SS-CHI PINK 1'' Ceramic Flat Hair Iron Tourmaline NEW!

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Product Description

The SS-CHI Pink Ceramic Flat Iron has a floating plate design that will keep a constant Temperature of 410F This Flat Iron is made with 100% crushed Tourmaline technology for gorgeous smooth & silky results. The secret is injecting Tourmaline into the ceramic plates LIMITED TIME ONLY SPECIAL OFFER!! You also get a Free Black Pouch Iron Pad $29.99 Retail Value FREE!

  • Heats to 410F in just seconds
  • Tourmaline infused ceramic plates
  • Eliminates static electricity
  • Seals the cuticle layer for a smooth, and silky finish
  • Temperature remains constant throughout use as the LED light blinks
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Product
    I like the black ones better, it seems they get hotter but these are good too. ...more info
  • Chi It!!
    This is my second Chi. I have had my first Chi for about 5 years now. I only bought this one because I am a pink fantic. If you spend a little extra money on yourself this is the thing to do it on. I could not live without this flat iron. ...more info
  • Flat Iron
    although this didn't turn out to be the "Chi" product that we thought...this is a HIGH quality item that does a WONDERFUL job. I'm very impressed and thankful for the low cost!...more info
  • Ceremic Flat Iron
    It arrived on time. I have been using it for the past 4 months now. No problem at all. I have long hair and I finish in usually 10 mins. The only thing is that it may dry your hair out with constant use. So use it with good heat proofing products....more info
  • CHI ! It's Great
    This works great ! If you have really thick ,curly hair it will straighten it in no time. ...more info
  • better than I expected
    This is my second chi flat iron. The first one had an adjustable thermastat and it worked just fine. However, I noticed that my stylist used one with a fixed temperature. So when I saw this one on sale, I decided to purchase it. The Pink Chi has been just wonderful. The temeperature is perfect. My hair comes out soft, shiny, and straight. I find I am able to do my hair faster as well. I am assuming that the tourmaline has a lot to do with the improved texture of my hair after flat ironing. One additional advantage is that I have been able to extend the time between touch-ups. I highly recommend this flat iron. ...more info
  • Great Flat Iron
    This is one of the best falt irons that I have ever used. I have really frizzy hair and this is the only flat iron that can make it straight. Everyone should buy this product!!!!...more info
  • It was nice
    It was delievered in no time and was what I expected. But it does not work as well as the regular CHI flatiron. ...more info
  • Cheap imitation
    This product is not at all what it claims to be. The advertising states the iron heats up to 400 degrees, when in fact, it heats up to half of that just like the other cheap drugstore brands. Even at this price, the cheap drugstore brand that costs half works better. I bought it for my teenage daughter, and she is still using our old one. I wish I read the reviews before I bought this....more info
  • Great Product and Service
    My daughter wanted this flat iron for Christmas. We not only found the one she wanted, it cost less and shipped right away. She has used it everyday since she got it. Thanks for such great service....more info
  • Kind of Dissapointed
    I thought it was going to be really good, but it works just as well as my new $30 straightner....more info
    My daughter was thrilled to have her new Chi flat iron as she has now on her third one. She was thrilled that it was pink as this is her favorite color....more info
  • SS-Chi Pink Flat Iron
    The item arrived in a reasonable amount of time and it was as expected. The item works well and the price for the Chi Flat Iron is amazing. ...more info
  • surprised at how well it works
    I have three daughters who have all used different levels of straighteners. We have spent $150 for Chi models. They eventually stop working. We ordered this straightener over the internet and have been pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it works. My daughters find no difference between this and the $150 model....more info
  • Works great
    It works great on my hair which is only slightly wavy. My sister's have very curly hair and it works on them too!...more info
  • I would definitely recommend this Chi
    I have very thick slightly coarse hair. By using my new Pink Chi
    straightener, my hair has never been straighter. The only thing
    I would change would be for it to have an automatic shut off. ...more info
  • SS-CHI PINK 1"
    Lack of research on my revealed to me that this was not the "CHI" that everyone was talking about. That company does offer a pink version that is sold for Breast Cancer Awareness, this is not it. It does heat up quick, but with some coersion. I have to test the pulg two or three times before it comes on and sometimes the "ON" indicator doesn't even come on then. When its all said and done, it flattens my hair, but I'm late to work by then....more info
  • SS-CHI Flat Iron
    I am returning it, doesnt work as stated. I purchaed another one generic and it works just like the real thing. This one is nothing like what it is suppose to be....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This is a imitation! They lead you to believe its a real CHI, its NOT. Also.. NO RETURN policy!! Could have bought a comparable product at a much cheaper price!...more info
  • Chi works great
    I bought 2 of these for Christmas gifts. Both people are VERY happy...more info
  • Chi Review
    This product does not work as well as other Chi flat irons we have owned especially for my longer hair. Disappointing. We did receive it promptly from Amazon and it was in perfect condition....more info
  • Picky 17 y/o daughter loves it
    I was dissapointed that my item did not arrive in time for Christmas, but my 17 y/o daughter who has used and burned through many a hair straightner absolutly loves this one. She said no other has made her hair feel so soft. So don't go by all the negative reviews. The straightner is worth the price....more info
  • Caution
    I received the item after a long wait and it does not work. Will not turn on. No response to multiply emails for refund. I have been trying to make contact for weeks. Don't buy from these guys. ...more info
  • wats up
    I orderd it 3 days ago and it said it was in stock, but I still have not gotten an e-mail from them telling me it was shipped. I would like to know the shipping number. The two reviews are not good but the explanations are rasonable and they seem like they were willing to help...more info
  • not as advertised!
    I ordered this iron and was surprised to read the information that came with it. It says heats to 80-200 degrees. Not the 410 degress they claim. It's a total rip off and I would suggest you stay far away. They didn't answer my email and their phone says closed due to family emergency!! Sounds fishy to me! Waiting for the time period so I can file a false advertising claim with amazon!...more info
  • bad
    i didnt get my flat iron yet. ive been waiting for a while. and im kinda scared because the discussions at the bottom are bad...more info