Ronco ST4000WHGEN Showtime Standard Rotisserie and Barbeque Oven with Bonus Accessory Kit, White

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Product Description

The Ronco Showtime Rotisserie &BBQ makes delicious rotisserie chicken, prime rib and shish kabobs easy. The Ronco 4000 Showtime Rotisserie is part of inventor Ron Popeil's line of bestselling rotisserie ovens, and far outsells other chicken rotisseries worldwide. The Showtime 4000 Rotisserie lets you roast an awesome 15-pound turkey in only three hours - with no basting!

Use your Ronco Rotisserie to make sensational lowfat meals with very little effort. Simply "Set It and Forget It"to let your main course cook to perfection while you prepare side dishes or spend time with guests. Plus, all Showtime Rotisseries come with a nonstick drip pan and basket that go right into the dishwasher, making them easy to clean.

This package gives you the basic accessories you need to start you on your way to great rotisserie cooking.

Basic Accessories Included:

  • Dual Heating Tray with Lid
  • Standard Basket
  • Barbeque Gloves
  • One Dozen Chicken Ties
  • Spit Rod Assembly
  • Instructional Video
  • Instruction &Recipe Booklet
  • Non-stick Drip Pan
  • Spit Loading &Carving Base
  • Liquid Flavor Injector
  • Solid Food Injector
  • Carving Set
  • Product Features:

  • 1250 watts
  • 3-hour timer
  • No wider than a toaster oven
  • 6-month limited warranty

    Dimensions:14"L x 19"W x 13"H

  • Features:
    • Standard-size rotisserie and barbeque oven for easily preparing healthy food
    • Rotisserie controls include normal rotation, no-heat rotation, or pause-to-sear
    • Nonstick rotisserie basket; drip tray; dial timer; dishwasher-safe parts
    • Bonus--1-quart dual food-heating tray with lid, plus solid and liquid flavor injectors
    • Measures approximately 18 by 15 by 13 inches; 6-month limited warranty

    Customer Reviews:

    • Perfection every time
      I researched this a good bit before buying, and have not been disappointed in its performance. We have tried chicken several times and a pork loin so far. All were easy to cook and absolutely tasty. We are experimenting with using the injection tool and marinade and that has turned out to be awesome! Not only does the food taste good, with little work on my part, but the house smells devine as it is cooking. I was concerned about how hard it would be to clean the unit up, but have discovered that it is very easy, and only takes a minute. I usually let the tray soak while we eat and it is ready to be washed when we are done. I give it a 5 star rating for sure....more info
    • Great tasting food, but very noisy.
      Have cooked whole Chicken and Pork Loin and both came out fantastic, but the unit is very noisy, and if you live in a small place, this will drive you crazy. ...more info
    • wife no longer has to borrow friend's
      Ww were invited to dinner by friends and they served chicken prepared in a similar but smaller Ronco. Wife borrowed it a couple of times because she loved the way that the chicken came out, tender and juicy. I felt that it was time to buy one for her since she enjoyed it so much. Had looked at other units but for the price and previous experiance, had to go with this unit.Have to persuade her to try other things to cook tho as we do have all the accesories that came with it. Sorry to see that the Ronco store is no longer on line, but was a bargin price from Amazon. If considering buying,would highly recommend and I don't recommend very often.
      ...more info
    • Cheaply manufactured material Bad Engineering ! or just bad luck?
      Bought this unit Brand New ! Comes with no heat shield in the back....but sold as an accessory , no shield for the rotating gear that sits an inch away from the heating rods. I could already tell it was not a good thing. Otherwise looked fine till started to cook , motor was making grinding noises right from start and left side big black toothed wheel was rubbing with the wall grinding it . Checked everything to make sure all was put together correctly and it was. Just that the left side big wheel was bent and not truely round in shape. I let it go on , then motor stopped after that the heating element stopped , i would say burnt! Overall very cheap and poor materials used in construction of it. Has no Ground in the plug, only 2 prong. Warning lines engraved at bottom are reading backwards and printed on wrong side ( made in a hurry! ). And After wasting two chickens and cleaning and packing it , sent it back today as a return. I wasted a lot of time, money and resources buying this thing. And to pack it all again to fit all back in the box is very hard. This is a cheap dangerously put together item, some home drawn engineered plans made in foreign land by a very low class fabricator to sell commercially. There are far better products than this for same and less price....more info
    • Roncodelicious
      We had a prime rib dinner over our relatives and fell in love with the delicious and scrumptious quality that the Ronco rotisserie achieved so we bought our own at a terrific price during the holiday promotion through Amazon. We are extremely pleased with our new kitchen addition....more info
    • Love at first bite!
      I absolutely love my Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven. Now that I have it, I wonder how I ever cooked without it.

      I am very picky about my kitchen appliances being easy to use and easy to clean! There is no point in having a delicious dinner if I have to spend hours cleaning up a mess afterward. I must say, this oven could not be any easier to clean. The pieces & accessories are all dishwasher safe.

      The first night I used it, I cooked a chicken that was just under 5 pounds. It took exactly as long as the instructions stated it would for the internal temperature of the chicken to reach 180 degrees. The thermometer is included. The elastic food ties are ingenious! No more strings cutting into your fingers as you fight to get them around the chicken.

      I could not believe how good this chicken was. I didn't do anything special to it. I only used salt, pepper, and garlic powder on the outside of the chicken. Then, I put it on the rotisserie, set the timer, and watched it spin around in amazement. Every single bite of this chicken was juicy! My daughter and I ate it for three days, and even when it was warmed in the microwave, it was still tender and juicy.

      I highly recommend this item to anyone who cooks several meals a week. It does a lot more than just rotisserie chicken! The kabobs we made in it were just as delicious as the chicken. ...more info
    • Ronco Rocks
      Not only does the Ronco cook exceptionally well, but it is also a breaze to clean (less than 10 min). One of the earlier reviewers stated that the non-stick coating is not very "non-stick" , which is accurate. What you can do to mitigate everything from sticking is to apply a light oil (spray or wipe it on) to the rack or skewers and you will be fine.
      If you are looking to eat more healthily without a lot of added effort, then I would highly recommend dropping the $100 (from for this unit....more info
    • Amazing! Best meat I've ever tasted
      Wow is all I can say. I was skeptical at first but ever night I've cooked a different type of meat using this oven and not only does it taste like its fresh off the grill...the meat was SO juicy, evenly cooked, perfectly done. I don't think I'll ever use my oven again to prepare meat! ...more info
    • rave about rotissiere
      This is a great appliance to have in the kitchen. I do not like to cook, yet even I can prepare a chicken and have it come out just delicious!! My husband tried making kabobs the other night and they came out GREAT!!! Easy cleanup--everything in the dishwasher, and I do mean everything. Enjoy!!...more info
    • Great product
      Hi... my whole extended family has these. They do the trick. We love them. I still use my faberware rotisserrie for larger items....more info
    • Ronco 4000, very good unit
      Nice unit with a lot of extras. Cooked my frozen steaks to perfection in about 30-45 minutes and was very juicy. So far I love it. My only advice is make sure you mail the registration in within the 7 days or else they will not except it. That is my only gripe with this product....more info
    • ronco rotisserie
      This rotisserie is the absolute best one I have ever owned, being able to cook the main meal and the fixing's on top is a real time saver. You name it and you can cook it in this rotisserie, big or small matters not the meat is done to perfection every time...more info


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