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  • Hilarious and uplifting
    From the Sisyphean (say what?) misadventures of a kind of black Laurel and Hardy duo (Anthony Anderson and Lahmard J. Tate) who steal an ATM machine with no money in it that they can't open, to the white dude who thinks he's black, to Cedric the Entertainer who thinks that Rosa Parks got too much credit for parking her butt on the bus, to sexy and saucy Eve who always loves the wrong guy, this is one fine piece of entertainment. And Ice Cube as Calvin who owns the shop ain't so bad himself, although he sure has to frown a lot.

    Well, he's got troubles right here in the Windy City. He's always got an entrepreneurial scheme up his sleeve that just doesn't quite work out which causes him to fall behind in his property taxes. Now this might not be such a big deal but the barbershop has been in his family for three generations and it serves as a kind of neighborhood club where people can hang out and shoot the breeze. It's a beloved kind of place. Enter Lester Wallace the loan shark with muscle who makes Calvin an offer he can't refuse. Well, he does refuse it or at least he tries, but Wallace ain't the kind of dude to take a refusal.

    Can Calvin save the barbershop? That's the question of the main plot line, but what really makes this movie such a treat are the barbershop mini-stories that are neatly tied together and the fine repartee. And what makes THAT work is that everything in the film is seen from a point of view inside the black community and not from somebody else looking in (which never works, but is often tried).
    Add a warm and redemptive ending, and there ain't nobody cryin'.

    But see this for Tim Story who directed and got it all right, and for Mark Brown, Don D. Scott and Marshall Todd who wrote the neat and very funny script....more info
  • WOW! -in a bad way-
    I cannot believe how horrible this movie was. There was a very mild story line. This movie just goes to show that if you combine a couple of comedians, Platinum-record selling artists and put them in a "funny" movie, people like myself will want to see this movie. I was surprised by the acting. Ice Cube can act! But, that didn't cut it. If you review this as a movie, it's completely horrible. There is a very thin story line. It's a 2-hour movie about "bein' black", "stealin' da ATM machine from da Pakistani brotha", and "sellin' dad's Barbershop". It's extremely controversial, and barely funny. People who aren't African American will have a very hard time understanding what the people in the barbershop are saying, and on top of that they definitely will not be able to connect. The only person who is mildly funny is the "wigger". If you want some real entertainment, well, you'd be better off without this....more info
  • Lowbrow, Offensive, Trashy movie and It wasn't Funny
    From "an African-American woman" with a sense of humor, intelligience and knowledge of history; this movie was simply offensive ... !!! Full of [...] stereotypes, unbelievably poor attempts at acting and, where was the humor ??? Don't waste your time or your money. Unfortunately, this is the type of AA movie that still seems to appeal most to the "mainstream" audience. Made by just "anotha brotha?" who has no integrity, and can't control his lust for the almighty dollar...more info
  • Sharp, funny and right on target
    Calvin Palmer has a pregnant wife, some big dreams, and a barbershop he inherited from his father and his grandfather before him that he doesn't particularly want. Seems Calvin yearns for bigger and better things, like having his own recording studio. But when he contracts with a local loan shark to sell the barbershop to finance his pie-in-the-sky schemes, Calvin is brought up short by the realization of how much the barbershop means to his employees, his customers and his community. Because the local barbershop in a black neighborhood is an institution, a place where the guys can come in, kick back, trade news and views and feel at home. Calvin realizes he's made a terrible mistake. But how to rectify it? The loan shark plans to turn the barbershop into a strip joint and he wants double the selling price to sell it back. There's a lot of moving and shaking and a hysterically funny subplot involving a stolen ATM before this film reaches its conclusion.

    The cast is excellent all around. Ice Cube is wonderful as Calvin, who doesn't know what a treasure his family has owned for three generations until he's about to lose it. I thought Eve was very effective as Terri Jones, the lady barber who has had it up to here with her no-good two-timing boyfriend. Anthony Anderson is hilarious as JD, probably the dumbest would-be robber who ever hijacked an empty ATM. But the big draw in this film is Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie, with a leonine head of hair that looks like he stuck a wet finger in an electric socket, pontificating and philosophizing, offering up insights and chunks of wisdom that are sharp as a razor and devastatingly funny. The movie feels totally real; we're right there inside the barbershop, kicking back along with the cast and enjoying every second. It's a film with a lot of warmth and a lot of heart, and not a dull moment in it. We leave this movie feeling it's life's intangibles that really count....more info

  • Heartwarming, urban magic
    Although "Barbershop" didn't make its deserved mark on the box office, this should definitely be a rental for anyone wanting a funny, light-hearted tale about keeping things real and remembering what's important.

    The story centers around Calvin, a 30-something barbershop owner whose get-rich-quick fever reminds me of Ralph Kramden of "The Honeymooners". Inheriting both the barbershop and its debts from his father, Calvin desperately wants to "buy Stedman's (Oprah's boyfriend) guest house" by producing a platinum record and becoming wealthy to support his wife and future child. Seeing the barbershop as a money pit, he impulsively sells it to a crooked loan shark. Realizing how important the barbershop is to the neighborhood, his employees, and himself, he begins an earnest quest to get the barbershop back.

    The ensemble that works in the barbershop is a comfortable group of cozy characters. Cedric the Entertainer plays the senior leader in the shop, entertaining the customers and the employees with his brash opinions and uncouth comedy. Eve plays the girl with attitude and a good heart who keeps ending up with the wrong guy. Sean Patrick Thomas plays the intellectual of the cast, constantly chided by his peers as being a "sell out" who believes his education makes him better than everyone else.

    I could go on forever about the engaging cast, but to sum it up, SEE THIS MOVIE! The characters are strong, the story is great, and, although not necessarily the award-winning film of the century, it is an entertaining story of family and friendship....more info

  • A good dose of Ice
    Although Barbershop is somewhat controvesial, I did enjoy it. Calvin, played by Ice Cube was a typical brotha just trying to make it somewhere, and somehow. His family owned Barbershop was more of a nuisance than a dream for him. A lot of knowledge sitting here mixed with humor it was a good movie especially with Ice Cube in the lead he's come full circle baby! Plus it was made in THE CHI PEOPLE........................more info
  • Ice Cube's best movie, since firday
    This movie is just one of the few movies that make you laugh, and not by sensless atupidity, like Scary Movie, or Jay and Silent bob strike back(Which is a real good movie.

    Calvin:The owner of te barbershop that has been passed down through generations. After messing up his equipment, Calvin has a pretty bad day. It starts off like a normal day, but the big mistake of him selling the barbershop, made his day worst, and took him for one heck of a ride.

    JD:The bad guy of the show. When he robs a ATM machine, boy does he have trouble moving it around, and it's pretty funny. But what is he gonna do with all the money in the safe(If there IS any money in the safe)?

    Jimmy:A 2 time felon that's working in the barbershop. He always has his gun with him, but in the barbershop, it's all business. But he just better hope he don't get in anymore trouble, or it's the jailhouse for the rest of his life.

    Eddie:An old man, who's been in the barbershop for quite some time. He loves being in the good old barbershop, and it always reminds him of the good ol' times. He's really hate to see it go.

    Terri:Eve's first movie performance. She is a Ms-low-temper-I-ain't-nothing-to-mess-with woman. When she breaks up with her boyfriend, she is angry, and when she get's to the barbershop, she's about to explode, when someone drinks her applejuice. When Dinka has a crush one her, she's thinking of getting along with him.

    After Ice Cube made a blast in Friday, A lot of movies couldn't compare, like Players club, Next Friday, Friday after next,(3 kings was good, but not all that I wished it would be),All about the Benjimans, and Anaconda. But when I saw Barbershop, I was suprised on how positive it was, and how it made me laugh. If you loved comedy, go pick this up, if you want Ice cube's best since firday, don't look no further, and if you like comedys that are understandable, don't hesitate to check this out....more info

  • Right on target: Laugh out loud funny, sharp wit; great lines
    Great Saturday (or any day, actually) movie. Very funny from beginning to end! Where else but the barbershop (or the beauty shop) can anyone "tell the truth," as Eddie the "senior" barber (portrayed by Cedric the Entertainer) says! It's good ... The lines weren't THAT controversial, were they? How many stories in the press haven't been a bit exaggerated here and there? How many "legends" have their flaws and faults ... even JFK? Why take offense. It's the community of the barbershop that counts! We like the staccato lines. It's a movie that can be watched numerous times, and you'll still hear something new... like Eddie's comments at the end about Arizona and Martin Luther King ... Watch it for yourself and find out! Also, there's a hilarious journey of the stolen ATM machine!...more info
  • A cut above
    The trial and tribulations of a 3rd generation barber in the "Ghetto" is the background of this story which shines due to both the comedy and the characters.

    The different barbers bring different perspectives, (the sight of an old fashioned barber shave alone is worth the price, you haven't lived until you've had one.) and make this movie rich. The two idiot thieves trying to get away with their ATM and the stock "pimp" character have a lot more depth than a casual watcher would expect.

    Of course not only do we care about these characters we LAUGH and LAUGH a lot. From our bumbling thieves trying to navigate around a 500 lb human wall, to the mystery of the open apple juice, to an escape attempt and a guard dog, you can't help but smile.

    The language is a little rough for the kids and the debate on a fine [tail] is a skipper if they are near but this is a fine picture with a fine cast.

    I await a sequel....more info

  • I Love This Movie
    everyone should own it
    its one of the greatest movies of all time
    its hilarious
    it makes u feel happy
    also get Babershop 2...more info
  • Great Special Features!
    I saw this movie in the theater & I loved it. They "kept it real"...not ghetto. The men in my life appreciated the authentic depiction of what goes on in a barbershop...controversy & all. I enjoyed all the characters, especially Mike Ealy...the brotha is H.O.T! Sean Patrick Thomas---ooooh! ...Eve put it down earnestly & Cedric...y'know, is there anything to say? He's a master. I most love the special features on DVDs and this one didn't disappoint. The commentary with the director Tim Story & producers Robert Teitel, George Tillman, Jr., and Mark Brown was HILLARIOUS! These guys are funny & they did a great job walking us through how scenes were developed & the back story of the actors...didn't know that Isaac Rosenberg is Jane Fonda's son?!

    I enjoyed their commentary, their inside jokes, their insight, vision & passion for this movie. After hearing the commentary, I appreciate more how the actors worked to help keep this movie authentic...and it shows. I'm going to count this one among the classics!...more info

  • A Sweet Movie
    I didn't bother to see this movie in the theater because I was convinced I would despise it. I'm one of the few people I know who absolutely hated Friday and figured since Ice Cube was in this movie it was probably more of the same. The Rosa Parks/Martin Luther King controversy surrounding the film didn't help either. But since my friends kept encouraging me to see it, I rented it.

    Well it turns out that I really liked this movie. It's sweet and for the most part very true to real life. Every actor is dead on perfect and the conversations/debates among the characters including the Rosa Parks and reparations arguments are not unusual in the African American community. Critics of that particular segment of the movie need to remember that Black people are not monolithic in their opinions and experiences.

    The entire cast was perfect. I admit I've had my reservations about Ice Cube since his days with NWA but he was a charming leading man in this role. Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie reminds me of some folks I've known. Eve brought a sweetness to and was surprisingly effective in her part. But can Anthony Anderson please do another role besides the loud, fat guy? Thanks in advance.

    Oh and I must mention how I loved the Got to Give It Up and I'll Take You There segments. Reminds me of my childhood.

    The extra features are was great seeing the old haircuts from the 80s and early 90s. Good job to everyone involved....more info

  • Very Enjoyable film
    Forget all the PC stuff thats been thrown around about this film. And just take it for what it is. A very funny film about some very funny and interesting charcters.
    We all need to lighten up a learn to know when to sit back and enjoy. And this wondeful ensamble cast really entertains. Cedric the Entertainer is great, and so is Ice Tea.
    Don't miss this one because of things you may have heard, and sit back get to know these characters, and don't take the characters opinions to seriously. If you do that I KNOW you'll enjoy yourself....more info
  • Surprise
    I was surprised by this movie. This can be labelled a "Black comedy," because most of the characters in the movie are black and the theme of it is a black-owned barbershop. I am white and to be honest don't like many so-called "Black" comedies. This movie is very inventive and is written very well. Some movies like this are made just for black people it seems. This movie, though dealing with black issues, was a movie for everyone. It was very open-minded and funny to boot. I give it 5 stars for being enjoyable, open-minded, and original....more info
  • Great fun! And not necessarily stereo-typed fun, either!
    My husband and I enjoyed this movie, and he was fully prepared to dislike it. It was a good flick and provided some stereotype-breaking moments as well. In addition to a good plot and good laughs, there were several "speeches" that added value to the ongoing discussion concerning the plight of the black man.
    If you need a smile or two, rent it!...more info
  • heart-warming
    Heart-warming and funny. Lots of luv. Score: 93/100...more info
    Old age is supposed to mean wisdom. The eldest character in the movie is the one bad mouthing ROSA PARKS. Self respecting ethnic groups, do not put down their fighters who stood up for their race in time of trial and tribulation. Other ethnic groups such as Asians, encourage each other when in school. In this movie, the character that is in school trying to improve himself, is frowned upon. This is behavior typical of ignorant Blacks. We are the only race of people who call learning "trying to be white" or "trying to be better than people".Young Blacks found nothing wrong with this movie because Black parents, for whatever reason, do not teach matters of race in the home. This is the movie that showed the world why nobody respects Black people. I hope this is not a surprise to Black people that we are not respected. ROSA PARKS is gone now and is being honored by white people. Now that white people are honoring Rosa, maybe some Blacks will wake up and see why many of us Blacks who think critically, hated this movie. ...more info
  • One of Ice Cube's best films
    I had very high execpations walking into Barbershop back in 2002 and my execpations went way past what I thought. Barbershop is clealry one of the best films I've seen . The story is a simple one but the film acutally goes into depth anout how important a barber shop is to the Black Amercian community or any ethnic group for that matter. Ice Cube gives an NAACP Image award worthy performance in the film as Calvin. Cube is cool and charamistic as Calvin the owner of the shop and his supporting cast of Sean Patrick Thomas (who needs more roles),Eve (great debut), Leonard Howze and Mike Ealy all give good performances. Troy Gairty as Issac the white barber and Cedric The Enterainer as the elder barber steal all almost every scene their in. Lahmard Tate and Anthony Anderson along with Keith David also do well in the two subplots. Tim Story has made a great debut and Mark Brown's script is excellent....more info
  • Call it: A Raisin In The Sun meets It's A Wonderful Life
    Renting this movie last weekend was the first time I had actually seen it, and I can't believe Jesse Jackson and his followers actually took offense to the lines referring to Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement in it. Of all people you would expect to get the point, and have the poetry of the script revealed to!

    The point of the entire movie can be summed up in a monologue by Cedric the Entertainer (who is about as good as it gets in this role and in this movie), where he says the barbershop--which the owner (Ice Cube's character), while caught in a moral dilemma, is preparing to sell--is more than just a place where brothers can get their hair cut. Each and every barbershop in every city and inner city in America, from Harlem to Oakland (and around the world too; I've been to several African-owned shops in Germany, Holland and Italy), is like Sam's bar on CHEERS: they are "the Black man's country club". And in that country club, a brother can get a line, a skin-fade, a shape-up, a little trim of the beard or goatee...and rediscover the royalty of his inner being while in conversation with friends and strangers about virtually anything. As a matter of fact, the beauty of the so-called controversial lines in the movie about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King (not to mention those about Rodney King and O.J. Simpson) triumphantly proclaim one of the best things about the Barbershop: where else can Black men hold such strong, divergent or even culturally iconoclastic opinions and have them be respected--or even heard?

    The movie is a little short on character development. The sub-plot starts getting too ridiculous after the first fifteen minutes. And as good as Ice Cube is he is still growing as an actor, making me wish he were making this movie five years from now as opposed to almost a year ago. Just the same, the wealth of characters and acting in the movie give all the real local Barbershops across the world a three-dimensional tableau of a tribute via the fine acting talents of all involved and some truly wonderful (and wonderfully ridiculous) moments in the script. Actors in this movie (like the fine character actor as loneshark Keith David, whose voiceover voice is becoming more famous than he is) are seriously funny, while comedians like Cedric the Entertainer are sometimes borderline spellbinding in how serious they demand you take them as actors.

    Anyone who isn't a Black man (and that includes the sisters) should see this movie and laugh unapologetically. Anyone who is, should first get a shape-up down the block, share what they think of the Iraq war and Halle Berry in spandex with the barber in the next chair... and then after you tip your boy right, buy this movie immediately....more info

  • Just Plain Fun
    It's kind of surprising to see Ice Cube in such a middle class, middle of the road movie. It's a long way from BOYZ N THE HOOD, but with the FRIDAY films, ANACONDA and now this, he continues to reinvent himself in role after role.

    BARBERSHOP is good, clean, family-friendly fun. Oh sure, there's some spicy language and unsavory characters, but the movie presents positive values about family, neighborhood, trust and loyalty. It's a raucous comedy, but it really has its heart in the right place, which is one of the reasons you can watch it again and again.

    The plot is fairly straightforward, and nothing new. Calvin Palmer, the character played by ice Cube, struggles with the choice to sell the family barbershop for the money he needs to pay off his bills and pursue his get-rich-quick schemes, or to keep it going in the memory of his father and for the good of his employees. There are plenty of twists in the plot, but in the end, of course it all works out for the best.

    The main plot is paralleled by a story about two comic crooks trying to break into an ATM machine. This plot is given some weight in how it affects Ricky (Michael Ealy), an ex-con whose job in the shop gives him a chance to go straight. This plot is played mostly for laughs, but because it has some real consequences, it doesn't feel tacked on.

    Cedric the Entertainer steals the show as Eddie, an old-timer whose curmudgeonly opinions are the reason Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the movie, but who turns out to have the wisdom to help Calvin make the right choice in the end. Watch for the scene when Eddie demonstrates how to give a shave. A character who could have been simply comic relief is given real respect.

    The movie isn't great, but it's funny and heartwarming, and even more effective on the small screen....more info

  • Community is What this Movie is about
    I first saw this movie at a friends house and loved it.
    It's a very entertaining film, isn't that what movies are supposed to do?!?! I know a few of you found offense to some of the conversations in the barbershop and to pass this film by just based on that is ridiculous. What made this movie great was the point that this was a community meeting place. People get a haircut and TALK. As a society today very few people do that anymore and no matter how you look at it there are sterotypes in everything. If you have not seen this film, rent it, borrow it, and you decide what you think. There just isn't enough stories out there about black people and this happens to be a very good one and I am glad to have seen it and now own it.
    And you better believe that when Barbershop 2 hits theaters I'll be there too....more info
  • It's The *CUBE* Man
    I really enjoyed this movie. It was very funny with a great cast.
    Also it had a very good story line. If your are a "Ice Cube" fan, than i suggest that you see this movie. You want be disappointed....more info
  • Simply Put...Hilarious!
    I really liked this film! I was expecting to get turned off by the Rosa Parks comment but I saw how it was used and I wasn't offended. Besides the movie was funny. It was a bloody comedy for goodness sakes and positive black comedy at that and not to be taken too politically. The dvd goodies were great as well and Eve's performance was particularly...inspiring....more info
  • Just A O.K Movie.......
    I didn't run off 2 see this movie when it first came out in theatres. After seeing it on DVD after its release, I see that the movie was just a good movie and not really as good as all the hype about it. Don't get me wrong its a good movie, one that U can watch more than once, but just not as good as other Ice Cube films have been....more info
  • not quite as good as funny but it still delievers
    ice cube was the owner of a barber joint he then decides to sell it for 40, 000 dollars when he sees how important the barber shop is he decides to keep it but it is too late the new owner won't give the shop back to ice when his workers found out what cube decide they wasn't happy at all this movie was funny and has a little bit of drama in it anothony hamilton was in this one he was little funny as well Credic "The Entertainer" he played a old experience barber who worked with ice cube father in the film eve is n this movie she is a girl who also works at the shop who doesn't take crap from anyone not even her boyfriend who gets frustrated because she won't take him back after she saw him with another woman the big african man whimp his butt which had the whole shop say chris tucker's friday quote "DANG" another barbershop worker i remember in this film was a little skin guy who played in eyes on God with Halle Berry earlier this year he was cool as heck who eve kind of liked but they didn't go out with eachother until the second film was released they had a white guy as a barber who had mad talents of cutting hair but the know it all black man thought he suck until the white boy hooked him up and that when he began to give him some respect this was one of the better films of 2002 that i enjoying watching from time to time JB...more info
  • The Black version of It's a Wonderful Life!
    Ice Cube plays a man unhappy with his life. He manages a barbershop on Chicago's Southside, an establishment he inherited - along with its workers and patrons - from his father, deceased just a few years past. He chases get-rich-quick schemes (thinking other professions are more noble) and ends up selling the barbershop to the devil (the local loan shark) in order to pay off his debts. Only then does he realize the contribution that both he - and his barbershop - make to his community.

    Cedric the Entertainer, as the resident Socrates, says it best; the barbershop is "the black man's country club." It's a place where souls can gather and great philosophy can be discussed, such as how a "Woman with a Big Ass" is different from a "Big Ass Woman!" Everyone speaks in cadence. And there's a stylish handshake for every occasion.

    A cute black babe, Eve, also works there. But it's the men who steal the show. A white guy tries to act black (and eventually proves himself to be sincere towards the movie's end). Sean Patrick Thomas (Save the Last Dance) plays an obnoxious know-it-all, and everyone's foil. Two other fools steal an ATM machine, and spend the entire film comically trying to break it open. Imagine the two bumbling housebreakers in Home Alone with nappier heads, and you'll get the picture.

    The movie reminded me of a black man's version of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life -- except with much better music. Unlike Jimmy Stewart, Ice Cube doesn't get to see the world without him, and neither does he try to commit suicide. But he does come to realize that, in his neighborhood, his barbershop plays an integral role; and that he, as its proprietor - is actually a pillar of the community. Without him, the lives of others would definitely be much worse.

    For his wife, Jimmy had the lovely Donna Reed; and Ice Cube, just as lucky, has the gorgeous Jazsmin Lewis as his always supportive better-half.

    This was easily Ice Cube's most touching role. And the movie break dances nicely between hilarity - and poignancy....more info

  • Instant Classic -" You heard that you Planters!"
    Rustic authentic original Barbershop is a classic. Great storyline, great characters, funny and dramatic at the same time. It's another movie with Ice Cube playing characters that are opposite his former gangster image.

    My only beef is that if no topic is off limits they could have spread the disses around....more info
    My boyfriend dragged me into seeing this movie, and I thought I was going to utterly despise it.

    I was pleasantly surprised though. Not jumping-out-of-my-chair-that-was-so-fantastic surprised, but enough to make me a little impressed at the intelligence some of the movie gave off. Ice Cube played a barber shop owner who didn't want his employees cursing, Cedric the Entertainer played an amusing and quite insightful old man, and several of the other characters were quite good as well. And Eve actually did a mediocre job, better than what I expected.

    Why only 3 stars? The plot. It was too hackneyed; way too overdone. However, I recommend it if you want a laid-back, funny, cute movie to watch....more info

  • A cagey response to "Do The Right Thing"
    This perfectly charming, yet complex, film should be read as a multi-layered response to Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," which it name checks throughout. To be sure, Lee made that ground-breaking film in a totally different climate, and without Lee's trail-blazing example, "Barbershop" would never have been made. Granted. All the same, the movie rewrites Lee's film in such a way that it both pays homage and levels a critique, all at the same time. For one thing, the screenplay is classically constructed according to the standards of Hollywood film; at the same time, this concession does not difuse the movie's subversive appeal: witness the firestorm of controversy surrounding Sedrick the Entertainer's riff about Rosa Park and O.J. Simpson. That acheivement marks this movie as a classic piece of signifying irony. The fact that it was hit--and deserved to be one--means that its message got out there. And the message was that community matters, and that the struggle of African Americans has changed in its texture--witness the great turn by the Italian Chicago white boy who wants to be black--but not in its paraticulars. The Barbarshop is a place where everyone, including an old-school rabble rouser like Sedrick the Entertainer's character--can say what he believes, and that's what matters. The film is, itself, that symbolic Barbershop. The best narrative innovation is the hapless morons who steal that ATM machine, which becomes in the film an updated version of the racist piggy bank in Ellison's "Invisible Man." An ingenious, well made movie that deserves to be a popular classic. I can't wait to rent the sequel....more info
  • Great Characters
    "Barbershop" is a warm, Chicago-based comedy set around an African-American barbershop, full of interesting characters, and funny banter.

    Ice Cube plays Calvin Palmer, owner of a Chicago barbershop, a shop that once belonged to his father. It's not exactly in the best neighbourhood, but it's a living (someone stole an ATM from over the road, for instance, but that's another story). He's got a loving wife, a baby on the way, a home studio on the side, but he's also got a lot of debt and a lot of bills to pay. Looking for a way out, he sells the shop for $20,000 to a shady loan shark from the streets, but he soon regrets it after he does. His barbershop is full of history, it's an important place for the community, and if the loan shark has his way there'll never be a place like this in the area again. Can Calvin get his shop back?

    One of the great things about this film is how unique each of the characters are. It's great seeing them all interact. The locations are pretty well shot and put together too, I thought. It all keeps things interesting to watch.

    Definitely worth a look....more info
  • Cube is still here....
    Cube is still here and he aint goin nowhere!

    This is one of cubes non gangsta fliks but he will still manage to keep u entertained....

    With the great always fly EVE and always comic cedric the entertainer, this will make u cry and laugh....

    All u urban comedy and cube fans GET this one!!!

    It will entertain you to the fullest...

    Four stars because it is too short, which means u will be starving 4 more!

    Peace youll...more info

  • rosa park diss
    Why do dey diss rosa parks in dis. dis would be a good movie without dat. Dat offended me and rosa parks. anyway... whateva. Ice cube is not tha best... hes one of da best. like funny ice cube rap movies? Rent dis den. Or buy it whutever u want its ur cash....more info
  • A Cut above the rest!
    "Barbershop" is a warm and funny comedy which appeals to the audience. People can relate to the characters in this movies because theyre' portrayed with realism and warmth. The talented ensemble cast includes Ice Cube and the very funny Cedric the Entertainer.

    When Calvin Palmer (Cube) sells his cherised family barbershop to a shady loan shark, he realizes how his parlor is so important to his Chicago neighborhood that he'll to lengths to get it back.

    This film is speaks to all kinds of people, especially to African Americans, I think. Many people will disagree with me because the film pokes fun at famous cultural black icons, including Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson. People who are offended must realize that the film is honest. The film was meant to have the characters speak there minds and feelings toward the audience.

    BARBERSHOP just feels a genuine film, with a great cast who portray truthful characters and big laughs which pleases the audience....more info

  • Great movie
    Ok to that man, woman, boy or girl, nobody needs a racist because i'm 14 and i feel insulted. All black people don't act this way. This movie was very funny and makes you feel good about yourself. So don't write anything like that again....more info
  • I did like the movie !!
    First and foremost this movie was based about a man who makes a wrong decision in life and come to find out that his barbershop was really worth saving because of the history ..and for people saying things about they shdnt talked about rosa parks which is true but , in majority every african american barbershop u go to someone is talking about someone or something so basically I dont think its really sterotyping blacks becuase u hear it anyways!!...more info
  • A cut above!
    I looked forward to watching this movie after I had seen its sequel. I enjoyed this movie better than Barbershop II, although, the 2nd movie was mostly funny. What especially impressed me was the ensemble of actors. Ice Cube showed depth to his acting that I had not before appreciated. I also found myself paying attention to all of Cedric the Entertainer's time on screen, all of his nuances and lines were equally entertaining.

    This movie has enough positive reviews, but I only want to mention the controversy that arose when the movie premiered. That had to do with the scene in which Cedric's character mocks Rosa Parks, the civil rights figure. Some in the civil rights community took great offense that Ms. Parks would be ridiculed. If this is all that happened in the movie, then their anger would be justified. However, one needed to see the context of the comments, which was to highlight the sanctity of the barbershop for those who worked and patronized the shop. Cedric's character made a point of saying that anything can be said in the shop and that was the history of freedom enjoyed by all frequented the establishment. Also, the negative comments were vociforously countered by all the others in the shop, so Ms. Parks was not left with mud. I heard that some were so angry that they demanded that Cedric apologize. That would be like asking the actor who played Judas in the Greatest Story Ever Told to apologize for turning in Christ. He was an actor playing someone who would say these things. He did not say that he endorsed it.

    Anyhow, I recommend this movie on dvd. There are some nice outtakes and other extras on the disk and it's a movie to see again.
    ...more info
  • I Like This Movie.
    This movie was funny. My favorite scene is where Lester Wallace came to the barbershop and he said Eddie and Eddie said nigga!. That was funny. I also like the part when they was talking about Rosa Parks. Checker Fred was mad at Eddie because he was talking about her and he said something about that he better not talk about Jesse Jackson and Eddie said man f*ck Jesse Jackson!!. I know that people been complaining because he was talking about Rosa Parks. That was just a joke and it`s just a movie. One more part that i liked was that Isaac and Jimmy were ranking on each other and Isaac won and they played the music and it was funny when they were dancing. I laughed hard. I give Barbershop 5 stars and i give Barbershop 2 4 stars because Barbershop 2 was kind of different. And they going to make Barbershop 3 and it should come out in 2006....more info
  • One of the funniest comedies I've every seen
    There's nothing like some laughter to reduce tension. And this lightweight 2002 comedy sure did it for me.

    It's set in a barbershop in an African American neighborhood in the south side of Chicago and stars Ice Cube. There's lots of philosophy and great dialog - most of which is not politically correct.

    Actually the acting isn't particularly good. And neither is the over-simplified story. But I howled with laughter every time a segment about two crooks who steal an ATM machine came on the screen. And, at some points, the dialog was so good that I found myself applauding out loud.

    I usually don't like comedies. And so, coming from me, this film has got to get a super-duper high rating. Even now, as I'm writing about it I feel like bursting into laughter. No kidding, that's saying a lot....more info

  • Excellent in Several Respects
    'Barbershop' is a superb film on several levels including its humor, drama, gustiness, and slick, understated style. The seemingly simple plot revolves around a barbershop that has been owned by three generations of the same family. The third owner, Calvin (played by Ice Cube), has grander plans for his life, but when presented with the opportunity to sell the barbershop, Calvin discovers that it is a far more important than he ever realized. Although, ramshackle and scarcely profitable, the barbershop represents a neighborhood institution. As the oldest employee tells Calvin, it is a place where a man could come to feel good about himself for an hour and where he could have some serious conversation. It was, in the employee's words, a black man's country club. Faced with the understanding that he possess much more than a run down business in the Southside of Chicago, Calvin must make a difficult decision. Much to the credit of the film, and to Ice Cube's performance, Calvin's decision is handled without sentimentality or melodrama.

    This film garnered a lot of controversy because of the many negative statements one of the principle characters makes about hallowed, black civil rights leaders. It is important to recognize that while this character denigrates one famous black civil rights leader after another, this is NOT the film's definitive statement about those individuals. The purpose of the film, as the director and several cast members made clear is to show what life is like for the employees and patrons of the barbershop. How do they interact with each other? What do they talk about? What do they think is important? While, I've personally never been in a black owned barbershop in Chicago, the scene in which one of the characters lambastes the famed civil rights leaders struck me as immensely real. In any social situation, there will probably always be at least one person with a contrary opinion, who attacks even the sacred idols of society. We've never even certain if this character means it. We know that he is participating in an important daily event in the barbershop; he is having some serious conversation.

    To my surprise, one of my favorite parts of the DVD was the extras section at the end, which, is well worth checking out. In this section, the filmmakers describe the extraordinary though and detail that went into every aspect of the film, from the floor plans and features of the barbershop, to the clothes each character wore. Director Tim Storey's narrative of the making of the film shows an extraordinary degree of intelligence and craftsmanship. While this film takes place in the black owned business in a predominantly black neighborhood, its themes are universally applicable to any social community in the world. And while the film examines complex racial issues in a bold and edgy manner, it never stoops to sentimentality or provocation. Definitely worth seeing, especially on DVD....more info

  • Great movie with a lot of heart
    Barbershop is awesome. it's a very nice, humble movie about Calvin (Ice Cube) who inherits a barbershop from his father. Thing is that Calvin doesn't want to run the barbershop, he wants to do other stuff, including trying to produce music, which fails.
    His shop is about to be foreclosed by the bank, so he goes to Lester Wallace who is going to buy the shop and turn it into a strip club.
    That's the story line, but there is much more to it.

    The acting is awesome, the story line is good, the comedy is funny, Cedric the Entertainer is AWESOME in this movie as Old Man Eddie.

    What i love so much about this movie is that it's easy to follow and it's got a lot of heart. you can tell that in this movie, there is a lot of heart and that is was made from the soul, which many movies today lack.

    the cast gells right away and you can see the immediate click between them.

    i love this movie so much that i wish i could go to this barbershop, which sadly are becoming things of the past.

    great movie, a lot of heart and all soul. this is soul food. ...more info
    This movie was FUN. It had two tracks running
    alternately; one a kind of Laurel and Hardy
    comedy, the other a suspense drama.

    Unlike some reviews, I thought the comedy
    part was VERY FUNNY, but I LOVE W.C. Fields, Laurel
    & Hardy, Abbott & Costello slapstick, and this was
    in their genre.

    The suspense drama concerned the modern day conflict
    between the intangible goals of meaning, honesty, and
    depth of character, and the tangible goals of materialism.
    I am very glad that the intangibles won out in this tug
    of war, which made for a very happy ending; and, yes,
    happy endings CAN happen like this in the real world.

    Objections and protests to some of the dialogue in
    this movie merely reflect egos vulnerable to inspection.

    Bill Schaefer...more info

  • "Checker Fred! Just sit there and play checkers!"
    There are kids out there who only know Ice Cube from movies. If he's not there yet, I do believe that Cube is getting precariously close to becoming better known as an actor than a rapper. As someone who's bounced up and down to his hip hop flavor since his NWA days, I can't help but feel that this is a bit of a shame. On the other hand, I do enjoy his film stuff. Dude's got his mojo going on cinema. Certainly, Cube's been one of the few folks who've successfully transitioned from music to movies. BARBERSHOP is one of his best films, and just may be my favorite Ice Cube flick.

    BARBERSHOP is an ensemble comedy which covers a day in the life of Calvin's Barbershop. Calvin's Barbershop has been a fixture in Chicago's seamy South Side for three generations now. It's the hangout of choice for the impoverished neighborhood, a place to chill, where verbal gamesmanship is engaged, controversial opinions are voiced ("This ain't nothing but healthy conversation."), and the earthy conversations range from Civil Rights issues to whether a scallop is a shellfish. It serves as the pulse of the community. In fact, when a hood wanted to learn the word on the street, he sends his henchman to the barbershop. Ice Cube plays Calvin Palmer, the barbershop's beleaguered proprietor, who early in the film makes the mistake of selling his establishment to a loan shark. Calvin spends much of the film trying to get it back.

    There's a silly subplot involving two inept dudes who steal an ATM machine. But, really, although laced with its own funny moments, that storyline serves primarily as breathing room away from the barbershop scenes. Less claustrophobic, this way. According to the audio commentary, Anthony Anderson was the first actor signed, and it was felt that his scenes ought to be expanded more.

    I really enjoy this movie. BARBERSHOP is funny and sweet and rowdy (in a PG-13 kind of way). And it glows with such easy warmth. Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer are the big names, and, make no mistake, they earn their paychecks. Cube mainly plays the straight man here, and he nicely rides herd over his boisterous bunch. Certainly, his solid presence grounds the film. Which is good, because a lot of the other characters are pretty colorful. And Cedric the Entertainer's Eddie just may be the most offbeat of 'em all. Eddie's an old, grizzled barber (with unconvincing makeup) who dispenses funny lines and occasional nuggets of wisdom, certainly much more so than he doles out shaves and haircuts. The supporting cast knocks it out the park, with three particular standouts: Sean Patrick Thomas as the snobbish college graduate, lovely hip hop artist Eve as the tough but vulnerable Terri, and Michael Ealy as the two-time felon Ricky. On the villainous tip, Keith David is slimily memorable in his few scenes as the loan shark Lester Wallace.

    Honestly, this is some of the funniest riffs I've ever heard, with plenty of "Oh, no, he didn't!!" moments. And the good-natured feel of the film makes it that much easier to like. I don't know why this is, but my favorite moment in the film (and I have many favorite moments here) happens to be when Jimmy and Isaac were about to go at it, and then, out of the blue, Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up (Part One)" plays out of the radio and eases all tensions. It was, I dunno, cathartic. Check it out, and see what you think.

    (By the way, I liked the sequel, too.)

    And, lastly (since I guess I'm still thinking about the dude's hip hop career), if I had to compare BARBERSHOP, my favorite Ice Cube flick, to an Ice Cube song, that song would have to be the laid back, feel good "It Was A Good Day." Which, coincidentally, is my favorite Ice Cube song. It figures, right?...more info
  • Controversial, But Still Very Funny
    This movie received a lot of attention, not necessarily in the box office, but in the media because of its alleged offensiveness to African Americans, especially a number of prominent black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. After watching the movie, it seems to me that the "offensive" comments were in good taste in relation to the entire movie.

    I have to admit that the controversy is what drew me to this movie, but it didn't take long for me to realize that this is a well-made comedy. The movie stars Ice Cube as Melvin, the heir to a failing barbershop. The entire story happens during the course of a day. Melvin reluctantly decides to sell his barbershop for $20,000 to a loan shark (Keith David) who plans on turning it into a strip club, though he decides not to give his employees the bad news until the end of the day. Most of the movie takes place in the barbershop, where all the barbers and their customers engage in all types of banter for the duration of the day. The banter is what sparked the controversy in the media. Cedric the Entertainer plays an old man named Eddie, who has been working as a barber in the shop since it opened 40 years before. He has the most famous line in the movie when he says "There are three things that y'all need to realize. #1- Rodney King should have got his ... beat for drunk drivin' in a white part of Los Angeles. #2- O.J. did it. and #3- Rosa Parks didn't do nuthin' but sit ... down." Though, not all the dialogue in the movie is this heated. Eddie is also the one who gets Melvin to realize the importance of the barbershop. He tells Melvin that black people in that neighborhood thought of the shop as "their own country club." Melvin has a change of heart and decides he doesn't want to sell the shop, and now he has to figure out how to cancel the deal with the loan shark.

    There's also a funny subplot involving two guys from the neighborhood who steal an ATM machine from a liquor store, and how they spend the day trying to figure out a way to break into the machine and take out the cash.

    While I can see how this movie might be offensive to some people, I'm quite certain that MLK, Rosa Parks, and other prominent black leaders mentioned in this movie have secured their place in history, and this movie isn't going to harm their legacy. This is a funny and entertaining movie, and definitely worth a look....more info

  • A very solid movie with believable characters
    The first thing to do when watching this movie to is check your expectations. If you're expecting a fall-down-on-the-floor-laughing comedy, you'll be disappointed. If you need to be hit over the head with farce to find a laugh, you'll be disappointed. BUT, if you just sit down and watch this to relax and enjoy, you will. There are a lot of funny moments in this, mostly provided by Cedric the Entertainer, who is completely believable as an old guy, full of opinions, and ready to pontificate on any of them at the drop of a hat.

    Truly, the best part of this movie is the characters. Ice Cube is very sweet as Calvin -- father-figure to the younger barbers, but still learning to grow into his father's shoes. Sean Patrick Thomas is wonderful as Jimmy the college-boy who may be a little too big for his britches, but is kept on his toes by the rest of the gang. Anthony Anderson shows a wide range in playing the enigmatic Ricky -- smart enough to put Jimmy in his place, suave and sincere enough to give Dinka a pure answer about picking up women, raw enough to standoff the cops, trusting enough to learn from Calvin. And then there's Eve.... she really acts the part of Terri very well, but she seems to be too good-looking for the part, almost like they should have used makeup and padded clothes to ugly and fatten her up for it.

    Anyway, I wanted to preview this before letting my son see it, but after I watched it, I was happy to let him watch. The language is pretty raw, but it seems to genuinely fit the situation -- how the characters would really talk. Very good movie....more info
  • Great movie with a lot of heart
    Barbershop is awesome. it's a very nice, humble movie about Calvin (Ice Cube) who inherits a barbershop from his father. Thing is that Calvin doesn't want to run the barbershop, he wants to do other stuff, including trying to produce music, which fails.
    His shop is about to be foreclosed by the bank, so he goes to Lester Wallace who is going to buy the shop and turn it into a strip club.
    That's the story line, but there is much more to it.

    The acting is awesome, the story line is good, the comedy is funny, Cedric the Entertainer is AWESOME in this movie as Old Man Eddie.

    What i love so much about this movie is that it's easy to follow and it's got a lot of heart. you can tell that in this movie, there is a lot of heart and that is was made from the soul, which many movies today lack.

    the cast gells right away and you can see the immediate click between them.

    i love this movie so much that i wish i could go to this barbershop, which sadly are becoming things of the past.

    great movie, a lot of heart and all soul. this is soul food. ...more info
  • An Epic Masterpiece!
    Barbershop is not just a beautiful film, but a brilliant shakespearean like epic skillfuly portrayed by an all-star cast. Our protagonist calvin (Ice Cube), works as the chief barber in his inherited barbershop in South central LA. Calvin's passion and love for this barbershop shines radiantly, thanks to the wonderful performance of ice cube. We see many layers of calvin's personality throughout the film, we see him as a comforting friend, a hard worker, a peer, and unfortunately, we also see him as an insolvent child. Such complexity allows the audience to fall in love with calvin because we see his humanity. What is beautiful of this film is that we establish a relationship with calvin before his flaw is introduced, this way we can lament WITH calvin as the events of the hectic day unfold. We find that calvin cannot pay a loan shark, and that he has till the end of the night to come up with the money or he loses his Barbershop. We watch as calvin tries to carry on a normal work day, hiding his pain and worries from his friends. While calvin worries for his barbershop, his unknowing friends and employes engage in halirious antics, political discussions, and activities that calvin would usually enjoy, but we see calvin shy away. For the first time calvin realizes the importance of friendship, the dependancy of his employees, and that the barbershop is not just a barbershop but a fragment of his own culture. It is a beautiful portrayl of a desperate mans last hours....more info
  • True to life, and keeps it real. Come hang out at the Barbershop.
    Barbershop is a rare event in African-American filmmaking. It's one of the few that actually tells a fairly accurate story of what life is like for African-Americans. I love the fact that the movie showed how diverse the African-American community is; we see black people from different walks of life and different lifestyles shown onscreen. I really liked this movie. We definitely need more films like this
    Calvin is the owner of a Chicago Barbershop passed on to him by his late father. Mired in debt from the shop and his crazy business schemes, Calvin is desperate to start something of his own and feels that the barbershop is a hindrance on his life. It's not until he sells the barbershop to a loan shark that he realizes the value of the shop to the community and sees a role for himself in the neighborhood. There are a dozen other stories that link to this main one and they're all easy to follow. One follows a stolen ATM machine, one follows the quest for love of an African immigrant, another follows a female barber and her cheating boyfriend, another follows a guy desperate for a haircut to go to a job interview, and yet another follows a white barber's quest for acceptance by the black barbers he works with. In a way, this film reminded me of those great ensemble movies like Pulp Fiction that follow many characters and their stories. Each of the stories lead up to the ending where Calvin saves the barbershop.
    Director Tim Story does a great job of capturing life in Chicago and the informal environment of the barbershop. I felt the spirit of the Windy City and the informal environment of the barbershop. Watching the conversations in the movie reminded me of the barbershop in Harlem my father used to take me to when I was a boy. It also reminded me of the charged atmosphere of the old barbershop I used to go to get my flat-top trimmed (Both are closed now.) :(
    There are a ton of great performances in this movie; I'm probably going to miss mentioning a few people. Ice Cube is great as Calvin. I liked his performance here. Michael Ealy stands out in his role as an ex-con trying to turn his life around by becoming a barber. Ealy makes you feel his characters' desperation. Cedric the Entertainer makes a breakthrough performance as an old barber. He's funny and poignant. Sean Nelson is great as an educated man who works as a barber while going to college. Anthony Anderson and Larenz Tate are hilarious as two bumbling thieves who steal an ATM with no money in it. Watching them try to open will make you laugh. Keith David is creepy as the loan shark. Then again, Keith David is always good in anything he does. I'd pay money to watch him and Sam Jackson read listings in the yellow pages.
    I don't know why Movie Critics and the Rev. Jesse Jackson denounced Barbershop, it's one of the best movies ever made about African-American life. Looking at the box office of Barbershop and Diary of a Mad Black Woman, African-Americans actually WANT more films like this. As a black moviegoer I want different black films that allow the world to see the whole community, not just one small part of it. I for one and tired of the "Hood" movies like Never Die Alone, and Critically acclaimed movies like Monster's Ball and Hustle & Flow that depict black life as something negative. (Thankfully, it seems the rest of the black community is tired of these types of movies too, the box office and DVD sales for them is declining while the box office for movies like Barbershop and Diary of a Mad Black woman are going up.) End of rant, back to the review.
    A Shawn James essential Five Star video. You must buy this movie. Get some friends together put the DVD in the machine, Pull up a chair and have a seat in front of the TV and hang out at the Barbershop.
    ...more info


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