Air-O-Swiss AOS Ultrasonic Humidifier - 7135

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Product Description

The Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Warm Mist Humidifier uses high-frequency vibration to generate a micro-fine mist. It has a built-in hygrostat and an output regulator button. A replaceable demineralization cartridge ensures a hygienic, pure water mist, without lime scale or mineral residues. When operated with the pre-heating function, the water is heated to 176F before it enters the nebulizer chamber. The mist exits the humidifier at a comfortable 104F, so the mist does not cause room temperature to fall. Pre-heating also keeps the water cleaner. The Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Warm Mist Humidifier also features Automatic and Sleep modes. Automatic mode maintains ideal humidity you select in relation to room temperature. When the Sleep mode is set, the unit shuts off after eight hours. Powerful & exchangeable demineralization cartridge prevents white dust Built-in hygrostat for controlled humidification Timer Auto & Sleep modes Output regulator button Multi-function LCD display Powerful & exchangeable demineralization cartridge Quiet operation Easy-to-clean & handle Mains voltage - 120 V/60 Hz Power consumption - 40 W (without preheating), 140 W Room coverage - up to 600 sq. ft. Humidification performance - up to 3.5 gallons/24h Water capacity - up to 2 gallons Unit Dimensions - (L x W x H) - 15.2 x 8.8 x 15.4; Weight - 7 lbs (empty)

  • Tri-band microbial protection (Ionic Silver Stick, Pre-heating, Ultrasonic System)
  • Ionic Silver Stick uses aqueous silver ions to prevent & control microbial growth for up to one year of continuous use
  • Choose cool or warm (104F) humidification
  • Ambient temperature is not cooled down
  • Improved system to keep the water clean

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Quiet
    The quietest humidifier I have yet owned. Easy to refill but needs frequent cleaning....more info
  • AIr-O-Swiss 7135
    I really love this humidifier for home use. The sleep mode is very good for sleeping and waking up without a dry throat. The humidifier is very simple to use and it gives off a lot of humidity compare to less expensive ones. It works extremely well in small to medium rooms, but it works in large rooms well if you have it pointed in your direction. The only fault that I have fond is that it requests cleaning more often than I think necessary, but other than that it has helped my family and we are enjoying using it. That I why we bought a second one for our toddler....more info
  • soaked.....
    Although this humidifier is unbelievably quiet, on even the lowest possible setting, it produces so much mist that it must be used on a stand or table (and one that is impervious to water at that). If you place it on the floor, as we did at first, you have a good chance of ruining the wood. The spout, which is critical, was packaged separately from the humidifier itself, which my husband didn't notice until I mentioned that it should be there. That resulted in a dumpster dive to retrieve the missing piece, but not before a serious flood. But even with the spout in place, we were mopping up every morning.

    We are, therefore, not able to use it in the bedroom, but it is doing a fantastic job of mitigating the dryness we get in our living room, with it's wood burning stove fireplace insert.
    ...more info
  • Expensive but quiet and effective
    I wanted a quiet humidifier that changes the humidity of a medium-sized room. I got what I wanted, though it is quite expensive. Careful if shipping from Canada via UPS (paid $41 in brokerage fees to UPS on top of $38.92US S&H to Ace Hardware Outlet!)...more info
  • Great Product!
    We have 2 of these humidifiers. They are great and very quiet. Also they're easy to clean. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good Product - Horrible Seller (Factory Direct)
    I purhcased two of these humidifiers. One works wonderfully - I love it! The other came defective. Factory Direct took 48 hours to respond and offered no assistence other than to direct me to the manufacturer - stating that it was a warrenty issue. The seller is supposed to work with me for the first 30 days, as stated on Amazon. Fortunately, Air-O-Swiss was very helpful, but shouldn't Factory Direct accept a return or exchange when they ship you a defective item? I recommend this item be purchased at a more customer-friendly store like Bed Bath and Beyond. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I have had many humidifiers and this by far seems to be the best. You get what you pay for. Adjustable humidity, silent operation, and easy cleaning. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great humidifier. Also no white dust!...more info
  • I like this product. It works well.
    I've used drug store humidifiers before and they were not satisfactory. This humidifier is very satisfactory. It's quiet with just a slight gurgle. The mist is comfortable, not overwhelming. Living in a dry climate, I like to think a little extra humidity is a good thing....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this for my husband hoping it would give him some relief from his allergies. It works great even though we have very hard water. And best of all, my husband hasn't needed his allergy medicine at all since we started using it (about 1 month now). An added benefit is that he doesn't snore anymore! The only drawback to this item is that it does leave a white powder like dust in the room, but it cleans up easily enough. ...more info
  • AIR-O-SWISS 7135
    After having a basic water resavour with fan unit this is a great device! Very quiet and adds a good deal of humidity into the room. This unit is totally controlable via time, amount of humidity heat or not etc. The only thing that could be a negative (as usual) is the price of the consumables. Ionic Purifier, resin beads and cleaner. All in all, it is a quality humidifier with nice styling. ...more info
  • Clean, quiet, and efficient
    You can add my voice to the previous reviews lauding this product. Although the cost was steep, I'm quite satisfied with this unit. As this is my second humidifier, I have something to compare to. What do I like?

    - Very quiet. You barely hear it.
    - Clean! The ionized silver stick, combined with the water heating, works! This is what killed my last humidifier -- too much microbial growth that I aggressively cleaned with bleach.
    - Lots of control - you can set the humidity, put it on a timer, and decide if you want the water preheated.
    - Preheated water makes the room feel warmer in winter.

    The built-in psychrometer also makes this more efficient. I fill the unit less than I used to (for a similar volume of water in the tank) primarily because the humidifier only puts moisture in the air when it needs to.

    The only point against it for me so far is the system the manufacturer uses to try to get you to clean the unit and filter the water by purchasing their approved materials. ...more info
  • great for allergies!
    after buying this product, i am able to sleep at night with the extra moisture in the air. it feels good to wake up without a dry mouth! very useful with allergies...more info
  • Nice humidifier.....
    We use it in our son's room .... works great ..... very quiet and effective....more info
  • Ultra-quiet, ultra-effective humidifier.
    The Air-O-Swiss 7135 is the quietest humidifier I've ever used. Other than a very slight fan hum (due to the active humidity level monitoring of this unit), it is perfectly silent while operating. It has also proven very effective in maintaining proper humidity levels, and with options for hot or cold mist, this is sure to please.

    Two gripes follow:

    First, I bought this unit as I was tired of constantly purchasing moldy wick filters in other models, which were also very loud. Although quiet and without such wick filters, you will regularly pay for a submersible water filter and, less frequently, an ionizer that sits (rather unceremoniously) in the bottom of the unit. If you're expecting to be out of the woods in terms of ongoing consumable cost with this humidifier, this isn't the one. The exception would be to not purchase either the water filter or the ionizer, but expect a layer of white dust all over your room. The picture of this item cleverly does not show the filter, which is about the size of a soup can and is readily visible inside the water tank on the lower right side. This filter also reduces the volume of the water tank.

    Secondly, this thing couldn't possibly be more inconvenient when it comes time to fill the water tank. The filler cap is on the bottom of the tank, and is attached to the soup-can-sized water filter. After unscrewing the cap and carefully pulling out the attached filter, the tank is ready to fill. The bad news - there is no handle to hold on the bottom while filling! You're forced to hold the tank inverted, with your hand clasping the handle from the top of the unit, while balancing the tank (and its rising water level) on your wrist.

    Bottom line - a very effective and quiet humidifier with easily-customizable settings, but still carries the ongoing costs of other humidifiers and is a pain to fill....more info
  • It's dead! White dust problem finally solved, but now it has died.
    I liked this humidifier at first. I had no idea what was causing my house to be so dusty because I purchased the unit on and the website still advertises "no white dust." I had never had any problem in the past with other humidifiers producing this crazy white dust! Well, once I figured out the humidifier was to blame, I was told over and over it was a HARD water problem by tech support and online research. I have a water softener and visitors to my home report my water is extremely soft (I had it tested later and it is very soft). I had a terrible problem with white dust everywhere within DAYS of replacing the filter, just like another reviewer with a softener, J. VanOrman. Strangely, I also live in Las Vegas, like her! Hmm, maybe weird water here.
    So for months I solved the problem by using reverse osmosis water from my filter downstairs. Problem solved, I guess. Expensive filters to buy every 2 months (just to make sure!) and I use my entire tank of reverse osmosis water in the humidifier every 12 hours, requiring 2-3 hours for my reverse osmosis tank to refill (with no drinking water during that time!). Oh, and now I have 2 kids, so I have a new humidifier, too. (NOT the AOS). So now one of them doesn't get humidified air because I don't have enough filtered water to go around. I always pick the sick kid to have the humidified air, otherwise I just try to fill them at different times of the day (like a full-time job some days!)
    Now the humidifier is dead. Completely dead after one year of maybe an average of one week per month use. (I didn't use it more than that because I kept trying all kinds of different things to solve the white dust problem!) Now it just won't turn on. Maybe it got so tired cranking out white dust into every orifice of my home that it died. I mean I had to clean out my CD player downstairs and the INSIDE of every cabinet in my kitchen because the white dust was so bad. And it is in my son's room upstairs! Just a horrible experience for me all around. Just picture me climbing 12-foot ladders dragging my vacuum cleaner and hose up there so I could vacuum my curtains covered in visible, noticeable white dust, way up on my wall!
    So, white dust solved by expensive filters plus using distilled or filtered water, too. And refill the humidifier every 12 hours. Oh, I forgot to mention, per manufacturer instructions, I placed it at the edge of my son's fine wood dresser. I focused the mist away from the dresser into the room and it caused severe water damage to the wood over a period of time from the mist. Never does it say elevate the humidifier only on a plastic surface to prevent damaging everything with water. Don't most people use these things in bedrooms? All of the bedrooms in my house have wood furniture, and that's the only thing I have to set a humidifier on. And, yes, I did use a little plastic placemat and towel under the humidifier. This damage is in a large area, not from drips but from the actual mist itself. My kid gets to live with the damage for a long time because his furniture is quite lovely and new, so he's not getting a new set for a while. I guess I'll try to refinish the top? That's actually my lowest priority concern with this machine!!
    BUYER BEWARE. Other than that, it works pretty well. Oh, wait, it died tonight. It doesn't work at all. And my poor boy has a terrible cold. That is why I took the time to even bother writing this review. I am extremely frustrated....more info
  • Great humidifier
    We've only had this for a week, but so far it's been extremely quiet and does just what it's supposed to do. 3 gallons seems to be good for about two day's use if you set it to about 40% humidity. Amazingly, it seems that since the air in our room is much more humid, it also retains heat much better so we don't have to turn on our space heater quite so high. And as a result the air is more evenly heated....more info
  • Excellent Humidifier
    I have only had the unit a little over a week and surprisingly found that it has made a big difference in sleeping through the night. It is definitely quiet. Most enjoyable is the ability to set it for a set amount of time... No worries about it running empty. I gave this unit a 4 as it is not perfect. The fill up mechanism is a bit cumbersome and the only real negative to this unit. It is a pain to remove it and turn it upside down to refil. Other than that, I would probably buy another because it's performance is excellent. I have not noticed anything spewing in the air as previously reported by others. ...more info
  • If 6 stars were an option, I would rate it 6!
    Best humidifier I have ever owned. I have used 2 different versions of the Vicks' humidifiers and this is by far the best. You get what you pay for. I am able to breath better at night. I love how you can set the humidity. We use the warmer option, so that the room does not get cold at night from the mist. Most importantly, it shuts off automatically once it reaches the humidity set, and will turn on automatically when the humidity drops. Lastly, you can set a timer off, so that it will shut off in the morning. Energy saver as well as healthier, peaceful nights' sleep! In fact, we are going to purchase another one!...more info
  • A larger water container please
    Great humidifier. The ultra-sonic machine blows cool or warm mist.
    Biggest pain is that the water container for this particular model holds a relatively small amount of water. when I turn it on high, I will need to refill the water as much as twice a day.
    I would pay $20 more for a water container that will last 2 full days on the high humidity setting. But, then again, I also know that this container will be heavy to carry for some.

    ...more info
  • Very Quiet, Perfect for a Bedroom
    You can set the amount of steam flowing, warm or cold. No matter the setting, it is always quiet. One of the LCD numbers indicating the humidity levels broke, and Best Vacuum replaced it right away. The second unit is fine. No humidifier is perfect. I keep mine on all night and disassemble it every morning, dry the base with a towel, and leave the tank open to dry. If you do this, then you won't have to deal with sediment on the base which is really hard to get off. Overall, I am very happy with this product and I would buy it again. I am rating it 4 stars because the first LCD failed when I used it for the first time, and the humidity sensor is not very accurate....more info
  • sticky white dust in lungs ??!!
    Air-O-Swiss AOS Ultrasonic Humidifier - 7135Air-O-Swiss AOS Ultrasonic Humidifier - 7135Air-O-Swiss AOS Ultrasonic Humidifier - 7135

    You must have read already about how effective is Air-O-Swiss 7135 as humidifier, BUT the same time how much white dust will lay on any horizontal or vertical surface.

    My absolute NO came when I found the sticky white dust INSIDE the desktop, on computer parts, and in the DVD player. Be aware, this is not just dust to remove it with a dry cloth. THIS IS STICKY !!
    I guess the next visit should be to a doctor to see how much I have in my lungs.

    I am astonished this product continues to be sold in the health department !!!...more info
  • Don't bother -- doesn't work
    I was tired of buying new ones ever few years so I thought I would buy a **goo** (expansive) one instead. But all the gadgets on this actually didn't help. I set the desired humidity at 60% in a very dry house and watched it pump out the humidity for less than a minute and then shut off. Then the humidity it pumped out would dispurse in the room and it would go on again in another minute, but only for a few seconds until it found that it had 60% humidity right around it. I suppose if you set right next to it while it was on you might be in close to 60% humidity, but what about the rest of the room?

    Forget it. Its going back....more info
  • Very good humidifier!
    Overall, this is a good humidifier. We have one of these humidifiers, a Honeywell "warm mist" humidifier, and a Honeywell "cool mist" humidifer to humidify our 2,400 sq ft home in Phoenix, which has very low humidity especially in the winter time. This is the third season we've used this unit.

    Mode of operation: This humidifier works by vibrating a membrane at ultrasonic frequencies to break water into a visible mist of water droplets. I wouldn't necessarily call this a "cool mist" humidifier, because cool mist humidifiers typically refer to evaporative humidifiers that use a fan to push air through a wet filter. There is a pre-heating function to heat the water mist, but again I wouldn't necessarily call this a "warm mist" humidifier, because warm mist humidifiers typically refer to humidifiers that actually boil the water into steam, which this humidifier does not do.

    Ability to humidify: Of all three of our humidifiers, this is the middle unit. It can raise the humidity in about a third of our house between 10-15 percentage points.

    Noise: This humidifier is essentially noiseless. If you put your ear directly on the unit, you can sort-of detect a little humming. Every 30-45 minutes you may hear a slight "gurgle" as more water is being let into the base from the tank. That's it!

    Hygrometer accuracy: Of all three of our humidifiers, the digital hygrometer on this unit is the worst. It always seems to read 29-33 percent humidity, whereas the humidity on two of our stand-alone hygrometers read between 38 and 45 percent.

    Type of water that has to be used: It is imperative to use good water with ultrasonic humidifiers, or use (and periodically replace) the included demineralization cartridge. In particular, reverse osmosis water or distilled water is best; we use the latter. If you have somewhat hard water, and do not use the demineralization cartridge, you will get a fine white mist all over the room, as the hardness in the water is distributed within the room. If you have very hard water, even the demineralization cartridge might not work completely, such that you'll have to get reverse osmosis or distilled water. We have soft water, which the demineralization cartridge does not counteract, and if we use this type of water in the unit, we'll get a fine white mist of salt all over the room.

    Ease of cleaning: Pretty easy with distilled water. Every couple of weeks, I rinse the interior of the unit, and the tank. If you use hard water, you may have to descale the unit. Air-O-Swiss recommends their own descaler, but there's no reason why vinegar won't work.

    Consumables: There are one or two consumables: the demineralization cartridge (which we do not use), and the ionic silver stick. Both are pretty pricey, especially the latter, even though you only have to replace it annually. It is imperative not to skip usage of the ionic silver stick, which helps ensure that bacteria and mold do not grow in the tank. True warm mist humidifers boil the water and thus ensure that bacteria and mold are not flung about the room, and true cool mist humidifiers evaporate the water thus basically leaving the bacteria and mold in the tank. By comparison, ultrasonic humidifiers like this unit take the water -- with whatever "bad things" are in the water -- and fling small droplets of the water into the air. If there are bacteria and mold in the water, the ultrasonic humidifiers *will* fill the room with them. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you use the silver stick and change it out as recommended so that your humidifier is not making your room sick. Also, when you use the pre-heating function on this humidifier, it raises the water temperature to 176 degrees, which can kill most but not all bacteria....more info
  • Awesome, Except It Doesn't Raise the Humidity Level
    I really wanted to like this humidifier. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and well built. But no matter where I put it or how I set it up, it would not raise the humidity in our bedroom. (I tried closing the doors, changing the airflow in the room, etc... The bedroom is about 100 to 200 sqft) The humidity would stay around 25 to 35% which is too low to be comfortable for me. (I tested the humidity level with another digital hygrometer also and it came in pretty close.)

    I bought this to replace a cheapie that was an extreme pain to clean, but at least the cheap one raised the humidity level.

    The AOS 7135 would put out a fine mist of water and used up a container of water in about 15 hours, but still didn't do anything for the humidity level. (No white dust problems at all.)

    I gave up after a month of messing with it. I am going to try out the Air-O-Swiss 7144 model and see how it works...
    ...more info
  • Wonderful humidifier
    I've just developed dry eye syndrome and needed a new humidifier. I've now purchased three in the past month. I purchased this humidifier from a local linen store that regularly offers coupons. It far exceeds the other humidifiers I've owned. These are the reasons why:
    -The filters are really very economical. Some reviewers complain of expense in maintaining the filters. You do not need to purchase a new filter, only the resin pellets inside. It is easily replaced and much less expensive than buying an entire new filter. The pellets are available in a pack of three at the above store. I would rather use a filter than have white dust all over.
    -The instructions specifically say not to fill with water from a water softener or it may crack the tank. I use Pur filtered water to fill it. Filtered water extends the humidifiers filters life. I've never seen any white dust.
    -I love the humidistat, but I don't consider it perfectly accurate (it rarely matches my household humidistat). Since the humidistat is built directly into the unit, it's going to read a little higher than my humidistat across the room. It is very simple to realize this and adjust accordingly. What's great is that you can set the humidity level you want and it will maintain it. Some humidifiers allow you to adjust the mist flow, but don't moderate the flow according to the humidity.
    -It has an automatic safety shut off for when the water runs out.
    -It is simple to fill.
    -It has either warm or cool mist.
    -It has a filter cleaner indicator.
    -It is very, very quiet. I bought this unit to replace the much noiser SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with Ion exchanger. That's a nice little humidifier, but it doesn't put out nearly the same mist and it's much noisier. I couldn't sleep with it in my bedroom.
    -It is very well thought and and very well built.
    -It is easy to maintain and stays very clean.
    -A full tank of water lasts me for about 24 hours depending on the humidity level I want. I keep it running all day, every day without a problem.

    I'd buy it again. It was well worth the money.
    ...more info
  • What a wonderful machine!
    I've gone through a bunch of different humidifiers and they all had some sort of flaw that made them unbearable... they were loud, needed to be cleaned, didn't seem to work, etc.. This huidifier beats all of them out of the water - it's FANTASTIC! No noise, bearely any cleaning or maintenance, no white dust, and my skin and sinuses thank me continuously for putting this in my house. My parents loved it so much after a visit that they bought one for their house and are now ordering a second one. It's a great thing, although pricey, but SO worth it!!...more info
  • Models have issues with overflow and flooding - AVOID!
    I am writing this review after prolonged experience with the Air-O-Swiss 7135. I bought one early last winter because I live in a walk-up in New York City which has ancient central heating that I can't adjust. Consequently, it dries the air like there's no tomorrow.

    I chose the Air-O-Swiss because they have a reputation as a company that produces a high quality products - however, after my experience I'm left wondering just how this reputation came about.

    The 7135 is initially fantastic - it looks great, feels sturdy, is virtually silent and does its job well (although for a humidifier this size in a medium sized studio with brutal central heating, the best you're going to achieve is around 35% humidity). The tank is easy to fill, the unit is easy to maintain and all seems well. One thing I will say is to echo the experience of others who have found that the digital readout on the unit is around 10% out - I have a good quality hygrometer which is situated nearby and they both give totally different readings. But not to worry, since I need the unit to go full blast all the time, it does not matter to me what the readout is. It's never going to give me my ideal 45% humidity, so I never need it to shut off.

    Now, onto the problem. The first unit I bought in 2007 developed a leak after about 3 months of use. The tank, when filled with water, doesn't leak by itself - neither does the reservoir in the base. But put the tank on the reservoir and turn it on and after around 20 minutes water begins to gush from the join between the two. Whatever physical mechanism prevents water from coming out of the tank when the reservoir is full, ceases to work and the result is flooding - a disaster if you've gone out and left it running.

    I was told that perhaps there was a hairline crack somewhere which was letting air in and screwing with the level of the water in the reservoir. I looked everywhere and concluded that if there is a hairline crack, it's going to be impossible to find. So the store I bought it from exchanged it for a new one. I have to point out that I treated the unit with kid gloves, never banged the tank on anything and was always extremely careful to position the tank on the base gently. Whatever caused it to fail, it wasn't maltreatment.

    So, I had a new unit. I didn't use it much because it was the end of the winter anyway, so it was stored in the box in the closet over the spring and the summer. At the time of writing, I've used the new one for approximately 2 months and it's developed exactly the same overflow problem. It only overflows when the tank is on the base and it's switched on, after around 20 minutes of use.

    Contacting Air-O-Swiss I've been told that the tank probably has a hairline crack somewhere and that I should order a new tank at a price of $29.99. But two factors are telling me "no."

    First of all, this is the second unit I've had and it's developed exactly the same problem after a similar duration of time. This alone tells me that the model itself has an issue - but that's not all. I spoke to the women in the store that I bought it from and she told me that they have had quite a few units returned with the same problem. I also spoke to a guy at work recently who has had a couple of these and they overflowed too.

    From reading some of the rave reviews here, I suspect that people have rated this product based on its initial performance, which admittedly is great. I wonder how many of them have gone on to experience the same problem as me and many others, a few months down the line.

    I think basically what's up is that the tank is not made particularly well and I believe that Air-O-Swiss is fully aware of the issue and figures that they'll just sell replacement tanks and that most people will be happy with that scenario. But it is already enough that I have to buy replacement filters and a silver stick once a year. Add to that the cost of a new tank every few months and it's just not worth it. I honestly feel ripped off with this product and would advise others not to buy it. I know what it's like when you see a bum review on Amazon among lots of rave reviews: the tendency is to think "what's his problem? He just got a faulty unit!" - but in this case, I think that given the experience that I've had with two units and the experiences I've heard of others who have had the same unit for a while, the review is justified. Don't waste your money on the Air-O-Swiss, there's a very good chance that yours will leak too. ...more info
  • Parkinson's Sufferer
    My 89 y.o. Dad suffers from Parkinsons. Since he doesn't swallow as often as non afflicted he is tormented with a phlegm build up during the night. This warm mist vaporizer made a significant improvement in his breathing comfort as well as speaking ability. It is absolutely silent and maintains the desired humidity levels. Since we have an undercounter filtration system we do fill it with filtered water and I would recommend that for any machine designed to process water. We are very pleased....more info
  • I have owned every Humidifier made....this is it!
    I will keep this simple...I am a researcher and never just buy anything. I am that woman (you all know someone like me) that knows the "best products to buy" in every area because I can't just buy something without 6+ months of hard research, comparison and evaluation. Well over the last 15 years I have owned 7 humidifiers...most I won't even mention how bad they were...if you are reading this you probably had one. Overall an ultrasonic humidifier is best and if you ever have ONE cold night the HEAT option is a must. I prefer to use the humidifier to heat vs. our heater....better quality warmth for your health. Anyway, back to the son is now 6 and has Asthma. He also suffered with whooping cough every year since he was 6 month old. Winter is NOT our friend and humidifiers are my life starting in Oct until late FEB. I have to say that the thing I am most impressed about is FIRST the silver Ionic does keep the humidifier CLEAN and SLIME FREE. The silver stick keeps water purity and any bacteria or slime for building up...keeping this product clean and operational is a breeze. I have used both distilled water and tap in my system. I prefer the distilled (cheap in bulk at a local warehouse or grocery the cheap stuff at apx. .39 - .59 cents per gallon) it is worth it!!!1 Distilled water prevents the white smoke and second keeps the system running better for YEARS! As I said I have used both with this system and the optional filter for use with the tap water prevents the white smoke but will not prevent the hard water build up. I keep my system very clean, but over time the hard water build up will be what breaks down this product and prevent the ultrasonic process to work. AGAIN use Distilled water if you can you will save $$$ long term by not buying the filters and not replacing the unit. I have now had my Air o Swiss for 3 1/2 years and it is still going great guns. I can't believe how AMAZING this system is and I paid close to 200.00 for my unit at time of purchase (trust me, then that was a great deal). I had held out for so long not thinking any humidifier could be worth more than 50.00...but this one has proved me wrong. I am currently working on my next Air O Swiss Purchase for my daughters room....I can't tell you enough good things about this unit. Simple, it stops putting out moisture when the room hits the desired level of moisture ( LOVE THAT) no loud noise, very simple to set up and use, no filters to purchase or replace, minimum cleaning needed (about once every two weeks or so) the Silver Ionic Stick preventing slime and crud....shuts off when out of seems smarter than I am and with sick kids you need that!

    I hope this helps someone with the purchase...I have the basic cool/warm Air o Swiss and the Digital. My first was the basic (non digital) and to be honest its your call. Is it worth the extra $$ probably not, its just another bell and whistle, but it just makes it easier to use and less stressful that trying to find your "sweet spot" with the two dials. If you really want a cool unit and cost is not the biggest issue....look at the Air O Swiss 7144 (apx. 199.00) it looks nicer and is the same gallon size with less energy and less space. It does all the exact same thing as this one but smaller size and a little less obvious in your room...thats my new purchase for this year...Happy New Year to me! Good Health and Good Luck....Just go ahead and buy a few of the silver sticks to have on hand. You only need to replace it once a year, but its easier to have it before you need it so when you pull it out for next year you are ready and not in parts stress!...more info
  • Super quiet... some design flaws.
    We have been using this humidifier for three months now and so far it's really been great. Originally got it to humidify children's rooms when they're sick and it is so quiet it doesn't disrupt their sleep. Even when water "glugs" out of the tank into the base, you can barely hear it. As far as I can tell the humidistat works well and the machine really does regulate mist output based on the external reading. You truly can't hear it coming on and off, you have to really listen. That feature is wonderful.

    We've had no problems with white dust, or with mildew in the unit and have had no scale buildup. I like that you can buy granules to change out the cartridge inside the tank rather than buying whole new cartridges. That's a huge money saver and it's not a big deal to change out. It's very easy to clean, I didn't think the silver stick or the cartridge would make that big of a difference but they really do! The water coming out is so clean and doesn't make the room smell musty. If the room does get musty, you know it's time to change the cartridge.

    I only have two complaints about this machine. First, there is no handle on the bottom of the tank to make filling it with water easier. Even cheap models have this feature so I don't know what happened in the design process here. I've just taken to holding onto the fill hole. The tank is so sleek that trying to hold onto that is futile, it just slips right out of your hands.

    Second, when I received the machine and used it for about a week, a small leak developed in a seam at the front of the tank. It started to leak in the corner of the arch that fits over the controls. The seller never responded to me when I tried to find out if I could make an exchange, so I ended up going to the Air-O-Swiss website and ordering a replacement tank for $20. Everything works fine now.

    Sure, I wish this humidifier was cheaper, but if you want something quiet that doesn't make a room overly wet and clammy while still not spending over $200 for something industrial, this works fine. ...more info
  • Excellent humidifier...revised review
    I've had many other humidifiers over the years and this is hands down the best. I welcome spending money on the silver element and the demineralization cartridge. Sure beats buying filters and cleaning ones with mineral build up on them. I will buy another for my bedroom just because it's so quiet. I would have given it 5 stars if if the top had been made flat so that it would sit evenly on the counter for filling. Already it has outperformed my old one in terms of raising the humidity levels.

    I've now used this item for 3 weeks and I just got done (in 20 degree weather) cleaning out my totally plugged up electronic furnace air filters. Even the copper connections had white dust all over them. I had to use my air compressor to fully clean out the filter cells and it sent huge clouds of white dust all over the place. I thought the cartridge was supposed to deal with this. Granted I live in a area with minerals in the water but I eliminate most of them with a water softener. Item is now used so it can't be returned. Anway I now revise my rating to 2 stars. It's extremely quiet, no slimy stuff, easy to use BUT...I'm breathing all this dust!!! I had such high hopes for this item....more info
  • I really wanted to like this unit more, but...
    After having my eye on this particular model for over a year, but not wanting to spend the $160 it retails for at our local Bed Bath and Beyond, I was ecstatic to find it on their clearance cart for $67 (after coupon). Apparently someone had returned it, and the cashier told me I could return it if I didn't work for us.

    Well, now I think I can see why it was returned. It seems to work fine and really cranks out the mist, but hasn't done anything to raise humidity in the bedroom where it's located. We have a humidstat in the room which has been parked at 35% even after running the Air-O-Swiss for several days. I've also noticed "white dust" starting to accumulate on my black computer printer - not good. Also, the humidstat on the unit itself only hovers between 25-26%, which makes me wonder if that's why it was returned. I can live with that, but I can't live with it not raising the humidity AND leaving white dust on my electronics.

    I also plunked down another $20 for the replacement demineralization granules and EZ-Cal cleaner, so I could see where maintaining this could get expensive, as I didn't even replace the silver ion stick (another $20).

    I was previously using a Vicks/Kaz VS150 which I purchased for $18.99 at our local CVS store. Now I know why our moms used these basic steam vaporizers when we were young - they worked and were a lot less expensive. Placed in the same location, it got the room humidity up to 54% at one point compared to 35% for the Air-O-Swiss. Air-O-Swiss has the advantage in features, capacity and noise level, but the Vicks does what it's supposed to do - raise the humidity!

    At this point, I'm looking at returning the Air-O-Swiss and going back to the Vicks. It does a much better job of raising the humidity, is much lower maintenance and leaves no white dust. It's also much easier to fill with a pitcher as opposed to carrying the Air-O-Swiss tank to the bathtub faucet.

    In this case, at least for me anyway, basic is better....more info
  • junk
    Had three - all didn't work after a few months. Don't buy this. Pain to clean. Need to buy supporting items to work at all. waste of money...more info
  • Looks Good...
    ...but it doesn't work out of the box.
    Now we have to send it in for refurbishment or replacement, on our dime.
    So we trotted out to a big box store and bought a cheaper humidifier.

    We'll see if this one ever gets going....more info
  • Humidifier or White Dust Dispenser?
    Liked the quiet feature. However, even after following the setup instructions properly, white dust covered all the furniture on the floor where this humidifier was operating. It made me wonder how much of the white dust got into my lungs too! Stopped using it after one week, and now considering the more expensive workaround of using distilled water to avoid the white dust. Also noticed that it goes through 2 gallons of water (at 50% humidity level) in about ten hours. In my opinion, this product is not worth all the accolades it is receiving from other reviewers....more info
  • Low Humidity
    It rarely reached the desired humidity when we needed it, at night. So our noses were still stuffy and dry throughout the night. I like the features of being quiet, setting the mist output and being able to pre-heat. However, it didn't do the job for us in humidifying the room....more info
  • An AWESOME humidifier.....
    I've had this humidifier for about 3 years now and it is still going strong. I haven't had to change the filter yet, though I am planning to do so soon. Since I bought the humidifier, I have only put distilled water by the Culligan company in it. This is a necessity as I have well water that has mineral content in it. I take a trip to Wal-mart and fill up several gallon jugs at the little spot that sells the filtered water for 33 cents per gallon. It can be a pain, but it's a necessity when you don't have perfect water. I've really been pleased with this humidifier. I love that it tells the humidity of my dry room and it does a good job making the air better. I've been using it every night this winter because the electric heat in our house really dries me out. After filling it up, I put the output on next to the highest setting and it lasts about 8-9 hours. It puts out the most steam I've seen on any humidifier. A quick sesssion of breathing it in during the day at close proximity has done wonders for sinus problems....more info
  • So far, I love it
    We bought Air-O-Swiss Humidifier - 7135 a few weeks ago and have loved it so far....more info
  • Top Notch
    After doing some quick research on humidifiers I decided to choose the 7135 based on customer reviews. I can not be any happier. Its very easy to use, fairly quiet, and easy to clean/maintain.

    I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a high quality, easy to use humidifier....more info
  • Horrible Shipping!!! Do not purchase from this seller (Factory Direct)
    I ordered this product a month ago and still have not received it. I have been in communication with the seller, Factory Direct, once since I did not get the package yet. There has been no follow up since and I have tried to contact them to find out when I will get my humidifier. I hear this is a good product but it is not worth ordering from here. Get it elsewhere so you can actually have it and use it. Otherwise you will be charged and most likely not receive the product. I should have known because when I looked at seller reviews there were quite a few that had negative comments on the shipping. ...more info
  • Good for small spaces
    I've had this humidifier for over two years. It is very quiet and produces a dense stream as shown in the photo. The warm mist is very comfortable. My main issues with the humidifier is that it doesn't produce enough moisture to adequately humidify. In order to keep a single room moist, I have to remember to keep the door closed to the room. So I find that I want to direct the mist at my head while I sleep. The problem with this approach is that if it's too close to the bed it saturates the bedding. So, it would really need to be elevated four feet above the ground in order not to have the bed feel wet by the morning. Additionally, it's really hard keeping up with filling the thing due to the small water chamber. It's not hard to fill, but it must be done in a bathtub due to the depth of the unit. I have not had the white dust problems that others have had. If this unit produced more moisture, was easier to fill, and had to be filled less often, it would be great. Someone needs to provide something that can tap directly into your water line. I have such a thing for my basement unit (attached to my furnace), but it doesn't really make a dent in the humidity. These portable units provide noticeable changes, but are much more of a pain to maintain....more info
  • Quiet, just won't humidify room
    We bought this humidifier for our bedroom (225 sq ft). It's ultra quiet and easy to use. However, the hygrometer seems to read about 7-10% lower than any of the other hygrometers I have in the house - it never seems to get above 35%, even running constantly. I returned the first one of these I bought, thinking it was a problem with the machine. But it isn't - the hygrometer is calibrated fairly low, and with a minimum humidity setting of 40%, the thing runs all the time....more info
  • Quiet and clean
    I researched humidifiers before buying the AOS 7135, and am happy with my purchase. It is quiet and easy to use and maintain. It doesn't quite keep up with my extremely dry house (heated with wood), but it definitely makes a difference. I use it in the bedroom at night and close all the doors in the 400 sq. ft. room (closet, bathroom, etc.) to keep the moisture contained...and it still does not reach the desired humidity. But I still recommend it, as my nose feels so much better since we've been using it....more info
  • Air-O-Swiss AOS Ultrasonic Humidifier - 7135
    WOW, this humidifier is tricked out with all the best features.humidity control, automatic setting, service indicator,warm mist, mist volume control, sleep timer,and recommended by research shoppers like me. Expensive but worth it for all the features and health benefits....more info
  • Far too much of a bother to be worth it
    I bought this product based on the reviews I read on Amazon. It works well but I have to only give it one star because it is so complex to use.

    My issues are:
    - water reservoir is too tall to fit into the sink. It's a real bother having to use the tub to fill it
    - water runs out too fast. I need one to last at least 12 hours, preferably 24.
    - way too many buttons and options. You need to be a rocket scientist to work the thing.
    - the "clean me" light goes on whether you are using the machine or not. So, if you use it for 2 days in 10, vs every day, the light will still go on at day 10.

    I am about to freecycle this humidifier and buy one that is simpler to use...more info