Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier - White (2061)

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  • Breathe easy and relax with this ultra-quiet HEPA air purifier
  • Offers optimum protection against harmful particles like pollen, dust and spores
  • Protects against particles that are up to 100,000 times finer than a human hair
  • Optional fragrance capsule
  • Uses HEPA and carbon filters
Customer Reviews:
  • low quality Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier
    I was tricked by the name of swiss, I thought it must be good quality. But I was wrong! Even it was sale and cheap, I still wasted money for this junk. I don't think it purifiers the air that much as it said on the ad. I'd like to returned it, but housekeeper accidently throw out the box. Even the small dest top (good quality ones) are better than this big machine. the machine is not only big but also loud. I have been buying all kinds of stuff from Amazon, this is my worst pick. Not recommend to anyone. Don't waste your hundrend buck! ...more info