Slim-Fast Optima Meal Bars, Rich Chocolate Brownie, 1.97-Ounce Bars in 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Helps control hunger. Milk chocolate flavored coating. Meal-on-the-Go: 220 Calories. Good source of protein; 30% of Daily calcium; 22 Vitamins & minerals. Research has shown that diets high in protein and dietary are satiating. Slim-Fast Optima meal bars provide a good source of protein (8g). When consumed as part of a diet rich in protein and fiber like the Optima Diet, Optima meal bars contribute to hunger control. Achieve your weight-loss goals on the Slim-Fast Plan with Slim-Fast Optima Meal Bars! Helps control hunger. Great Balanced Nutrition (per serving): Protein: 8g; Less Sugar (35% less sugar than our original milk chocolate peanut meal bar); Antioxidants: 35% of the Daily Value for Vitamins C & E; Calcium: 30% of Daily value; 22 vitamins & minerals. A convenient meal with great taste to help nourish your body and cut your calories to help you lose weight successfully!

  • 220 Calorie Meal Bar
  • 22 Vitamins And Minerals
  • Good Source Of Protein
  • 30% Of Daily Calcium

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I love these bars! They do supress hunger for up to 4 hours and they taste delicious. Not exactly the same as a real brownie.. but almost! And they are very filling. I buy them by the case now!...more info
  • My favorite Slim-Fast bar, but certainly not the healthiest.
    I lost 60 pounds on the Slim-Fast diet, and it took me SIX YEARS to gain that back. I'm back on the diet and quickly losing. Look, slimfast works because you don't eat that much, but what you eat has enough fat, carbs, and vitamins and minerals to get you through the day. Yes, I get hungry BUT I view this hunger as a badge of honor - hunger means my body is eating my fat, not the snickers bar I shoved down my face. I'm not thin -- I'm about 200 pounds and therefore NEED to lose weight. This review is for people like me, and NOT for people who need to gain weight. Also, this bar is great for kids running out the door to school, refusing to eat breakfast. They'll eat this, guaranteed, and it has enough vitamins and minerals to make me (sort of) ignore the chocolate brownie side of it....more info
  • yum!
    This is great for breakfast, with a glass of milk & OJ - quick, simple, satisfying....more info
  • Pretty good!
    I eat one of these for lunch 3-4 times a week. They're pretty good for being what they are. They are 4 Weight Watchers points, FYI.

    I, like another poster, preferred the recipe that they used before the "packaging change," but I will continue to eat this newer version. Be careful, though, it might give you smelly farts!...more info
  • Tasty!
    Perhaps not quite a snicker's bar, these things are tasty. And they are dense. One bar and a big glass of water would hold me for hours....more info
  • Deliciosoooooo Goood!
    This is best of of all the Meal Bars. It tastes so good and it curbs your appetite. Great meal replacement for girls but for guys this is a healthy alternative to junk snacking.....more info
  • Great Product...
    Nice taste, nice texture, fast delivery...

    Eat on a schedule or you will go overboard....more info
  • Not a substitute for the real thing.....
    Some of the Slim Fast meal and snack bars are yummy. And some just don't cut it. The Rich Chocolate Brownie disappoints. I don't expect it to taste like the real thing but this isn't even remotely close. The texture leans closer to fudge than to brownies. Either way, it also doesn't satisfy my appetite as well as a Slim Fast shake (which has fewer calories). I can't recommend this one....more info
  • They are soooooo yummy
    I have used these to help lose and maintain weight loss for several years. They help to curb the chocolate acts that get me so often when I'm stressed. ...more info
  • sinnnfully delicious!!!
    i personally love this flavor...i eat it all the time. and i've lost close to 20 pounds and all i pretty much eat are slim fast stuff and also other health foods and i exercise plenty...i guess you just have to find a flavor you like, and i really like this one. i want to try all their different products eventually......more info
  • Nasty
    Brownies should not taste like that. This product does not taste as good as it appears. ...more info
  • Great Product...
    Nice taste, nice texture, fast delivery...

    Eat on a schedule or you will go overboard....more info


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