Air-O-Swiss AOS7133 Ultrasonic Antimicrobial Cool/Warm Mist Humidifier

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Product Description

This efficient air humidification technology uses high-frequency vibration to generate a micro-fine mist. A fan blows the mist into the room where it immediately evaporates. The 7133 ultrasonic humidifier requires little power, has a built-in hygrostat and an output regulator button. A replaceable demineralization cartridge ensures a hygienic, pure water mist, without limescale or mineral residues (no white dust). When operated with the pre-heating function, the water is heated to 80C before it enters the nebulizer chamber. The mist exits the appliance at a comfortable temperature of 40C. This has the advantage that the room temperature will not fall, and additionally the water can be kept cleaner.

  • Patented Ionic Silver Stick uses aqueous silver ions to prevent and control microbial growth
  • Built-in hygrostat for controlled humidification
  • Powerful and exchangeable demineralization cartridge prevents white dust
  • Quiet operation - Choose cool or warm (100F) humidification
Customer Reviews:
  • P.O.S.
    It works really well when it works. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. It is like a Rolls Royce... it looks good, works well, but it needs a lot of care. ...more info
  • Perfect! I would never buy another brand.
    I love this product. I've had mine for a few years. The only thing you can hear the water sometimes, but no loud fans or noise. It turns off when it runs out of water (which can run for a day at full spead). I dont have any of the problems I had with bacteria, mold, leaks, and other dangerous stuff I had with cheaper products by Vicks and other companies. It's very easy to clean. The cost of the filters and stick is a drawback, but over all it's a great product. ...more info
    The big plus of this humidifier is its silent mode. Since its dificult to find another humidifier which works silentely I decided to buy this one. My advice is to look better and maybe find another silent one since I can't really recommend this one or AIR-O-SWISS in general. If silent operation is not a must, then there are many humidifiers that are much better than this one (by Vortex for examaple). Biggest cons are:
    - terrible return policy from factory direct (not really worth returning it since you'll get less than half of your money back)
    - very expensive acessories (50 dollars worth on acessories every 3 montgh or so in order to run this correctly)
    - air becomes unbreathable if you dont use the ionic silver stick wich doesnt come included and costs 30 dollars!!!
    - the humidity sensor does not work so you have to use a separate one and manually control the humidifier.
    - cannot be installed on the floor.
    - expensive

    Overall a bad and expensive product which you cannot really return.

    ...more info
  • Worked great ... for one week
    I was really glad to have found this, even threw away our old humidifier that wasn't so great once I saw how wonderful it was. Then, exactly one week later, it simply quit producing mist. The customer service reps at Air-o-Swiss seemed hellbent on blaming me, making me waste a lot of time on the phone with them performing their stupid "fixes" (and, frustratingly, making me repeat the same ones every time I spoke to someone new). Now I get to mail it back to them with my own money (post office lines at holiday time - fun!) and do without until they get around to mailing one back. And no, they have not been apologetic in the least. ...more info
  • Fatal flaw
    This product has a fatal flaw - it has a mechanical hygrostat to control humidity. It's basically a spring loaded device. It doesn't work reliably. You set the humidity level one day, but as the spring adjusts to its own tension, its humidity control stops being accurate.

    I had to return my unit 3 times. Each time they replaced the return with a brand new unit. But each one eventually manifested the same problem. *It is a design defect.* Fortunately, the device has a three-year warranty. If you are the type of person who demands that their purchased products work as expected, you will need this warranty. I had to return my unit at the end of every season.

    Unfortunately, the company threatened to stop honoring the warranty because I had returned the unit so many times. Rather than send me a unit which would work reliably, they took the tact of blaming me for returning the defective units. They never claimed that the units that I returned were working at spec.

    You may not notice the problem if you have the unit in a large room, but in my case it was used in a small, approx 8' x 12' room with a closed door. At the lowest humidity level setting, the room would eventually get very humid, the level couldn't get dialed down, and I had little control over the level of humidity. Because the unit doesn't have a digital readout of the humidity level, most people wouldn't notice this. But I checked the level against a stand-alone humidistat.

    If the hygrostat worked, I'd give the unit 4 stars - it's otherwise a fine device. I'd echo the sentiment about the tank. I think someone in Marketing told the engineers to design the tank with a visually appealing rounded top. But it's a pain to refill. You have to always hold onto it while filling it. It will not stand up on it's own. It is cumbersome to refill and will fall over if you let go of it. It's always a two-handed operation to fill.

    My advice would be to try one of their units with a digital humidity level readout. I haven't tried them myself, but I'm guessing that the hygrostat on those models will be more accurate and thus, useful....more info