Resistance: Fall Of Man

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Resistance: Fall Of Man takes you back in time to an early 20th century that's very different from our own. Through brute force, a species of unknown origin known only as the Chimera have conquered Asia and most of Europe in mere decades. Seeing the risk of annihilation, the United States supports the British Resistance in a European counterattack. The story follows Hale, a US Ranger, as he struggles for survival and desperately seeks a means to eliminate the Chimeran blight.

In Resistance: Fall of Man, US and British forces band together in a last-ditch effort to save England from a horric scourge -- the Chimera. This parasitic species infects other life forms with a virus that rapidly mutates victims into new Chimera. In mere decades this race has ripped apart populations across Asia and Europe and by 1951 has landed on the shores of England. You play the part of US a Army Ranger, fighting alongside a group of British resistance soldiers to free the country from the Chimera and to halt their spread across the globe.

PLAYSTATION 3's killer app has arrived.

Wield human or Chimeran weapons. View larger.

Chimera come in a variety of terrifying shapes and sizes. View larger.

The environments are incredibly detailed and lifelike. View larger.

Enemies will flank you if you're careless about picking them off. View larger.

The Chimera wars
War is everywhere and everything in Resistance. An alien race began toying with the planet just after Word War I and in mere decades, the Chimera D a species of unknown origin propagating a virus that converts other life forms into more Chimera D has overrun Russia and all of Europe. Humanity?s hope for survival is slim, and the tide of the battle rests on the shoulders of U.S. Army Ranger, Sgt. Nathan Hale.

The Chimera didn't plan to take this protracted war lying down, however, and amassed their forces in Russia. Once Russia was captured, they quickly erected a wall around the former country, rebuking all efforts at communication or contact. While the world waited and wondered what other terrors might spill from the wall, England prepares for and falls to a major Chimera invasion in 1951.

The United States comes to aid their English allies, but all does not go as planned. The next three days will see some of the most intense fighting the war has known thus far, and it's up to you to end the Chimera threat before the plague of defeat can encircle the globe.

Next-generation gameplay and style
The gameplay of Resistance is classic First Person Shooter. Insomniac Games has combined its passion for creating exotic weapons and vehicles with a proprietary physics system to create unique human and alien weaponry. Many of the weapons of the game are era-appropriate, such as pistols and grenades. Other weapons, such as the Chimeran Auger, are of alien design. Due to the differences in the ways that the various weapons handle, great care must be taken when entering an area infested with Chimera with their own weaponry. In addition to the obvious array of weapons, players can use melee attacks and jump to avoid attack.

Special game actions, called "Skill Tasks," are worth set number of points that can be spent to unlock new content in the game. A Skill Task may be something as simple as killing a number of enemies in a short period of time or as involved as locating a hidden area in the single player campaign. The mystery of the tasks, however, is that they aren't actually revealed until you have completed the task. This makes for a great reply incentive, as you will be mowing down Chimera and be suddenly rewarded with task points, often when you least expect the reward.

Obviously, presentation is one of the areas in which Resistance shines. The frame rate is silky-smooth, and never seems to get bogged down when there is a large number of Chimera or teammates on screen. Animations are believable, the locations are detailed, and the voice acting is top-notch. Explosions are especially impressive, sending shrapnel and smoke in all directions. If you're looking for a game to impress your friends with graphically, look no further. Resistance is the type of game that makes you feel confident about the future of the PLAYSTATION 3.

Track stats and more online
Resistance also boasts an impressive 40 player online multiplayer mode. It's not uncommon to find large-scale battles with both intricate strategy and simple "run and gun" play styles. Created and managed jointly by Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment, is the official online community destination for Resistance: Fall of Man. At, players can view their multiplayer stats in near-real time, participate in forums with other fans, download unlockable content and more.

  • Gameplay elements and enemies that create a sense of unease and set an atmosphere that frightens the player
  • Engage in some of the largest turbulent battles ever witnessed on a console gaming system
  • An immersive world delivers photo-realistic characters, environments and lighting effects
  • Co-Op play via split screen or compete against up to 40 players via online or LAN play

Customer Reviews:

  • Not a bad game
    The game play at times can be very intense, and the graphics are pretty good considering this was one of the first games released with the PS3. This isn't a terribly difficult game unless you play in "Superhuman" mode which is only unlocked if beaten in hard mode. There are quite a few different guns you will get throughout the game some a lot better then others, and none of them difficult to control. Overall it was enjoyable, and would recommend it to anyone looking or a good first person shooter....more info
  • Resistance: Fall of Man
    This is a great game, well deserving of a sequel. The various weapons have different strengths, which will have to be used to survive the various encounters. I'm finishing hard mode now and can't wait to get Resistance 2....more info
  • Spectacular
    This is really a breakout game, the only reason I knock off one star is because it can be very frustrating at times. The AI is very good and the enemies can make you want to slam down the controller often. The game itself is 5 stars easily due to the large variety of weapons, intensity, large maps, and great storyline. It's very enjoyable to not simply fight the same monsters on every board, each level expands to include more powerful and more intelligent adversaries. The various grenades and rockets are a ball to blow things up with and the gore/violence is intense. Can't wait for Resistance II...more info
  • best shooter for PS3
    I have to say I have never been a fan of playing FPS games on consoles. When this got down to $20 I figured I would give it a try. It is a fun game to play, and the story is interesting. It was good enough, I am going to get the sequel.

    Coop with a friend is a blast, and most of the boss fights are bit easier, even though ammo is a bit short with two players. My big tip when playing with a friend is to remember to say "fire in the hole" whenever you toss a grenade....more info
  • Fun but linear
    Gameplay and Story are great but the game is way too linear. As in there is only one path through every map. There's no looking for keys or doubling back in a maze. You just take the obvious route and kill everything along the way. There's also no scary moments like monsters exploding out of the walls or sneaking up behind you. The action is always (99%) in front of you with ammo and health conveniently located along the way....more info
  • Great game ....worth it
    I have to say this game is worth it, great story and great online play....more info
  • Very entertaining
    Resistance is a shooter game which reminded me of Doom. Graphics and storyline are good. The game has a good progression, with every new chapter bringing new enemies that you have to figure out how to defeat. The game is expanded to included chapters where you drive tanks and machines from the enemy. It's not a hard game to beat, but it takes some time, so it's a good buy....more info
  • Great game
    Don't want to repeat what all the others said, but only have a few comments.

    The game is pretty easy through most of it, but somehow about three levels to the end, it becomes very, very difficult. And now I'm stuck at the last level and cannot finish the game. ...more info
  • This is part 2 for fall of man
    Part 1 is on the used copies just search video games type in Resistance for what lookikng for and you'll find under used copies read it 1st you know the drill. So back to where I was at I hate the broken bridges level and the level where you're in a stalker spider and you have to fight this bigger stalker and the after that you have to fight 2 more stalkers. freaking sweet guns and a pretty good storyline. Isn't as awesome as Doom but cause as far as FPS's go it's way better but Resistance Fall of Man is a graeat FPS....more info
  • it's ok...
    i bought this on sale for twenty. i think it's worth that price.
    not more...more info
  • A great FPS! (coming from someone who doesn't play FPS!)
    I ordered my PS3 with Oblivion. Unfortunately, the PS3 came a couple days before Oblivion did... so I needed something to play with. I heard a lot of noise about how great this game was, and since it was a greatest hits, I picked it up from the local Target for about $40. Normally, I don't play FPS games due to lack of skill. This one caught my attention immediately, however! Once you get through the first part of the game, it gets a little easier. It's fast paced and has a wonderful story. I really recommend this title to anyone that owns a PS3! I'm even planning to buy the sequel! ...more info
  • Best Game ever made
    I dont have a long, lengthy review, but i would like to say that resistance's multiplayer (still tons of people online) and campaign (amazing) equal the single greatest game that i have ever played. 10/10...more info
  • The BEST PS3 game so far.
    This is THE best PS3 game so far. Much better than GTA4 and after playing MGS4 for 3 hours I think RFOM is much better than that too. RFOM game rooms online are still packed! It's June 2008 and this game has been out a long time and is STILLso much fun that yes, tons of people are still online! It's that fun!!! Anyone that doesn't own this game is missing out!!!!!

    Maybe Resident Evil 5 will be better but nothing else is so far!
    ...more info
  • Good game for the Playstation 3
    I miss him a bit more improvement in graphics, of course it could be improved, but still, looks great....more info
  • Hype machine
    Don't really see what all the hype is about this game. I mean, sure it's a decent first person shooter but don't see why some people think its the greatest game ever.......more info
  • Resistance: Fall of man
    Have enjoyed this game from day 1. challenging and great one shooter game. If you are looking for some action jump on this ...more info
  • Great Game
    This was a great game. Loved it. The coop is really fun and the story overall is unique....more info
  • Very late review
    Wow, Where to begin? So i finally bought myself a ps3 in march 2009. Upon purchasing it i bought Skate 1 (rocked) and NBA Live 08 (sucked). blown away by the graphics i was slightly dissapointed throwing $400 down for this system. I went to my buddies and a light dawned on me when he let me borrow Resistance Fall of man. i popped that baby in and was completely blown away! The story captures you and clings you in to play each addicting chapter after chapter untill hours have flown by. I have completed it on easy and i'm now half-way through on medium. To my surprise the replay value is immense! new weapons on each time you play makes it a different experiance on each replay! I've said enough, now i know its money well spent for my ps3! a must have!...more info
  • Well done game
    Everything about this game is great, the gameplay, graphics, controls, story. I suggest not skipping this for Resistance 2... this can be considered a better game, and it's cheaper!

    There is a lot of variety in the guns and the landscapes, and the enemies have mild variety. It's a very good shooter....more info
  • Awesome! ! !
    I bought this game recently, and even if it is one of the first games to hit the PS3, it's one of the better looking, most entertaining games on the I own right now. I got so hooked up on it I had to pre-order Resistance 2. A must buy! ! !...more info
  • Hard to Resist, Even harder to put down
    The year is 1951. World War 2? Whats that? World War 2 never happened, instead, A nefarious race of creatures known as the Chimera have conquered all of Europe, and can take the North Americas in a matter of days. This could be the very end of all humanity. We must fight back, we must resist.

    You'll be strapping into the boots of Nathan Hale, a United States soldier who is one of many sent to Britain to aid their allies. While in Britain, you are infected with the Chimeran virus, but not killed. The narrator refers to Hale's eyes multiple times, and how they are golden and subtle. Playing as a figurative "Walking dead" is an interesting idea, and sports you regenerating health. While Hale is immune to the virus, how long will it last?

    You absolutely cannot review this game without mentioning the weapons. Insomniac Games (Creators of the hit series "Ratchet and Clank") have not only thought outside the box with these weapons, they have completely obliterated it. You have the typical M2A2 Carbine, nothing new there. But think of how drastically combat can change when you or your enemy can fire straight through your cover and destroy almost any tactical plan you may have had. I wont say much more about the weapons, you just have to experience them for yourself.

    The graphics have aged (Since this was a launch title for the PS3 after all) but the unique art style and use of colors is to be commemorated. You'll find alot of Grey and white environments, and just out of nowhere, a bright chorus of red or blue light. The reason why this works, is that it really feels out of place (Much like the Chimera invasion.) The Chimera themselves also look fantastic. Insomniac has paid definitive attention to detail, as every object has a meaning. Cars that are rusted look like they are actually rusted, and you can even blow apart tubes on the Chimera's coolant tanks (Located on their backs) and watch the steam escapse from them.

    You get a hopeless ambience from playing this. As the back of the box says, every death for you, is a gain for them. This truly is humanity's last stand, and everything is at stake.

    This game will keep you hooked from the very beginning to the very end. Be sure to take a stroll through Manchester, just try not to get killed....more info
  • Great Game!
    Resistance successfully combines many of the best qualities from other great first-person shooters with spectacular visuals and a few novel twists....more info
  • Love it Mann!
    I enjoyed this game from start to finish. I found it very easy to get used too and was a lot of fun to play. My wife even found it entertaining to watch me play it. Even the on line play is smoothe and fun, and a couple of folks I work with have gotten this and we play online together sometimes. Overall great game, now I have to try out the sequal........more info
  • Good FPS
    I own both systems (360/PS3) and for the ps3 this is a good shooter now about $25-$30 new. Comparable to halo 3 but lacks the graphics of Uncharted and Gears of War. You assume the role of an American fighting an alien menace in England. Controls are very smooth and intuitive no tutorial needed. Resistance is now two years old but for the price you can't go wrong if you like keeping the world free from aliens....more info
  • Arcade style fun.
    Each time I played Resistance I always thought of it as an arcade. The game is really fun and sometimes over the top. I had very few expectations from this game. Most of it came from watching trailers. The game looked bland and repetitive. Once I got my hands on it, I was surprised. So take my word for it. If the game looks boring to you, just ignore the trailers and get this game. Trust me you wont regret it.

    ...more info
  • Old School FPS with a great storyline

    This is an Old school style FPS with obvious upgrades thanx to the technology behind the PS3. Commands and movements would feel really familiar to experienced gamers. I believe they should make some upgrades to the motor that controls the character movements and work some more in the AI for enemies. I hope Resistance 2 to be a little more solid on this aspects.

    Anyway the game is really good, loads of fun and have a great story line.
    Scenarios could be tad boring cause they are all very similar I can`t see the difference between London and Oxford other than the snow LOL.

    The game pays itself for the multiplayer option so go for it you wont regret it, its already a PS3 classic and goes for a decent price!
    ...more info
  • XBOX 360 player coming to Resistance for the first time
    My kid got a PS3 that's been sitting idle. We got it to replace a Wii that we sold, that was also sitting idle.

    I talked him in to letting me move it into my media room so that it might get some play--in Hi Def, no less. So he did.

    Resistance has always been a game that looked interesting. I'd played the demo and didn't quite get it, but at $29.00 I couldn't pass it up.

    I will say it's a fun game. Lots of guns, fast paced action. Lots of enemies on screen at one time. The look has been criticized for being too "sepia toned" but I thought it was OK. It is NOT a showcase for the graphical power of the PS3--thing more Call of Duty 2 on the 360, which was also a launch title. This does not leave the same impression that, say Gears of War did with me. But Gears wasn't a launch title.

    I haven't played multiplayer yet but the single player is lengthy and I must say I'm moderately interested in the story. Nathan Hale--is he going to turn? I can't wait to find out.

    I don't think game is worth 60 bucks--not at this point. But it is a solid buyat $30 bucks--and it's available only for the PS3, which, in my estimation, is sorely lacking in quality shooter exclusives. So this ranks as a "must buy" at 30 bucks for PS3 owners. And it's enough to make me think Resistance 2 will be insane.

    This franchise--and not the cut-scene heavy Metal Gear Solid, is what the PS3 needs.
    ...more info
  • Not the best, but pretty good
    Just got done playing it and I have to say for the most part I really enjoyed the game.

    -nonstop action 80% of the time
    -alot of the action is team based (though they're more fodder than anything)
    -final boss isn't rediculous
    -recharging one quarter of your life helps ALOT

    -The "bloom" effect can be really annoying during certain levels. Blurry anyone?
    -No way of knowing when a level is going to end (at least could've auto-grabbed all the ammo nearby), especially annoying in the later levels
    -Sometimes during sniping the crosshair will go red to indicate an enemy in your sights, but when you shoot close to the edge of said enemy, you hit nothing. annoying when you only get 12 shots with the rifle.
    -First level was rediculously hard (on medium) considering it's your first time playing.

    Other thoughts:
    This game is definatly worth at least a once-through. I have a spitfish FragX controller that has an imperfect mouse attached to it so it was easier for me to do the FPS thing especially coming from PC gaming. If you're not used to console FPS', stick with easy difficulty. I still found it challenging at times. Took me about 10 hours....more info
  • epic shooter, mature story.
    The Chimera overrun continental Europe in February 1950, leaving very few survivors in resistance fall of man, we send our armies to aid europe on there homeland. You will find amazing large scale battles, in this gritty pull no punches FPS, arguably the best FPS on a next gen console story and gameplay wise, this was my first purchase with my ps3 80 gig console and i still play it, new weapons on your second play through make it's replay value insanly high, also fun and addictive multiplayer mode, and resistance 2 will up the bar even further, this is one of my fav. games....more info
  • An Amazing Look on History
    Resistance Fall of Man is probably one of the most amazing action/sci fi/horror games to date. Its unique yet somewhat dissapointing story brings an edge to gameplay. Controls are moderately easy and clean. Graphics are better that ps1 and a little better yet very close to ps2. Levels are somewhat limited but extremely fun. The action is endless and altogether it comes out as beautiful and vivid masterpiece....more info
  • I keep playing this again and again...
    I own about 12 games (half of them FPS), and this one has been played almost every day since I got it. Its not too easy, not to hard and its a lot of fun. My 6 year old daughter really enjoys some of the enemy creatures, which are deadly but yet funny looking.
    A definite 5 star....more info
  • Good game. Fun. Typical FPS.
    Resistance seemed like a remake of Killzone with different enemies. Combat gets a bit repetitive as in most FPS. I waited til the price dropped because the game is not worth $60. I'll probably do the same with Resistance 2. It's a good game, great graphics, very simple gameplay, shoot 'em up, blow 'em up, don't die, and save the world. Storyline is worth getting into. Replayability is nonexistant and multiplayer is completely terrible compared to games like Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield....more info
  • A long, intense thrill-ride.
    This game was great, but a little to long and dark. The game was fun, still, but you kept expecting it to be the last level, but it's not. Now that Resistance 2 is out, some people already know a great deal of the plot, but that didn't stop me. I dug deep and beat this game, and believe me, you need to play this game before you play Resistance 2....more info
  • Great graphics, great Dolby Digital sound, interesting story line, fun online modes, but a bit lacking in weapons.
    Resistance has amazing graphics on an HDTV. The video cut scenes look incredible. The Dolby Digital surround sound is equally amazing. You can actually use the surround speakers to tell where an opponent or the computer is located. The story line is interesting, but kind of cheesy at times. Online play is fun, and I have only noticed lag once or twice. There are many online modes to choose from, but sometimes it's difficult getting into a game of similar level players. There's always one or two players much better than the rest, which can get frustrating.

    The weapon selection is OK, but some of the weapons are just plain stupid (the sapper!). Other weapons are great, if you can find ammo. That is a continual problem in the game... finding ammo for the gun you really want to use. You pick up the hailstorm, but then you can't find ammo for two levels! You get the rocket launcher, but only a couple shells.

    Overall a great game, probably one of the best out for PS3 so far. If you buy this game, make sure you try the online play, it's one of the best features....more info
  • Amazing!
    A truly magnificent game for the ps3. Some of its levels are harder and more confined than other, but overall the levels are excellent and very well animated. The weapons are varied and exotic in the fashion that you can switch from shooting with a machine gun to a flame flower and then to exploding blogs. Over all this game is LOUDER, FASTER, and MEANER than Gears of War or any other games before it. ...more info
  • Resistance
    The game play is outstanding. I really enjoyed playing this game. I am looking forward to playing the sequel....more info
  • One of the best shooters I've ever played
    People constantly criticize this game because of the "ps2" graphics. I'd like for one person to show me a ps2 game that can look and sound this good, while having this much action onscreen without any slowdown whatsoever. Insomniac is a brilliant development team, and their hard work shines through once again w/ Resistance.

    This is not a "run and gun" type of shooter, and if you try to play without using cover or using strategy then you'll die A LOT. Here are reasons why you should buy or at least rent Resistance:

    - The gameplay is intense, but also strategic and encourages use of cover
    - The AI is fairly smart when it comes to using cover and taking accurate shots
    - The level design is creative and well thought out
    - The guns are insane and very powerful
    - The sound is superb
    - The graphics, while not photorealistic like COD4, are very impressive and fit this "fantasy" world perfectly
    - The environments feel alive - the grass and trees sway, debris blows around in the wind, etc
    - The physics are decent and many objects in the environment are destructible
    - The single player campaign is long and challenging, and very addictive
    - The multiplayer is fun and addictive, plus the maps are huge

    This is one of those games that I will sit and play for hours without even realizing it. Please ignore the people who are bashing this game...they either haven't played it or simply judge games based on graphics alone. This game is fun, unique, and still very impressive almost 2 years after it was released. Highly recommended!! Plus it's only $30 brand-new!!
    ...more info
  • Awful
    I found this game to be a huge dissapointment. All I heard about was how good the game was and gettin it started everything was so repetitive. Not to mention I felt like I was playing on the ps2 with those graphics. Do not waste your money on this game...more info
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Nathan Hale.
    Chimeran have invaded Russia and Europe, the US has been called to help fight this threat, the world is at a standstill as this unknown alien super-force continues to kill and destroy - oh, and was it mentioned that this is happening in 1941 instead of WWII? Introducing "Resistance: Fall of Man", Sony's launch title for their PS3 release, and subsequently the game I decided to start with upon purchasing my system - why not begin at the beginning, right? Having been an enormous fan of the early FPS game, "Goldeneye" for the Nintendo 64, games of this nature have always been close to my heart. The "Halo" series has received mixed reviews in my eyes, with mediocre game-play, and repetitive storylines - so "Resistance" needed to bring its best game forward, and honestly it wasn't bad - could have been worse, could have been better - but overall the beginning of a long friendship between myself and my PS3.

    This was probably the weakest area for this game. While it was obvious that Sony was just testing the waters for what their system could produce gaming-wise, there was an air of conservatism with "Resistance". The faded black-and-white pictures between the game-play instead of full length CGI-cuts, seemed cheap. While the story was follow-able and lengthy, the detail seemed to be missing. Absolutely, the images were stunning (which will be discussed in the graphics portion), but there needed to be something more. Nathan Hale, our hero, seemed lifeless. His role was random at best, merely being a random soldier plucked out of many to have a genetic anomaly to the Chimeran disease. One hopes his changes are what future releases develop further, instead of just accepting it with ease like this game did. Our sideline characters had more soul, Lt. Cartwright especially, who I would have preferred to play instead of Hale. Again, this is the biggest complaint I have with this game - I didn't expect full-blown character development for a FPS, but something would have been better than nothing.

    Amazing, to say the least. Using the full capability of my HDTV and my PS3, this jumped me direct into the action. Detail upon detail was laid before you, allowing the player to fully submerge himself into the environment. This was a world where enemies react to your movement, and it was great to finally be able to have an equal playing ground. While the cut scenes were minimal at best, it was the in-game experience that demonstrated the raw power of the PS3, as well as the technology surrounding it. This was a great foundation for the beginning of PS3, and now with the release of "Resistance 2", I am eager to see how they have grown.

    Bullets everywhere. The sound of terror behind you, the impact of the explosion in front, while hearing dogs howl in the background and the scream of your comrades was intense. This is a game that needs to be played without the lights on and with your surround sound turned all the way up. This isn't a horror game, but element (if you allow it) will make you jump and react. It uses not just your sight, but also your ability to hear where your enemies are coming from, making the full-spectrum of game-play intense. Combined with the great graphics, this made a simple game into a blockbuster.

    Can it be played again and again? For me - no. I saw the ending, I went through two campaigns, unlocked the further weaponry, but after two finishing moments, I was done. That is not to say that the online ability isn't worth owning the game, but if you are lacking the online ability - this was a lengthy game that was incredible the first time, substantial the second time, but ready to be put down for the third time.

    Overall, I enjoyed playing this game. While there may have been some repetition to the game, and honestly no really big boss to defeat, this FPS was a great introduction to the Sony's Playstation 3 and its hardware. From the graphics to the sound, this game was perfect - where it lacked was the actual story and repeatability of the game. Perhaps in two years I could pick this game up again, or if there were a gaggle of friends about to arrive - this game would be perfect. It was a strong foundation for the console and I eagerly anticipate both the sequel as well as the other genres that Sony is going to explore.

    Bravo Sony, Bravo!

    Grade: **** out of *****
    ...more info
    I read some review of this game, saying it was dead hard to stop playing chapter after chapter once you start. I say its true.
    Im a 25 y-o engineer who gets easily bored with a video game unless it's very good. Resistance IS very good, close to excellent. I'm playing it now, just got it a few days ago. The other night i played until late in the night, and when to sleep just for the idea that i had to get up early to keep playing. The story is very good. I keep wondering if in the end, hale will become an alien and join the chimeran forces, or will just become a super human but keep his own mind. Like any good book the game keeps you wondering, unveiling bits of the story as you play it through.

    100% recommended.

    Update: 26/04/09
    Still find the game to be excellent. I've finished campaign mode, so im playing it again in co-op and single (hard difficulty). I think the campaign mode was a bit short.

    Co-op is so much fun that it's actually worth your time to actually redo the whole campaign again. It's particularly special when you play the levels where you need to use a vehicle.

    Online is excellent so far. Hard to survive at first but lots of fun as you master it.

    I dont like the fact that the cinematics between level in co-op mode are exactly the same as in single mode. It'd be nice if the second player would at least show up in the videos, even if not mentioned in the narrative....more info
  • Repetitive, boring, nothing new
    I guess I should not have bought this so soon after beating Biosphere. Got it for $19.99 so it is not a BIG loss. It has no depth and is pretty uninteresting after the first few hours of play. It rapidly becomes just "same ol....same ol".

    Can anyone recommend a FPS that really shows off the PS3???...more info
  • Worth it!
    It was an an excellent game when it came out and it still is today! If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time. Well worth the new lower price! Buy one for yourself and another for a friend. I'm looking forward to Resistance 2 to come out now....more info
  • Good game
    I thought that Resistance was a good game. It worked well for one of the no-name to Big name games that the PS3 needs for its lineup, and I can see why. It reminds me of a cross between some weird Half-life game and Call of Duty (probably why it did so well).
    Usually I only play FPS on my computer cause I like the feel of aiming with a mouse over a control stick, however this did not stop me from trying this game out.
    A great storyline, and the graphics are well done. I would suggest this for anyone who wants to test out a FPS on the PS3 without the usual COD and other games....more info
  • good game
    Good game. After seeing how awesome resistance 2's commercial was, I decided to get the first game and beat that before getting the 2nd. I'm glad I did..and at 19.00 from could I go wrong?
    The game reminded me a lot of Halo meets the Borg. It did have a good storyline that keeps you quite entertained. If you have never played the resistance games...get it. Lots and lots of alien carcasses accumulate in this one....more info
  • Resistance: Fall of Man
    After buying this game and playing it, I believe it has deserved to be a greatest hit. I usually don't play first person shooters that much (I know, I'm a loser! lol) but the storyline really intrigued me. I like how during the cut scenes, there is a narration that makes you involved with the storyline and instead of other FPS where you just shoot things and there is really no storyline at all. The different environments are pretty cool and diverse but there are some that are kinda repetitive. I like how you can carry every gun that you get in the game instead of Resistance 2 where you are only limited to 2 guns you can carry at a time. The graphics are great but of course since it was one of the first games that was made for the PS3 there are games that have a lot better graphics (for example Resistance 2). The only thing I could think of as a downside would be no unlockables or extra content, once you beat the game that is pretty much it. I mostly play single player campaign so I have not tried out the online multiplayer yet. Overall, I think this game and its sequel Resistance 2 is definitely a series of games to get into because it was very fun and entertaining to play. ...more info
  • Must Buy for P$3
    This is a really fun game, and playing online is fun. It is sweet how you can blow aliens heads off. I think by the end of the P$3's lifetime, this would become one of the classics along with R2(sequel), MGS4,GTA4,and Gran turismo 5...more info
  • Resistance is Futile
    Ok...... I'll be honest. I am NOT an FPS fan. In fact to be honest, I have played only a handful of FPS games (Bioshock, Doom 3, Bad Company,) and several demos for other FPS games.

    That being said........BUY THIS GAME!

    I will spare you a huge description of plot, Lord knows there are plenty other reviews out there which go in to it. But I will say it is the plot that truly draws you in and goes for the jugular at first with a bit of mystery then erupts in to a full-out action story. With casual gaming I beat this game about 4 days. Not to say the game is small, but when I did sit down I was going through two or three or more missions at a sitting. And now I have upped the difficulty and going at it again.

    The weapons are mostly typical from many FPS games out there with one or two really fun weapons to use......the Auger comes to mind. There are also additional weapons for you to use once you beat the game for your other run throughs.

    THe multiplay, at least offline, seems rather cookie cutter of other offline multiplays with other FPS games. This is not to say it's not fun. It is, and a nice touch is the customizable map size. Although for me, I like the large maps to make it less a brawl and more a game of cat and mouse.

    In short, if you like FPS games, I have a feeling this game is for you. If you don't like FPS games, at least rent it. But at this it. I have gotten a lot less out of 20 bucks........a lot less out of 50 now that I think of it. This game has redefined what I have come to expect from FPS games and may very well open the door to me buying others.......specifically Resistance 2....more info
  • Best Game
    This game is AMAZINGGGGG. There is so much fun packed into thuis game, from shooting and dodging fire from about fifty hybrids, to trying to hold off hudreds of leapers. Now for the inevitable, how is it compared to Halo. Well i have played Halo at a friends and i have to say Resistance owns it. To be frank alot of games are ,uch better. Resistance has alot of cool stuff, like alternate firing and crazy weapons. The setting is perfect and your heart will be pounding the entire game....more info
  • Great.
    This is an amazing game, easily as good as Halo. No point in me saying to much when other reviewers said it so good: Hard to resist, Resistance Fall of Man....more info
    With all the great reviews there is not much to say. I 've been playing this game for two days non stop, everything about this game is worth every dollar, the story is great, the graphics are jaw dropping, I would love it to have full HD, but I can live with that.


    BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD...more info
  • Great shooter for the PS3
    I'm sure everyone's covered all the great things about this game but I just wanted to mention the controls. I'm not a big fan of the Playstation controllers probably because I'm just used to playin Xbox but I thought the controls in this game were very quick and responsive. Resistance felt the most comfortable I've ever been on the Playstation 3, (for shooters anyway). Great game and fore [...] bucks it's a steal. ...more info
  • Pretty good for a launch title
    I just got this game in October. As such, I'm aware it was two years behind its release date and not as much of a 'groundbreaking' title anymore. I wanted to play through it and get ready for Resistance 2, but somehow I never really got into it. I played through most of the game in a week, but my attention sort of waned (especially when the going got tough) and I pushed it aside for LittleBigPlanet.

    To be honest, I never tried the online multiplayer or a lot of the other features, just the story. I thought it was a well-crafted one, but the controls (unintuitive at best) and mindless enemies/allies sort of ruin it.

    I gave it 4 stars because it is a fun game to play, and maybe I just don't like it as much because I should have bought it in '06. Either way, getting it for less than $30 is a bargain, and it's a good enough game to pick up if you like shooters....more info
  • We are the final resistance
    This will be a short but to-the-point review.

    I am an avid gamer, been playing video games for awhile now and I have to say that I'm really enjoying this game (more than halfway through it).

    First the visuals are spectacular, you can move or break most objects, there are at times MANY enemies and friendlies on screen and it has never bogged down.

    The gameplay is fantastic, the controls are tight but accurate. I loved the way you could aim by pressing L3, it makes for very precise shots.
    Weapons are epic, ranging from standard US military to advanced chimeran weapons, you will be eager to advance in campaign mode just so you could find out what weapon they'll think of next!!!

    Sound is great too, I can hear various bullets whirring around me in my home theater system. So for you audiophiles this game makes the cut!

    Overall I would highly recommend this shooter to anyone looking for a fast-paced action game with a solid story. Thanks insomniac, for bringing us this excellent game!...more info
    I've owned a PS3 since launch but never played this game until recently. I have played the best; Farcry, Call of duty, Crysis FEAR, etc. I was never really interested in playing a console fsp, prefered them on pc. Was in GameStop the other day and decided that 30 dollars was not bad for a game ive heard so much good stuff about. Poped it in my ps3. (yawn). It began like anyother fsp game (yawn). But i noticed something. It was becoming more thrilling and exciting by the minute. I have now been officially hooked. If you like fsp this game should not be missed. Its one of the most engrossing and captivating game on any system. Period....more info
  • Fun shooter
    The enemy AI in this game is great and allows for multiple playthroughs. There are a lot of weapons that can only be used after you beat the game once. Although the single/coop campaign is fun, the multiplayer online is kinda bland....more info
  • Resistance
    Amazon got the game on time i'm very pleased, i previously played the game from a friend i like to play online. thanks Amazon I've recomended you to everybody i know. Till my next purchase. JP....more info
  • Resistance is just a mediocre game
    So I finally got a ps3 off of craigslist for a good price and bought resistance off of amazon which shipped super fast as always. Right when I booted it up and saw the super ugly 90's style menu system I knew I was in for a dissapointment. The graphics are very subpar and the gameplay is just decent. It's still an ok game but just not what I was expecting since people were comparing it to halo3. Gears/halo3/cod4 all blow this game away and I really hate playing fps's with the ps3 controller after using the 360 controller. I'm really looking forward to little big planet though and hopefully that will make my new system purchase worth it....more info


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