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Product Description

Fight Night Round 3 brings back Fight Night, the undisputed champion of boxing games. It's one of the best looking and playing sports games on the market. Now it takes the action outside the ring -- where gamers can establish rivalries through pre-fight events, putting purpose and passion behind every hit. It's the closest thing to being in the ring without getting punched. Film-quality graphics - Gamers rely on facial expressions and body language to gauge an opponent's health and energy creating a more emotionally immersive experience Online gameplay for wilder boxing action against real-life opponents

The king of the virtual ring is back! Garnering high marks from gaming critics, EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 is now ready for the Playstation 3 entertainment system with new exclusive features.

Game Storyline
Knocking out the competition, EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 brings the most intense boxing experience to the virtual ring.

Photo realistic graphics make for an amazing experience. You'll see the sweat on your competitors' bodies fly off as you hit them! View larger.

Crushing blows can change the tide. View larger.

Realistic opponents. View larger.

Seeing stars yet? View larger.

Multiplayer split-screen action. View larger.
Featuring exclusive content including a comprehensive ESPN integration package, film quality graphics, and a new first person mode called Get-in-the-Ring, the Playstation 3 version continues to innovate on the hit franchise.

Get-in-the-Ring mode allows you to experience the fight through the eyes of the boxer. This is the closest you will ever come to getting into the ring and trading blows with the greatest boxers of all time like Oscar De La Hoya, Muhammad Ali and many others. For most people, getting that close is, by far, close enough.

For the first time ever, you will truly experience the sensation of the sport with visual and audio effects like ear ringing, restricted vision, flashes of bright light, color shifts, and blur effects that simulate the sense and feeling of getting punched. Imagine trying to recover from Ali's lighting fast jabs when you can barely make out his glove through a blinding barrage of flashes and blur.

Key Game Features

  • Get in the Ring: Rely on your instincts in this PlayStation 3-exclusive game mode that allows you to fight through the eyes of your boxer from the moment he enters the ring.
  • ESPN integration: ESPN raises the bar with this all-new level of integration only available on the PlayStation 3. Get the latest scores and news with ESPN Motion's streaming video content, live ticker updates, ESPN Radio and ESPNEWS.
  • Split-screen multiplayer action: Punish your rival and go head to head against your friends in PlayStation 3-exclusive split-screen battles.
  • Super punch: Clench down on that mouth guard, rookie! Players will feel the impact of a devastating punch as the boxer's face ripples from a super punch knockout.
  • One punch can change a fight: Devastating impact punches keep you in the fight. Instantly trigger a Flash KO moment, Stun Punch, or EA Sports Haymaker to take control.
  • Boxing's greatest rivalries: Watch recreations of ESPN Classic footage of bouts or re-create the greatest fights from past and present including Arturo Gatti vs. Mickey Ward, Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Eric Morales, and Ali vs. Frasier. Online gameplay: EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 features online play with PlayStation 3 online.

  • 3 new Impact Punches, with high risk and high reward - put down your opponent or get knocked on the canvas. Players are only one punch away from the entire dynamic of the fight changing!
  • Clench down on that mouth guard, rookie! Super Punch lets you feel the impact of a devastating punch, as the boxer's face ripples from that blow
  • Design a fighting style all your own, and see how you match up against the authentic signature styles from the world's best fighters
  • Establish rivalries by intimidating opponents before the big fight with heated press conferences, trash talkin', and fights at weigh-ins
  • Watch ESPN Classic footage of real-life bouts or re-create the greatest fights from past and present

Customer Reviews:

  • great game
    there is one guy on here says this looks like this on his ps2 he smoking crack i seen this on ps 2 no way ...more info
  • DISAPPOINTING at best!!!
    I was quite surprised by the good reviews for this game. Overall, the game actually took a step back from Fight Night 2004. My breakdown is as follows:

    Graphics: I paid $600 for a PS3 and expect high-definition graphics, but Fight Night has graphics I would expect on PS2, very disappointing. There is nothing high definition about the graphics of this game. The boxers are decent but the ring, the boxing venue and especially the crowd are awful. The crowd is blurry and looks straight ahead although you may be on the other side of the ring and they repetitively do the same motion over and over regardless of what is happening in the fight.

    Game Play: The actual boxing is very similar to the last Fight Night (I agree with the "if it ain't broke then don't fix it" here). However, the other parts of the game play have become worse. In career mode, the options are very limited. When you train, your boxer actually blocks a portion of the speed dummy so you cannot see what you are supposed to hit. Also, there are no boxer rankings, rather a meter that tells you how popular you are. Are you kidding me EA? You randomly pick contracts (since there is no rankings you just pick randomly based on money). This game is not very fun because there are no rankings and you have no idea how you are doing, who is the champion, or what you are ranked. There is no pre or post fight commentary and no boxing magazine with articles. Literally, you pick a random contract, train and then fight (over and over). It gets boring and old after a while. The only good thing about this game is the AI, the computer does figure out your boxing style and adjust. The other bad part of this game is the store, there are not enough items and it costs $300,000 for a different color pair of shoes or trunks but you only make a few thousand dollars per fight. You also have to pay for certain trainers but it doesn't help your boxing if you do. In addition, they do not show the boxers walking into the venue as in the past, they miraculously about at the bottom of the ring. There are only two winning celebrations and two reactions for knockdowns for your boxer.

    Postiives: The only good things about this game is the sound track (one of the best I have heard) and the AI. Otherwise, go back to the drawing board with this one.

    Recommendation: No! This title needs serious improvement.

    EA Sports is 0 and 2 for PS3 games thus far. What is going on?

    And that is the word of D-Critique.
    ...more info
  • Shadow Boxing
    Not much to this game, but to move the c sticks in every direction possible. You have a 1st person view and your arms and gloves are invisible. I thought Ninentdo Tyson Punchout was a much better and enjoyable game. I resold this back to Gamestop for $5. I'm really surprised at the high reviews. So far, I found the PS3 sport games boring. ...more info
  • Fun but lacks depth...
    Good game for the money... It lacks depth in the career mode... You might want to wait for Fight Night Round 4 to come out, but if you want a cheap boxer this one is good......more info
  • so so
    I bought this for my son's. maybe too complicated. I don't know. they are 10 and 6. graphics are pretty cool, although golden boy didn't look like himself. they seem to play it once in awhile and the screen gets too dark and you can hardly see the guy your fighting against. If it were a great game the boys would be playing it all the time. I recommend to older kids...more info
  • Great boxing game
    First as an avid gamer and MMA & boxing fan I really enjoyed this game. Playing career mode you can design your boxer, every feature and weightclass. The graphics are incredible. This is a must have for even a casual combat sports fan....more info
  • EA Comes Through
    The 2 star review is from someone who obviously didn't take the time to figure out the game. There is a training mode, which is very helpful, as well as instruction on the moves in game manual. After the first night I was knocking the crap out of my opponents. It seriously isn't hard to figure out how to play this game.

    Ok, now that I have cleared that up I would like to go into what I though of the game itself. I am playing this on 42" plasma with 1080p and the graphics are stunning. I didn't feel like the punches/defense was delayed at all. It feels very on demand and when I execute a move I get a response right away. Also I love that you use the right analog stick to throw all of your punches (L1 + right analog for body shots). Covering up and bobbing and weaving are real simple to perform as well. It takes some practice to get off solid combonations, and you have to make sure to work the body and jab to be effective.

    I would recommend this game to anyone that loves boxing. For some in game video clips, there are plenty [...]

    ...more info
  • Close to Perfect
    I was never a fan of Fight Night games, nor any type of boxing games. The last boxing game I owned was Mike Tyson's Punch Out. However, after purchasing a PS3, I did some research to locate a game that would best show case the power of the PS3. My conclusion was FNR3. I had very high expectations of this game and I must say that most of my expectations were met.
    Amazing graphics (skin texture, and sweat).
    Great customization to creating your own boxer.
    Great Soundtrack (hip hop).
    Occassional frame rate issue.
    Load screens take a very long time.
    Customization takes a long time to load, especially when browsing through the different hair styles.
    Soundtrack library is too small, only about 10 songs. But this will change once Sony releases a Firmware that allows for custom soundtracks.

    Overall, I was very pleased with this game, and enjoy it. Learning curve is about an hour. The various game modes are fun. Split Screen "Get in the Ring" is a cool feature if you want to go up against a buddy. But I personally don't like the "Get in the Ring" mode, although, it's a nice feature exclusively for the PS3....more info
  • Excellent boxing game
    It's my first time on the fight night series, but i liked it a lot, all the options that are available makes it to enjoy a different experience every time.

    the online matches are excellent......more info
  • Fight Night Round 3
    You want to get a punch for the first time in your life? Then take this one......more info
  • Fight Night Round 3 on the PS3 is far superior to Xbox 360 Version!!!
    Fight Night Round 3 for the PS3 is one of the best looking video games I've ever seen. Don't trust me, check out [...]. It won the award at the 5th annual Visual Effects Society Awards on February 16, 2007 for "Outstanding Real Visuals In A Video Game." It is far superior than the Xbox 360 version, don't listen to these websites and people that say they are both equal...THEY ARE NOT!!! I have the 360 version, too, so I think I know what I'm talking about!

    The fighters look more realistic as they have veins in this version! I saw no veins on the 360 version. The sweat and muscular structure look more defined and realistic, too! I own a Pioneer Elite 42" Plasma HDTV which blows away even the best 1080p LCDs and Plasmas from other manufacturers, so I'm viewing this game the best possible way it can be viewed! Now get this, the PS3 version is 720p and the 360 version is 1080p! You may ask, "How is the 360 version inferior if it is at a higher resolution?" My answer to be honest is I have no idea. I think it might have something to do with the fact that the 360 version was released about a year ago. However, could it be that the PS3 can handle the extra pixels and character design information more effectively? That would seem to be the case since the blu-ray disc that it's on can carry a much greater capacity than it's DVD-ROM counterpart on the 360 - up to 6x more if it's on a dual layer!

    Look, I LOVE my 360 and the games, don't get me wrong. I just call it like I see it and this one's a winner all around!

    Another stellar inclusion is the "Get In The Ring" mode where you fight from eyes of the boxer! AWESOME!!! I can't tell you how much more this adds to the game. It's like playing a completely different game!

    I forgot to mention that the girls in the PS3 version are finely rendered unlike the scarecrow-looking girls in the 360 version! You also get to see the referee in this version! I'm telling you, people, it is worth buying this one, even if you own the 360 version! Trust me! It's like playing a different game altogether! And just to add, the load times are not THAT bad!

    I think I'm going to put my 360 Platinum version up for sale on Amazon Marketplace!...more info
  • Fight Night
    I guess this is one of the best games avaliable in the market for PS3. It is realistic, and fun 2 play....more info
  • Great, even if you're not a boxing fan
    This is definately not the game I play the most, but it's truly a very good game, and worth every penny. The controls for this game are excellent, 5 stars id say, makes button smashing feel so old school. You control the leaning, the movement and position of the block, the punches direction and strenght, and the walking of your boxer, ALL WITH THE TWO CONTROL STICKS! The x, square, triangkle and circle buttons are almost useless in the real fight.

    The fun part is to figure out the fight "pattern" of your oponent, and start blocking, ducking and counter punching. When you can accomplish that, the sound of the punch and the blood coming out of the swollen face of the guy your fighting is awsome. Fells great, and make you blood thirsty.

    Theres one bad thing about FNR3 thou, the carrer mode is very repetitive, you just traing then fight once and again for literally dozens of times with no real purpose. Eventually you get some sort of trophy, but thats not incentive enough. This is the main star stealer aspect of this review. The only reason I do this once and again, is to gain training points and "retire" my boxer with good numbers. You can only fight online with your created boxer once its been retired.

    After all, definately recommended....more info
  • The best boxing game around !
    Ok first off fight night round 3 is one of the best fighting games for the playstation 3 as well the xbox 360.

    The playstation 3 version is the best one of the two console systems. The graphics alone bring you into the game alot more then you could ever think of . Seeing the boxers go at it in the ring , seeing the handy work done to the other boxer by you is verry life like . The arena's you fight in seem to be nicely done for the ps 3 .

    The audio seems to matchup extremly well with this game. The sounds comming from hitting some nasty blows is great.

    The controls for fight night round 3 don't seem to bad for the gamer , but some players might have a little time needed to learn the controls to have more impact in the game.

    There is a cool feature with the playstation version of being able to see the point of view of the boxer . This will add some depth to the game by placing the player more into the shoes of the boxer .

    There also is the feature of making your own boxer , this alone can add a good amount of reply time to the game . Here is a example of what you could do . You could try to make a boxer that looks like you or a friend . Then you could fight your self in the ring or take your creation into the game more. You will also notice in the chacacter creation there is a good amount of things you can do with your boxer however you wanna build . You might come up with some insanely funny boxers that look really cool or just pure goofey .

    If you have a sony playstation 3 and someone in the family is a boxer fan or just a gamer who likes almost all games then this Fight Night Round 3 is well worth the money and will give you a great time ....more info
  • Awesome
    This game is solid. I love it when it replays the knockdown punch in slow motion and see the sweat flying off. Anyone fight there won't have a pretty boy face left after a good long fight. Takes time to learn to hit your haymaker punches and need to time them right or it will cost you. EA Sports did a fine job converting this game for PS3. Outstanding!...more info
  • Great game. lots of FUN!
    This is a very fun playing game for heavy and casual boxing fans.Very realistc. I bought this game with my PS3 console back in april and I still play it practically everyday. Its a lot of fun especailly when playing online....more info
  • Good game but...
    This is a good game but have some misses. The Load Times are too high and the carrer mode is nothing awesome. The Support of EA is very bad, I can't play on Network becasuse the EA servers are not available and the EA can't help me to solve that problem....more info
  • Play this all the time
    Before I start reviewing, let me say that I play video games 4-6 hours per week (not a hard-core gamer). And I have always preferred racing and hand-to-hand combat games more than strategy or roleplaying ones.

    Things I like about Fight Night Round 3 (for PS3):
    - All the various kinds of punches that you could hit the other boxer with
    - The boxers's behavior is very real (the wincing, the tiring, the sweat etc)
    - This game never gets repetetive, even if you fight the same boxers over and over and over again
    - Soundtracks are pretty good (very boxing like)

    Things that could have been better:
    - Graphics: Even though the sweat looks very real, the blood doesn't
    - Graphics: At times, my boxers arm seems to pass through the other boxers body

    So to sum it up, even though it doesn't have top notch graphics, this game is very immersive and satisfying. It should make you wanna beat the hell out of the other boxer :)

    I have 2 games at the moment - this and Resistance, but I play this all the time....more info
  • Fight Night fo sho
    Fight Night is definitely a game that not only amazes with it's graphics, but also it's game play. This boxing game takes the cream of the crop and is a must buy for boxing fans out there. The control scheme takes a little getting used to, but once you go a few rounds it will become second nature. I can't say enough about the graphics in this game and I know graphics alone does not make a game, but luckily the overall game is worth the purchase. This game definitely show cases early glimpses of what the PS3 can really do and makes me hopeful for future games on this powerful system....more info
  • Great graphics, otherwise this game is a dissapointment. Terrible load times, difficult controls, & lackluster gameplay.
    - Great graphics: amazing detail on the fighters. You can see each bead of sweat, and each drip of blood is stunning detail. The light reflects off their skin making the game feel very realistic.

    - Sound effects: pretty good sound from the crowds and when landing a hit.

    THE BAD:
    - Terrible load times: it takes FOREVER for this game to load. It is very annoying and detracts from the game. Also, creating your boxer's face is nearly impossible with the slow load time. You the next hair style, and 5 seconds later it finally loads! I can't believe they released the game with such horrendous load times.

    - Difficult controls: using the right analog stick takes some getting used to, and it is very hard to through combinations. Blocking is also tricky.

    - Lackluster gameplay: It's hard to get into a fight. Once you get into the Career mode, your first few fights are fun because you can win with authority. After that, the fights drag on and on and it takes forever to get a knockout.

    - Career mode has no structure: there's a bar that fills up with your popularity, but that's about it. No ranking, no percent progress, nothing.

    - Music: same 12 rap songs get annoying very fast.

    - Training voice over: during training and between rounds the trainer's comments are annoying to the point of muting the TV.

    - No autoload at initial start up. So every time you play the game, you need to manually load your profile! Stupid! ...more info
  • Worth the price...
    I've been a fan of Fight Night since the first one came out for PS2 a couple of years ago, I felt that they kinda lost their way with the second one but Round 3 for PS3, is incredible, between the graphics and the drastically improved gameplay, this game is a great buy. Easily my favorite EA Sports game thus far....more info
  • Awesome game!
    This is a great game, with graphics that are out of this world. You can actually see the sweat come off the fighters as they box in the ring.
    With each crushing blow you can see the contorted faces of the boxers and the actual spit flying out of their mouth..gross but very realistic...
    I find myself getting into each and every can fight against the computer or against someone else if you have 2 controllers. I just started a career w/ Ali and am looking forward to see how it all plays out. I highly recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a good/realistic sport game to play. ...more info
  • this prize is too cheap for this game
    this is one of those games that you can play over and over again because its never the same and you never get bored of punching the hell out of people in this game. the graphics are as good as they can get in the ring and you cant beat the way they set up the controls its like you really need skills to fight in this game thats why its so fun if you know how to fight and counter punch but the only small fault in this game that i saw was that the people outside the ring are boxy and they all do the same movement but who cares whats going on out thier anyway thats why i gave this game 5 stars. i bought splinter cell for ps3 and it was one of the best games ive played but i beat it in 2 weeks so thats the end of playing that that brings me to this conclusion: buy this game because you can play forever and youll never get bored of it!...more info
  • Winner by a knockout
    My 16 year old son loves this game. The graphics are unbelievably great, at times it looks almost like live action. You can see beads of sweat on their lifelike-looking skin. Definitely a game to own, not just rent. Worth the money. A real winner!...more info
  • Good but could have been a lot better
    First, I will say that I am NOT a fan of the total punch control of this game, using the right and left analog sticks for punching. I am SO glad I can push buttons to throw my punches and I have mastered this very well as I KO most I come against. I find pushing the buttons gives me far more accuracy and that I can throw what I want, when I want instead throwing punches that I never intended to throw.

    So, what the game tells you and other people perhaps, is not true. Button mashing DOES work if you master it. And, best of all, I play the game on Medium and I will still win most if not all my fights. ;)

    Now, for the Pros of the game.

    1. Great graphics! Very realistic muscles, textures for almost everything. The spit that comes out of the fighter's mouth, the sweat that covers his body, the blood that comes out from a cut, all very realistically done. Great job.

    2. I love the training modes, they are fun and easy to do.

    3. I like the three new punches in the game, great way to use them when your at a disadvantage and can turn the tables by suddenly knocking the other guy, very unexpectidly, on the canvas.

    4. I like the new modes for the game, like ESPN classic. Relive some of boxing's greatest rivalries.

    5. I like how much freedom you have in creating your boxer. Very nice feature.

    6. It's not very realistic, but I love the different boxing gloves you can choose from and trunks, mouth guards, etc, and that they give your fighter boosts in certain stats. One feature I would have included would be creating your own with your own colors and adding voices to the taunts.


    2. Graphics. Look at the people in the background. They look like they were dragged stright out of the first Playstation. Come on! The PS3 is far more powerful than this. The background people should have been given a LOT more detail. Sometimes when I knock a guy out, my fighter's boxing glove goes right through the other guy's own or I had very obviously punched him in the head but my guy's boxing glove hits him in the belly instead. Minor issues, true, but issues that need to be fixed.

    2. The three new punches in the game all have similar moves and more often than not, I discover I am doing one I did not intend, or even want, to do.

    3. In real boxing, clinching involves being able to hit the other guy and not simply save yourself from a knockdown.

    4. Where's the Speed bag? Three, soon to be four, games have not included the Speed bag in training mode. Why? Boxers use it all the time and I find it very hard to believe that a combo dummy increases a boxers speed.

    5. I hate the fact that when you create your boxer with a certain physique, you lose it in training sessions. Although, this is realistic, it's also not fun watching my boxer go from rippling muscles to being a toothpick. This really needs to be fixed in the next game as it's VERY annoying. Players should be allowed to go through career mode having their boxing look the way THEY want. So if we want a muscle bound fighter or a fat guy, we should be allowed to do this and KEEP that physique, not lose it.

    6. Perhaps my biggest gripe is the fact that I am just about ready to KO my opponent, the KO moment has happened and all I need is one more punch to put him on the canvas....

    Only to get punched by him with a powerful haymaker and MY GUY get's in danger of being KOed!!! VERY ANNOYING! This feature REALLY needs to be fixed as it's not realistic. How in the WORLD can an exausted fighter throw such a powerful punch to turn the tables?! Simple. They CAN'T! When a fighter is exausted, there is NO WAY they can do this. I don't THINK so! Fix this!

    7. Where's Evander Holyfield, Rocky Marciano, George Foreman, the Brown Bomber, etc? Why were so few big name boxers included in this game? Some I don't even recognize (like James "Lights Out" Tony for example). If these boxers had been included, the ESPN boxing mode could have been expanded and made better and give players more of an expanded option to take that boxer through career mode.

    8. Illegal blows aren't that illegal. I've used them several times and the referee "never" catches me on it. This needs to be fixed, I want consiquences when I do these moves. The same goes for my opponent.

    9. Must a woman in a bikkini show up EVERY time in between rounds?! Not everyone likes that kind of thing. Get rid of it or put clothes on her!

    10. When I make a boxer, I have noticed that his stats increase pretty good (By +7, depending on the stat raised), but as soon as he goes professional, that changes. Now the highest stat increases by +5 (Unless it's heart, then it's +6 or 7). This is not very realistic. These stat increases need to keep up until my fighter is at LEAST 25yrs old, not diminish when he is still 20yrs old! (that's fresh out of Amatuer!).

    11. Why does it take forever to become Champ? No matter what I do, I always end up being Champ when my fighter is 27yrs old when guys like Mike Tyson or Floyd Patterson were able to become champs at a very young age. I want my fighter to become Champ by at LEAST 24yrs of age, at least. Younger if possible. This needs to be fixed....more info
  • Best Boxing game thus far......
    First off, I would like to say that I love Fight Night. This is by far the best EA Sports game series ever. The reason is because, it is one on one and not 11 on 11 or 5 on 5, or one car against 20. Whenever you play in games that have numerous competitors at the same time (Madden, Live, Racing, there always has an engine that cheats .
    Every game has some type of engine, but with games like Madden and Live the cpu will almost always cheat or do dome type of act that would not happen in a real game.(if you're gonna charge 60 beans a pop, make it realistic, or charge us what its worth) Even if these "miracles" did happen, it would not happen as often as it does in Madden or Live. Perfect example: In Madden 09, the Colts will audibe on almost every play, which is how the real Colts really play. But in the game, whether it is offese or defense, they will adjust thier plays to your plays alomost prefectly everytime, and then score or force a turnover. Im not even gonna expand on Live, that's why 2k is running them out of business.
    Fight Night has some flaws too though. One thing I dont like about the game is the haymaker button. It comes in handy when you use it wisley, but if you play against someone who has a fast haymaker and your player is slower, (or your special move can be seen from a mile away), your opponent can abuse this to their advantage, and even pull out a victory because of that. This DOES NOT MEAN that that person is a better player than you.
    Another flaw is the clenching. Like in real boxing, you can clench and still punch your opponent. That isn't the case in Fight Night. In the game, you only clench to prevent getting knocked out. I never clench, its corny. If AND when EA Sports improves this feature, then I will clench, but not to save myself from a knockout, I'd rather get punched in the face or body. Clenching is another feauture that inexperience gamers will abuse to attain victories. To fix this as well as the haymaker button, players should become exhausted and/or fatigued when they do it too much.
    The other thing about Fight Night that I dislike is that there are not enought boxers in the game. And too many that ARE in the game are in at least 2 weight classes at the same time. That's laziness. Why have Diego Coralles as a lightweight and featherwieght? Or Roy Jones as a light heavyweight and superheavyweight? If they are in more than on class, thats fine. But dont seperate them in different weight classes as if they are two diffrent people, thats cheesy. Next time put more people in the game. Also the cutman feature could use a little more detail. Its the same routine everytime. There's no Vaseline, not spitting in a bucket, no sponges.What happened to that? All they have is cotton swabs for cuts and a swelling pads for bruises. The creat a plyer could be better too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, let's talk about the good stuff. The game itself is very very fun. Pay it online against the world. I like Diego Corrales. He is my favorite boxer in the game. I think he is the best in the game but he is a lightweight.....Need I say more?????The game is a classic, go get it....more info
  • A must have for any boxing fan.
    I'm not a hard core gamer. I won a PS3 in a contest and purchased this primarily because I'm a big boxing fan.
    This game takes some practice to use the controls effectively and button mashing will not help. When I first loaded the game I couldn't get past the first or second round against any fighter without getting KO'd. As such I found the game quite frustrating. However the more I learned to use the various intricate controls, the more I enjoyed it. Now, this game is one of my favorites.
    The game is challenging. The graphics are fantastic, especially on a HDTV. The gameplay is incredibly realistic. Matching up differnt fighters with different styles, strengths, and weaknesses, makes for endless fight possibilities. The 'get in the ring' (only on the PS3 version) is particularly engaging.
    I have read complaints about the load times on this game, but they don't seem to be any longer than most other games and don't seem to bother me.
    Joe Tessitore serves as the ringside announcer in the game. At least initially this is quite fun because his voice brings the feel of a real fight on ESPN. However, once you've fought a few fights, you've heard most everything he has to say and it starts to get redundant. EA Sports is definitely on the right track using the voice of an actual ESPN boxing analyst, but it future versions I hope they include a wider variety of things to be said, and also additional personalities. It would be great, for example, to hear Tessitore's television counterpart Teddy Atlas chime in during the fight. Or during a heavyweight bout, it would be great to hear commentary from the voice of Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson.
    The game does have areas which can be improved in future releases, but all in all it a great game and by far the best boxing game I've ever seen....more info
    Someone did say the graphics looked like PS2 graphics and that someone probably needs some serious eye laser surgery or a tv that wasn't made in 1985.

    The graphics are amazing!.. on a HDTV. I'm still awed everytime i play it.
    Gameplay is solid.
    Online play is solid.
    Replay value isn't much... but playing over and over again with friends never get old.
    Nothing to new about it... it was a simple port from the 360 version.

    ...more info
  • This game is the bomb
    Yessir this game is sweet. Nice job with this one EA a big hit. Love this game is well worth it. Hours of fun creating fighters for mates that look like clowns, then versing each other/fighting online. ...more info
  • PS3 Fighting Game
    This game is quite frustrating takes some practice to learn how to use the controls effectively and button mashing will not help. Cause at first no matter how many times or how hard you push the buttons you will get beat. It does have amazing graphics. Overall the game is good and its worth the price you pay....more info


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