Bio Ionic i-Smooth 1.5" Iron RTX -2 CERAMIC Flat Hair Irons

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Product Description

Part of the new iTools line... This new Flat Iron is sure to blow away the competition! . Bio Ionic's NEWEST RTX 2 iSmooth Iron- It has natural Ion Complex Cushion Technology that leaves hair plump & hydrated, not flat & brittle like other flat irons on the market. RTX 2- iSmooth Patented Iron technology features & benefits include Natural ion complex that emits negative ions & far infrared energy.

  • 9 Temperature settings gives variable temperatures for different hair types
  • Constant heat vents to maintain fixed temperature
  • Available in 1" and 1.5" size plates
  • 50 % faster & more effective!
  • 5 Year Warranty (Shipping charges do apply)

 Customer Reviews:

  • The best
    I read reviews and the description of the product. It said it could straighten your hair in less time. Well guys, this is for real. This Iron also does not leave your hair with a funny smell, if you know what aI mean. It leaves your hair more shiny than other irons. It's also very, very, very lightweight. I can recommend it 300%...more info