazon and got an automated response that they recieved it. when I tried to register with irbot they could not access the purchase. I am happy with irobot, VERY DISSAPOINTED with the amazon customer service. delay in info transfer was better, this could most likely be a five star sale...more info
    • Remanufactured originally scared me
      I was worried that "remanufactured" meant that it wouldn't last long or work right. The product came quickly and packaged very nice. It was ready to go after an overnight charge. My wife made sure she mopped all the floors before we used it. She declared them "clean". The Scooba showed her. I tried it on linoleum. The water came out nearly black. I ran it again immediately and the water was still dark but, not as dark as the first time. My wife was puzzled but, happy. I tried it on two other surfaces in our house; Large foot square tiles with grout and finished hardwood. It cleaned all surfaces well. I think the scrubbing brush really makes the difference. It does get stuck sometimes on the floor registers. But, it alerts you through tones that it is stuck. In summary, I am glad that I got it and I use it daily....more info
    • I love robots :-)
      Both me and my son love this little thing which does an amazing job cleaning our floors. It is like a low maintenance pet :-) I already ordered another robot from iRobot (a scooba one). What a country, land of opportunities :-)...more info
    • iRobot Scooba not a gimmick
      LOVE IT. We also have the roomba which is equally loved. If you are passionate about getting on your knees, scrubbing and hauling around clean wash and dirty rinse buckets, perhaps this is not for you. Cleans linoleum and tile great. Floor must be flat as this will not go over any bumps 1/2 inch high. It is a tad loud so leave the room or go on a date while it is scrubbing away. Fill with clean water and detergent, the scooba squirts it down, scrubs it around, then sucks it up and stores it in the dirty reservoir. Scooba stops when the clean water runs out in about 45 minutes. ...more info
    • Warning: 5800!
      Shipping was fast, but despite all the pictures showing a Scooba 5900, after opening the box it turned out to be a remanufactured 5800 (the darker blue, older model cleaning only 1/2 the area on 1 battery). Fortunately, the return process was easy and Amazon refunded the whole price (some sign of bad corporate conscience there?). With new 5900's starting at 239.-, 180.- for a remanufactured 5800 wasn't exactly great....more info
    • Better than expected from previous reviews
      Based on previous reviews, I was not expecting much from the Scooba. I called IRobot and asked them about these. They are put together with parts from 5800 and 5900 Scooba robots. Mine is mostly a 5800 robot, which is a good thing because it will clean with the special solution, vinegar and water and plain water. The 5900 will not run with just water. It does, however, have the longer life battery, which means it will run for two cycles without recharging. My floor has never been cleaner because I don't mop it every day -- Scooba does it now....more info
    • domo arigato mr. roboto
      I read the reviews after I had placed the order and was a little concerned about what I would receive, in fact I received the 5900 in a 5800 box looking brand new and working great.
      This is my 3rd refurbished Irobot product and been completely satisfied with all. I dont know what motivtes me more, my hating to vacuum/mop or my fascination with these little robots!
      ...more info
    • Fabulous machine! Worth every penny!
      I read all of the reviews for this machine, both good and bad, and decided that for the great price it was worth the risk. I did indeed receive the blue model (who cares) which was in great condition. I charged the battery as indicated (it did not go into the 16 hour charging cycle, assumably since it was a remanufactured model), but was ready to go in about two hours. I followed the directions, fired it up, and got the "check tank" warning several times for no apparent reason. At this point, I did look online for trouble shooting, and saw information about a rubber valve that gets stuck shut on the bottom of the tank. The suggestion was to insert a drinking straw into the hole and blow to open it (look for bubbles to see that it opened successfully). I did this, got the bubbles, and the machine then worked beautifully. I did not think that my floors were that dirty, but got quite a shock at the filthy water that came out of the dirty water tank when I opened it! I love this machine, and my floors have never been cleaner. I am actually looking forward to going home tonight to mop my bathroom...amazing. If you want a great product and don't mind a little problem solving, then this is the one. Why pay $400? Even the shipping is free. ...more info
    • Rocks!!!
      This review is for the Scooba 5900. I bought mine on e-bay brand new and have used it for 2 weeks. You will be amazed by the amount of dirt this thing picks up! I have used it on tile as well as hardwood with outstanding results in both cases. The hardwood floors in my kitchen have never been this clean since they were new. I can walk barefoot in my kitchen again without fear of stepping on foreign objects or getting my feet dirty. And the tile in the bathroom is always shiny now. Get one. You will not be disappointed!...more info
    • So there really are cleaning fairies!
      I was prepared for the blue 5800 model, but I received a 5900 in a 5800 box. Go figure. Model included the new pump priming instructions and I had no problems at all setting the scuba up and getting to work. I found that the battery did not go into the "16-hour" charge mode, and was done charging in a few hours (I kept it on just in case).

      I have a small kitchen but I absolutely hate mopping. My floor was extremely dirty - you know, the kind of dirty where an unexpected visitor might get left on the front porch while you hide behind the couch kind of dirty. After many mesmorizing minutes, I was delighted to see Scooba was having no trouble with my yucky floor. Though certain spots took many passes to get completely clean, Scooba kept coming back and eventually even really tough spots were gone. Scooba can't reach everything - and yes, I could see that I will need to clean next to the walls and under cabinets. But I had to hand scrub those areas even when I mopped the floor myself, so I consider it a small price to pay.

      I was very hesitant about this purchase after everything I have read online, but I am so happy I took the leap. A word to other buyers - iRobot has changed their ideal battery charging specs but the manual is not changed yet! To keep your battery in top conditionl, charge for 4 hours after cleaning, remove and store battery in a cool location. Charge for four hours prior to next cleaning, especially if you have gone a long time between uses. Frequent users may be able to skip that step. ...more info
    • Cool & it really works
      I read the 1 star reviews and was prepared for the Blue 5800 model rather than the white 5900 model so I wasn't disappointed when I got the blue one. It was still a very good price for the 5800. It was brand new. Maybe what made it a refurb was that they added a slip of paper about priming the pump and the little baby aspirator they included. Priming wasn't a big deal - just put the bulb where indicated and squeeze it a couple of times to blow air.

      I hadn't mopped my Pergo tile kitchen floor in awhile. I scraped off one squashed on chunk but otherwise just let it go thinking I would need to do some scraping after it was done. I was amazed at how clean the floor was after it was done. It looked a lot cleaner than after mopping. The virtual wall workked great also....more info
    • love iROBOT
      Scooba is the best things that has happened in housekeeping in a century! Although mine does leave the floor wet, so what, so does mopping. Which I can't do at all. I injured my shoulder and can not move my arm to sweep or mop. My scooba and roommba's do these great. I have a 16mos old granddaughter. I am with her most of the time and the floors must be kept clean. These two items work great. My grandchild is afraid of them but I go into her room close the door and spend the time with her. How terrible I read to her and play with her or go on errands during that time. When we get back the floors are clean and dry. The Scooba can't do the corners but a quick swipe with a damp cloth and that is done. Let's see 15 seconds vs hours scrubbing what do you choose for a clean and I do mean clean floor. I vote for Scooba!!!!!...more info
    • It may be a 5800 with a 5900 battery
      I was also disappointed to receive a blue Scooba 5800 and called Amazon for a return, to which they agreed.

      However, I have since tested it to see how long the batteries would last and found that it did two complete tank cycles, which took a total of at least 90 minutes. The 5800 is supposed to be good for a single cycle, while the 5900 is supposed to be able to run two cycles between charges.

      So it may be that they are shipping 5800 bodies with 5900 batteries (I don't know how to visually differentiate between the 5800 vs 5900 batteries). I've read elsewhere that the color and battery are supposed to be the only diffence between the two models.

      I'll probably just keep mine....more info
    • These are ALL the Blue 5800's
      Received word back from Amazon customer service after I complained that I recieved a Blue 5800 when the listing clearly shows only the White 5900 and the model number on the listing is 5999. The customer service rep confirmed that in fact ALL of the Scooba's that have been, and will be sent out for this listing are the Blue 5800's. So if you are looking for a deal on a White 5900, look elsewhere.

      On the plus side, Amazon is accepting my return of the Blue 5800 for refund and are covering the postage back. Still a bit of a PITA when their misleading listing is what caused the whole thing though....more info
    • Product is NOT a refurbished 5900
      I have been so anxious to receive my Scooba. I have told everyone about it and they are waiting to hear all about it, and borrow it. As you can imagine, I was SO disappointed to receive the older model. I saw the two other reviews who said they also received the wrong item. Amazon customer service said they will ship out the right one with one day shipping. I asked how she could be sure they would send the right one, and she told me not to worry, they would. I am most confident that I will NOT receive the right product, but am willing to let them try.

      The pictures throughout the advertisement show the 5900. You even click the button to see what you are ordering close up. I suspect Lion International is the one misrepresenting the product and Amazon needs to get on board and fix the problem.
      ...more info
    • False advertisement - Don't buy! Greatly disappointed you will be
      Amazon most definately misadvertised this product by all possible ways as the 5900 when in fact it's the 5800 that you would receive. It was very deceptive and I'm not very happy with Amazon to do this. The ad shows every single picture as the 5900, the ASIN is the 5900, the model number is 5999, the retail price is the 5900, the battery life description and features are the 5900, even the parts received are of the 5900 and yet the robot you get is the 5800! This is most definately not a bargain especially since it's the wrong item. The 5800 covers less surface area on one battery charge and is just much lower in comparison to the 5900. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DECEPTIVE SALE!...more info
    • It's a Toss Up!
      I really wish I could have rated this item higher! First things first.... Folks PAY attention to the blurb above where it states Original Model number and colors may vary..... I did NOT notice that when I ordered and low and behold I got the Scooba 5800 this is NOT the Scooba pictured in the ad above..... The 5800 advertises that it will clean up to 250 sq feet on a single charge whereas the picture of the scooba that Amazon uses in it's ad cleans 500 sq feet! (The scooba that is pictures is a 5900)... Now, let's talk about how it works....When I pulled my Scooba out of the box I was suprised to find that it was DIRTY! I understand it's refurbished but why in the world would a company send out a dirty product! The skepticism began to set in! I followed ALL procedures in the book and finally turned it on to give it a "spin"...... After about 5 minutes of arguing with it I gave up! The Scooba kept sensing that the tank was full and needed emptied (It wasn't) ... I waited for my "techie" hubby to get home and he took a look at it... After about 3 hours of cleaning we finally got it to run..... YES it does everything it says.... My floors do look better than they did before but it's nothing that my 15.00 swiffer couldn't have done.... I hope the rest of you have better luck than I did......... ...more info