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Demonstrated Safe and Effective in over 50 years of Extensive International Use - for you, your children and your children's children.* ... Florastor, made of live freeze-dried yeast cells (called Saccharomyces boulardii lyo), promotes intestinal health by maintaining normal flora levels, and may improve the consistency of bowel movements.* ... Pharmacological studies have shown that Florastor can inhibit the pathogenic effects of different bacteria, such as Clostridium difficile and its toxins A and B. Florastor has also been shown to inhibit the effects of E. Coli toxins. It also has the ability to stimulate the production of antibodies. Florastor helps reduce diarrhea and is safe to take with other medicines.* ... Biocodex (the maker of Florastor) still holds the patent on this strain of Saccharomyces and the fermentation process. All research and studies to date have been done on the Biocodex strain of Saccharomyces boulardii lyo.

  • 50 capsules
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

Customer Reviews:

  • Review of purchase of florastor
    Everything was done as promised. Product was delivered on time. The product, florastor, works well to calm my stomach and aides in digestion. It's a wonderful product. ...more info
  • pleased with results
    Purchased this product in order to restore healthy flora in digestive tract of a family member following a long course of antibiotics. They used this along with other beneficial bacteria probiotics and achieved the desired results. Also, I've been using this to boost the defenses of my immune system throughout the cold and flu season. I've not been ill once this winter. I'm pleased with the product and have been recommending it to others.
    -Registered Nurse
    ...more info
  • Great for Candida
    After an adverse reaction to antibiotics, I experienced the pain and discomfort of Candida in my chest. My oriental medicine doctor prescribed Floratstor, which after a couple months seems to have cured the problem. I ordered here because the price is significantly less than what he sells it for. Shipping is very quick....more info
  • Florastor helped restore my health.
    I was taking a strong antibiotic called Augmentin for an eye infection. Well, it killed the "good" bacteria in my gut and contributed to a severe intestinal infection called c. difficile, which is potentially fatal. Thankfully, my physician recognized what was happening, put me on another medication and recommended probiotics.

    I did some research and found Florastor and another product called Culturelle. Have been taking both for two weeks and feel better than I've felt in years. The GI infection is gone, I have more energy, and am now as regular as a 23-yr. old.

    Florastor is great product. Check it out and see if it's right for you....more info
  • Used for Ulcerative Colitis
    Florastor was recommended by my son's doctor to help curb his colitis and restore beneficial bacteria. However, florastor uses milk products in the manufacturing of their capsuels, and it increased the number of bowl movements, and increased his flair-ups. If someone has severe colitis, we recommend a probiotic such as VSL#3. It has a greater number of beneficial bacteria, and the traces of milk used in the manufacturing process appears to be insignificant. If you purchase VSL#3, purchase it from the manufacture. They have the best pricing and ship for free....more info
  • Never got it!
    Yeah, never got the right order, this was the worst experience I've ever had with Amazon and the people who distribute with them. Will NEVER use this again.
    Laura Kuhl
    Madison WI....more info
  • Best Probiotic there Is!
    Florastor is the very best probiotic I have found over the counter! My doctor recommended it and it has been tops!...more info
  • Sent wrong quantity but did correct it.
    This is a very expensive product especially purchased in quantity.
    I ordered four bottles and only received two. I had to contact them
    about it and they did correct it and send me the other two but it
    was kind of a pain to have to do that. ...more info
  • product works well, smooth delivery
    This product was recommended by my doctor for IBS. It works better than anything I have tried in the past two years. ...more info
  • It works!
    FloFlorastor - Saccharomyces boulardii lyo by Biocodex (250mg - 50 Vegetarian Capsules)
    This product has been very helpful in coping with IBS intestinal difficulties of long standing. After trying anything and everything over the years that has been recommended by doctors and laymen alike, I found this, which has helped more than anything else. It is easy to take, and at the very least, does no harm, which is more than I can say for many prescription drugs....more info