John Pinette: I'm Starvin'!

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After starring in the Broadway smash Hairspray John Pinette (The Punisher, Revenge of the Nerds) returns in the hottest show at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Named "Stand-Up Comedian of the Year" by the American Comedy Awards Pinette gained wide attention for his role as Howie the car-jacking victim in the Seinfeld finale and is a favorite guest on The Tonight Show. With all-new material on everything from health food ("Salad's not food. Salad comes with food.") to family parties ("If you see a skinny person at the Pinette Family reunion you say 'And you are married to who?'") Pinette has one of the most original voices in comedy today.Special Features include: Exclusive Backstage Footage - Outtakes - Bonus Clips

Customer Reviews:

  • #2 on the funny list
    another one bought for my hubby... John's a GREAT comedian! would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy lots of laughter....more info
  • Extremely Funny
    I love John Pinette.. He is so funny and I can relate to him in so many ways. One of the best things about his comedy is that the whole family can watch it and I don't have to worry about inappropriate or sexually explicite subjects or language. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who enjoys comedy....more info
    This John Pinnette DVD "I'm Starvin" was EXTREMELY funny !!! I would recommend it to anyone who has ever dieted, taken a cruise, is overweight or just likes to laugh a lot. He makes fun of himself in the most hilarious ways, not just about food. He also discusses people who can't make up their minds in any kind of line up. There are no 4 letter or obscene words & it is still very funny...for those who think nothing is funny without 4 letter words. I would love to get more of his work if there are any. I think I may get some more of this one as gifts for friends & family !
    Brenda Wardrop...more info
  • Comedy DVD
    Unbelievably Funny...I want to see this guy live. You won't be disappointed buying this DVD. ...more info
  • funniest comedian todate
    John Pinette is a comedian you can watch over and over and still laugh till you cry. He's the funniest comedian I have seen in years. Timeless comedy....more info
  • john Pinnet dvd

    This DVD is hilarious. can be viewed by all ages. highly recommend

    ...more info
  • Hilarious!
    This man could read the phone book and make it funny! i was amazed!...more info
  • Very Funny
    After seeing this on television one night with my daughter, I got up and ordered it the very next morning from Amazon. We laughed so much that we were missing some of the other jokes, so we had to have it. I ordered one for us, and one for my brother in law for Christmas....more info
  • Funny!
    Pinette is very funny on this one. We have watched it several times, and we still laugh until we cry....more info
  • Super Funny, well worth it!
    Super funny! One of the best comics we have today. Hope he becomes more popular so we can see him on tv and even in movies. So glad I bought his video. Looking forward to seeing more of his work. Buy this video and you will not be disappointed with the humor: he's funny in a way that everyone can relate to, and pretty clean too. Enjoy!...more info
  • John Pinette "I'm Starvin"
    John Pinette is hilarious! I've seen this DVD at least 10 times and laugh harder each time. He's funny and you can watch him with the whole family! Keep him coming!...more info
  • John Pinette is the best comedian
    I could never be disappointed in a John Pinette show, video or CD, all of which I have attended, seen and heard. He is funny, cute and just an all around great guy. Had dinner with him one night with family after a show of his and he is as gracious a host as he is a funny comedian.

    Annie G....more info
  • My sides still hurt!!!
    This man is one of the funniest non-vulger comedians out there. Which is great because you can even watch it with the kids. I gave 12 of them away as gifts, and everyone loved it. I can't wait until he comes out with another one....more info
  • still laughing
    I am such a fan of John Pinette. Even though some of the material is also on "I Say Nay Nay" there are enough subtle differences to make it seem new. Just to watch his facial expressions makes his DVDs worth the price. This guy cracks me up. ...more info
  • Very funny
    John Pinnete is absolutely hilariaous thru this whole standup.His jokes are pretty clean with not a lot of cursing, so me and the boyfriend watched it a second time with his parents!...more info
  • FUNNY!
    John Pinette's CD, Show me the Buffet is a little better because it has only one word in it that is offensive, this DVD has a few, but overall, Pinette is a wonderfully funny man. To see his face on the DVD adds to the comedy. Don't hesitate to buy this one--- well worth the money and you will be sharing this DVD with all your friends.
    ...more info
  • OMG - too awesome
    I had heard of John Pinette from my husbands friend, who had a cassette tape that he played in the car for us when we went to a party all together. John was awesome in that "buffet" tape - I loved it.
    I decided to buy this CD as I saw the Comedy Central special one night but missed half of it... It was great as it made me laugh while my husband was away on business trip and I was home alone and feeling down.
    I laughed and loved it but wanted to see the whole show.
    I bought the CD and hubby and I watched it one night as our "date night" and we both had tears of laughter coming down from our eyes.
    We had a blast watching John and you won't regret seeing this show as he is a master at making people laugh... He is wonderful and I'm soo happy with the choice of buying this from Amazon as I looked everywhere to find it ( I tried all the "other discount / dept stores ie: circuit city,best buy, even movie stores in mall) but none of them had John in there list of movies or soundtracks or comedians... such a shame in my opinion but then again - I feel John has the right idea pairing up with Amazon as you can rest assured that you get your order in a timely fashion and I've never had a problem ordering from Amazon..
    THANKS JOHN for being with me on a lonely night by myself and also thanks for ALL THE LAUGHS you have given me and hubby and now my parents as I let my parent borrow the CD to watch and they also LOVED IT!
    Keep up the awesome work John and THANK YOU!
    Love from, Your Boston Fans ...more info
  • Phat Can Be Phun
    John is a true master of "timing" and comedy. His energy is boundless. Only thing better than DVD is live performance. ...more info
  • Off the charts PHENOMENAL!
    Why John Pinette is not the most famous comic in the world is beyond me! He is simply fabulous, hilarious and roll-on-the-floor funny! I have watched I'm Starvin' at least 20 times. I delight in showing everyone who walks through my door "the funniest video" ever made! EVERYone agrees once they see it! It doesn't matter what age or gender - EVERYone is crazed for him and his wonderful humor! Spread the word, spread the laughs!...more info
  • Clean humor at its' best!
    This guy will keep you buckled over with laughter W/O all the usual filth. ...more info
  • I'm still laughing
    We own several stand up comedy DVDs and this is the funniest. Good humor, very little swearing. We have watched it many times, and I laugh every time....more info
  • I'm still laughing 5 hours later
    This guy is so funny this video is probably illegal in some states. I remember a bit he did way back in the day that played on Comedy Central in like a continuous loop, about Ny-Quil, "the snuffly, sneezy, sleepy, what-the-hell-am-I-doing-on=my=kitchen=floor medicine". I just watched "I'm starvin'" with friends and had to run to amazon now that I know his name, and get us a copy becuase the whole show, I mean the WHOLE SHOW, was so funny I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard, and I missed half of it from laughing. No other comedian has made me bust a gut for the entire show, not Margaret Cho, not Lewis Black, not any of my favorites. You NEED this dvd. ...more info
  • Laugh til you cry Funny!
    This DVD is one of the funniest stand-up dvds I have seen. Well worth purchasing!...more info
  • John Pinette: I'm Starvin
    We made reservations to go see him next month at Mohegan Sun Casino after watching this!...more info
  • I'm Starvin has something for everyone
    I bought John's DVD for myself and for my two sisters for their Christmas presents. They have both gotten back to me to say how much they enjoyed it. I will never get in line at McDonald's or any other fast food venue without thinking about his "Get out of line" growl. My husband and I will definitely make up our minds about what we want to order before even going in from now on. John's routine is brought to mind regularly and makes us smile all over again. My sister-in-law introduced us to John's DVD and we all were laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces. What a refreshing act! Very funny without resorting to fowl language or attacking anyone. Good job John! Keep up the good work! ...more info
  • Fweee Wiw we.
    John is absolutely hysterical on this DVD. I laughed so hard, I was crying. His bit about going down the water "slide", was classic. This was worth more than I paid for it. Funniest comedian I've seen in years!...more info
  • Lots of great laughs
    I saw this on TV earlier this year and thought it was hilarious. I was pleasantly surprised to see the DVD was only $10. What a deal! I wondered if the TV version was censored, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not. John Pinette is a genuinely funny man who can make light of even the most mundane situations...even of standing in line!
    Whenever my 13 year old nephew comes to visit, I worry about what movies to pick because of "adult humor" (why has "adult" come to mean "dirty?"), but I won't have to worry when we watch this DVD.
    Great laughs, lots of variety, and just a really awesome performance!...more info
  • Highly recommend - you'll laugh from start to finish!
    I originally saw John on Comedy Central and this version is much longer...and even funnier. My 80-year-old mother was even laughing! If you don't laugh...then you are dead inside!...more info
  • Not worth the money!
    I've always liked John Pinette, but this video was not good at all. I watched it with family and friends and none of us laughed the whole hour. I kept waiting for something funny to come along, it just never did!...more info
  • John Pinette is excellent!
    My husband, sister, and her husband, laughed so hard we hurt! This is a DVD diffently worth purchasing! ...more info
  • John on DVD is well rounded
    We saw John several years ago when he was just starting out..and now he is big! He is one funny guy and I enjoy watching him time and time again. This is a great DVD...sound and image quality is excellent...the way it should be......more info
  • Hilarious humor!!
    John Pinette knows all about food-- and makes it a hilarious topic that you can relate to. Especially funny is his routine about folks in a buffet line. Laughed so hard I cried....more info
  • John Pinette I'm Starvin
    Very Funny! He needs to put out another show very soon.
    We saw him in person this year and did some of the same stuff, but we still laughed alot.
    ...more info
  • :: dies laughing ::
    All I can say is I WISH there were more DVDs with John Pinette's stand up. He's got to be one of the funniest comics around, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE him!...more info
  • Wonderful Humor
    I purchased both "I'm Starvin" and "I say Nay Nay" after seeing John on Comedy Central for the first time. While I agree with many other reviewers that John needs to come up with some new material, I do not agree that his material gets old once you know the jokes. I frequently put on "I'm Starvin" when I'm feeling stressed or just have the blahs. He never ceases to make me laugh to the point of tears - no matter how many times I watch it. It is also refreshing to listen to a stand up comic that doesn't have to resort to filthy language to get a joke across. I love John's work!...more info
  • John is so funny
    I just love John Pinette! I wish that this DVD had more original material, it is still very funny. I everytime I go to the gym to work out I think of John Pinette's routines.

    I really loved when he talked about being on Broadway. ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is more like it - of Pinette's DVD's available for sale this one is the most funny so to speak.

    He essentially seems to have just the same routine and material in nearly all of his shows but in this one he has definitely perfected the comic timing and delivery of his stuff. Plus It's not a complete re hash of all his old stuff - he does inject some new material in there - but if you're a die hard Pinette fan you've seen all the material before in his various TV performances over the years.

    I still recommend you definitely get this though as he still gets me splitting sides even though I've seen it before.

    Can't wait till He comes up with some brand new stuff - One of the best comics around at the moment....more info
  • John Pinette a very funny man....
    John Pinette is a very funny comic. He has away of making you laugh, by making good sound fun of him self. He knows his foods and knows ways to make fun of it. Very Funny, try it, or just buy it... You'll like John Pinette....more info
  • I'm Starvin' for More!
    One of the best comedians to come along in many years. Clean, funny, original. Especially liked the KFC analogy. Listened the entire time expecting the dialogue to turn sour... never did. Truly entertaining. ...more info
  • Funny
    Starts off a little slow, but he gets on a roll about half way through. His out-takes on food and food service are priceless. A small amout of adult language but over all fairly clean. ...more info
  • John is a Classic
    I saw John at the Borgota in Atlantic City and even though much of his routine was recycled it was the best stand up I have seen. I bought tickets for three of my friends who never saw him before; they left with tears in their eyes from laughing so hard.

    I will admit that a lot of the routines are recycled, but I can listen to his standup over and over (and I have, hundreds of times) and it still amuses me. I'm always looking out for John's stuff. He is an amazing comic and as someone else stated, one of the few comedians that can get laughs without profanity. I have young family members who can listen to his stuff AND repeat it!...more info
  • Hysterical!!!!
    This video was awsome. I could watch it everyday. He was one of the funniest comedians I had ever heard. Everyone should watch this....more info
  • John Pinette
    Okay, this guy is a riot!!! I have watched this particular show MANY times, and have even gotten family members hooked. I wish he'd come out with another show SOON!...more info
  • Pretty good but not entirely new
    The I'm Starvin video was pretty good for a stand up act. Not as good as the last Robin Williams video, but still funny. The only down side is that this has about 75% recycled material from his older video "I say Nay Nay." If you already own that one, you can skip this one. But if I had to choose between the two, this one is more up to date and a little longer....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This cd was great. I laughed so hard I almost cried. A definate must buy!...more info
  • He's a natural
    The DVD is wonderfully funny and he is a natural entertainer. I've seen him in person and would go to see him again. A friend shared this DVD with me and I will share it with others. Loved it....more info
  • We were cryin'...
    because we were laughing soooooooo hard. Not all of it was that kind of laugh until you cry funny but most of it was laugh out loud funny. We saw it on comedy central (edited). If you haven't seen John Pinette I highly recommend him!...more info
  • I'm Starving--John Pinette
    I saw John Pinette late 2008 on The View and thought he was absolutely the funniest man ever. So I had high expectations when I ordered the DVD. I was disappointed. He made me smile a few times, but I never experienced the belly laughs like I did when he was on The View. ...more info
  • Very entertaining
    It is difficult these days to find a witty comedian who is not crass or who thinks vulgarity is all there is to good comedy. I stumbled upon this DVD while in Hollywood video one day and thought I would give it a chance. I liked it so much that I bought it. He is very funny. If you like Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan, you will probably like John. ...more info
  • One of the funniest videos I've ever watched
    I love comedy that doesn't have to resort to shock value or demean anyone, and this is a wonderful example. A few incidents of adult language, but none I found offensive. I've watched it several times with groups of friends, and without fail, everyone enjoys it, and comes away quoting this very funny comedy routine. "Nay, nay" is one of the lines that has become a staple in my circle of friends after watching this very funny video....more info
  • Laugh riot a minute!
    John Pinette has always been a great comedian. He has an obvious weight issue and he uses it to perfection. If he ever came to town I would be the first one in line. He can make a humourless person laugh....more info
  • One of the funniest videos ever!
    This was given to us by a friend, and I had my reservations at first. But we laughed until we cried, and we've never tired of showing it to other friends and family. Recently we saw him perform live on stage, and while we enjoyed him immensely, I wish he would develop some new material so that we could have more fun with him. ...more info
  • john pinat-I'm starvin
    this video was hysterical. He is so funny and devilish. totally enjoyable. Some language...more info
  • I'm full
    I'm Starvin' is loaded with original humor that only John Pinette can dish out in such a manner. It is a full plate of laughter that will make you crave for more! Where's the buffett?...more info
  • We loved it.
    We're still laughing - we loved it. We're planning to buy another one of his DVDs. ...more info
  • This guy is a riot!
    This is the third time I've purchased this item! One for myself and two for gifts for friends who like to laugh! My husband and I quote this guy all the time and laugh ourselves silly just talking about him!...more info
  • John P. Starvin'
    Exceptionally funny, down to earth, anyone who enjoys eating will laugh at John's views of everyday situations....more info
  • Funny, funny man
    This man is sooooo funny and he does it all without dragging your mind into the sexual gutter. He pokes fun at himself but not in a mean way. Even my 12 year old grandson loves this guy!...more info
  • Two of a kind
    I saw John Pinette on Comedy Central and had to see more. He is hilarious and is one of the best comedians around! I bought both the Nay Nay and I'm Starvin' DVD's. They were virtually identical. They were extremely funny, but I was disappointed that they were so much alike. I personally preferred I'm Starvin' but would recommend just buying one or the other. You truly do not need both. ...more info
  • Needs new material
    This is ok if you have never seen John but I wish it contained some new material....more info
  • John Pinette: I'm Starvin'!
    John Pinette: I'm Starvin'! He is the funniest guy ever. Love him. My jaw was hurting for days from laughing, and my tears were rolling. GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES....more info
  • John Pinette, Genius
    I laughed 'til I cried ! Bought 10 copies for Xmas gifts. Amazon sent them ASAP. I'm very happy with this special purchase and can't wait to see John LIVE. ...more info
  • John Pinette--I'm Starvin'
    John Pinette is hystericaly funny in "I'm Starvin'". He is reminiscent of Jackie Gleason and Don Rickles, with his own sweet style of delivering the punchline. Everyone can relate to his "get outta the line" stories. If you enjoy travel stories and just love a good belly laugh, you will be thoroughly entralled with John Pinette! A very funny new comedian with a lot of heart...add this one to your library! Clean comedy too!...more info
  • John Pinette: I'm Starvin'
    John Pinette is the funniest man on the planet! If you buy one of his DVDs, this is the one to get....more info
    I have seen John Pinette live twice and watched him on Stand up Spotlight many times, bought his DVD's and seen many of the movies he is in. No matter how many times i have seen or heard his routines they are hysterical, they make my family and friends laugh till they cry. I love him and can watch him over and over and laugh everytime. This DVD is great no matter how many times i have seen it. I recommend it highly!!!...more info


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