Air-O-Swiss Digital Air Washer- Black(2055D)

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Product Description

Control the humidity and clean your air at the same time with the Air-O-Swiss air washer model 2055D. The beauty of an air washer is that in addition to being a humidifier, it traps pet hair, large dust and pollen particles in its base unit, which can be easily cleaned. Perfect for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or sinus pressure and wants a portable humidifier and air cleaner to ensure a healthy environment. Also, unlike other air washers, this one has a hygrostat for automatic monitoring of humidity levels. This unit uses the Air-O-Swiss patented mineral stick for anti-bacterial protection of the water and requires no expensive replacement filters, unlike most humidifiers. Instead of placing two separate units to humidify and purify a room, the 2055D single unit and its technology can perform both tasks, leaving more space for other home items. The special humidifier discs inside constantly turn through the water and remove many impurities from the air. The pre-ionizer feature causes the dust particles to form clusters, making it easier to be captured by the constant rotating discs. Exceptionally fast and is effective in large areas up to 750 sq. ft.

  • In addition to being a cool mist humidifier, it traps pet hair, large dust and pollen in its base
  • Has Ionic Mineral Stick for anti-bacterial protection of the water, and needs no replacement filters
  • Unlike other air washers, the 2055D has a humidistat to monitor humidity levels
  • Covers a room up to 750 sq. ft.
  • Having a single unit clean and humidify a room allows more space for other items in your home
Customer Reviews:
  • Works for sure!
    We bought this product a while back and this is the first humidifier that we've bought. I did some research and wanted one that was a combination of an air purifier and a humidifier. So far, we love the product. My wife says her skin and hair feel much better. She also has sinusitis so she has also seen a big difference in her ability to breathe.

    The only problem we've had is that the digital display is a little too bright for us! It illuminates the room a little too much. Other than that we love its two speed function, love the fact that it doesn't have any filters, and that it cleans our air. It also has a section where you can put a cotton that has been doused in essential oil so it humidifies and smells good!

    We've already cleaned it about four times because it got dirty very fast for us, and it reminded us that it was time to clean it. I haven't had a chance to go around cleaning the humidifying discs, and wont be able to comment on how easy or hard that is.

    Overall we like the product! ...more info
  • Simply amazing! Worth every penny!
    This was worth every penny. I bought our first one from a retail store and paid full price. It worked so well on the upper level of my home I bought two for the lower level as well as nother one for the upper level to accomodate the space. We have stopped using the humidifier that is hooked up to our AC units as well as the one connected to our heating units. Cleaning is a bit of a task but if you treat the machine well it will return the favour. We live in Colorado and as of recent the relative humidity has been around 5% and these machines are keeping the humidity level very steady at the 45% we have it set at. Even in the winter the machines are able to keep our humitidy leves at 50% or higher as we have occasional set it for. It is very important for us to keep the humidity up as we are very concerned about the wood furnishings we have and making sure they are kept in not such a dry air home and the furniture is doing great. I would highly advise that this is the best purchase you can make and your sleep will even improve with the improved air quality. The noise level is not a bother; it doesn't interrupt our daily lives. You are running a humidifier that is acutally working, it is not going to be silent....more info
  • so far so good
    We waited a long time to get a humidifier. We finally found what seems to be the best combo of both humidifier and purifier. The version by Air-O-Swiss looked like the best bet as far as quality. While expensive it has so far been great at bringing up the humidity level in our all too dry house. We have had it for three weeks now and it runs great. ...more info
  • loud and not much humidity
    On the loud setting it produces little humidity. The loud setting is too loud to sleep with. On the quiet setting, it produces way too little humidity. I wake up feeling very dry in the throat. We have only had it a few nights and haven't cleaned it yet. There are lots of disks to clean, but I don't know how difficult that is. We live in Colorado and so it is very dry, but we have liked the humidifier that we had for years before this one. That one was by Slant/Fin. The Slant/Fin gurgles and has fan noise, but I could sleep through that. It humidified well and was easy to clean. The Air-O-Swiss on the quiet setting occassionly makes a loud "glug" kind of a noise which I didn't like. I might get a Slant/Fin again after we return this one. However, the Slant/Fin just sold their humidifier line to kaz Inc,. So...who knows what will become of them shortly....more info
  • Not quite worth the price tag....
    When I first began running this humidifier, I was thrilled with the results...for about two weeks. Unfortunately, when the cleaning light blinked for the first time, I cleaned the machine, and it has never operated properly since those first two weeks. The humidity now does not rise above 30%, even though it was initially getting up to 60%. The Air-O-Swiss toll-free number has a twenty minute wait, and when I did finally get in touch with an operator, their suggestions were straight out of the user's manual, all of which I had already tried. As a major allergy sufferer, I was *very* excited to find this model initially, since it does not require any moldy filters, and is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely quiet, easy to fill, and, it seemed, high-functioning. But I've been struggling to improve the performance of this machine for weeks, and have severe doubts about whether it's worth the extreme price tag. And considering that cleaning the base and the filters is such a time-consuming chore (every two weeks, at least), I would have trouble recommending such an expensive product....more info