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  • Panic Room
    First of all, I don't understand how this movie was supposed to be scary. How could a woman and her daughter go into a panic room to hide from three burglers be scary? I don't get that. Maybe the previews had everyone thinking it was gonna be a scary movie. Nah, it's just a thriller. Anywho, this is a great edge-of-your-seat thriller. All the time, I was like, "What's gonna happen next?", "Don't do that!" and all of that stuff we like to yell out loud. Jodie Foster gave a good performance and Dwight Yoakum plays the villan brilliantly. And it has its humorous moments. Overall, it's a good thriller, but still comes nowhere close to David Fincher's other thriller Se7en.

    Also, the Superbit edition DVD of this film has the same transfer that the three-disc edition DVD has. Just figured I'd warn you....more info
  • Good thriller
    A divorced woman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter (Kristen Stewart) lock themselves into the steel-reinforced "panic room" of their spacious New York brownstone to escape a trio of home invaders (Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, and Dwight Yoakum). This sets the stage for a stalemate that neither side can afford. The object of the intruders' search is hidden within the panic room itself, and daughter has a medical condition which makes escape imperative. This film is a fine cat-and-mouse thriller that doesn't cheat or insult the intelligence of the viewer. Recommended....more info
  • An Amazing DVD For Film Enthusiasts
    Panic Room is a great film and one of David Fincher's best projects to date. A dark thriller full of well-thought-out moments which are evidence of Fincher's amazing skill and attitude toward filmmaking.

    The Special Edition is a film buff's dream! 2 discs with so many hours of extras it can hardly all be watched in just one day. Few DVD's focus on a film's construction like this one and rarely does a director have so much genuine information to give on his own film to fill up 2 discs. Combined with wow-factor menu design, this DVD is a must for film enthusiasts who live and breathe for behind-the-scenes material....more info
  • WTFis a panic room?
    There was a lot of negative hype about this movie, so I decided to sit down, watch it and set the record straight. So, I gather up the usual movie watching essentials, (popcorn, pizza, shinerbock, green tea, Hershey bars, cornnuts, barbeque, French onion, cheddar, salt and vinegar flavored potato chips, a slab of ribs, and some carrots and celery stick, so I won't get fat) and proceed to watch the movie. From the moment the movie started...I could tell it was going to be interesting. I was very right. The story starts out with a woman and her daughter trying to find a house. They find this humongous house with a {you'll never guess} panic room in it. During their first night...the house gets broken into. From that moment will be on the edge of your seat. The cinematography was wonderfully done. It was full of suspense that kept you on the verge of your chair. Amen.
    So that's about it. Just to recap. You like movies? You like houses? You like chicks? Oh, hell, you like men??? Well, all of these are a factor in this movie, so watch and enjoy. If you don't like it, you can get the F#@K out!
    ...more info
  • thanks to "Wait Until Dark"
    Good thriller -- Jodie Foster is, as always, wonderful, as is Forrest Whitaker. I just hope the screenwriter gave some acknowledgement somewhere to Frederick Knott, author of "Wait Until Dark." Some elements were a direct "steal," no pun intended....more info
  • Great Bonus Features...
    "Panic Room" is a great thriller- Jodie Foster's return to the big screen. I'd assume most people would enjoy the film itself. However, the real treat in the 3-Disc Special Edition is the behind-the-scenes footage explaining the wondeful camera work and production in the film. Any movie lover will be blown away by the creativity and the vision the director brings to this picture....more info
  • We want the underdog to win
    David Fincher's pacing and cinematography is worthy of praise. This movie written by David koepp is a stunner. Jodie and Forest whitaker shine as the stars. It is a simple cat and mouse game yet not a minute of the movie deviates from the suspense. It is the minimality of digression that is the key here. The director does not leave the story line to chase any ponderous or emotional moments. From when the burglars enter the house till the very end the suspense refuses to die. The concept of the panic room, the strong hold, the very room the burglars are after is novel. In many places in the movie the tables are turned and the movie goes from jodie's character has upper hand TO burglars have upper hand sitation. In the end Jodie's character goes into the Bruce Willis Die hard mode. One pitted against the gang where she has to outwit them. The movie is violent and brutal in the scenes where it is necessary. The fun is in how the burglars try to get Jodie's character to come out of the panic room. Nicole Kidman was originally to star in the role of Meg Altman (Jodie), but had to back out due to a knee injury she sustained during the filming of Moulin Rouge. However, she did add her voice to the movie portraying Steven Altman's girlfriend and talking with Meg Altman on the phone. The movie is fully shot in a house and it's amazing how even without change of environments,sets and no expensive costume design, one is still glued to the screen. The location is still the same house. So where lies the gem ?. The gem is in the suspense and plotting and in the deep seated desire of every movie goer to see the underdog win.

    regards, Vikram...more info
  • Creative Meticulousness
    This is an awesome movie for what it is. There were many back n' forth's going on with how people felt about it. Some people didn't like it, but they don't really give a clear, clean, cut believable reason as to why they don't. They're reason is as a couch film critic's perspective as to what they would've done if they had shot this film. Go ahead, shoot the film your way then. I didn't see any flaws in this picture. I thought everyone did a fantastic job from Director, David Fincher's meticulous and detailed directing to one of cinema's top actors, Jodie Foster carrying an entire film mostly shot in a room. The main drive of this movie is about an ordinary human being having to quickly pull it together and fight when faced with conflict. The three-disc set is definitely the one to get, as the price is dropping just as low as the one disc, plus if you have any dream to be in the film business on any level and not sure what it's like to make a movie, this is one of the best interpretations of what goes on in production, and it's not Hollywood lights and limos, you are taken through an almost step by step film school fly on the wall version of how hard people work to make a film, it's clearly not something that any critic or film goer can do, whether or not you like the film is irrelevant, the passion and work ethic that these people have is pretty incredible, and on this special edition extra discs set it definitely shows....more info
  • Ghost Dog Meets Clarice Starling...
    ...I wanted something a little more provocative seeing that Director Finscher just came off the triumph of Fight Club to do this. This is a stylish, moody movie in its own right. And the way the two ladies holed up in the panic room hold off the bad guys will keep you entertained for the duration of the movie. Whittaker comes off ultimately as a benevolent bad guy. Jodie is believable as a single mom trying to protect her offspring ala Little Man Tate. But alas, good acting and a hot director could not save this thriller from the throes of predictability. Movies like this one will occupy your time and attention and you will enjoy it, but don't ask for more than that......more info
  • Not a horror movie!
    I purchased this as a rental here on Amazon because it was listed as a scary movie. This is not a horror or scary movie in any sense of the word. Yes, its a thriller but not one that captivated my attention. ...more info
  • A fail considering the talent of Fincher!
    Did David Fincher need to demonstrate us he is a promise director and gifted of multiple skills and deep creativity and making us to waste our time and money in a boring film like this one?
    May be there was something hidden that I didn't watch ; but I think that the trilogy Forrest Whitaker , Jodie Foster and David Fincher was a safe garantee.
    Wrong choice!
    The result is just a technically and superb work ; but without a credibble plot ; if the secret intention of Fibcher was to make a homagge to those horror films of the fifties ; then I beg your pardon .
    But if not ......more info
  • Panic Worthy
    I remember seeing this film in the theater and being surprised at how much it differed from what I expected yet surpassed my expectations. I expecting a scary gritty film like Fincher's previous 'Se7en' or even something more along the lines of 'Fight Club', a gritty smart film that keeps your attention and blows your mind. Instead, I got a gritty smart film...period. Nothing overly fantastic happens. No revelations are disclosed before the credits roll but every frame is strategically placed together in an effort to hold the viewer in constant peril until the final frame...and for the most part it works.

    The story revolves around a divorced mother (Foster) and her diabetic daughter (Stewart) who move into a new home just in time to have it broken into by three armed men (Jared Leto, Forest Whitaker & Dwight Yoakam) looking for a fortune left over by the previous owner. These men are all different breeds and that's what adds to the layers of this film. Leto, who to me is the star here, is the impatient flamboyant leader who knows where the money is and desires it the most. Whitaker is trying to take care of his family and needs this money the most. He's also the sensitive level headed one. Yoakam is the calm and collected psychopath who might as well kill everyone to get what he wants. When these men enter the house only to have Foster and Stewart lock themselves in 'The Panic Room', the only safe room in the house yet the only room the intruders desire to enter (that's where the money is) then the film gets extremely smart in showing how these men try and smoke them out sort-of-speak, and then turns to cat and mouse when things start to get out of hand.

    For the most part this is very effective, and I might even say it were effective 100% if it weren't for the fact that it really gave me no feeling. I didn't really care about any of the characters...and to me Leto was the only real standout as far as acting. Foster is a great actress but a little dry here (too bad Kidman was hurt...she would have been sensational!) while I will admitt Stewart is quite convincing. The movie has a few jump scenes but nothing that will really evoke any fear and that's too bad because with a little tweaking this could have been brilliant...just add in a touch of the underlying fear of 'Se7en' and the mind-blowing truism of 'Fight Club' and 'Panic Room' would have been another Fincher classic. Don't get me's still a great film and a very smart one at that; it just falls a little short of brilliance!
    ...more info
  • Terror in the Dark.
    This was a dark movie as a single mother and her pre-teen daughter, Sarah, moved to 94th Street. It was strange to get oout and search for an apartment at night. With the scary movie, you have to use imagination to figure out what they are doing. The owner specifically showed them the Panic Room and explained what its purpose was, to hide from things. The secret is that $30 million was hid in this hidey hole. The rooms were pretty large as Sarah rode around on her scooter; schoolhouse lights hung from the ceiling. Meg, (Jodie Foster in glasses) appears to be a homely type. The intruders knew that the house had a peep-hole.

    Perhaps all of the darkness makes for mystery. but it would have been more effective had the film been made in black and white. Lighting has a lot to be desired. Everything was dreary, no fun, no laughter. It was most frustrating to not be able to see what is happening. I've never liked movies filmed at night in big cities, or in the dark indoors. We could see silhouettes of violence as the three outsiders tear the inside of the house apart with sledge hammers and noisy, loud chainsaw, looking for the stach of money.

    Camera work was erratic and the conversations confrontational with no love shown. It was verbally abusive with lots of swearing and cussing. This was like a late-night soap opera in drag. The visitor did not take the spoils. Instead... Sarah was more adult than her mom at first. Terror and abuse is something some kids learn in an unhappy marriage. It is possible that Meg's husband, Steve, is involved with this intrusion.

    Before Sarah suffers a panic attack, after seeing her university prof father talking to the criminals, Meg becomes hysterical as her cell phone was not of much use in the Panic Room. She had called her husband and said "there are three..."

    The concierge, French for superintendent of supplies like Mona claimed to be in a Los Angeles hotel where Nat King Cole called her Mona Lisa, was avaukabke at a fancy apartment house near Central Park. Some way, Meg had sent a subliminal message on the phone; the police arrive at the request of Steve. At least, they know how to treat a woman out there, as opposed to K. P. who showed me no respect or integrity to a woman who was almost killed. After the rescue, suddenly we see color as things appear normal for the first time.

    Meg and Sarah are out in the Park on a Fall day in glorious color. How much better this movie would have been had we seen a bit of that color throughout and not relegated to the ending. It was wasted by then. There is no honor among thieves. ...more info
  • Hit the Panic Button & enjoy!
    Jodie Foster, director David Fincher and the rest of the cast excel at providing loads of suspense in an interesting high concept thriller.

    Panic Room derives it's effectiveness and fascination from a very basic human need - the necessity of security and safety. At one point one of the bad guys played by a greasy, corn rowed Jared Leto tells his gang of bumbling burglars that women - referring to a now firmly locked up Jodie Foster in her panic room - need safety and security. He wants to play on that to psych her out of the veritable vault that's preventing him from stealing his family's wealth. I think this sums up alot of why the movie works. There are lots of bad guys out there and at night when we shut the lights and go to sleep, they just might want to break in and prey on us. By having shelter within a shelter - a virtually impenetrable vault to hide - we feel safer, more secure and maybe we're even able to sleep better.

    Of course how many of us could afford a panic room? So with this film, we can live vicariously through Foster's character and her daughter as they make a stand against the intruders in their home. Fincher's direction is spot on terrific. He's a director who can evoke Hitchcock effortlessly, while never mimicking the master's style. The intricate camera work which pans over the elaborate and convincing sets may owe alot to digital magic, but it never looks synthetic.

    This is one you'll watch again and again. It's full of great, well acted characters and the premise is irresistible. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Don't Get Trapped in the "Panic Room!"
    David Fincher has fashioned some first-rate films since he started directing movies back in 1992. The Colorado native called the shots on "Se7en" (1995), a gripping serial killer saga starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as the cops and Kevin Stacey as the villain, that disturbed as much as it enthralled audiences. He toyed mischievously with audiences in "The Game" (1997) toplining Michael Douglas and Sean Penn in the tradition of George Roy Hill's Oscar-winning Best Picture "The Sting." The incomparable and offbeat "Fight Club" (1999) qualified hands down as Fincher's finest, reuniting him with Brad Pitt and co-starring Edward Norton in a pre-terrorist 9/11 opus. Until he made the Jodie Foster crime film "Panic Room" (*1/2 out of ****), "Alien 3" ranked as Fincher's least distinguished epic, with a shaven-headed Sigourney Weaver impersonating science officer Ripley for the last time as a flesh & blood human being. Comparatively, as the least commercial entry in the creature-feature franchise, the anemic "Alien 3" induced sleep rather than suspense. No matter how atrocious "Alien 3" seemed, "Panic Room" weighs in as infinitely worse. Only deep-fried Jodie Foster fans will savor this superficial, occasionally sadistic exercise in futility. Actually, the producers cast Nicole Kidman, but she injured herself and pulled out. A hopelessly miscast Jodie Foster brings a certain elegance to this unexceptional nail-biter. Indeed, lensers Conrad Hall and Darius Khondji's atmospheric cinematography, the eerie lighting, and the looming interiors win "Panic Room" brownie points, not nearly enough.

    This inferior feminist fable takes its title from a 12 by 12 foot, steel-plated, concrete bunker inside a four-story Brownstone in Upper West Side Manhattan. The reclusive tycoon who owned it has died, and our divorced heroine, Meg Altman (a bespectacled Jodie Foster) and her diabetic daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart of "Twilight") now occupy the place. Plagued by paranoia, the late millionaire equipped the townhouse with a secret room. This impregnable bomb shelter boasts a high tech surveillance system with a cameras that scan the premises 24 hours a day from every angle inside and outside. The chamber contains its own ventilation system and features a separate telephone line. During the first night that Meg and Sarah sleep in their new beds, they awaken to find themselves at the mercy of three harebrained hoodlums out to steal millions of dollars worth of bearer bonds that the dead financier concealed in a vault in the safe room.

    Predictably, Meg and Sarah hole up in the bunker while Junior (Jared Leto of "Girl, Interrupted"), Burnham (Forrest Whitaker of "Bird"), and Raoul (country singer Dwight Yoakam of "Sling Blade") toil incompetently to evict them. Aside from their vulnerability as females-at-risk with flaws--Meg suffers from claustrophobia, while Sarah requires insulin shots)--these females do little to appeal to our sympathy. Ironically, Whitaker's character emerges as not only the most sympathetic but also the most interesting. Poor Patrick Bauchau of "A View to a Kill" plays Meg's millionaire, ex-husband (no relation to the deceased tycoon) and takes a hellacious beating from Raoul in a scene which will undoubtedly sicken some viewers.

    This tedious, third-rate tale unravels from the outset with a premise as contrived as it convoluted plot. What veteran scenarist David Koepp of "Stir of Echoes" fame doesn't steal from his own scripts, he appropriates from the durable Audrey Hepburn thriller "Wait Until Dark" (1967) and the exciting Sean Connery caper "The Anderson Tapes" (1972). The Raoul character clearly recalls the Mafia thug in "Anderson Tapes" that veteran character actor Val Avery played in a ski-mask with a penchant for violence. The ending that disposes of the bearer bonds comes straight out of John Huston's "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1948). Had the "Panic Room" been a tenth as entertaining as any of those classics, this derivative mishmash with its unintentionally hilarious histrionics might have proven tolerable. Instead, "Panic Room" resembles a heavy-handed Lifetime channel version of "Home Alone." Decked out in a black, tank-top to display cleavage, Jodie Foster imitates the antics of Macaulay Culkin as she battles a trio of bungling burglars. These clueless cretins make the Three Stooges appear like intellectual titans. Foster is a top-flight actress who shouldn't have stooped to this one-dimensional nonsense. Koepp's script bristles with inconsistencies. After making a big deal about Meg's claustrophobia early in the film, Fincher and Koepp unaccountably drop it from the plot when they tighten the screws on our protagonists. The scene with the butane gas tank elicits derision more than dread, and the flashlight batteries in another scene were clearly of the Eveready variety.

    Don't get trapped in the "Panic Room."
    ...more info
  • Suspense
    If you like suspense, you will like this one. This movie is an incredible roller coaster ride. It's a theme used by many movies...What do you do when you are trapped by criminals and what is the criminal mind like? Will they be smart enough to pull off the crime? Jodie Foster is very good in this one.

    Edge of your seat fun!!...more info
  • it shocks to the bones
    saw the trailer and had to get it on dvd.
    it does not let down
    it moves you
    and scares and makes you think that hopefully no one will ever get to your home and get inside and steal things
    and that you won't have to go to the "Panic Room" if it gets worse.
    truly a deep shocking thriller/slight action movie
    I recommend it highly
    I shall watch it more times then I can count
    truly a shocking masterpiece for a thriller...more info
  • Though not a masterpiece, a movie worth watching!
    Panic Room, brings to the screen the story of a mother and daughter as they barricade themselves in a built-in bunker in an effort to avoid capture by three men who are after a treasure which is located... you guessed it, in the bunker!
    The major setback is in relation to the plot, which is about average. Specifically, the mother does some pretty incredible and unrealistic things such as the setting of the propane on fire!
    Or the whole wire tapping and getting the telephone to work thing...
    Moreover, Kristen Stewart playing the "daughter" was not that wonderful. The seemingly genderless child, who is surprisingly cool throughout the whole ordeal, is really not that great.
    Aside from that, the movie is pretty good!
    It combines drama, action, and adventure making it rather enjoyable, as long as you're in that kind of a mood....more info
  • This review is more about the movie transfer than the movie
    This review is more about the "SuperBit" transfer of the movie to DVD than the movie itself. The movie itself is great and I highly recommend it.

    However, the transfer on to this 2002 "SuperBit" version is very lacking in several areas. The SUPERBIT idea is a good one that is poorly executed on this transfer. The original intent was to maximize video and audio quality by limiting or even eliminating extra features (like trailers, documentaries, featurettes, and "Making-Of" snippets) to reserve space such that the movie can be presented in the highest quality.

    They have failed to do that here. The video and audio quality are not what they could be.

    First, the movie is encoded onto a DVD-9 RSDL disc. This means the DVD is capable of storing 9.5 GB of data. However, not even 6 GB is used. As a result, the video and audio quality is not what it could be.

    "Panic Room" is a 112 minute movie. Any movie that is 2 hours long or less should be able to easily fit on a DVD-9 disc at maximum encoding rate, provided no extra features are placed on the disc. The maximum video encoding rate to fit a 2 hour (or less) movie onto a DVD-9 disc is 9.8 Mbps. However, this SuperBit version averages only 6.5 Mbps.

    This SuperBit version offers audio encoding in 3 types: Dolby 2.0 Surround 192kbps, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1. At first glance this is great news, until you discover that the DTS encoding isn't as high quality as it could be. The DD 2.0 Surround is presented at a bitrate of 192bkps as expected. So is the DD 5.1 at the expected 384kbps rate. DTS 5.1 can go as high as 1536 kbps, but on this disc is presented at only 768 kbps. This is unsatisfactory given the fact that one-third of the available disc space of the DVD-9 isn't even used. The DTS encoding rate should be at least 1024 kbps for a movie like this. This would represent a 33% increase in filespace for the audio portion, but a much larger increase in audio quality to the human ear. The filespace increase would be only about 256 MB, which is very reasonable when you have over 3 GB of space not even being used.

    If they had encoded "Panic Room" on this SuperBit disc at an average video bitrate of 9.5 Mbps, and removed the trailers and features, they would have had enough space to present all three audio encodings above, especially the DTS 5.1 encoding at the 1024 kbps rate I stated.

    Such an encoding process would have used 9.4 GB of the 9.5 GB of available space. A much better way to fill up the DVD-9 disc and adhere to the spirit of the SuperBit ideal. The result would have been a movie encoded to DVD-9 at a much higher video and audio quality than what was presented on this disc.

    I notice that they will be offering a repackaged SuperBit version in October 2006. Hopefully that version will fix the flaws I just mentioned and present the movie in the highest encoding rate both video-wise and audio-wise. It might even offer the better DD-EX 6.1 and DTS-ES 6.1 audio encodings for that extra rear center channel that many A/V receivers can process now.

    Another thing I am noticing is that many times, for popular movies, they are released them in 2-disc editions. The first disc contains only the movie and the second disc is all the extra stuff. If the movie contains both DD and DTS encodings on the first disc, with a very high video bitrate of 9.0 Mbps or greater, it is already in the SuperBit mold.
    ...more info
  • Riveting!
    A very suspenseful thriller--well-crafted, directed, and acted, with a full variety of characterizations and non-stop, heart-pounding scares. Recommended,...more info
  • Zero stars: Fincher, what exactly were you thinking?
    I got nothing to say. Was this supposed to be intense? Was this supposed to be a thriller? It was boring. Horrible acting, except for Forest Whitaker: but even he couldn't save this one. Pure Fincher? Pure trash. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Quite possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I am just too upset to type, I can't believe I actually waisted my time with this....more info
  • Over-hyped.
    Panic Room starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart is a major disappointment. Probably David Fincher's most inconsistent film to date. All the actors are good in this but it's too long and boring. Jared Leto and Forest Whitaker look completely horrible, jeez who was in charge of hair and make-up? Panic Room is the biggest disaster of 2002....more info
  • AWSOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this movie and watched it. It was so good so so so exiting and so suspencful threen men broke into jodie fosters home her and her daughter where sleeping the three men did not know someone was home the thought no one was home but they wake up and see in the camras and there are peple in her home. I dont want to give it away but I think you should get it and OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU WILL WANT TO WATCH OVER AND OVER!...more info
  • Much better than I thought it would be...
    *PANIC ROOM (superbit-single disc)*
    I thought Panic Room was going to be boring and not worth the time. On the contrary, it was quite entertaining. I couldn't imagine how they would fill an hour and a half of being stuck in a panic room shelter hiding from the bad guys. Turns out the movie is about 20 minutes longer than that. There are a few twists and turns that keep it very interesting. The hook is a clever story line of a criminal and his struggle to do right when he's doing wrong. Also, the strength of a parent when their childs life is in danger. It leaves you with a good feeling and I can appreciate that.
    I absolutely loved the camera work. Some of the neatest camera pans you'll ever see in a movie are in Panic Room. A little too much cursing but, it's almost expected with thud criminals to speak at that level, it's understandable but there's a lot of it.
    Very well done. Better than I expected....more info
  • You'll be hooked
    Even if you are aware of what the Panic Room in the movie is all about, (you already know that when you watch the trailer) the screenplay and story are good enough to keep you hooked till the end. There are a number of nicely-handled tense moments. Wait towards the end for the macabre things to happen in the story though in the beginning one is lead to believe that it is going to be a "Home Alone" kind of a thing where the intruders are simply going to be outsmarted all the time and that no murders or killings would take place. Brilliant piece of acting by Jody Foster particularly in the scene when the cops come home to check if anything is wrong in the household and when she is forced to prove them that everything is alright. The conclusion of the story was also a fair one. Not a boring movie. Four stars....more info
  • A thrilling and dramatic experience
    As you can see by the rating I really just thought this movie was okay. There isn't a huge amount to go into beyond that concept because the movie is fairly basic in concept. Though, I have to admit that the way they generated the drama with the location was quite impressive.

    This is a movie based around the story of a robbery gone wrong. The robbers didn't expect anyone to be in the house, but Jodi Foster's character and her daughter had already moved in early. The house has some unusual features, such as an elevator and a panic room. The panic room, which the movie is named after, is a small room that people can hide in and survive if attacked. It's behind very thick steel, so it's nigh impossible to get through and it comes complete with a camera surveillance system. Naturally the robbers were expecting the room to be empty, but Foster really throws that wrench in their plans. What they're after is in that room, it just so happens that one of the robbers installs those kinds of rooms, thus enter Forest Whittaker. As you can see the stage is set for a very suspenseful ride. The whole movie takes place in this house and really doesn't go anywhere else. That alone is fairly impressive. Seriously, to stay on screen for two hours and not leave the same location, that takes pretty good writing and they do manage to pull it off. Not to mention this is all done with like five actors and a sixth enters later with almost no lines.

    Despite the very competent acting, the film still felt a tad drawn out. This is a shock to hear me say because I'm usually the guy wanting more out of the movie! The suspense was certainly great and the acting was very well done. However, I can't see myself watching this numerous times in the future and that's what really separates a great movie from an okay movie for me. I did like the interaction with the robbers the most once they realized their carefully laid plans weren't going very smooth. The audience is meant to eventually sympathize with Whittaker's character, which I thought was a bit of an interesting twist, though I really don't think Whittaker would make a really good down and dirty robber with loads of violent experience. Seriously, it's just not him, so he was perfect for this role of a man who was in over his head, so to speak.

    I think this is definitely a movie worth seeing once, at the very least. If you're a fan of Jodi Foster films I don't see how this could possibly disappoint you. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I typically enjoy the films she puts out. That's about all I can think to say on this, just a good thrilling and suspenseful movie if you ask me....more info
  • A lesson in home construction
    The next time you remodel or build a new room or home, add this to your plans. As the threat of terrorism increases those old 1950s bomb shelters are in vogue. Use this movie as a model. A lot of valuable information here....more info
  • A Very Involving Story
    The movie gets high marks for getting the viewer involved with the story. It grabs you early on and doesn't let go.

    The camera-work and David Fincher's direction is very good, especially with the low-angle shots in which the camera roams around the house at about floor level. That's very cool. His direction, along with a suspenseful story, makes this film intriguing.

    The film in general is just a little too politically-correct, as there are three criminals all breaking into Jodie Foster's house and the black guy, naturally, is the only one shown with a heart. Jodie Foster isn't real likable here, either, as the liberal mom, nor is the spoiled kid. Parents take note: it's an "R"-rated film with lots of profanity....more info
  • Well-crafted suspense
    In this cleverly constructed thriller, Jodie Foster plays Meg Altman, a recent divorc¨¦e who purchases a New York brownstone to house her and her diabetic daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart). When three men break into the house, Meg and Sarah take refuge in the house's unusual "panic room", an indoor fortress meant to serve as a hidden and impenetrable haven for its residents. The problem is, the burglars not only know about the panic room, but they will do anything to get what is hidden inside it. Closed off from help, the women must rely on their resourcefulness to repel the equally determined intruders. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do. This is "Home Alone" with a deadly seriousness. (The screenplay acknowledges this when one of the burglars calls another "Joe Pesce.")

    The trailers for this highly suspenseful film made it seem more terrifying than it actually is. "Panic Room" relies more on tension and desperation than it does on sheer fear - and it is a much better film for it. Jodie Foster turns in a skilled, believable performance, as does Kristen Stewart, who not only looks like she could be Foster's biological child but acts that way, too. Forest Whitaker, as the brains of the burglary, provides complexity to a character that might otherwise have been a type; you can't help wishing that he was not a part of the operation. The camera work (not dissimilar to that of television's "CSI") works to increase the tension, although often it comes across as an effect for effect's sake.

    "Panic Room" held my attention from beginning to end. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a suspenseful film with good, solid acting....more info
  • Very good movie
    Great Thriller. keeps youon the edge of your seat. Jodie Fostor amazing as always. ant believe that little girl is Kristen Stewart shes a great actress and i have enjoyed all of her movies....more info
  • Better than I expected!
    I originally had no desire to see this. I thought the idea of Jodie Foster being locked in a room for 2 hours wasn't going to be very interesting.

    Turns out I was wrong. This movie is actually very good! It's very suspenseful and has some great action sequences in it.

    Plus, as always, Jodie Foster does a great job. I've been a fan of hers ever since she starred in the Pippi Longstocking movies....more info
  • Tension, tension, tension.............................
    Director: David Fincher.
    Starring: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto.
    When burglars break into their home, Foster and daughter Steward head for a sealed-off, impregnable bunker; fine and dandy-o, then, except what the burglars want is hidden in the panic room. A superbly constructed thriller from director Fincher (Seven, Fight Club) that boasts almost unbearable tension....more info
  • Fight Club & Seven it aint!
    Using many of the same techniques he found so successful in his earlier films, David Fincher try's to weave another exciting thriller. But this time whats missing is a truly great story and script. We have seen this basic story before," Home Alone", to "Die Hard". Two very different films, but both with the same premise. Our protagonist is trapped in a building with loved ones at stake by a group of theives.
    In Die Hard all the bases are covered in a fairly believable context. With Home Alone we are talking about a comedy, and kid so we have alot of room to play with what could be believable. But here we have a very intelligent adult in Jody Foster a reasonably intelligent teenage girl, and three bad guys. Two of whom aint the brightest bulbs in the box, and one who's got brains, and a decent heart. We know almost from the get go that(as the decent bad guy says) "Everythings going to be alright."
    Kinda kills the suspense.
    The acting is good from Forest Whitiker, Jared Leto, and Dwight Yoakem. The teenage daughter of Fosters character played by Kristen Stewart is dead on. And as always Jody Foster is terrific.(Baring very ample and distracting cleavage this goround)
    The camara moves we've come to expect from Fincher are all here on constant display, and the CGI inhancing is flawless.
    The story and script are the problem. In a thriller our protaganist must do the same things we would reasonably do in order to extricate themselves from the situation. That is until the antagonists leave them no option except the extreme. Never happens here.
    This DVD is excellent in quality, and quantity. Three discs woth of "how we did it" info. You will see that this was a big, expensive project. Just a shame they didnt spend more money on the script....more info
  • Bad Movie!
    This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The story line was stupid. I couldnt get thru the movie without falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....more info
    A very tense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat through out! It does go a little over board towards the end,but it is still a first rate thriller. The superbit version I have, did not impress me any more or less than a standard DVD release. ...more info
  • 5/5
    I must admit that the premise of this flick is quite lame. Before hearing who was in the Director's chair I immediately said 'There is no way I am going to see this', a kick in my ass came shortly after a friend of mine told that David Fincher was directing it. I dig David Fincher so much that if he decided to a movie about a monkey trapped in a mental asylum, I'd still see it. Hm.. now that actually sounds like a spiffy flick.. maybe I can write a script for it. So yes, it's David Fincher folks, he is good at whatever he does, thus this movie was good as well.

    This movie is quite simple, it also seems like it could be a 20 minute cartoon on the tube, but when you have David Fincher behind the camera you can't help but get plunged into it. Just the dark-gloomy visuals of this flick are absolutely breath taking. The eerie mood created by the enormous house, humorous crooks going after the panic room, it's all in here!

    So here go...Meg Altman played by Jodie Foster (Silence Of The Lambs, Contact) is a divorced mother who moves into this enormous palace with her daughter Kristen Stewart (Sarah Altman). Not even fully settled in, they are awaken by three burglars played by Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam whose plain is to go after what is in the 'panic room'.
    Not expecting anyone to be in the house, they soon find out that Meg & Sarah Altman actually moved in tad bit early. This of course gets into their way of robbing the house in peace and comfort and everything pretty much goes off the planned road.

    Seeing that this movie is a 'thriller', it does however resemble Fight Club for a tad bit. It is fraught with anecdotes just like Fight Club was. I found this unbelievably cool even though some people disagreed, some were saying that the movie could have gone without the humorous incidents. I don't see the big deal, I actually thought it was kind of cool.
    So what exactly is so good and so bad about this movie? The good is the way the movie was shot, the mood that was created from the story, the breath-taking visuals (blue flame explosion scene) & the opening credits (tell me that didn't look slick as all hell?) and of course the odd chemistry between the burglars. The bad is of course the plot turns, you could pretty much just sit there and call them one by one. Maybe some people will actually think that's cool, I don't know. I personally like being surprised more than being able to tell what will happen next. The ending also left me kind of 'eh? what, no no no, ah come on' simply because I fell for one of the characters whose fate was kind of sad. The ending is not bat at all, this is purely my own opinion. Overall I was entertained by the movie and not once did I put my head down out of boredom. Make sure you rent this puppy as soon as it comes out in your local video store, you will not be disappointed, especially David Fincher fans! ...more info
  • Boring, Cliched, Overdone & Unnecessary
    Panic Room is one of those films that start off with great promise because of its title ( like 1992's The Hand that Rocks the Cradle ). Also, like The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Panic Room's promise disappears within minutes and the film turns into a mindless mess. Jodie Foster who's known for masculine, tougher, butch-like roles plays a single mother who's normal boring world goes from ordinary to thrilling in one night. I thought this would be different but once again Hollywood pees on its own leg. We get a bratty, foul-mouthed child ( whose mother allows her to curse right in front of her ), a disillusioned mother and a couple of criminals in the dullest looking house to ever be in a film. The setting is dark and gloomy making the film as boring as watching a corpse rot. Don't be fooled. The title is wonderful but nothing hooks you in. This is nothing different from a million other films where a woman was trapped in a house with criminals. It's been done for centuries and this is the worst version of anything similar.

    The supporting actors Jared Leto and Forrest Whitaker out-acted Foster easily though I felt Forrest was wasted. Bottom line, this movie isn't even interesting enough to review. I just felt I should save someone the time and trouble of seeing this crap. It's one of the most boring, draggy films you'll ever experience. It's like being in a time capsule for fifty years. NOTHING seems to ever move and by the time it'll be asleep or have stopped watching. Why BUY this when it's on Cinemax every day and night? Save your money and watch it on cable. Being drunk or terribly bored may enable you to sit through this, which I consider one of the most horrible films of 2001, 2002 or whatever.

    The biggest question isn't if Foster and the girl will get out alive. It's why the heck this dumb film was made in the first place....more info

  • Not one of David Fincher's best but still good.
    Panic room is a pretty good thriller from David Fincher who has made seven, the game and fight club and if you know those films then you'll expect the same dark and moody atmosphere in this film and I didn't mind since hes a realy good director and knows how to make a nice shot like when he moves the camera all across the room as we see the three burgulars or criminals trying to sneak in the house from outside. The story starts out with Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter Sarah who are staying at their New York apartment that has a special built in panic room, they have just purchased it but unfortunatly thier first night doesn't go to well when three criminals dicide to break in and steal whats inside the panic room. Meg Altman is a newly divorced woman which explains who she can afford an expensive appartment with a panic room, her husband is probably filthy rich. The film was great as it has afew twists and turns as each person is trying to outsmart the other including a scene where the criminals try to gas them out of there. The criminals are played by Forest Witicker, Dwight Yokum and Jared Leto who's character is an idiot basicely. The only flaw with this film was that the criminals seemed like the three stooges and they weren't as intimidating as I thought they were and sometimes it was hard to take them seriously but otherwise it was pretty good and I highly recomend you watch this film. ...more info
  • Panic Room Review
    In this movie Jodie Foster has recently purchased a house in NY, and has just moved there with her adolescent daughter. Her first night after she moves in, three men break into her house. This movie is full of suspense, and very surprising. The lengths the characters go to in this movie never fail to amaze me, and the ending is a big surprise. It is a movie you will not forget. ...more info
  • Like a Good Game of Chess
    I'm reluctant to make lengthy comments on films about which hundreds of others have already posted, it seems like a waste of time, so I will just make a few observations about "Panic Room".

    The most important thing was that it instantly pulled me in and took me for a ride for the entire two hours. That does not happen often, particularly for a film that I was late seeing and about which I therefore had tons of preconceived notions. I was pleased with how well they established the basic premise of the film at the beginning, something that had seemed silly in the trailers was perfectly credible in the actual film. The $95 Million U.S. box office must have happened from word-of-mouth because the trailer simply does not do the film justice.

    There were only minor plot holes, although the lame way that Meg and her daughter initially get into the panic room almost derails the whole thing. And I still find it inconceivable that $48 Million had to be spent on what is really a very small film. Since so little of the budget ever makes it onto the screen they would have been better served with the creative incentive of a smaller budget.

    Nicole Kidman was originally cast to play Meg but hurt her knee and had to drop out. I don't think they lost anything by bringing in Jodie Foster, I can't imagine Kidman doing any better, Meg's kind of brainy stubborn scrapper is Foster's specialty. And she is much better from a physical casting perspective, as Kristen Stewart looks like she could actually be Foster's daughter. In fact, there were more that a few times when I momentarily got the two of them confused. This was very appropriate because "Panic Room's" heroines are not the usual film-fare mother and daughter (one strong and one weak), but rather a "like mother-like daughter" situation. I think Stewart has a great future in films (see "Speak" for a example of her ability to carry a whole feature) and it was nice that she got a chance so early in her career to work closely with Foster.

    I was particularly impressed with the pacing of this story and its similarity to chess masters hiding one line of attack inside another. The battle progresses much like a chess match, as pieces are lost the layout becomes less familiar and the alternatives fewer. As the two sides use up resources and get sucked in deeper, their earlier choices limit the choices that are available to them. This chess-like process holds until the very end of the film.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child. ...more info
  • Really nice movie, it's not scary, but it's entertaining
    I don't know if this movie was supposed to be scary or something....anyway, I bought this for $4 at a sale, and I had no idea if this movie was good or bad or what had critics said about it. Anyway I bought it and I was really pleased with my purchase.

    It's a very entertaining movie and the story is original and fun. It's something that could happen to any of us and it's fun to see how this family comfronts it.

    It's not gonna scare you, it won't make you jump off of your seat, but it'll let you have such a great time. I recommend this movie to people who like mystery and thriller movies.

    5 stars....more info
  • solid thriller with great performances all around
    I agree it doesn't hold up with Seven and Fight Club but it's way better then The Game and Aliens 3, not that I dont like them movies but this one is good old time. Foster gives another fine tuned performance, Kristen Stewart as her daughter is also excellent. The 3 robbers, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam are all sinister and evil in their own little ways though Yoakam is more violent and crazy. Leto holds up his end until he is shot in the eye by Yoakam and Whitaker does great work as well. Predictible yet fun it starts right off and then ends in a violent finale. I guess people have bad tastes. Dialouge isnt that bad, people....more info
  • really flat
    Jodie Foster Is one of the Greatest Actress's Ever period,but this clunky film is so boring&Predictable that it just never gets off the ground&put me to sleep. a film full of Cliches&dime a dozen story lines that never goes anywhere....more info
  • What I Wanted And More
    If you aren't a fan of this movie or you are just a causal fan then this set is way more than you'd ever want to know about the film. For me this set is what I wanted from the day I saw this movie at the theater.
    This comprehensive DVD package gives you details about ever possible part of production. The multiple commentary tracks provide numerous stores about the process of making this film and many key people can be found on these tracks. Personally my favorite part of the DVD set was the visual effects breakdowns. Here you get to see numerous visual effects show from the film and learn about how they were done. I'm a huge fan of the "How'd They Do That" kind of features and this release didn't let me down.
    This is such a packed release that it makes me wish all the films I love would be a release half as good as this amazing set. ...more info
  • I Am One Of The Few People Who Liked This Movie
    Well, I liked it. But then again, I like a lot of cheezy stuff....more info
  • Great Cinematography!
    This movie is so stylish with is clever camera angles. I also really enjoyed the cat & mouse premise of the story. It's reminds me of a live action Tom & Jerry cartoon. You never know what's next. Jodie Foster is one of my favorite actresses. It's great to see Forrest Whitaker in the movies again after being behind the camera for a while. But the real gem in this film is the continued progression of country singer turned actor, Dwight Yoakam. He is great as the cold as ice burglar. This is an awesome film. Well recommended!...more info
  • SO not good.
    Jody. Jody. Jody. What were you thinking??? Did you even read the script? Did you just need the cash to build an addition onto your house because you TOTALLY betrayed your smartypants kick-ass self with this horrid piece of film. Horrifically bad acting by everyone involved, which might be because the writer gave them such drivel with which to work. Ohmigosh this movie is pure dreck. No person should ever pay to watch a movie where a 10-year old gets hit in the face with a closed fist -- this is entertainment? An absolute catastrophe of a film on all levels. Avoid....more info
  • fincher's Popcorn masterpiece
    David Fincher spins gold out of this "B"-movie screenplay. It's a brilliant exercise of technical genius. It's also a brilliant example of true cinema and montage: look at the way Fincher uses his *framing* to tell the story, in addition to the more obvious use of camera movements and cutting.

    HOWEVER--if you are here to buy this movie STOP!

    Go and get the 3 DVD special edition with hours upon hours of features and commentary. The behind the scenes documentaries take you through all aspects of production, and I can tell you honestly that it is at least as informative as a semester at film school. Fincher's commentary is probably a bit better on Fight Club (get the 2 dvd version, about to be re-released) or on SE7EN (again, snag the 2 DVD edition). But Jodie Foster's commentary is great. Besides, you'll get to see Fincher and his crew in action and that's worth the price of admission alone....more info
  • Root against everyone except Forest Whitaker
    New York itself plays a major role in Panic Room, where the paranoid need protection from the hyper, anxiety-saturated dark element. It's, evidently, where back-alley threats and urban terrorists attack the pure and virtuous wealthy New Yorkers.

    Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) are living in a spacious Upper West Side brownstone town house, with architecture that reflects the priciest of pricy New York abodes - large and expensive enough for three or four young professionals to live in, and they'd still have to live off of ramen a few times per week. Meg attained her home via the money-grubbing divorcee route, with real estate revenge as her sole purpose for even choosing the Richie Rich option in housing.

    In this ridiculously large home in which Meg and her daughter have ten times the room they truly need, there is no real need to furnish the house. Instead, Meg is worried about her WASPish needs such as finding the corkscrew for her wine bottle, how to steal more money from her ex-husband, and, oh yeah, making sure she has enough diabetes medicine for her daughter. On top of all the other opulence, they have a luxury above all other needless luxuries: a panic room. This panic room is the amenity of all amenities, and for only the filthy rich. It acts as a barricade for an extended period of time for any and all rich occupants, and via its Ft. Knox security and armaggedon stockage, all rich occupants remain safe from all non-rich people.

    In the case of this movie, I was kind of hoping that the criminals would win because the money and security clearly wasn't earned. However, the three criminals in his movie aren't that lucky. Burnham (Forest Whitaker) is a safe-cracking, goofy-as-hell yet somehow intelligent role tailor made for Forest Whitaker. Junior (Jared Leto) is the ADD-riddled, get rich quick bad element generically typical in every psychological thriller. And Raoul (Dwight Yoakam) is the heartless psychopath of the group, ubiquitous to this type of movie. While fighting for power and control, the criminals build tension and suspense, allowing the viewer to not only choose sides between Meg and the villians, but also amongst the villians themselves.

    Generic maternal instinct provides determination enough to thwart the bad guys in a foreshadowed Lavergne and Shirley meets Jackass style of female empowerment ending. I knew the ending about halfway through, but it didn't suffer a loss of entertainment value as a result. Good movie....more info
  • Lame Room
    I don't mind suspending my disbelief during a thriller --otherwise, it would be impossible to enjoy any of them-- but I do mind when filmmakers make such stupid choices, it is simply impossible to believe anything that's going on. That's what happens when Jodie Foster (who works hard to save this film) and her daughter get stuck in the panic room of their new mansion, where three thieves have broken into. The problem, of course, is the treasure they want is in the panic room, so the two women are forced to spend quite some time in this room, which is not such a terrible problem, since it has been built for that same purpose. The room contains a toilet, flashlights, fire blankets, a medicine kit--pretty much anything you would need in an emergency, except a single piece of food. Maybe the builders of the panic room expected people to eat the blankets. The movie has other moments that are simply unbelievable, which is too bad, because this could have been a pretty good thriller.
    ...more info
  • Entertaining
    I think I'll keep this one short. 'Panic Room' is a sharp, well-executed thriller. In terms of plot and ideas it's definitely a cut below earlier Fincher films like 'Fight Club' and 'Seven'. (You spell it 'Se7en' and I cut you! I cut you bad!!!) Still, Fincher's technical ability shines thru along with a reasonably plausible and intelligent script to allow this to be a very worthwhile film, even if it doesn't really have a terribly strong impact once it's all over.

    You gotta already know the setup, but here it is: Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her creepy hermaphrodite child move into an absurdly massive and fancy house in New York (?), one which was inhabited by a rather eccentric old man who was particularly concerned with security. Thus the house contains a panic room, which contains an additional phone line and various video screens and is just virtually impenetrable. On their first night in the house a trio of burglars break into their home, and Meg and her daughter flee into the panic room. Trouble is, they've got no way to contact the outside world, and the items the thieves are after are located in the panic room itself. And that's about it. As is true of most well-done thrillers, a lot more happens within this scenario than you likely would've thought possible, all with out becoming to terribly contrived.

    Fincher has always been a great visual stylist, and that ability is nicely displayed here, with smooth, gliding camera movements combined with CGI for clean movement all about the house. The whole thing is just very dark and ominous, as per usual, but in sleek, modern way rather than the clattering industrial mess you'd find in 'Seven'. Performances are first-rate, though there is occasionally a disturbing lack of characterization. This is particularly a concern for Foster's character, as she is, theoretically, the protagonist, but proves to be pretty flat, and didn't really draw any particular sympathy from me. And the kid, ooh the kid is just as annoying as hell. By the end of the film Forest Whitaker's Burnham, one of the robbers, proves to be by far the most interesting and sympathetic character of the bunch. This allows us to sympathize with someone, I suppose, which is nice, but for much of the film I was interested in what was going to happen, but I didn't especially *care*. A wide variety of results would've been acceptable. The film does do a nice job of slowly revealing the true nature of the characters as we move along, but this does mean that they start out pretty faceless.

    Thinking back I have a hard time remembering the particular flow of events in the film. It is, again, a bit more plausible than your average thriller, and most of the events flow into one another smoothly enough that it seems like a fairly continuous whole. It's harder to dissect and pick apart in my mind, which might make it hold up better on repeated viewings.

    That's about it, I guess. The DVD looks very nice, as you'd expect for a Superbit one. Again, I dunno if this is the sorta movie that's gonna impact anyone terribly, but it's done with enough panache and professionalism that it proves very watchable, and I'll no doubt pull it out for another viewing every once in a while.

    Grade: B+...more info
  • Excelent Thriller
    Drama at it's finest. You'll be close to a heart attack by the end of the movie. A very smart drama. It's very well written. A somewhat original idea for a movie....more info
  • A bit more panic
    I'd give the film 3 and a half stars, its an entertaining movie with some good performances from Jodie Foster and Forest Whittaker. The director David Fincher (Seven, Alien3, Fight Club) uses some interesting camera moves to keep you on your toes - the camera goes through keyholes, down air vents etc. However it does rehash a lot of standard thriller plotlines and actually isn't that thrilling.

    Why this special edition gets 4 stars is because the extras are very good. You wouldn't believe the amount of money they spent building the inside of the house. The courtyard at the back of the house is also a set as well. The extras are really good and make this version well worth getting. In all honesty I'm more likely to watch some of the extras before I watch the film again.

    Its also worth mentioning that this film needs to watched after dark, as it is filmed in at best half light, and most of the time less than that. So if its still daylight outside and you haven't got heavy curtains select another movie. ...more info
  • Lame....
    Man, this was dissapointing. My feelings can't be described using words. This is definitely one of the most dissapointing movies I've ever seen(and I've seen a lot of crap). Jodie Foster shouldn't waste her talent on such a movie like "Panic Room"....more info
  • hard to believe plot
    I gave this movie 3 stars overall. I don't feel that a '3' is a fair rating, but I would be unable to forgive myself if I had gone any higher.

    Panic room has an interesting story, great cast, and strong acting. What it truly lacks is believability. Maybe the average joe will accept some of the stupidity of the film, but I was unable to. Firstly, why built THAT strong of a panic room, yet have a flimsy air vent to the outside? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Second, and most importantly - is the undercurrent of suspense as to the health of Jodie Foster's daughter. She supposedly has diabetes. During their stay in the panic room, the daughter slowly but surely gets worse, because she needs insulin. She looks through the MRE (military-style vacuum-packed meals) for something that will "raise her blood sugar" but is unable to find anything. This is pure BS. Any food will raise your blood sugar, but the contents of the MRE, which had candy, peanut butter and other items, would do a perfect job of raising her blood sugar. How could this strong plot theme have been overlooked by the writers of the film?...more info
  • Good Thriller.......
    Jodie Foster yet again does not fail to give us an outstanding performance in this gripping thriller. The film centers around Meg ( Foster ) and her young daughter Sarah. They live in New York following Meg's divorce. In their home is a hidden room built to provide safety for in case of a break in. Well, the unimaginable happens when 3 intruders break into the home in search of something very valueable to them that was left behind by the previous homeowners. Meg and her daughter must now fight for their lives while hidding in their Panic Room. This is a edge of your seat thriller as you see what a mother will do to save not only herself but her sick daughter. Great story and good performances with some violence. I'd suggest anyone who has not seen this movie, rent it for if you like good thrillers, this movie won't disappoint. Jodie Foster gives this movie a extra star with her great performance. ...more info


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