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What it is:A unique, shine-enhancing grooming cr¨¨me. What it is formulated to do:Perfect for dull or damaged hair, Silky Dirt helps create amazing supermodel shine, plus sexy, natural, long hair definition as it protects the hair from damage and color fading and adds brilliance, body, and control.What else you need to know:Silky Dirt's unique formulation can be used on damp or dry hair and is 100 percent vegan, containing no animal, wheat gluten, or gluten-derived ingredients. Silky dirt is also free of mineral oil, synthetic colors, and DEA.

Customer Reviews:

  • Mmm...dirt is yummy
    Since I have long hair I used this product to tame flyaways and I add it to the ends which tend to get dry overtime and look frizzy, not a good look since the rest of my hair is pretty sleek. This tames the dryness and adds a nice piece-y finish with a bit of sheen, plus it never weighs the hair down and makes it feel clean but with a bit of weight in it, keeping puff and dryness down. One of my favorite ways to wear this is on clean, damp hair after using CHI silk in it first, then I add this to the ends and smooth some over the top, wait a bit then twist the hair in a funky bun, then few hours later I can unravel it and it makes for nice loose waves without any work or fuss while the ends have nice separation and don't look like I had my hair in knots. I don't know about anyone else but in the morning I'd rather sleep or read then wake up early to do my hair, so this not only works so beautifully wile using a ton of healthy extracts but it smells lovely as its loaded with sweet, buttery almond oil .

    I am slowly becoming addicted to the sweet, vanilla cakey scent that this product has. It smells like healthy frosting with a tiny hint of lemongrass echoing in the back, but mostly it just makes me feel yummy. The scent lasts for about two hours after putting it into the hair, maybe longer, somehow I think my nose gets used to it and I can no longer smell it after that, but it makes me eager to wash and style my hair, just for the scent alone. It's pretty nice to be anywhere and smell like sweets, even if I forget to wear perfume.

    - Kasia S. ...more info
  • For once, believe the hype
    I saw bits and pieces of Jonathan Antin's show on Bravo and that did not necessarily endear me to this brand. I only mention this because I'm thinking others may have had similiar reactions. That being said, this is easily one of the best styling products I've ever used. It provides definition, it's not sticky and it lasts well. I have short but thick hair and most styling products give out after a few hours-using more product usually means the style STILL falls while leaving a sticky residue behind that renders my hair flat and utterly unbrushable. I'm happy to report that's not the case here. Bonus, it's vegan, not tested on animals and has a fabulous almond smell that is neither too sweet nor too nutty. While it's not exactly cheap, the tube will last you for several months. I'm definitely buying more. ...more info
  • All the reviews you have read here are true!
    All the wonderful reviews for this product are true! If you have short, curly hair that needs definition and pizazz this product does it all...expensive but worth it!...more info
  • great product
    I have short hair and this product adds some definition without making it look greasy or stiff...more info
  • Tried a sample and will buy more
    I got a sample of this and am ready to buy a full size bottle after using it for two days. I have dry, wavy hair that easily looks frizzy or puffy. I have a semi-short layered cut that I blowdry straight and style with a flatiron. This product gives me the piece-y look that I want, makes it shinier and less puffy. It smells great and I keep saying to myself, what IS that? Oh, it's my HAIR!...more info
  • Shine and composure for curly hair
    I have naturally curly hair that can get dry and frizzy looking without enough moisture, and it's hard to find styling products that tame fly-aways and frizz without weighing your hair down or clumping the curls together. This product does exactly that, though. You only need to use a little bit, and it makes your curls shiny, lightweight, and "finished" looking. It smells great, too. It is pricey, but since you use so little each time and it works so well, it is definitely worth it to create great looking curly hair....more info
  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    I love, love, love this product! It makes my long hair soft, shiny, and full of body. I will definitely buy more. A little expensive, but not more that other salon quality products. I highly recommend it....more info
  • expensive but worth it :)
    this product is a little pricey but a little bit goes a llllooonnnggg hair is chemically processed & colored and it always looks dull,puffy and frizzy. I used a pea size amount in my hair and i saw 100% increase in shine, no more fizz and all of a sudden, my hair had a pulse- it looked great!..on top of how great it made my course hair look, it also smells delicious!!! i definitely recommend it if you have curly, wavy, out of control hair...more info
    I had never even heard of this product until I received it as a free sample in another order I placed. LUCKY ME! This is a wonderful product. I had been using another high-end pricey product that isn't half as good as this! It works oh-so-well for wavy, coarse hair that frizzes easily. Just a tiny bit of this goes a very long way!! The first time I used it, I put too much and ended up with a greasy look/feel but if you just use a tiny amount, it spreads through your hair very easily and makes you look polished and glamorous. It gives you that "movie star" hair. I love that it makes your hair so much more controllable and easily defines your hair if you like that "piecey" look that I go for. Oh and I love the scent! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for more definition and control of their hard to manage hair. It is a little pricey but it will last a long long time....more info


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