TRUE CERAMIC PRO Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron

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Accept no imitations!!!!! The True Ceramic Pro is a must-have hair styling tool assembled with the highest quality baked ceramic plates. It is capable of crafting any style you can dream up, plus the ionic technology maximizes your hairs potential by sealing in moisture, color and shine. The True Ceramic Pro was designed to give you professional results in minutes. You dont have to pay for a personal stylist any longer. For what it would cost you for one visit to the salon, you can have beautiful hair with dynamite styling year round. The True Ceramic Pro generates moist heat to promote moisture rich hair with a healthy shine. Negative ion technology actually seals the cuticle. This new approach to hair care doesnt dry out and damage your hair like conventional metal irons. By unlocking your hairs true potential, the True Ceramic Pro gives you a great look without neglecting the importance of nourishing your hair from the root to the tip. And....The True Ceramic Pro makes frizz a thing of thing of the past. The ionic technology along with the intense heat levels ensures that your curls stay in place all day long and into the night. Anything other than the True Ceramic Pro doesnt come close. Your True Ceramic Pro includes...... True Ceramic Pro Infrared Ionic Styler, Instructions, Anti Static Brush, True Cool Carrying Bag, Six Professional Styling Clips, and Partitioning Comb.

  • As Seen On TV - Genuine Popular Product.
  • Makes a Great gift item.
  • Infared Ionic Styler
  • Comes with it's own carrying bag
  • Six styling clips and partitioning comb. Save money, but No DVD with this model, DVD comes with deluxe model.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Iron!
    It works perfectly! As long as you do very small sections of your hair at a time. My hair is super super curly, thick and very frizzy. This iron is the best! Nothing else has worked on my hair like this Iron, I love it!!...more info