Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones

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Can you really feel better as you get older?

Is aging without illness possible?

Is your own internal fountain of youth waiting to be discovered?

Yes, yes, and YES! says Suzanne Somers, the bestselling author of The Sexy Years. It can all be true when you take advantage of the new science of antiaging medicine—a revolutionary approach to achieving the ageless life.

Suzanne Somers introduced millions of women to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and changed the way we look at menopause with her groundbreaking book, The Sexy Years, and the overwhelming media response to its publication. Now, in Ageless, Suzanne introduces an inspiring, medically validated approach to reversing the aging process and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, mentally sharp, sexually active life—while building the body’s natural defenses against age-related diseases.

Ageless is jam-packed with new, updated information on bioidentical hormone replacement and antiaging that will change your life forever. Suzanne talks about:

• Antiaging medicine and how it can help work against the environmental assault that is making us sick, including how to detox the body of harmful pollutants and chemicals and strengthen our weakest glands and organs

• Menopause, which can become an enjoyable passage once the body is in perfect hormonal sync with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

• The dangers of perimenopause and how women can treat it

• Why so many hysterectomies are unnecessary, how birth control pills may have contributed to the rise of hysterectomies, and how to restore your body to perfect hormonal balance after having one

• How andropause is a real condition for men, and how men can lose weight, regain their youthful physiques, and restore heath, energy, and sexuality, all through bioidentical HRT

• The importance of sleep and the healing work that nature does during this time to balance hormones and increase energy

In this “antiaging bible,” Suzanne brings together prominent, Western-trained antiaging doctors who are at the forefront of a medical revolution to show how the traditional medical approach is woefully inadequate and outdated. Its standard of care has been to treat all symptoms with drugs, but in Ageless you will find out how this approach does not make us better. With antiaging medicine you can heal your body rather than keep a chronic condition at bay with drugs. Ageless shows you how to keep your “insides” young, and how this manifests on the outside.

What could be better than having your doctor tell you that you have the bones of a twenty-year-old, or the heart of a thirty-year-old? You can be young on the inside if you follow the advice in Ageless. Suzanne reveals the secrets to youthfulness that everyone can achieve and shows us all how to live the ageless life!

How young is your energy?

“The second half of your life can be better than your first half. A better life, a healthier life, a life of youthful energy comes from embracing antiaging medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement is a big component. . . . The second half of life can be wonderful. I know it because I am living it. This new approach to health gives you back your lean body, shining hair, and thick skin, provided you are eating correctly and exercising in moderation. This new medicine allows your brain to work perfectly and offers the greatest defense against cancer, heart attack, and Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t you want that?” —From the Introduction

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Customer Reviews:

  • Healthy Alternatives for Women
    I found this title to be very informative, engaging and thought/discussion provoking. I recommend it wholeheartedly! ...more info
  • Very informative
    The book has excellent information. I only have 2 critisms would be of the sources for Bio-identical doctors in the back. Most were in California. My brother is in Washington State and it took a bit of research on the Internet to find a doctor in Washington State. The book could have been organized with a section pertaining to men and a different section for women. ...more info
  • Ageless
    My husband & I found this book to be very good in its information on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and understanding what it is and does. Suzanne interviews many doctors and gets the feedback from them on this fairly new idea for hormones. Excellent reading and highly recommended....more info
  • Help for Women
    So far I have learned a lot from the book and even though it is somewhat otroversial I think it is worth reading for women. We have not had complete information available to us about this question and this is a big step forward....more info
  • Things you need to know
    After watching the lopsided hit piece on ABC's 20/20, I read Ageless. My girlfriend is taking bio-identical hormones, and she's done a far better job of researching the subject than 20/20, who made a huge deal out of a typo (Gambia, instead of Georgia) in a sentence about longevity. When you don't have a coherent argument, blow smoke.

    Read this book, and then decide for yourself. But I have an old Popular Mechanics magazine from the '50's, which raves about the benefits of hormones made from coal tar. Big pharma has shown time and again that they tend to value profits over the health of people, their customers; the evidence shows that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is NOT the same as standard horse-pee replacement therapy....more info
  • Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones
    I thought the book was a lifesaver! From someone suffering from hot flashes, weight gain, etc... and believing the only answer for me was synthenic hormones; I'm happy to say there is an alternative! The beginning of the book was a little boring, as most self help books are, but once I got into the guts of the books, I couldn't put it down. A true life changing experience! Thank you Suzanne Sommers!...more info
  • Incredibly informative!
    Thanks to Suzanne Somers I have been on Bio-Identical hormones for about six weeks noe. I sleep good for the first time in years. ...more info
  • Interesting and Informative
    I have only just started this book, but it is very interesting so far. I hope I learn more as I read on. I thought I would be bored reading it, but so far I am intrigued....more info
  • Most informative and instructional
    Excellent book for anyone wanting to know about bio identical hormones. My husband and I did the salivary tests and have been prescribed bio identical hormones and put on supplements for Adrenal Fatigue. We have great expectations of being rejuvenated and energized.A book you can refer to as a reference book. Sent a copy to my daughter!...more info
  • Not sure it's safe
    I purchased this book for my mother and was really excited about finally receiving it (pre-ordered and had to wait many months). Just a could of weeks after giving it to her a news program really broke down the suzanne somers reseach, etc. I am open to trying new things and giving everyone their own choice - but her research is sometime questionable and her doctors equally so. an interesting read - but quite possibly a danger to your health. Not pushing my mother into trying bioidentical hormone therapy anymore! Suzanne was not as convincing as usual when interrogated rather than entertained by the show hosts....more info
  • Dream the Nearly Impossible Dream
    When heard on television Ms. Somer's vision and ideas sound very positive and encouraging for fighting the battle for a quality life. The devil is in the details as reading about the whole concept brings sharply into question the medical aspects and the availability of the entire process to the average consumer. My end take was that the medical benefits are secondary to the ability of the average consumer to actualize her program. It seems to be more of a lark for the rich and famous. ...more info
  • worth buying !
    I was not sure whether to buy this book or not,
    as I have read a few on the subject. This book
    provided me with lots of NEW info, and I will
    refer to it in the future. I also started on
    BIH and within two weeks my headaches and hot
    flashes are gone !! I'm a believer !!...more info
  • Women's handbook on the role of hormones
    A very factual book on the role of hormones, but too many personal opinions snd repetitive comments by the author....more info
  • Good resource
    This is the first book I've read by Ms Somers. I found it very informative and an excellent resource. Some of her writing at first is a bit repetative, hence the four stars, but I liked the recap at the end of the chapters. I have read other books on the subject and found hers easy to read. I especially like that she gives personal examples in her own life as it is important to know she is speaking from experience. I very much appreciate her being an advocate for this important subject. As a result I have undergone the testing and found answers to some health issues that I have been suffering with. I am delighted to know that there are some improvements that can be made with BHRT and look forward to pursuing it. ...more info
  • She's incredibly well informed,
    This was the second book I read by Suzanne Somers and loved them both. I didn't even know she wrote books until my good friend introduced me to them. She writes just exactly the way you would expect her to, you can feel her sincerity and passion for the subject matter. She's incredibly well informed, and I guess I would be too, the book illustrates this fact and offers very solid, loving advice.

    Jane Stevens
    Tao Cycle Therapy: Natural Happiness via Self Directed Cure for Chronic Anxiety & Depression [Updated 2008 3nd Edition]...more info
  • cool advice and info
    this book has good bkgrd info on these health issues for men as well as women and good interviews with docs.
    the info about various degrees of hormone replacement therapy is made understandable to ordinary folk like myself....more info
  • Good introduction to bioidenticals
    I found this book easy to read and a good introduction to bioidentials. Of particular interest to me were appendices with the names and websites of doctors that will treat with bioidenticals, though when I called the five listed in my area, only one was a current enough listing to be useful. For us "baby-boomers" entering menopause, there is a lot to research and think through before we decide on a course of action to help alleviate the stresses caused by this change in our bodies. The idea of using bioidenticals to replace the hormones your body no longer makes is one approach, and is what is discussed and advocated in this book. This book discusses all the "pros" but few of the "cons" to that approach. Another option, dismissed by this book, is the use of herbs and other non-hormonal supplements to support optimum balance of hormones in the system, in essence embracing the change rather than trying to circumvent it. In light of the recent findings on risk to the heart due to hormone supplementation, I'm exploring a non-replacement approach, too, and haven't made up my mind yet on my best course of action....more info
  • Very Informative
    I normally can't sit down long enough to read a book, but I found this very interesting and informative. She really makes you stop & think about your surroundings & lifestyle. I have gathered a lot of information for my family & friends to discuss with their doctors. It is a must read book....more info
  • Ageless
    I was glade to get this book in large print. I have other books by Suzanne Somers on the subject of bioidetical hormones and new discoveries about your health and weightloss, but this one sums it all up. It is the cutting edge on whats new...what your Mother should have told you, but she didn't know anything herself. Read it and pass on the info to your children. Make sure they are taking care of themselves. This book takes all the guess work out of it. Kids do come with instructions, now. Thanks to Suzanne. ...more info
  • Excellent, Informative book!
    This book has VERY good information on bio-identical hormones and the use of other supplements like DHEA, Melatonin and vitamins/minerals and herbs to stay hormonally healthy!

    Every household should have this book and it has great, useful info for men and their hormones, too!

    Thank you Suzanne for being a true life-saver to women, EVERYWHERE!
    You are instrumental in reforming the field of endocrinology, BIG HUGS to you!!!

    ...more info
  • Ageless is informative and easy to read, but repetitive.
    In Ageless, Somers details everything there is to know about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This differs from conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because conventional hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic drugs that are slightly biologically different than the naturally occurring hormones in the human body. She uses personal accounts, informative prose, and interviews with doctors to get this information across. The variety of approaches helps explain things in various ways to more fully understand the concepts, and also add variety to the read.

    This book is aimed at the demographic of middle-aged people, especially women, who are eligible for hormone replacement therapy. The book is essential for those who are considering hormone replacement therapy. Somers sings the praises of BHRT over and over again in this book.

    The book is a useful tool, even for those who are not into middle age and considering hormone replacement therapy. Somers outlines and explains the function of every major hormone in the body and most of the minors as well, including adrenaline, insulin, human growth hormone, cortisol, melatonin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid.

    There are two main points being made in this book. First, Somers wants everyone to understand the importance of hormones in health. This is a complex part of human life, and she does a good job of outlining the functions of hormones to her readers. She uses the metaphor of an "orchestra" of hormones to explain how interwoven our hormones are, and how if one is out of tune, the whole orchestra will sound off. However, beyond this metaphor she does little explaining of how the orchestra actually interacts, and instead deals with each hormone individually. This is a fine approach as an introduction to endocrinology.

    The second point is that Somers really wants everyone to know what a difference BHRT has made in her life. This book is almost a memoir of her personal health journey. This part of the book becomes repetitive, because she constantly praises how her life went from stressful to calm, unhappy to joyous, chaos to perfection, all because of BHRT.

    Somers explains the difference between synthetic hormones and bio-identical hormones, and what affect the difference makes on your body. She clearly speaks out against the health hazards of taking synthetic hormones, whether for menopause or birth control. She describes many approaches to nutritional and herbal supplementation and makes recommendations for supplements to optimize health, though this is a minor part of the book. She explains many of the details of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, such as the difference between a static does and rhythmic cycling, and why one might choose one or the other,

    She frankly discusses the signs, symptoms and options of natural aging. Her choice is to take bio-identical hormones, and she clearly thinks this is the best option for a great life. This could be construed to be a dogmatic viewpoint, except that she uses very personal anecdotes to define why she has chosen this route. This differs from the clinical approach she uses to write about the options. There are two very different tones happening in this book at the same time. She is both informing readers about hormones and health, and telling her personal story of choosing BHRT and how this has improved her life. I applaud the clear distinction between these two approaches, because it allows readers to make the choice for themselves, even while she sings the praises of BRHT.

    The book contains a useful and thorough glossary that defines the medical terms used throughout the book. The glossary explains hormones like cortisol (the primary stress hormone), diseases such as acromegaly (a disorder caused by chronic overproduction of growth hormone), anatomical terms like mucosa (mucous membranes of the body), and even just words that one might not be familiar with including quartile (a fourth of a whole). The glossary is heavy on hormones (for example prolactin), environmental toxins that affect hormone function (ever heard of phthalates?), and elements that affect hormones (both those used medicinally and those found as toxins in our environments, such as selenium and fluoride, respectively).

    The book ends with a list of resources and then a bibliography. The resources give readers many options on where to find a doctor that specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, also known as anti-aging doctors. The list is given by state, although only 15 states are listed, plus a few in Canada. Websites, pharmacies, and hormone testing agencies are also listed, as well as natural beauty products.

    Perhaps even more useful is the bibliography. This cites all the sources used to write this book, and offers the reader further reading suggestions. The books cover hormones, of course, and this is good because even though Somers discuss hormones through Ageless, the readers still leaves with a superficial understanding of the hormonal orchestra that Somers so often references. Further reading will help interested readers understand hormonal processes more thoroughly. Also to be found are books on natural pest control, clean water, sex and libido, menopause, diet, sleep, and general health practices. ...more info
  • Cutting Edge Hormone Info
    I have been using the Bio-Identical Hormones to control my menopausal symptoms for 6 months now. I was not aware that Suzanne had written so many books or was so knowledgeable on the subject when I first started. I read "Sexy Years" first, and re-read it again a month later. "Ageless" keeps on going in the same format with quite a few chapters being interviews with various doctors who support bio-identical or are studying health for the aging.

    I plan to follow Suzanne's hormone recommendations for the rest of my life!! I feel absolutely great, my joints aren't aching any more, I feel youger (I'm 46 now), and I feel that I have my "sexiness" back as I level my hormones out to what they used to be when I was younger.

    Thank you Suzanne for bringing much-needed information to the women "of a certain age"! Now we too can be "ageless"!!...more info
  • A wonderfully informative and readable book
    In this book Suzanne Somers' talks about bioidentical hormones a subject that she started in her previous book "The Sexy Years". Here however she expands on her earlier work by interviewing sixteen doctors, specialists, who provide valuable information for lay people about the aging process and the critical role that bioindentical hormones play in maintaing our health as we age. As one who believes in supplements I was gratified to learn how greatly improved and purified some of the new herbal supplements are today. The doctors in AGELESS are very convincing about what we can do to keep ourselves healthy irrespective of our age. I found the book's style easy and Suzanne's enthusiasm infectious. For pre-menopausal and menopausal women, this information might well mean the difference between a future of totally chemicalized and brittle bodies or one of youthful, vital and vibrant ones. Some of the information is complex but for the most part it is easy to understand. The book debunks a lot of conventional medical wisdom so no doubt some readers will find that uncomfortable. But it is an excellent reference book for those who want to take control of their health while aging and who also know that there is no substitute for investing time in managing ones own health. If you are a man or woman in their fifties or even late forties who is the least bit curious about what happens to your body and brain as you age, and who would like to learn new facts about the work of some of the cutting edge doctors in the US today who are doing so much to make aging a healthy and chemical free state, then read this book....more info
  • interesting and useful
    the book contains information not easily to find anywhere, it is a very useful and interesting book to help everyone to feel better and in shape....more info
  • Quick delivery in perfect condition!
    I recieved my order for Suzanne Somer's 'Ageless' and Dr Michael Platt's 'The Miracle of Bio Identical Hormones' very quickly and in perfect condition. I wouldn't hesitate to order from this company again.
    I would also encourage ALL women to read these books!...more info
  • ageless suzann somers
    while watching suzanne somers on 20/20 last week i discovered that most of the "professionals" she interviewed in her book were not at all capable of giving this information to people and may cause some not to follow what their trusted physicians have prescribed for them. i will probably toss this book...more info
  • Ageless: The Naked Truth by Suzanne Somers
    Suzanne captures the truth about women's health issues and it is amazing what we do not know. She is a great researcher and gets all her facts before writing the book. The book is wonderful and enlighting. I would recommend this book to every women in the age group of 20 years and above. ...more info
  • This book is anti-vegetarian
    I have been a vegetarian for 3 years and it has balanced my hormones for the most part - naturally. I feel much better as a vegetarian and I'll never go back to meat or dairy. I believe Suzanne is accurate in most things, but I don't agree with the way she dealt with vegetarianism. The book says accurately that you need a high-fiber diet to get rid of excess bad estrogen, yet she recommends meat and dairy, which have no fiber or healthy phytochemicals. Meat has a place in this world for survival purposes, but meat is not necessary for optimal health.

    The vegetarian woman in the book with health problems was on birth control pills, etc. One doctor said vegetarians don't make enough cholesterol and therefore don't make enough hormones. There are many unhealthy meat-eaters. Just because some meat-eaters are unhealthy, does that mean all meat-eaters are eating an unhealthy diet?

    Suzanne eats meat, yet she still needs BHRT. If meat-eaters had all this wonderful cholesterol to make all these hormones in the body then they wouldn't need BHRT. The book implies it's best to eat a meat and dairy diet, but I don't see any real evidence to support this thinking. All people, regardless of their diet need BHRT at some point for an optimum life. It seems like it's usually meat-eaters who have hormone imbalances. When meat-eaters in the book have hormone problems, Suzanne never attacks a meat-eating diet. But if a vegetarian has a hormone problem, of course, it's partly because of vegetarianism.

    I recommend AGELESS to men and women of all ages. I think Suzanne is a great person and she should be honored for all she has done because I doubt she needs the money. Thank you, Suzanne....more info
  • AnonymousThis is an excellent book. I would highly recommend it for both men and women.
    Anyone interested in the subject of Bioidentical Hormones should read this book. I have read other books on the subject by medical doctors and her book is very easy to read and understand the subject. She is not just writing about it, she has lived it. I also highly recommend Stop the Age Clock: Look 20 Years Younger, 20 Pounds Lighter and 200% Prettier in Only 20 Days Worth reading!...more info
  • enlightening
    I am so excited someone wrote a book that helps women understand the changes that occur in our bodies and the safer methods to handle them. Bravo Suzanne!...more info
  • Very Informative!
    This book is an excellent source of information for women interested in improving their health and well being through natural, bio-identical hormones. I've followed the regimen proscribed for over a month and see a tremendous difference in how I feel. I strongly recommend this book before undertaking a program of nutritional supplements for women over 50....more info
  • motivational
    This book reinforces many of those beliefs that we have such as we don't have to feel like an old person and fit the old stereotype of Grandma/pa.
    When you read the book you think "YES" this is for me but trying to make it happen without paying significant $ not covered by insur or medicare and traveling distances to metropolitan areas is another matter. Therefore, it would be difficult for the average middle income individual to pursue the goals that are set forth in the book. Still as information becomes more available more opportunities will come to light.
    The information is very motivational and makes you want to accomplish what the author has, but the process of trying to do so can be frustrating if not impossible for some. On the other hand one can still do a lot for themselves by exercise, nutrition and learning more about a healthy lifestyle and the book provides lots of information on this subject.
    You can't go wrong by reading the book as the more knowledge you have the better your chances of accomplishing your goals....more info
  • Transform Your Life
    There is nothing better than a woman who undertakes a journey, then shares her experience with others. No matter how knowledgeable and/or articulate your doctor is regarding the need for-and affects of-hormone therapy, the trials and triumphs of Suzanne Somers encourages the reader to believe that, she too, can navigate this passage successfully. Whether you are a Suzanne Somers fan or not, her book is aimed at the enormous population of female baby boomers walking into an often misunderstood and misrepresented time of life. Suzanne's passion for living, intelligent writing style, and easy to follow instructions makes this book a 'must have' for any woman interested in maintaining her physical, sexual and emotional health. I continue to give this book to friends, and enjoy knowing that I'm giving a gift that can, literally, transform their lives. ...more info
  • very important information!
    Thank you Suzanne for taking an interest in researching bio-identical hormone replacement, so that now millions more people can benefit from them. Bio-identical hormone replacement is not mainstream and most medical doctors do not even know about them because they were not taught about them in medical school, so it's important to get the word out as much as possible. It really is quite simple when you do the research - As we age our hormones diminish and we are much more prone to all the diseases of aging. Young people in general do not get all these diseases of aging like cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, alzheimers, etc. So why not replace them with Natural Bio-identical Hormones, not 'natural' hormones synthesized from horses or a lab, but BIO-IDENTICAL just as the name implies. Millions of people are doing it with great results, but unfortunately most all of them had to find out on their own, by researching, or by word of mouth. So thanks for spreading the word Suzanne and also being such a great example of how to live a healthy life too!...more info
  • Right on the money
    Many reviewers used the term "right on the money" Interesting choice of words in that it will take LOTS of money to participate in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. It does work, no question about it, however please know MOST insurance companies do not recognize a BodyLogic doctor, the lab work, OR the hormones. This can be VERY costly indeed. .Now, back to the book AGELESS. It does have some good advice - balanced for the most part and offers much hope to women who cannot get their menopause and post-menopause symptoms under control.
    ...more info
  • Life Changing
    This book is a well-written and well-researched series of interviews with doctors who practice alternative medicine. I was lucky to have access to one of the doctors Ms. Sommers interviewed. I thought I was having perimenopausal symptoms--instead I was anemic and slightly hypothyroid. Now, at 50 years of age, I feel like a million bucks and I know I can continue to feel this way because I finally have a doctor who knows what the hell she is doing. Thanks, Suzanne....more info
  • The Naked Truth About Biodentical Hormones
    Great book! Makes you realize that anti-aging starts with your hormones not creams and potions. Very educational and informative....more info
  • Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones
    Thank you Suzanne Somers for taking the time to care about everyone, This book will be very helpful....more info
  • Ripe At Any Age...If You Think So!
    I met Suzanne Somers in Los Angeles, CA many years ago. She was gracious and introduced me to her dresser. I never knew at the time that years later we would both suffer and then survive breast cancer. I read with interest her triumphant war with cancer and know that cancer is tricky and is a process not an event.

    If you can keep your wits about you, Suzanne confirms that a steady mind set on healing laced with information will give you courage and strength. Her research on bioidentical horomones sounds right to me. I feel armed with options when I speak with my doctor. What will you do? Can you afford to be just a "patient?" All of us need to be advocates for our health and know our rights. "Ageless..." keeps this notion on the front burner.

    The doctors interviewed in the book are forthright, honest and gave me plenty of reason to have hope. I agree with the actress, Bette Davis who said, "Getting old is not for sissies." "Ageless..." tells you that you you have a right to good health. On the other side of or instead of frequently offered choices--surgery or chemicals lies your informed decisions. "Ageless..." gives you the ammunition to use and believe me, your informed decisions can take you right past the medical-assembly-line blues. Besides, as Suzanne's book shows, it just feels good to know that you are capable of understanding what is good for you.

    I highly recommend this book. Suzanne was warm and generous with her time when I met her in person and I'd say her book reflects that plus information that will add years to your life. ...more info
  • My doctor recommended I read this book...any woman considering HRT should read this book. You won't find a better resource!
    This book is easy to read and has great information. A major part of the book is Suzanne Somers interviewing doctors, who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. There are many doctors across the nation who practice what they call Cutting Edge or Leading Edge medicine. They specialize in biodentical hormone replacement. They work with men and women to save their quality of life. If you are reading these reviews...and are considering this it...check it out at the responsible research. You don't have to feel crummy and you don't have to risk your life with pregnant horse urine HRT. There are alternatives that have to find them. I was aware of this book but I thought...Suzanne Somers?!??! And so didn't read it until I finally found a good doctor, after a couple of years of research, and she recommended I read it! The book explains the type of doctor and clinics to look for and how to find them. It talks about Compounding Pharmacies. And of course explains Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Once you have that information your research is much easier....more info
  • Unbelieveably great book
    Very technical and very well presented. Top notch research by Suzanne. One of the best books on the market. She has definitely raised the bar in this field....more info
  • this book is about to change my life
    I wish I'd known aout this book years ago.
    This is the first I've heard of Bioidentical Hormone replacement.
    I think every woman should read this book, or at least research bioidentical hormone replacemtnt.
    Thank you Suzanne Somers!!
    Liz Epps
    Madison, AL...more info


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