Tech 4 O Accelerator Men's Running Watch
Tech 4 O Accelerator Men's Running Watch

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Product Description

Accurate measurement of speed distance and caloriesPedometer step counting functionStopwatch / Countdown TimerPowerful 7 day / 10 week memoryTime/Date/Daily Alarm/Dual Time Zone Settings

Whether you're a hardcore adventure hiker, an avid runner, or simply looking to count your doctor's recommended 10k steps a day, an Accelerator Series watch fits the bill. Advanced accelerometer technology provides highly accurate readings of a user's speed, distance, and caloric expenditure via a simple wrist watch sensor, eliminating the need for funny looking foot pods or belt clips. Accelerometer technology is 95+% accurate, and much more dependable than traditional pendulum based pedometers. GPS-based running products are very expensive, complicated, and aren't reliable for indoor training or under heavy tree cover. The Accelerator Series is the perfect combination of accurate readings, simplicity of use, and stylish design.

Speed & Distance Pedometer

  • Highly accurate step counter with adjustable sensitivity allows users to tune the sensors to their individual walking style. Doctors everywhere are now recommending 10k steps a day to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  • All sensors are contained in a simple wrist watch. That means no funny looking mechanical belt clips our funky shoe pods.
  • Get off the beaten path! Free yourself from mileage markers at the track or trail! Pick a new route every day! The Accelerator can automatically distinguish between running and walking, and can calculate your average speed, distance, caloric expenditure, and total exercise time.
  • The Accelerator has a delayed step counter feature that differentiates between ancillary movements and actual steps. This feature provides users with the most accurate results by delaying calculation until it has registered 10 steps in a row to eliminate false step counting.
  • The smart scheduling features allows users to set the pedometer to automatically start/stop counting steps at a predetermined time every day, so you'll never forget to turn it on.

Personal Profile

  • This feature allows users to customize their watch to their specific body type and walking/running style. No matter how fast or slow, tall or short, each user can personally enter their weight, average walking stride, and average running stride in order to ensure accurate results.
  • Hikers can easily account for loaded pack weights.
  • Runners can dial in the stride length to account for varying terrain and/or speed workouts.
  • Quickly adjust weight and stride lengths as conditioning improves.


  • The accelerator series¡¯ powerful stopwatch features allow users to record exact results to within 1/100th of a second for up to 50 laps and a total time of 24 hours.
  • Although the watch has several advanced ways of calculating speed and distance, the old-school chronograph still has a place and purpose.

Countdown Timer

  • A simple countdown timer can come in real handy at times. Set it for 10 minutes as a quick reminder. Use it to monitor your running/walking pace and set speed goals. Alternative Time Zone
  • Great for those that travel! Allows users to set and display an alternative time zone along with the current home time display. Never lose track of time no matter where you are.

Daily Alarm Mode

  • We are all creatures of habit in our daily routines. The daily alarm is a great way to set a daily reminder or morning wake up alarm.

How the Technology Works
The underlying technology in the Accelerator Series Watches is an accelerometer sensor. Accelerometers are used to measure acceleration. Originally developed during the Space Race to replace outdated gyroscopes, accelerometers can be found in a diverse range of today¡¯s products such as automobile air bags and tilt meters. In the Accelerator watch, a user's movement (acceleration) produces varying degrees of electric current within the sensor, allowing the watch to detect different levels of acceleration, and therefore measure speed and distance.

Another way to explain how an accelerometer sensor works is to envision a marble in a bowl. When the bowl is moved, or accelerated, the marble inside will roll (accelerate) along the bottom and sides of the bowl. When the bowl is accelerated faster, the marble will move a greater distance up the sides. The accelerometer sensor in the Accelerator Series watch acts like an electronic marble in a bowl. With every step forward, the wearer of the watch (bowl) is accelerating forward. By measuring the acceleration of the "marble", the software inside the watch can then calculate the wearer¡¯s speed and distance.

The Competition
There are really only a few different ways to calculate the speed and distance of human-powered, on-foot travel. The first was basic math, next came the mechanical pedometer, followed by satellite tracking GPS years later. Mechanical pedometers are cheap and abundant, but also highly unreliable. They operate on a simply pendulum clicker that relies on the walker¡¯s hip movement to count steps. Unfortunately, mechanical pedometers end up counting a lot of non-walking movements and assume that walkers are making consistent and repetitive steps.

GPS technology is impressive, but also expensive, complex, and not always ideal for outdoor activities or indoor training. Satellite signals can be lost in heavily forested areas, indoors, or behind large buildings and receiving signals eats up batteries. When a good signal can be found, often the device does not receive info often enough to account for twisty backcountry trails.

The Future
The Tech 4 O Accelerator Series fills the void between old mechanical pedometers and the overkill of GPS. A simple, yet versatile, wrist-watch design can provide extremely accurate speed and distance data in all conditions.

  • Stylish men's running wristwatch with built-in accelerometer for gauging speed
  • Produces highly accurate readings of user's speed, distance, and caloric expenditure
  • Adjustable step counter accounts for running style, stride, terrain, and pack weight
  • Built-in stopwatch and countdown timer; powerful 7-day, 10-week memory
  • Clock with 12/24-hour time, date, and daily alarm; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Best bang for the buck
    This watch is great, does the job for around $50.00. Very easy to configure and use. All the functions fit perfectly running or walking exercises....more info
  • I wish this were metal
    Plastic watches feel cheap. Its not their fault, they just do. This watch is like an ugly car with a race car engine. I love the features. I appreciate the automatic reset for counting distance and I am impressed with the accuracy. Its amazing that this watch can tell the difference between walking and running and that it is accurate even if I have my hands in my pocket instead of swinging around. I haven't used the speed function, because I'm not that fast and by the time I think of that function, I'm just standing and my speed is zero. The same is true with the calories counter, although I just think that's worthless as a feature anyway.The included manual seems cramped and poorly written, but the online guide is great. Again, I wish there was a version of this watch in metal....more info
  • Great Gift
    My husband and I bought this watch for our son in law for Christmas. He used it that very day to run with and was very excited about all of the information that was available to him. We enjoyed giving him something that he really liked and could use. ...more info
  • Awesome Watch!
    I've used many running watches before but they've all been clunky and impossible to use. My brother recommended I try the Tech4o (Tech-four-oh)Accelerator because it is really slick. I'm glad I did because this is by far the easiest watch I have ever used.

    Its not like other watches that make it a miserable chore to control the features. All you have to do is fine tune the Pedometer just the way you like it and you're off and running! It's that easy! Plus, I never have to measure out routes anymore because the watch measures distance for me. Its so accurate that I can just go run and choose my route as I go!

    I love the way it tracks my Calories burned on each run. Its damn accurate for the average runner too. No more using lousy Calorie calculators and adding up tons of figures in my head. With this watch I wanted to go out and exercise just because it was no longer a hassle to keep track of everything!

    Take it from me, a one-time couch potato who is now an avid runner. The Tech4o Accelerator is a great investment for any health-conscious person looking to have all the right gear!...more info
  • great watch, very usefull
    The good: great watch, counts your steps very accurately (although you may need to set your perssonal profile at the beginning)
    i find the watch very usefull in my day-to-day life.
    i run pretty often and have gotten accurate results each time.

    The bad: even though the step counter is accurate, i realize now after i bought the watch that it does not acctually measure distance but rather serves as a calculator that you could easily find online.
    i know you aren't seeing the diffrence so i will explain it:
    if you do not input the exact length of your regular step AND running step, your distance and calorie results will be inaccurate.

    The bottom line: this watch is a SUPERB device and has personally made my life much easier and for that i give it 5 STARS. A great buy that i haven't regreted for an instant....more info
  • Great watch plus
    I purchased this watch for myself and the women's version for my wife. We have been extremely happy with them. They give you so much information about your workout that it almost makes it fun....more info
  • Great!
    My husband is an avid runner and loves the watch! He had to adjust the stride length a few times to get the most accurate results, but otherwise it's an awesome watch. ...more info
  • Poor quality; cannot use pedometer to track daily # of steps
    My intended use for this watch was to keep track of the number of steps I take each day with the goal of taking 10,000 steps a day. I was hoping that this watch would alleviate me of the need to carry a separate pedometer. Unfortunately, it has not. The one fatal flaw is that you have to put the watch into a special "pedometer" mode in order for it to count steps. This would not be so bad except for the fact that the watch automatically exits pedometer mode when you stop taking steps for a while. The end result is that you have to monitor your watch all day and make sure it is in pedometer mode. This makes it pretty much useless for my intended use.

    My other complaint is that it is NOT water resistant to 50M as advertised. I splashed some water on it from the sink while shaving and a few days later I noticed condensation in the inside of the plastic bezel!

    The user interface is a bit tricky, but once you figure it out how to navigate the menu system, it is fairly intuitive....more info
  • So Many Features!
    This watch has so many features I haven't figured out how to use them all yet! The face is very easy to read, and once you get the gist of how it works, it has a lot of useful data. It turned out to be more of a watch than I wanted in terms of features and data storage, and it sometimes gets a bit confusing w/ out the manual handy. Still, more is better than being disappointed and you really can't beat the price for what you get....more info
  • Accelerator is a Nonstarter
    This product's bezel broke off in the first 30 days. Instructions are very confusing but they have good customer service and they will fax you instructions that are eaiser to use. Time and date are accurate but step count is suspect. Save your money....more info
  • Tech 4 O Running Watch
    This is an excellent runners watch. I only had to make one adjustment and the distance tracking is perfect. I can now run/walk anywhere and know how far I've been, how long it took, calories, and speed. ...more info
  • My New Year's Resolution Keeper
    I REALLY LOVE THIS WATCH! I tried several other "high tech" products that I couldn't figure out how to use, so I had to return them. I also tried a couple of simple pedometers that gave me all sorts of crazy readings. My Accelerator is perfect because it falls right in the middle.
    This watch is so simple to use but still has the features I want like my speed, distance, calories, and steps. I also like the looks and comfort of the watch. It's a sports watch that I don't feel funny wearing to work every day because of its big and clunky and has stylish and understated design.
    My New Year's resolution was to get back into shape and my Accelerator has really helped. I've been using it since day 1 and I've already logged 25 miles. ...more info
  • Awesome - Must Buy
    Easy to use & comfortable to wear - I've been running marathons for 15 years and have never had a better watch....a must have....more info
  • Great Watch
    You will love this watch if you know how to read instruction manuals. If you cannot read an instruction manual I doubt you will find the watch of much use. Being that I CAN read instruction manuals I am very pleased with this watch. It helps me get my 10,000 steps per day, everyday. I do agree it would be nice if the pedometer didn't time out but it does. I just simply remember to check it often- which has become a habit for me. It sure beats all those clip on pedometers- which aren't very accurate and break easily. I was going tnrough about 1 of those every 6 weeks! I Love my Tech4O watch!...more info


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