Earth Friendly Products Uni-Fresh Natural Air Refresher, Non-Aerosol, Vanilla, 4.4 Ounces (Pack of 12)

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Customer Reviews:
  • Works great
    This is the most wonderful air freshener. If you happen to be under the mist as you spray it, you will smell like vanilla afterwards, and not in a bad way.
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  • Fantastic smell and all natural
    I use this at home and the office. It is fresh and clean smelling.

    If you use enough, there is a nice mellow vanilla smell the whole day....more info
  • Ice Cream Scent
    I've been buying the Vanilla Air Refresher for months and use it on the family couch, my Jeep, pet bedding, people bedding, closets and to freshen jackets or clothing. It smells like real ice cream, fresh without being overpowering. The scent doesn't fade completely away but becomes more subtle on fabrics. Well worth buying a case!...more info