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Why LED? The energy efficiency and durability of this otoscope is simply amazing. The LED light source has no filament to break like a conventional incandescent powered otoscope. The otoscope light source is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty that even includes replacing the entire otoscope if the LED bulb ever burns out or stops functioning. You will be absolutely amazed by the amount of light created by the LED bulb. The light produced by this otoscope is full spectrum and not the yellow light typically created by incandescent light bulbs on other otoscopes. With a light emitting diode there is no fragile filament to break so it can withstand repeated dropping or rough handling. The halogen bulbs found on other otoscopes burn very hot and eat battery power, they are also very fragile and easily damaged. The Dr. Mom Slimline LED Otoscope provides one incredible value for the price! The otoscope was engineered to specifications created by a pediatrician and a long-experienced emergency room physician. This premium quality medical instrument employs a light emitting diode (LED) as its light source, for superior light and an extraordinarily clear view of the ear canal and eardrum. There is simply no otoscope on the market that can compare to it, that will perform like it, for anything like the price of the Dr. Mom Slimline LED Otoscope!

  • The Amazing Doctor Mom Slimline Stainless LED Otoscope
  • Never worry about a burned out bulb again!
  • Complete with instruction sheet, pictures, 2 batteries, 3 re-useable specula (infant, child and adult sizes)
  • Number One Home Use Otoscope in the USA
  • Amazingly Bright Light.....Patent Pending #US60/678,142

Customer Reviews:

  • Ask your pediatrician to show you how to use it!
    Not a bad product, but definitely ask your pediatrician to give you a lesson on how to use it. The magnification isn't very powerful and the directions are a bit vague, but with practice and professional guidance, it'll do the job!...more info
  • ok.. not professional quality
    Not bad for the price. I've never used a professional one, but I assume a professional one would be of higher quality...more info
  • Thank God for the Otoscope!
    I bought the otoscope for my daughter who has four children who frequently suffer with ear infections. It has taken abit to figure out how to use it and figure out what we are seeing, but this will be great for checking the ears to see what is going on (or not) and saving many doctor re-checks after using colidal silver to get rid of existing infections....more info
    This product arrived promptly and is so much better than I had anticipated. I used to have a big heavy one that was quite expensive and heavy as well. It stopped working; I didn't know where to have it repaired...then looking on the internet I saw this Dr Mom instrument with the lifetime guarantee. We have used it a lot and recommend it highly!...more info
  • Works well for home use
    This is a nice otoscope for home use. It comes with 3 different size tips which is nice. It also has a very illuminating LED light. It's tough for me to see into the ear of my 1 yr old because she squirms but this otoscope helps a bit because the viewing area is a good size. ...more info
  • Nice and bright, but small viewing opening
    I found this a little difficult to use on my squirmy toddlers because the viewing lens is pretty small. I haven't tried the kind of otoscope with a big rectangular window, but I think that might be easier. Also, the instructions promised weren't really all that helpful. But I didn't return it because it has come in handy for other things, like viewing the inside of a small work area for craft projects, etc., and I hope as my twins get more compliant, I'll be able to use it more efficiently....more info
  • otoscope
    Fast shipment. seems as though you have to get VERY close to the eardrum to see it in focus. ...more info
  • Impressive otoscope for the price
    I was almost shocked at how well I could see my wifes eardrum with this nifty little tool. I could even see the little boney thing laying on the inside of the eardrum that I remeber studying in Biology 10 years ago in college. The light was exceptionally bright, actually it was an almost blinding light when I took off the cone and looked directly into it. It is also nice to know the bulb will last forever. My sister bought an ear scope from Walgreens to use to check her childrens ears and it went out after about 2 months and she could not find anywhere to buy a new bulb. She had to just dispose of it. She is the one that found this model and told me about it. I am very happy with my purchase.
    I also want to add that I could not see my daughters eardrum as clearly as my wifes but it was more of a problem with the fact her ear canals seemed fairly small and she seemed have have alot more earwax blocking my view. ...more info
  • Easy to use and works well
    We got this to check kids ears and noses (for inserted objects). It has been very easy to use and has saved us trips to the doctor....more info
  • Love this otoscope
    I really like this otoscope. The light is exceptionaly bright and the stuff you see in the ear is crystal clear. The instruction sheet that came with the otoscope is also very good. Amazing that the bulb will never wear out and is warrantied for life if it ever does. The bulb on my welch allyn pocket otoscope cost more than this entire otoscope and I am replacing it every 5 or 6 months.
    Very nice product all the way around!...more info
  • Excellent product
    I have had an odoscope for many years, but recently it broke so I purchased Dr. Mom's odoscope. I am so very pleased with this product. I can see the ear drum so clearly. This odoscope is so much better than my old one. I did not like the pictures of the eardrum that came with this product because they were not very accurate. HOWEVER, the product itself is amazing....more info
  • great product which gives you peace
    My daughter was having ear infections frequently (at 2 months, she got the worst) and I visited the Dr's office quite often. Sometimes I went just to check whether the infection is gone after medication. Then I bought this product but I was very skeptical. It was tough to check initially but once you get the hang of it, it is so much easier. Now, whenever I suspect, I just check her ears. Make sure you clean it with an alcohol pad or use the disposable probes. It is one product which gives me peace of mind. ...more info
  • otoscope
    Love the Otoscope! Very easy to use. My daughter has special needs and is prone to getting ear infections, since she cannot communicate it is very hard to determine what is going on with her. No more guessing, can now look in her ears and can determine if she has an infection or not. No more waiting for 3-5 days for the doctors office to see her to check her ears....more info
  • Good, bad or indifferent?
    This is a great tool! I baselined my son to know what his ears will look like when he is healthy. Practiced on other members in the household as well since a 2 year old won't sit still for long.

    A couple days ago, he had what appeared to be a blood clot come out of his ear when bathing, and there was a little bit of fresh blood. I looked in his ear and found nothing. The next day, he was pulling and prodding at the same ear. Broke out the scope again, and saw something black, that looked like a leg from a bug. Mind you, I just pulled a deer tick out of my leg a week before since my neighbors never cut their grass. Off to the doctor for an emergency visit. Doctor of course saw it as well, and determined it wasn't a bug leg, but a hair, not his. So they ended up flushing his ear, and what was likely an eyelash came out and was probably tickling his ear drum.

    ...more info
  • Small parochial school use.
    I work in a small prochial school and on a limited budget. I bought the otoscope because of the price but I was surprised at how nice it was. Our school nurse appreciated it also....more info
  • Dr Mom LED Pocket Otoscope
    I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it highly to anyone. I had bought a cheaper version at CVS for $10 but it broke twice and I just gave up on it. I went searching the web and came across this item with a lifetime guarantee and was sold. Once I received it and used it, i was even more impressed. The light is fantastic and I was able to see into my toddlers ears with no problems. If you have small kids that get a lot of ear infections or a lot of wax build up, you need to get this item....more info
  • Dr. Mom Otoscope
    This product is great to have if your kids are like my older son who constantly has ear problems. It is not limited to pediatric use. Great for the whole family. ...more info
  • Works great, if you can get your little one to sit still
    The product itself works great. My husband and I both tried using it on each other before we even dared trying it on our 15 month old sons ears. It turns out if your little one really doesn't want you looking in his ears - it will be difficult to do without a lot of experience to get that quick look you need to see if it is an infection. Our son may just be over sensitive to having his ears looked at. Good Luck!...more info
  • This Otoscope Rocks!
    I am amazed how clearly I can see with this otoscope. My brother who is a pediatrician in Atlanta reccomended it to me. I had one I bought a year or so ago at Wal-Greens for $19 and it doesn't even come close to working as well as this one. This otoscope is in a completely different league. I am so happy with the $25 I spent on this otoscope, we have already caught the beginning of an ear infection in my daughter....more info
  • Not bad for 25 bucks, but NOT a Welch Allyn
    My wife (who is a RN) and I bought this guy to save an occasional trip to the Dr's office. After trying it out for a couple of days, we find that it is an OK product.

    However, I feel compelled to write a review, because in our evaluation of this product before we bought it, we kept reading reviews on how this little guy is just the best thing since sliced bread and some people made claims that this unit is just as good as a $200 Welch Allyn otoscope. Hands down, this unit doesn't hold a candle to a Welch Allyn otoscope, and any nurse or doc who claims this unit can serve as a WA replacement unit with equal or greater performance, is out of their mind, IMHO. It's like comparing a black and decker entry level cordless drill to a top of the line Dewalt.

    For $25 dollars and occasional use, this unit is perfect, and that is how the product is marketed. If it can give you a little assurance and save you even one trip to the doc, it's paid for itself. And I imagine most purchasers of this unit will use it half a dozen times over the next 10 years. Why go drop $200 to do this if $25 will suffice?

    But a Welch Allyn it is not. The unit feels flimsy, I highly doubt it would survive any rough use or even a moderate drop. Image quality is adequate, but inferior to the WA image quality. My wife made this statement immediately after using the scope, and even after I used it, I could see the difference too (and I'm not even a trained professional).

    The light intensity is less than a WA, but I'm not sure if that is because this unit uses an LED instead of an incandescent bulb.

    Bottom line:
    As an occasional-use otoscope for the casual user, this unit should make you very happy. But this unit IS NOT a Welch Allyn replacement, and if you want the performance and quality of a WA, you should bite the bullet and go drop $200 to get one. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent ear scope for travel. Works as well as the big ones yet fits nicely into a purse or suitcase. It has a very bright light and what you see inside the ear is very clear. It also has a lead bulb which they guarantee to never go out....more info
  • Great for reading sparkplugs
    purchased for reading plugs.magnifies enough to see fuel ring clearly.would recommend this to a friend....more info
  • Great lightweight otoscope
    I'm an elementary school nurse & need to check students with ear pain on a daily basis. This is a fantastic otoscope. The light is extremely bright & the small size makes it very convenient. ...more info
  • Essential equipment for parents
    We have three young children and one of them is prone to ear infections. The symptoms are sneaky and running to the doctor every time we suspect an infection just isn't practical. For a few years, we had a cheapo drugstore otoscope. It was cheap to begin with and never worked all that well. However, it did help us diagnose a few ear infections.

    The Dr. Mom Otoscope is a HUGE leap forward. It is very bright and very clear. My only regret is that we didn't find this and buy it earlier!

    I give this my highest recommendation....more info
  • Awesome, Simple, Great Value
    I bought this since my daughter seems to be prone to ear infections. I find that the light is nice and bright. It's LED-based so that should lead to much longer battery life. It's very solid and comfortable to hold. And the included instruction sheet has some nice pictures of different types of ear drums to help you figure out what you are looking at. (Although, Wikipedia also has some great information to read on the topic.) My only complaint is that the outer edge of the plastic tips can cause some pain when inserted. The edges need to be more rounded to prevent that from happening....more info
  • Amazing little otoscope
    All I can say is awesome!

    I have been a nurse for over 20 years and can say without hesitation this is the best otoscope I have ever used. The light from this thing is amazing. I can see the eardrum better with this otoscope than I can with the very expensive Welch Allyn models they use at work.

    I am impressed! ...more info
  • This works well, on a still subject
    My 11 month old has had several ear infections and that is why I purchased this. I have hardly been able to get a look though, even when he's asleep it stirs him. His ear holes are tiny and he has a lot of wax. That is to be expected though, we can hold him down to get a look if we have to. I feel like I have to look longer to see than the docs. The light is super bright....more info


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