Twice-a-day Weekly Pill Organizer By Apex Healthcare Products

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Product Description

Twice A Day Weekly Pill Organizer! Two For The Price Of 1! Features: Easy Open Lids. Clear Day Read Out. AM (Pink) and PM (Blue) Slots. Never Be Confused Again!

  • Assorted Colors - Yours may be a different color from the photo
  • Separate compartments for each dose
  • Senior friendly ergonomics
  • Large capacity for multiple pill regimens
  • Size: 7.25" x 3.85" x 1.25"

Customer Reviews:

  • Lid not secure, wrong color
    This is a good idea, but has design flaws.

    1. The lids do not stay closed. They come open much too easily. I have had pills spill out.

    2. The compartments are white and opaque. Many of my pills are white and tiny. I have a hard time seeing if I got the right pills in there. I bought this because it had the dual am/pm design. My previous one was a single and I had to use 2 and remember which was am and which was pm. This is better in that way, but the others were a darker color so I could see light-colored pills better. They were also transluscent, so I could see from the bottom.

    The removable covers are good for cleaning and filling, but the flaws outweigh the benefits.

    February 4, 2008 Update: Two of the 3 units I bought are now broken. The lids on a couple of the compartments will no longer stay closed. They have not been dropped or damaged in any way. This product is defective. If I could reduce my rating, I would....more info
  • Ease of Pill Organization
    What I loved about this was that it has more than one slot a day but only 2 is hard to find! It's usually 1 or 3 or more, skipping the 2 a day people. Thanks for this great product!...more info
  • Just what I needed...
    I needed to split my medicine morning and night and this does the trick. It has plenty of room for not only my prescriptions but for vitamins too....more info
  • Good Customer Service
    I must admit that my first experience was less than perfect. Apex Healthcare products sent me the wrong product by USPS. As it was not an expensive item, I didn't bother to return it. (I had just had ankle surgery.) What I did, however, was to complain and the owner himself called me immediately and set the situation aright. And so, it took longer than I might have liked, but it all worked out very well in the end. ...more info
  • Just what it says it is
    This is just what it says it is. I wouldn't trust it loose in my purse but for a stationery product it is great. ...more info
  • Roomy Pill Box
    Works as it should, is roomy and holds a huge number of pills per compartment, even several large ones like vitamins. The lids can be removed for cleaning, the compartments are contoured for easy pill removal.

    A drawback for me is the fact that the lids open too easily. Therefore, this is a pill organizer best suited for the countertop at home but not for travel because the contents would be spilled very quickly. Other than that: Good product....more info
  • Nicest and simple twice a day pill organizer I ever had
    this pill organizer is very easy to use and large enough to accomodate 10 pills (vitamins which is usually large ones) or more. The top to color lids are removable completely so it is very easy to load. Recommended to any one....more info
  • Tops snap off easily
    The plastic tops don't have proper hinges - they're just creased plastic, so break very easily. I've had two of these, because it's all my local drugstore sells, and both had at least one missing top within 2 months of gentle use. I can't imagine these lasting more than a few months for anyone. If you buy it, consider it "disposable"....more info
  • Nice concept, bad closure design.
    Love the idea of keeping pills in A.M. and P.M. for easy sorting. The problem with this item is that it doesn't really lock when you close the compartment as some of the other pill cases do. That is my only problem. ...more info
  • Poorly made
    I've gone through 2 of these in a year. The lids pop off way too easy (even with a ziplock bag when traveling, one still needs to reorganize). With any weight or a bump, the plastic is so cheap it chips. A terrible product....more info
  • Twice-a-day weekly pill organizer
    This is the perfect size pill box for taking pills twice a day. You can get several pills in each opening. The tops are very easy to open and close. I like the brite colors of the boxes. ...more info
  • Roomy enough for vitamins and supplements
    I own several of these and am ordering more so I can prep vitamins and meds for hubby and I a couple of weeks at a time. None of mine have broken down and my oldest box is several years old, having survived a handful of cross-country trips.

    Pros: Roomy enough for my 8 huge supplement pills and several smaller medications in each compartment. Tops pull out for easy loading and washing. Cheerful colors differentiate between morning and evening doses at a glance. Incredible discount and low shipping (fast delivery, too).

    Cons: Sometimes the lids do pop open when I travel, but I just slip the pill organizer into a gallon zip bag and fold it over. You could slip a rubber band around it until you reach your destination but the zip bag is fine for me. Almost all pill organizers I've purchased have popped open in my purse so I didn't subtract a star for this....more info


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