LumiPure Air Purifier with Ultra Powerful Ionization

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Permanent filtration with ionization: Through a powerful ionization precess, pollen, dust, animal dander, smoke, mold spores and other particles are efficiently trapped on the permanent collection filters. This gives unmatched performance and best yet-the filters never needs replacing. Just wipe them clean and you are ready to go. Germicidal Protection: UV-C light helps kill bacteria. This proven and accepted method for disinfecting and sanitizing breaks down the cell wall and cell DNA, destroying the contaminants in seconds.

  • The most advanced air purification system you can buy!
  • Permanent filtration with ionization. Unmatched performance and no expensive filters to replace.
  • Powerful UV-C light helps kill up to 99% of tested bacteria.
  • Ultra quiet operation. Advanced air movement system is whisper quiet-perfect for any room!
  • Includes 3 replaceable UV-C light bulbs for over 30,000 hours of germicidal protection
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent until died at 18 months
    This unit did pull/ collect the dust out of my house. Worked great until it died at too earlier of a age.
    The dust was ionized and collected on the inside column. No need to buy filters. You just turned unit off. Pull column out and wash. Very easy and did the job.
    Shame it died so young. ...more info
  • FInd a different Air Purifier / FIlter!
    Fan motor gets too hot and the fans typically burn themselves out.

    Does not provide very good air filteration, likely due to it not having any pre-filter, and also likely due to lousy air-flow.

    Design could be better.

    Out of three I have, only one still works.

    Company no longer exists so no service and no parts.
    ...more info