Eva-Dry EDV-300 Mini Dehumidifier with Super-Absorbant Water Glass Crystals!

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Product Description

Enjoy the benefits of a dehumidifier without spending exorbitant sums for a large, clunky unit that guzzles electricity. The Eva-Dry EDV300 mini dehumidifier features Water Glass Technology, which uses specially designed crystals with very high absorption rates to efficiently remove humidity from your environment. The Eva-Dry requires no batteries or wires; simply charge it and place it wherever you need dehumidification. Its compact space-saving design is perfect for closet or drawer use. The EDV300 recharges quickly, so you can enjoy nearly constant use.

  • No messy spills or refills
  • Easily rechargeable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Ultra space-saving design
  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% renewable
  • Features:
    • Absorbs excess moisture
    • Compact design conserves space
    • No batteries or wires required
    • Rechargeable unit requires no batteries or wires
    • Water Glass technology wicks excess moisture from your air