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Christopher Eccleston's tenure as the time-traveling title hero in the venerable UK sci-fi series Doctor Who lasted just 13 episodes, but he left enough of a impression on fans to make some wonder how his replacement, veteran television performer David Tennant, might fare in the role. As this second-series boxed set proves, the answer is: he's a near-perfect Doctor who combines the eccentricities of earlier incarnations (most notably Tom Baker) with a fresh and youthful interpretation of his own, and even brings a healthy dash of romantic chemistry with his sidekick, Rose Tyler (the equally charming Billie Piper). And their adventures retain the solid blend of thoughtful speculative fiction, pulp action, and quirky humor that typified the series at its best. Among the 15 terrific stories contained in the six-disc set are the "Children in Need" (a.k.a. "Pudsey Cutaway") mini-episode from the 2005 Children in Need telethon that showed Eccleston's transformation into Tennant; "School Reunion," in which Elisabeth Sladen returns as Sarah Jane Smith; "The Girl in the Fireplace," which draws together robots in 18th century France with a derelict space station in the distant future; and the season finale, "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday," which not only revives the series' most popular villains, the robotic Daleks, in a head-to-head struggle against the Cybermen, but also marks the final appearance of another series regular. For fans and first-time visitors to the TARDIS alike, the Second Series is simply thrilling sci-fi TV.

As with the First Series set, the supplemental features are plentiful here; commentary by the show's cast and crew is provided on each episode, and four feature picture-in-picture commentary tracks; deleted scenes and outtakes are also included, as are video diaries by Tennant and Piper, and a lengthy featurette, "Doctor Who Confidential," which covers nearly every aspect of the series' production, including the introduction of the Torchwood Institute and the return of Sarah Jane, both of which would be featured in their own respective spin-off series (the first in Doctor Who's long history) in 2007. - Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Doctor ever on the best show on TV!
    The Best Doctor ever on the best show on TV! This sums it up, if you love Classic Doctor Who and haven't had a chance to see this show just buy it! I know you will love it! David Tennant is the perfect Doctor!...more info
  • 2nd season takes it to level 2 and beyond!
    I love this series! I was a little hesitant when David Tennant took over as The Doctor but he's proven to be a great incarnation of the character. The struggle they give Rose concerning him at the beginning of this season really deepens her character and for you old Dr. Who fans, there's a surprise visit by one of the past "assistants" that even I, not being a fan of the old series, appreciated. And as for the season finale, all I can say is WOW! It was heart-wrenching! Oh, what a bitter sweet end to a great season. You're eyes will not be dry at the end of this one! ...more info
  • Even better
    If season 1 was a bit slow to start only to finish on a high note, season 2 picks up quality-wise where season 1 stopped, and gets better along the way. The scripts are definitely better written and less filled with holes and short cuts. David Tennant as the new Doctor is very different from Christopher Eccleston (more London, less Northern), and I think I prefer Eccleston, but that is not to say that Tennant's performance isn't great, and very enjoyable. A hugely entertaining series....more info
  • Dr. Who
    While I purchased this item for my son at Christmas, I have watched the show and found it enjoyable. My son, who has seen the tv episodes, enjoyed the dvd so much, that his wife is now a fan of the series.

    AL...more info
  • Love it. Love, love love it!
    Okay, seriously folks. You want to watch this series. I was on the edge of my seat for HOURS. If you haven't seen the first season, watch that first; it helps. But don't pass this by. I'd write more, but I want to go watch it again....more info
  • Another Fabulous Season of Doctor Who
    I love Doctor Who and the 10th Doctor does not disappoint. We enjoyed every episode and the bonus features on the DVDs are nice. I especially enjoyed the Doctor Who Confidential and David Tennant's Video Diaries. Now I need to wait for the third season to arrive. I do hope that this series gets picked up and aired in the States. ...more info
  • Wonderful to have the Doctor back...
    David is my third all time fave Doctor (behind Tom Baker and Chris Eccleston). Remarkable job, the last episode is sure to make one weep tears of sadness....more info
  • I absolutely love this series.
    The 10th doctor is wonderful. I had seen him in Casanova and was impressed with him then. He does a wonderful job here and the chemistry between him and Billie Piper is evident. All in all a great series with a gut wrenching final episode. Yes, I cried a lot. Also wonderful are the behind the scenes Confidential series and David Tennant's Video Diaries. As a performer myself it is very interesting to see how the show is made as well as personal experiences of the cast. Definitely buy this....more info
  • Doctor Who Series 2
    Doctor Who has returned to telelvision after a long hiatus, and it's still "got it", to quote the Doctor himself. The Second Season/Series is exciting, frightening, dramatic, and fun all at the same time. It's good family entertainment. Smaller children might find some of the aliens a little frightening, but, as a parent, that would be my only concern with this program. Virtually no swearing, no bed hopping, or nudity, and at the end of the day, the Doctor takes a stand and does what he thinks is right, because he believes that that is what you should do. ...more info
  • Instantly Hooked
    My wife and I became instant Doctor Who fans from the moment we watched the first episode of Series 1. I was worried when Christopher Eccleston left the show, but David Tennant has turned about to be an excellent Doctor. The Third Series will be an instant buy when it's released later this year....more info
  • Perfect for any Doctor Who fan
    David Tennant is the most human doctor to date. His sympathies for the human race make him the most enjoyable doctor yet. This set is perfect for ANY die-hard Doctor Who fan out there!...more info
  • If I could give it -50,000 stars I would.
    I agree with the other 2 one star reviewers - why bother? This is some of the worst television I have ever seen. I love old Doctor Who up to somewhere towards the end of Tom Baker - then it gets patchy and is only sporadically worthwhile. This new series is Doctor Who in name only - when compared with the old stuff this is a good demonstration of our culture going to seed.
    The format has changed completely - admittedly this second series Tennant is much better than CE, but neither of them are 'Doctor-like' at all in my opinion. The new BBC production is glossy and looks kind of impressive but it fails to hide the lack of heart beneath. Everything is sensationalised and overly dramatic - the writing is terrible, the characters particularly annoying and the Doctor, although historically sometimes playing the fool, here adds to the role a cocksure arrogance which somehow doesn't feel right anymore.
    In fact, this new Doctor Who is an apt metaphor for the once Great Britain going to seed in modern times. Slappers, whingers, louts and bullies make up the characters and there is so much pulling of the heart-strings that it all snaps pretty quickly. The new 'action' emphasis represents a dumbing down of the format into a more modern American feel but 90s Star Trek was so much better than this.
    It shows how lacking in imagination the BBC is that it had to drag the Doctor kicking, screaming and whinging back into the 21st century to a treatment and postmodern environment that doesn't suit at all. They really should be ashamed of themselves but they wouldn't have the good sense to be I guess.
    It is obvious I am out of step with popular opinion - you'll find lots of people who loved the new Star Wars films too - but I reckon if you genuinely enjoy this stuff then that's pretty sad.
    This is empty, flashy rubbish that recycles old ideas into an ill-fitting new format designed to suit the audience of today with 10-second attention spans and a need for explicit romantic content and soppy emotional rubbish entirely lacking in credibility or sincerity.
    It's not that I think they should have remade it trying to keep it as it was, they just should have let it RIP and come up with a new idea - obviously too hard for the masterminds running BBC these days.
    (On a similar theme - the decline of the British persona is shown up in a series of embarrassing interviews done by some young git for the Fawlty Towers boxset. Check out the one with Prunella Scales - I felt sorry for her having to tolerate the fool.)
    OK - tell me how unhelpful it is to post a different opinion here rather than the normal, gushing 5-star rave and the sycophantic Amazon official review - I'm waiting........more info
  • Worth the money.
    When word came down that Christopher Eccleston was being replaced as Doctor Who to say the least I was hard to convince. They say that the Doctor that you started with forever becomes "your" doctor and I will second that motion. That being said David Tennant does grow on you take it from someone who found out first hand. You have to judge each individual season on its own merits. So as to the episodes themselves
    New Earth is a good way to open up this shows the Doctor in a most traditional role solving problems that others have never considered the solution to.

    I consider it the best episode of the entire Second season.

    That being said the second episode Tooth and Claw is good because we get to meet Queen Victoria and see how exactly the Torchwood Institute was founded.

    For that same reason School Reunion is also good because it actually reintroduces a companion of the Doctor's from the old days Sarah Jane Smith. A meeting of the minds between the old and the new its pretty awesome.

    The Girl in the Fireplace is also a good episode it tells with a historical aspect (the Madam) but also the consequences of the nature of travel and what it does to those we leave behind.

    I could see where you would like Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel but the trek fan in me is reminded to much of the Borg although the idea of alternate realities is very cool.

    If the second season has a weak link it is probably The Idiot's Lantern Television sucking the life out of people is not my idea of a good storyline sorry. I never blame the excellent actors and the chemistry between them for making the best of a bad script.

    I know I already said New Earth was my favorite and it still is but The Satan Pit and the Impossible Planet are also very cool. I mean a space station orbiting a Black Hole what's not to like about that storyline?

    I know people go nuts about Love & Monsters and how funny it is but I never much cared for the episode.

    "Fear Her" is a nice spooky little episode

    Doomsday and Army of Ghosts are a nice farewell to Rose Tyler. Its always a shame to see a companion go but if you have to go this is a nice way to go out.
    Overall-Good season with a few misfires but nice solid entertainment
    ...more info
  • Welcome 10th Doctor - Bartie Crouch Jr
    I love David Tennant. The second season is as good as the first - and Tennant is a marvel. "Tooth and Claw" is a great episode featuring Pauline Collins as Queen Victoria being chased by a Ware Wolf (one of the all time great episodes). Gatiss returns to write the wonderful "The Idiot's Lantern" (set in the 50's); "Love & Monsters" is hysterical; "School Reunion" brings back Sarah Jane and has Anthony Head (Giles from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as a baddie); "The Girl in the Fireplace" is wonerfully inventive; and the Cybermen are back. ...more info
  • The New Doctor is IN!
    The second series keeps on going at the same breakneck speed as series one but with the new doctor. Just as much fun as the first one, great stories that still make you use your brain and have fun at the same time! Love it! It's still FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait for series 3! ...more info
  • Doctor Who Rocks!
    What can I say? It's Doctor Who, it rules!
    Just as good if not better then the first series.
    I liked the last Doctor but the new on is great in a differant way.
    Billy Piper is amazing. I am sad she is not in the 3rd series :(...more info
  • Great Fun!
    The new Doctor Who series has a bigger budget and better writing than the past generations and it's tons of fun! We prefer Christopher Eccleston in the 1st series as the Doctor. David Tennant's Doctor is just a bit melodramtic nutsy with a tinge of mushy humanism (a few too many diatribes about how magnificance of the human race). Otherwise, we've enjoyed the 2nd series as much as the first and are looking forward to the 3rd. We just might have to go back and watch some of the original series just so we know the history of the Doctor better....more info
  • A must for Doctor Who Fans
    Doctor Who The Complete Second Series is worth every penny. It features optional episode commentaries, Doctor Who Confidential's for each episode. David Tennant's video diary gives a fantastic insider's pass to the creation of Doctor Who.

    This is a must have for any Doctor Who Fan....more info
  • Doctor Who - The Complete Second Series
    Buying this went fine. However, I wasn't asked to review my interaction that failed. I tried to buy something through Amazon stores and the Amazon website site wouldn't let me choose two items from the same store. It was completely out of control. I wanted to do this to get a shipping discount. I submitted a comment and never heard back from Amazon. Amazon lost my business on that one. Anyone there want to get back to me? Anyone there care?...more info
  • best season of the new series so far
    I was introduced to DW not too long ago and I fell in love with it. I started with the original series very first 3 arcs and have jumped around the series ever since. The new series is just as enjoyable, if not more so, than the originals, and now that i'm up to season 4, i have to say this has been my favorite so far. David Tennant and Billi Pipper play off each other so well, thats what makes this season so great. They have great chemistry together on screen. Add to that some great story lines from this series (The Christmas Invasion, School Reunion, Rise of the Cyberman,Age of Steel, The Impossible Planet, Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday) really add to just how great this series 2 really was. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the series or who is trying to get into it, its great!...more info
  • Glick on DVD Disk 5
    First let me say right out that I enjoyed every single story on this set. The only reason I didn't give this set a rating of 5 stars was because of a technical issue playing disk 5 on my computer system. The menu program locks up or when it doesn't lock up it crashes to the desktop before you can make a menu selection. I discovered that by unchecking the video hardware acceleration option in the PowerDVD software I am able to enjoy the contents of disk 5. This is the only time that I ever experience this kind of problem with a new disk. ...more info
  • Say no more...
    I've been a Dr. Who fan since living in England in the '70s. This new series is smashing!...more info
  • Amazing love story
    I like season two because of the love story between Rose and the Doctor, ending with Ghost plane and Doomsday.

    Season two is symetric. It start with the creation of torchwood and ends with torchwood opening the portal too the parallel earth allowing the cyberman and void sphere to breach the current earth.

    The love tradegy was amazing. I was very surprised to see the quality of the story....more info
  • Enter Number Ten
    I was worried about how much I'd like the new Doctor, who was essentially replacing 'My Doctor', but it couldn't have been a more natural transition. David Tennant is just as wonderful as the Tenth Doctor. He brings his own quirkiness to the character of the Doctor, while still keeping some of the dark, emotional side brought in by Eccleston. Billie Piper is back, as well, as his companion. The chemistry between Tennant and Piper is equal to Eccelston, and possibly even better than the first season.

    Season 2 brings back all the good things about the first and adds yet more to the Doctor Who universe. It brings laughter and tears and a bittersweet conclusion that will have you reaching for a tissue.

    If you have any doubts about continuing on past season one, don't. Tennant delivers, as do the creative staff who have brought us yet another great season of our favorite Doctor!...more info
  • Give me more
    Excellent series; complex, quick plotlines and excellent dialog. I particularly enjoy the additional features with background info on the actors and the actual production of the show. I first 'discovered' Doctor Who in the Tom Baker days, while visiting Perth, Australia, and have been a fan since. I do have to say the 'modern' Doctor Who is much more intellectual and much less chauvinistic, and of course the special effects are better. I'm glad, however, that the Daleks retained their pepper-pot appearance. I hope they keep the show going through 10 more Doctors!...more info
  • Tom Baker Fan Approved
    Let me start off by saying I have never PREVIOUSLY liked any of the Doctor-Who series outside of the Tom Baker episodes. The US tried to do a new version of Doctor-Who years ago and it was awful. I didn't expect this new attempt at bringing Doctor-Who back to be any better, but from the very first episode was really impressed with not only the production values, but the characters and stories themselves.

    When so soon, they already changed the Doctor to a new actor only in the second series, I was again prepared for a let down, but I actually like this Doctor better, and he seems to have a little bit of "Tom Baker" personality that comes out too.

    I was really enjoying this second series set, when I came across the double episode story "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday" which are the two last episodes on this set, but really a two-parter of the same story.

    These two episodes, are the best Doctor-Who episodes of ALL TIME, in my opinion, and remember, I am a Tom Baker fanatic.

    There are THREE reasons I make this the most amazing Doctor-Who episode off all time, (to date) but I will not mention the first reason, because that would ruin the surprise for those that have not seen the episode and give away something that is more enjoyable to find out when watching for the first time. The second reason would be the great production value, it stands up with any major production motion picture made for theaters, and this is for only a television series? Wow! The third reason is the emotional feeling I went through after watching this last episode on this set. I have never gone through anything like that ever from watching Doctor-Who.

    I have to admit, I liked Billie Piper as the Doctor's companion,(and the only other companion I have liked since Romana) but since she was mostly known prior as just a teen pop star (like the UK's version of Britney Spears) I did not expect her acting abilities to do what she did in "Doomsday" the last episode in this second series set. I was very impressed.

    Seeing that Series Three (not yet available to me as of this review) has a new companion for the Doctor, I am again hessitant that I will like it, but will have to see.

    However, even if you are a die hard Tom Baker fan, I think you will find this Second series of "Doctor-Who the Next Generation" to be one you will not be disappointed with and really will enjoy!

    Especially the last two episodes on this set!!...more info
  • A new doctor????
    I was a big fan of the 1st doctor for this series and not happy about a new one this early in the season. But I was willing to give him a chance. A couple of episodes in he sold me on his performance of the doctor. Mind you I would have preferred to keep the 1st for maybe a 2nd season. This doctor and the adventures that happens this episode make it a must have for all doctor who fans new and old...more info
  • Doctor Who SSN 2
    very very very good! This series had me on the edge of my seat half of the time, and laughing my head off the rest of the time. Great drama, and British humor....more info
  • cheated by Amazon
    Two of the disks were scratched and unplayable. Tried THREE TIMES to exchange, but a glitch prevents Amazon from acknowleding my order, though it seems to go through and prints out the mail stuff, and my "return window" closes today. Guess I'll have to shell out another $70 and try again! Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • David Tennant is the most Tom Baker like Doctor
    If you liked The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, you'll probably like David Tennant. Tennant is a Tom Baker fan and it shows in his acting. I like him better than Christopher Eccleston of the first series. I just wish less of the new first and second series happened on Earth. Overall it's a great series....more info
  • Human Beings... fan-TASTIC!!!
    How do you improve on the near perfection of the reborn "Doctor Who" starring Christopher Eccleston? Quite easily, when you have stories like "School Reunion," "The Girl in the Fireplace," "The Impossible Planet," and "The Satan Pit," to name just a few, but... I'm getting ahead of myself here!

    For those of us of a "certain age," as we say in England - that's the wrong side of 40! LOL! - and remember the origins of the series waaaaaaaaay back in the 60's, then spent the subsequent decades suffering through more cardboard sets and rubber monsters than you could shake a stick at - the Daleks being honorable exceptions of course! - the rebirth of the venerable Doctor in 2005 was a revelation.

    The stories had been tightened-up considerably - no running up and down endless corridor filler here! - the budget for a single episode appeared to be more than was spent on an entire series from the good-old-days, the production values/sfx were stellar, the writing tight and dramatic, bringing the Doctor and his Companion thoroughly up-to-date without losing the essence of the original. In Chris Eccleston they had, at last, a genuine, heavyweight Thesp playing the Doctor, an actor who could not only handle the edgier, more grown-up aspects of the new stories, but could also inject an element of the manic/slightly unhinged into his performance, similar to the much-loved Tom Baker. And any worries that Billie Piper would not be up to the job, dramatically, were soon laid to rest... and how!!!

    To say that us fans were spoiled by the 2005 series was putting it mildly, then as the season climaxed with the superlative "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways," we were all thrown for a loop when given a "regeneration scene" and a NEW Doctor! What were the BBC thinking about, were they crazy?!?!?! The short answer is "No," the casting of David Tennant was every bit as inspired as his predecessor; he actually managed to up the manic-quotient without going completely bonkers, and brought a kind of geeky coolness to the character we hadn't seen before!

    And then there was "Rose;" oh my goodness, in all it's years, there has NEVER been a companion for the Doctor like Rose Tyler. Unlike practically all previous companions, Rose is a character in her own right, with her own back story, fully realized, she is, dramatically at least, the Doctor's equal. Her development, from London shop-girl, to time traveler, explorer of the universe, and killer of Daleks, helps drive the stories in a new, more emotionally fulfilling direction.

    After the roller coaster ride of Season 1 with it's "Bad Wolf" story arc, Season 2 scaled things back ever so slightly, but invested even more time and effort in exploring the relationship between the unearthly Doctor, and the all-too-human Rose. This is tackled head-on in the 4th episode, "School Reunion," which goes some way to answering the question of what happens to the companions after they have stopped travelling with the Time Lord; a stand-out episode, it re-introduces Elizabeth Sladen's "Sarah Jane Smith." I don't want to say too much about any particular episode for those who haven't seen the series yet, but the scene where Sarah Jane discovers the TARDIS and its owner made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Later in the episode there's an affecting scene between the Doctor and Rose as he tries to explain to her why he can't allow himself to become emotionally involved with his Human companions... he's practically immortal, we're not.

    The next episode, "The girl in the fireplace," perfectly illustrates the preceding point, when the Doctor allows himself to become attached to Madame de Pompadour, whilst simultaneously battling clockwork androids on a derelict starship in the far future! "Rise of the Cybermen" and "Age of Steel" successfully reinvents one of the Doctors most popular adversaries, whilst "The impossible planet" and "The Satan pit" set-up some very Alien-esque chills in a wonderful two-parter.

    The series ends, just as did Season 1, with another amazing two-part story, "Army of Ghosts" and the aptly titled "Doomsday," which sees the Daleks fighting it out with the new-and-improved Cybermen for control of planet Earth; to steal a line from the totally execrable AvP, "Whoever wins, we lose!" LOL! It's difficult to know which fate would be worse, having the whole planet "upgraded" by the Cybermen, or flayed and filleted through the Daleks genetic labs to help create an even bigger and more murderous Dalek army!!! This is a superb story to end the season, but be warned, the finale is... emotional!

    There's a nice recurring theme in the series concerning the "Torchwood Institute," which becomes central to the final two episodes, and if this set is the first you've seen of Season 2, DO make sure you watch the "Children in Need" episode in the "Special Features" section of the set FIRST. It acts as a coda to Season 1, as well as a prologue to Season 2, and explains the somewhat crazed materialization of the TARDIS, as well as the Doctor himself, in the rollicking first episode, "The Christmas Invasion."

    Any worries I had that the quality of the first season could not be maintained were unfounded... if you enjoyed Season 1, grab Season 2 immediately, you won't regret it!
    ...more info
  • The Freight Train Of Success Keeps On Rolling.
    With this series we are fresh off the regeneration from the previous Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston and now David Tennant has a lot to live up to; he does it and he does it with style. Billie Piper comes back as the magical Rose Tyler and we are given a series where she not only has to handle the notion of a different looking Doctor, but she has to handle the fact that she's falling in love with him and we're given hints that he's falling in love with Rose.

    Episode 1: New Earth: In the year 5 Billion and 23 the Doctor takes Rose to the new home of the human race, simply called New Earth and he takes her to the aptly named New New York. There the Doctor meets up with an old friend the Face of Boe but he stumbles upon a secret in the hospital basement, who is lurking there and what have they done with Rose?

    Episode 2: Tooth and Claw: Landing in 1879 Scotland, the Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria, travelling with her to spend the night at the Torchwood Estate. However, a group of warrior monks have sinister plans for the monarch, and the full moon is about to summon a creature out of legend.

    Episode 3: School Reunion: The Doctor goes undercover in a school as John Smith, children are mysteriously going missing and the Doctor needs to find out why. He meets not one but two old friends and Rose finds a bit of competition in one of them.

    Episode 4: The Girl In The Fireplace: The Doctor accidentally stumbles across a derelict spaceship that seems to just be floating unmanned. The weirdest thing is that the spaceship has a fireplace but as he looks through it, he discovers it's a time window to 1727 Paris. What he finds there isn't a bunch of French Aristocrats, he finds something much more sinister

    Episode 5: Rise of the Cybermen: After the TARDIS makes a crash landing on the Earth of another universe, Rose discovers her father is alive and rich, Mickey encounters his alternative self, and the Tenth Doctor learns one of his oldest and deadliest foes is about to be reborn.

    Episode 6: The Age Of Steel: Lumic sends out a signal across London through the earpieces to get everyone walking towards Battersea Power Station to get the upgrade. The Doctor isn't just fighting a robot army, he's fighting the conscience of Rose who's determined to save her Father.

    Episode 7: The Idiots Lantern: In 1953 London, the police are abducting people from their homes. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronation -- but something strange is affecting the signal.

    Episode 8: The Impossible Planet:The TARDIS lands in a base on a planet orbiting a black hole, an allegedly impossible situation -- according to the physics of the show -- that stumps even the Tenth Doctor. The base crew are drilling to the centre of the world, to claim the power that keeps it in orbit for the good of the Human Empire. However, an ancient evil is down there too, and he is awake...

    Episode 9: The Satan Pit: With the TARDIS seemingly lost, Rose and the remaining humans are trapped on the base with the possessed Ood, while the planet floats helplessly towards a black hole. Meanwhile, the Tenth Doctor is about to discover exactly what "Beast" is trapped in the heart of the impossible planet...

    Episode 10: Love & Monsters: An ordinary man named Elton Pope becomes obsessed with a man called the Doctor and his strange blue box, joining a group of like-minded people in hopes of finding him. But when the mysterious Victor Kennedy joins the group, the fun stops and Elton discovers a darker side to his hobby.

    Episode 11: Fear Her: It's the 2012 London Olympics and in one street children are going missing and there's no explanation for it. Rose and the Doctor go on a quest to find out what's happening to the children but the key to this is a young girl called Chloe who likes to draw.

    Episode 12: Army Of Ghosts: As the ghosts of loved ones appear, the whole world celebrates. But as the Doctor investigates he believes that there is a more sinister motive behind their appearence. And deep within the Torchwood tower, a mysterious sphere containing the greatest enemies of the Doctor is opened...

    Episode 13: Doomsday: Earth becomes the battlefield for the greatest and deadliest war of all time, as the Daleks and the Cybermen clash with the whole universe at stake. The Doctor and Rose, reunited with old friends and Cybermen experts Mickey and Jake, race to find a way to bring the war to an end before it brings about the destruction of the whole of space and time. But the Doctor soon faces an even bigger dilemma - could ending the war mean the death of Rose?

    This is an amazing series but we are given an unfortunate goodbye to Rose Tyler, how do we say goodbye? Well you will have to see for yourself....more info
  • New Doctor continues the quest for universal angst
    The new Doctor took a little while to get into the swing of things, but when he did, boy, did he! The biggest bit of stuff in this new season was a new doctor and the loss of a character. I'll let you figure this one out yourself. Don't want to spoil the surprise. However, I will tell you that you have to wait till the very end....more info
  • If you love Doctor Who...
    ...then you will love this DVD set! Tracing the beginnings of the Torchwood institute, the growing relationship of Rose and the Doctor, and the near annihilation of the world, this season of the show is intense yet witty, entertaining yet thought-provoking, charming yet unsettling -- all of the things we expect from Doctor Who!
    ...more info
  • Almost worth the extravagent price
    The problem with BBC is that they tend to price everything into the realm of ridiculous. Any fan of Rome - The Complete First Season or The Sopranos: The Complete Second Season is familiar with HBO's draconian pricing strategy so we shouldn't be surprised when BBC pulls the same kind of stunt. It's still annoying. And while Doctor Who - The Complete First Series was well worth the price, this one is good...but not really.

    First off, we have some solid episodes to establish David Tenant. The Xmas Invasion is one of those "Doctor Who can't deal with his regeneration" stories that started with Castravolva and the writers keep writing. I suppose we can't ask for Tom Baker to jump up and start fighting big robots and pushing Brigidier around, but I do miss the days when the Doctor could just be the Doctor. Still, there is a joy when David Tennant finally wakes up out of his coma and takes on the aliens. It's similar to the joy experienced this season when The Doctor sheds his scared John Smith persona and the alien narrator explains that the whole fleeing thing was a way for the Doctor to be kind.

    The first few episodes do establish the Doctor and David Tennant. He's both less dark and more earnest in this season. There's a strain of sorrow going through most of these storylines as you are almost weeping for the evil "last human" in the hospital storyline and "The Girl in the Fireplace" is geared towards breaking your heart. The sad thing is that I know I'll hate Tristan and Isolde (Widescreen Edition) but I think I'm going to have to see it just because Sophia Myles is too enchanting not to watch in everything.

    However, tedium sets in just after the Cybermen make their appearance as the alternate universe Cybermen (so what happened to the original version? ARe they all gone? Never explained.) With an endless series of "Rose is probably gonna die" bits, and lackluster stories (the demon planet one bored me. The "Fear Her" one is bad, probably not as bad as most people say but still pretty bad) the series rolls into a really cool two-parter that doesn't make up for the second half being so dull up until then.

    If you can buy this for less than the $100 asking price ($50 should be the max you pay for a 12-part DVD set. You can get 22 episodes of How I Met Your Mother - Season 1 for less than $40. And that show is much more consistent) buy it. Else wait. The third season is a definite improvement. And while you're at it, pick up a copy of Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre just because reading is good for you....more info
  • Love it!!
    What can I say I grew up on Doctor Who, to see it back in production is a thrill for me. David Tennet does a very good job as The Doctor....more info
  • Doctor Who is Awesome!
    Second Series and this Doctor is HOT! There is definitely chemistry between Rose and the Doctor but the kids will love watching it too!
    If you grew up watching Tom Baker as the Doctor, then you'll love David Tennant! ...more info
  • Return of the Cybermen and Daleks
    The second series is great! As hardcore Dr. Who fans, my son and I enjoyed every episode, particularly the ones with the Cybermen and Daleks.

    One nice aspect of Dr. Who is that it is appropriate for all ages....more info
  • All surface, no feeling
    I found this series almost painful to watch at times. Dr Who was always great "cheesy" fun, but this new version takes itself far too seriously at times - making the cheese-factor something you laugh AT, rather than laugh along with. There are far too many episodes in London (it feels like a council promo at times...) and some of the supporting characters are hugely annoying - especially Mickey, who often had me cheering for the bad guys in the hope that the annoying little so-and-so would get killed in some hilarious (and preferably gory) fashion.
    On the plus side; David Tennant is perfect as the Doctor, and Billie Piper is also fantastic as the down-to-earth and likable sidekick - they have a great chemistry. Some of the visuals are excellent, and occasionally it does actually hit the mark when trying to be poignant.
    Unfortunately, this show misses a whole lot more than hits for me....more info
  • Fun extras
    My husband has really enjoyed having these. It allows him to watch them when he wants instead of waiting for the episodes he likes to come around. He has also really enjoyed the extras....more info
  • From Christmas To Cybermen, This Doctor Covers It All
    The second season of the "Doctor Who" revival brings with it a new Doctor (David Tennant), a returning companion (Billie Piper), old friends, new enemies and a couple of old ones as well. This DVD set covers all of season two and includes the Children In Need special which covers events immediately following the ninth Doctor's regeneration into the tenth. Key stories in this second season include "The Girl In The Fireplace," the quirky "Love And Monsters," and the wonderfully excessive season finale, "Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday."

    Tennant slides into the role of the Doctor seamlessly and appears to really be enjoying himself as he portrays his childhood idol. While Eccleston's Doctor was fun, he had a very dark side lurking just beneath the surface. The dark side still lives in Tennant, but his humorous and, quite frankly, cocky attitude suppresses it for most of the episodes in this season. I also see parts of Peter Davison and Tom Baker's portrayals of the Doctor present in Tennant's performance. Tennant's Doctor has a very appealing demeanor and it's easy to get lost in his vision of the Timelord.

    Billie Piper reprises her role as Rose, the headstrong, curious companion of the Doctor. As expected, hints of a romance are dropped throughout the season, and take a humorous turn with the return of Sarah Jane Smith (the excellent Elisabeth Sladen) in "School Reunion." Mickey, Jackie Tyler and Rose's father, Peter, also return and take on bigger roles this time around.

    Old enemies revisited include the always reliable Daleks and a revisioning of the Cybermen. Although these new Cybermen are interesting, I miss the old version of the Doctor's gold-resistant enemies. Cassandra, a new enemy in the new series, also makes a return in an interesting story that touches on medical ethics.

    New enemies include include an extra-terrestrial werewolf in "Tooth and Claw" and maybe even the Devil himself in "The Satan Pit." In "The Girl In The Fireplace," we are introduced to some sinisterly silent clockwork androids. "Fear Her" gives us a non-enemy in a truly touching story about a child who misses its family. Overall, the new enemies are good, especially the werewolf in a legitimately suspenseful tale.

    Special features included in this set include video diaries from Tennant and Piper, as well as running commentary on each episode. Once again, we get to look a bit deeper into the production of the show in the "Doctor Who Confidential" segments. Highlights include the "School Reunion" Confidential which catches old fans up with Sladen and K-9, and the "Girl In The Fireplace" confidential that includes a look at the read through of the story.

    Overall, this season of "Doctor Who" is an excellent addition to the wonderful catalogue of the Doctor's many adventures. While Peter Davison will always be my favorite, David Tennant's Doctor will struggle for second place with Patrick Troughton's Doctor until the end of time.

    If you're not familiar with the old series, have no worries. This set can be watched with no previous knowledge of the original. It might be helpful to watch season one in order to pick up on a few things but that, too, isn't necessary. If you're a fan of intelligent, quirky and sometimes hilarious science fiction, the second season of "Doctor Who" is just what you need. I highly recommend this set....more info
  • Great Gift
    I ordered this a a Christmas gift for my brother. He was so thrilled when he opened it and saw what it was. It arrived quite quick, and was a definite hit. I ordered Season 2 as a birthday gift since he was so thrilled with Season 1....more info


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