Bissell Flip-Ease All-In-One Vacuum and Mop

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Product Description

The Bissell Flip-Ease 5288A is a Dry Vac and Wet Mop for everyday use. The rechargeable dry vac suctions up what electrostatic cloths leave behind. This machine also features a wet MicroFiber Mop which is washable and safe for use on hard floor surfaces and reusable. This machine is safe on hard floor surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile and sealed hardwood. Includes trial size of Bissell's Hard Floor Solution.

  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Manufacturer Model #: 5288
  • Origin: China
  • Color: Blue
Customer Reviews:
  • Mother's Little Helper
    I love this Bissell's Flip-Ease! I have to admit that I was a little worried about pushing a machine around since I have back, neck, and shoulder problems, but this is very lightweight and just glides across the floor. The vacuum is incredible! It sucks up everything in its path - dust, dirt, cat hair, and even pine needles. This product does exactly what it promises. My only tiny complaint is that the red light never changes to indicate it's fully charged. After letting it charge, however,it held the charge for three days. This is the best purchase for household cleaning products that I've made in a very long time. Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Great!
    I have two babies who are extremely messy! I use this product every day on my ceramic floors (often more than once). It's so easy and affordable. My mom came to visit and she left saying "Where can I buy one of those" (not kidding).

    It's not meant to suction up the water + cleaner expressed, but the pad soaks this up as you go over it and dries fast as a result. It actually dries faster than our standard mop(which is great when my son is whining to be let out of his high chair to crawl around on the floor).

    Great product-I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

    One more point . . . I used to own the swiffer wet jet, but found it cost too much to keep replacing the pads and use the cleaner fluid. This is cheaper (and I just use the hard wood floor cleaner we have on hand)....more info
  • I LOVE this little machine!!!
    I purchased this at an overstock-type store, as I hadn't seen it at my local Target. I got it for $25 and it is WELL worth it!

    I use it daily in my kitchen. I have one very messy child (autistic), another child, and a dog (and the husband!). I love this for cleaning up before, or after, dinner. My dog frequently gets into our trash and makes a mess on the floor. This is wonderful for that!

    I'd been wanting a hard floor machine cleaner/vacuum for quite some time, and I'm glad I waited for this! I love how it's rechargeable (it's never died during use) so there is no cord. It's also light, which is great. I'm 5'2" and it's just the right height for me. I could see how someone over 5'5" may have an issue.

    This is *not* meant for all-over house cleaning, as some have mentioned, nor is it meant for really big messes (as in if you don't sweep/mop your floor for a long time...I won't mention names!). It's more for daily quick work. It is also *not* made to "suction" up the wet cleaner...not sure where the reviewer got that idea. I actually LOVE not having a wet suction, as all the reviews of other, more expensive "flip type" cleaners said the dirty tanks were a big mess. I love how I can just pop the pads in the laundry and rotate the two. I've found replacement microfiber pads made for other machines at both Target (Method brand) and Ace Hardware.

    I do NOT use the Bissell floor cleaner it came with - it does make a nice, shiny floor *very* dull. Instead I use my Armstrong floor cleaner. Any floor cleaner will do. I do not have issues with wet leaks. I do remove the pad, if it's the least bit wet, when storing, or it will mildew it and the floor. If it's a new, clean pad, I can leave it on there.

    I can suck up pretty large things. I sometimes have to pick up the machine (but it's light) as I'm drawing it back when vacuuming, because if the pad is wet, it will drag through it. I don't find this to be a big issue.

    It's so light and easy, my 10 y.o. can do it and he loves it so much better than using the sponge mop.

    I haven't yet used it on bathroom floors, but I'm sure I'll have good results with it.

    Oh, and the suction is great, and the dry, dirty tank is very easy to empty. I think the reviewers that said it's a problem haven't attached the tank on the machine properly - or their filter is off kilter.

    This was the best mother's day present I ever rec'd!

    EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to mention how nice this gadget gets under my cabinets. My regular vacuum won't, and it's even hard for my sponge mop. This is great, plus with the pads covering the sides, it gets stuff along the baseboards also.

    I read a review where someone tried this on carpet and said it didn't work. It says right on the box it's for hard floors!

    I now have 4 pads and it's nice to keep them rotated. This tool has been very helpful with family members, and the dog, tracking in mud and grass. ...more info
  • So easy my 5 year old can do it!
    I bought this product in the hopes of using it between regular moppings, but I think instead I'll throw out my regular mop. We have four young kids and my son spilled half a gallon of orange juice all over the kitchen floor. We soaked up the puddle with paper towels, then used the mop/sprayer to clean. The floor is clean, shiny and NOT STICKY! In fact, my son wanted to try it out and proceeded to mop all the floors in the house with the Flip Ease. I am impressed at how well it cleans all the floors--laminate, linoleum, and hardwood. Some people in other reviews seem to think it is supposed to vaccuum up water--it is not. This is not a wet vac. It vaccuums up small debris like pet hair and crumbs (even glitter!), and if you flip it, you can spray and wet mop but it is NOT meant to be a wet vac. Overall--very nice product....more info
    I have never reviewed a product before, but today after using my flip-ease, I decided to search out places to review this wonderful product! For the first time in my life, all the hard floors in my home are always clean! It's the only thing I've found that gets up dog and cat hair and doesn't just push it around, aside from my very heavyweight and unwieldy carpet/floor shampooer. The disposable products I've tried never picked up the animal hair, even after manual sweeping. The trick to this product that has gotten me using it every day (I actually look forward to it), is using one of the washable pads to sweep the entire floor, then a quick flip and use the second pad to mop the floor. There is absolutely no need for the water to be suctioned up. The pad works great! Much better than any of the disposable ones. When I'm done for the day, I throw the pads in my washing machine to be washed with the next morning's load. It also bends almost to the floor so is great at getting under dining table, etc. I sound so silly being so excited about a product, but ladies, trust me--use this system and your family will be so happy to see clean floors finally!

    P.S. I have to put in a plug for a FREE house decluttering system that has also changed my! (that's not why I wrote this review though) :)...more info
  • Piece of junk
    Have the Bissell people ever USE this vacuum/mop(?)to see what a piece of junk it is. I have had it for several months and not once has it performed as touted. Today the plastic hinges broke. It will go out into the garbage tomorrow morning standing outside so that neighbors can see it.
    It didn't vacuum, was extremely difficult to use the mop feature even when I loaded the floor with water before running over it. It doesn't vacuum up the water. It was an expensive horrible mistake! I am considerably over 13 years of age....more info
  • This product is great!!
    I just got this Bissell today and my first impression is amazing!!! I have been struggling trying to keep my military tile floor clean and I thought it was hopeless. I got tired of having to sweep it every day too. I used this Bissell and it vacuum great! And I tried the mop part out, and I'm amazed that my floor is whiter than it ever has been!!! I have tried several different mops and cleaners and this is hands down the best!! Finally, a clean floor!! Now my low crawling 8 month old doesn't have to clean it anymore!!...more info
  • Love it
    I have had this for a year and never had a problem with it. It vacuums great. The mop does not leak no problem. ...more info
  • A very terrible product!
    I went to get the swiffer sweeper vac and ended up buying this. I thought wow, what a good idea. You can vac and mop with one product. NO WAY it does not work! I filled up the tank and when I placed it on the mop the whole tank spilled out. Ok, I thought it was just my fault so I did it again. Same thing. When I finally got some of the water to stay in the tank, I mopped. Oh my, terrible.....the water gets into the vac canister, and all it does is push around the dirt. It streaks badly and that cloth you get with it doesn't come clean. The only positive is the way it vacs stuff up, but it is not worth keeping it for just that. I am taking it back, after everything DRIES....more info