Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker
Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker

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Product Description

The Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker starts as a newborn seat or rocker with a low-profile position for a safe place to put newborns. With the softgoods recline, mom or dad can position baby for sleeping or for play. A removable toy bar arm provides two repositionable toys to entertain baby - a musical puppy and a kitty with a spinning ball of yarn. Both reward baby for bat-at play. There is even a cute birdie that stands on a biscuit on the side of the rocker and detaches for take-along play.

As baby becomes a toddler, the toy arm can be removed and the rocker supports extend to a higher position, allowing toddlers to have both a stationary seat and a rocker. The rocker also provides great on-the-go convenience -- just fold and compress it down for portability and using the struts as a handle. Weight capacity is 40 pounds. Measures 24"H x 17"W x 24"D.

Delight and entertain baby with the ultra-portable Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker. Designed for use for infants to toddlers up to 40 pounds, this multi-purpose interactive play seat provides a safe place for baby to eat, rest, and have fun. It also folds down easily when you use the struts as a handle, offering both on-the-go convenience and space-saving storage.

Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker offers:
  • Adaptable design grows with your child; use it as an infant seat, rocker, or standard toddler seat

  • Removable toy bar with two hard toys engages child's auditory and visual senses

  • Folds down easily for on-the-go convenience and storage

Reclined seat or rocker works well for newborns. View larger.
Adaptable Design Grows with Your Baby
This rocker features a unique design that truly grows and changes with your child. When baby is an infant, use it as either an infant seat when your arms and back need a break from carrying your newborn, or try it as a rocker--the low-profile frame makes it perfect for babies. When your child grows, you can add interactive toy play with the two hard toys (a puppy that plays music and a kitty with a spinning ball of yarn) that hang on the removable toy bar. Once baby is a toddler, flip out the kickstand to convert the unit from a rocker to a stationary seat--great for feeding, rest, or playtime. Note: use the upright position only when your child has developed enough upper body control to sit without leaning forward.

Encourages Healthy Development
In addition to its flexible design, this rocker helps support the healthy development of several key skills, while its calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion offer comfort and soothe even the crankiest child. First, the baby-activated music and rattles stimulate the auditory sense, while bright colors and patterns engage your infant's visual sense. At the same time, reaching for and batting the toys strengthens gross motor skills.

Easy to care for, this rocker has a machine-washable pad and requires one "D" battery (not included). It also comes with two button-cell batteries for the dog toy.

What's in the Box
Rocker, toy bar, and two button-cell batteries for the dog toy.

Easily converts to an upright seat or rocker for older babies & toddlers, too. View larger.

Folds up for portability or storage. View larger.

  • A removable toy bar arm provides 2 hard toys to entertain baby - a puppy with music in it and a kitty with a spinning ball of yarn
  • As baby becomes a toddler, mom removes the toy arm and the rocker supports extend to a higher position, allowing toddlers to have both a stationary seat and a rocker
  • The rocker also provides great on-the-go convenience for mom by folding/compressing down and using the struts as a handle
  • With the soft goods recline, mom can position baby for sleeping or for play
  • Popular infant to toddler rocker with fabulous features

Customer Reviews:

  • A great overall product!
    My son outgrew his bouncer (which he loved to spend time in) so my wife and I were looking for something we could replace it with. My wife searched and found the Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker and it was a perfect match. It perfectly replaced the bouncer and could also convert to a chair as he grows. An excellent product! Well built and safe. Also a big factor - very easy to assemble. As the dad, my job is to assemble all the products for my son - my wife was so excited about the product that she assembled it as soon as it arrived. She did an excellent job!...more info
  • Intelligent Way to Design a Baby Product
    The idea for this seat is ingenious! How often do baby products prove useful through the toddler years? This item does. Colorful and sturdy--more substantial when used as a bouncy chair when comparing thickness and structure of bottom rails to typical bouncy chairs. We use the vibrate feature often for our little man and it is still running on the same battery. One thing that could be improved: the adjustable height feature for the back of the seat some times doesn't "lock" into place the first time, so be mindful of this if your baby is in the seat when you adjust it. Overall, many great features, multipositional, and a product well worth the money because of it's potential for long term use....more info
  • Awesome chair
    This chair is amazing. My 3 month old daughter LOVES it. The only complaint I have is that the vibration is not on a timer, so if you forget and leave it on it drains the batteries. I bought this for a trip to the grandparents house, and my daughter loved sitting in it, and also since it lies flat also took her naps in it. When we got home I decided to buy one for our house too....more info
  • This really helps...
    On the up side, Got this for my three month old and was really pleased with the vibrant colors. Also my son loves the vibrations and enjoys sitting in it just staring at the brilliantly colored dangling toys. He is now reaching for them, so it definitely aids his development. I can actually place him in this and do short chores around the house because it keeps him occupied.

    On the down side, I wish there were more than one tune for him to listen to when he pulls on the musical toy. Also, the tune is a bit too short. What would also be great for his age is if the rocker could rock on its own without any effort from baby, since my son is so small i have to sit with him and rock him for comfort. I guess when he is older he should be able to rock on his own. Otherwise, i'm happy with my buy....more info
  • Good idea, poor execution
    Our triplets are now 12 weeks old and we have been using this seat since they were about 4 weeks old. I was impressed initially as the seat went togehter easily and was cute with it's attached toys and bright colors. It seemed like the perfect product for our family as our 20 month old daughter also loved to sit in it, whether in the infant or toddler position. The first dissapointments I had with this chair were finding that there was another whole seating position to use for newborns that laid the seat flatter but since I hadn't noticed earlier I chalked it up to my post-partum haze (however I had read the instructions putting it together and couldn't find that this step was outlined there), and also that it doesn't rock smoothly or easily. A couple of weeks ago we realized that there are sharp corners not covered by the seat cover (elbow bends the striped hood attaches to) that poke the kids' heads when they slump to one side. We have to put a recieving blanket over the sides otherwise they wake up screaming, no doubt with a headache. The final issue that prompted me to write a review is that over the weekend one of the kids had a blow-out in the chair which prompted us to wash the seat cover. My husband washed it according to the tag instructions (cold water, dry low heat) and the seat is now ruined because the nylon tether in the back shrank and caused the cardboard back to buckle outwards. My advice, buy a regular bouncy seat; they're so much cheaper and easier for the babies to self-operate. This product was not worth anything near what we paid for it, and after just three months, is now useless....more info
  • Rocker is fine but didn't help me
    I bought the rocker specifically to help my 8 month old daughter nap in the daytime. She's not much of a napper, so when she napped at a friends house in the previous version of the rocker I immediately wanted to get one.

    The rocker is very nice, and I don't think it will tip like the previous version is reported to do, but my daughter also doesn't sleep in it. So much for magic solutions. But she will sit in it for a little while and play with the toys, so it's not a total loss....more info
  • This Rocker saved me many sleepless nights
    I've had this rocker since my baby has been 1 month old. She slept in it from 1-7 months. At seven months we started making her sleep in her crib. She does still sleeps in this rocker when she is sick.
    ...more info
  • Because baby will need a place to sit/nap while mommy/daddy are doing housework
    I received this for our baby shower and boy, it has been useful. We unpacked it the day after our baby arrived home, and we have been using it daily ever since. Sure, the Svan chair is super adorable and hip- but the weight limit on this one is higher than the Svan, and the cat & dog toy thingy is just too cute.

    At first, baby had no idea what the dog and cat were, but finally he is developed enough to be able to reach for them and make the chime run. So cute.

    We have been using it since Day One of our baby's arrival, and am so pleased to have gotten this for our shower. At 5 months and 22 pounds, we have a big little guy, but so far it has continued to be quite useful. I'm not sure about the claims that it will help baby poo, but it certainly keeps him busy if you need to do the dishes or make dinner!

    Minus one star, because it is ridiculously difficult to clean and I pretty much just leave a blanket underneath him, should baby have a power poo accident whilst seated/napping. ...more info
  • Excellent product and long battery life
    Our baby loves this thing and he sleeps, well, like a baby in it. I am surprised how long one alkaline D-cell will last. We have the vibration on several hours each day and one battery lasts about two weeks. ...more info
  • Works great!
    Bought this for my newborn great-niece. Her parents say that she is very happy in it and they have worn out the battery for the vibration. The chair seems well constructed and they are looking forward to when they can convert it to a rocker. It is very cute and cheery. I would recommend this item. ...more info
  • Prefer older version
    We had the older version of the infant-to-toddler rocker for my firstborn, and we bought the new one for the second. I prefer the older version. It was of sturdier construction, metal bars instead of plastic. It also sat further back so that my baby was kind of kicked back and nestled in. Sure, it only had two settings, either stationary with the bar or rocking, but all the variety of the new one is unnecesary, all these different pieces for each side, four mini-kickstands under each leg, all of which seem to magically move whenever I move the chair anywhere. The plastic parts are supposed to snap into place, but they also snap out much too easily. The old chair ... not as many adjustments, just the kickstand-like bar, and it stayed put. The angle of the new one is awkward. My son is now nearly five months old, trying to sit up but not yet there, so he keeps pitching forward. The angle of the chair almost propels him, so he'll fold forward. The old chair kept him back more. It was also impossible for him to slide out the old chair. In the new one, he kicks a lot, so he winds up shimmying down to the edge. The only big improvement with the new chair is a swiveling toy arm instead of the annoying toy bar that had to be popped in and out constantly.

    I don't hate the new chair, though it might sound like it here. I just have the old one for comparison and prefer the less-is-more approach....more info
  • Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker
    My 2-month-old son enjoys being in this in the upright position as he has terrible acid reflux and needs to be kept upright.

    The vibration setting is great, it's very soothing, and I love that it stays on until you turn it off so you don't have to keep turning it back on as it goes off on its own.

    My only complaint is that the only sound the toys make is a very, very short song when you pull the bone on the dog. Other than that, this is a really neat item for babies and toddlers!...more info
  • Baby Rocker

    We bought two of these rockers for our grandchildren who used them from about the age of 6 months. They are very comfortable for the child to sit in and help in getting the child asleep quickly with the rocking motion. They are now using the extended legs recommended for toddlers. The chair is sturdy, comfortable, light and easy to use with safety straps and the fabric is washable. We recently purchased another chair for the newest member just addded to the family. We highly recommend these chairs for everyday use....more info
  • Great seat for baby
    I really love this seat for my 3-month old. When he was under 12 lbs., he was still too light for his bouncy seat - he wasn't doing any bouncing in it yet and just seemed uncomfortable in it. And he was still warming up to the swing - he wasn't a swing lover from the get-go by any means. So I needed another option - something that he could sit in and look around. This acccommodates him perfectly. It's adjustable so that you can make is stationary or use it as a rocker. It's sturdy enough to carry him from room to room while seated in it if need be. He came down with a cold a few days ago, and he slept in this instead of his bassinet because he was having trouble breathing laying down flat on his back. I can already picture him as a toddler using this as a little TV time chair. Definitely a good buy! ...more info
  • Is it travel friendly?
    Mine is not a review but a question

    I need some thing portable for my son 1 month old. He uses swing in home, but soon we will be away from home for a month, I am looking for a portable bouncer/rocker with can be easily packed for travel.

    After assembling will I be able to disassemble?

    Thanks in anticipation of response
    ...more info
  • Great product.. 4,5 stars
    This baby rocker seems to work great for my newborn son. He lays comfortable and sleeps in it without complaints. I like how it can be adjusted for different high levels and folded away for storage. I also like its safety design, the color and frabic material. The product does not feel super solid (since it made of all plastic with folding joints) but I think it might be strong enough for the weight they claim. One thing I find this product a bit less than a perfect score is because it has like a 10-second-playing tune. A few more tunes would have been more fun for the baby. Otherwise, this is the great product for the price....more info
  • Wonderful Chair
    We knew as this was our 2nd child, to get a chair they wouldn't grow out of. By default we got this since we didn't have much of a choice where we shopped. It was an awesome find by accident.

    I love this chair because it does what we want, vibrates, straps in, reclines and sits up. This is all good for my newborn. What I didn't know until I got it home was that it rocks for your at-your-feet-nights, but it also stops rocking with stands if you want to place it on the counter at eye level.
    The other handy thing is the toy bar. It swivels so you can get the baby out from where ever you are. At first I thought the canopy would move over his head more, but it is stationary. NO WORRIES, that toy bar serves me well in that area. In my sunny living room, when the baby falls asleep in there, I just take a blanket and cover the chair. The bar keeps the blanket FAR away from his face and blocks the sun perfectly.
    Finally, it only takes 1 D battery for the vibration. I have had it on for HOURS every day for the last 6 weeks and I have only changed it one time.
    Note: my older son did spill apple juice on it and you do have to disassemble to wash it....more info
  • Best Chair
    We had one of the fisher price bouncer seats (ocean wonders) but our daughter quickly got to big for it when she turned 3 months. so we got this seat. Its great, she acctually sits up and we can even use it to feed her when we dont want her in the highchar...more info
  • Wonderful rocker
    I love this rocker so much that it is the item I always buy for baby showers. We have the older model that doesn't fold, which is why I bought this one. It really has lived up to the name of infant to toddler rocker. We gave it another name, poop chair. For many months as soon as my daughter's little baby bottom hit this thing she would poop. Have no idea what magical properties created that but it does lead to the one draw back. It is hard to clean. I ran it through the washing machine and line dried it but it is still not that easy. Other than that we still love it 22 months later! ...more info
  • Best Baby Gear to use when you need a shower =]
    My son decided to come six weeks early and this product had just come out. Without even waiting for reviews, I decided that I was going to get it. Fisher-Price generally makes great quality toys to begin with, right? Well, I don't need a bouncer and a rocker, as I have a smaller home, so I thought since the age on this goes to three years, he can use it later on so it won't be a purchase that I can only use a short while. GREAT!
    Everyday for the past three months, Zakk has sat in his chair, happy as a clam, while I go about my shower and beauty routine =]
    I just set him in it and place it on my bathroom floor so I can keep my eye on him.
    Any other time I need to get something done, I place him in this to help in keeping him occupied as well-cooking, cleaning, working out, etc...
    Honestly, in purchasing this Infant to Toddler Rocker, you won't be disappointed. ;)...more info
  • Really fits newborns and toddlers!
    My husband put this thing together while I was pregnant with my second child. My first son, who was three at the time, enjoyed sitting and relaxing in this rocker. Then his baby brother came along, we added the toy bar, and voila - instant chair for baby! He has used this thing from newborn to now, at eight months old. He's still entertained by the toys and loves the chicken rattle. This is a lightweight chair and it doesn't take up much room. The baby likes to sit in it to drink his bottle, and when he's not using it, his other brother takes it over. Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • Soothes even my crabby baby!
    I bought this for my son when he was about 3 weeks old, he was crabby or colicky most of the time and I hoped that a bouncy seat might help me to get him to calm down so I could do housework and such. It quickly became his favorite napping spot, being on an incline seemed to help him sleep soundly. As he got older he liked to watch the toys and the vibrating soothed him. He is now 8 months old and he does not sit in the chair much now because he likes to crawl and hates to sit in one place for any length of time, but I know he will use it as he gets older, though he does play with the toys that were on the toy bar, they are detachable. Another plus is that the seat is machine washable. I would definitely buy this again and I am very happy with it....more info
  • FAB!!
    I love this chair. It's probably one of the cheaper ones around and very functional. My daughter has been using this since she was 3 months or less and loves it! She eats, sleeps and loves to sit in it. Now, that she is about 23 pounds, she can easily invert the chair and get out of it as well.. which is where the chair legs come into play. None of the other bouncers have this feature and so cannot be used once the baby starts to sit up since they can easily topple over if they bent forward. Also, it's pretty light and can be folded when not in use or for travel. ...more info
  • Great
    My daughter has only used this as a newborn, so I can't rate it for its use as a chair nor can I say how it holds up over time, but so far so good. She seems to be very comfortable in it. The only complaint I have is that it is hard for me to rock her, so as a rocker it is pointless right now. Overall a good product....more info
  • Seems to be Pretty Good
    I have a one-month old baby who spits up a lot. I got this rather than a bouncy seat because of the rocking action, the ability to convert between newborn and toddler use, and for the little toys.

    I always suspected that the vibration gadgets were hokey, but I have been proved wrong. If he's in the chair asleep and I turn the vibrations off, he wakes up. He also likes the little bird toy and is already batting at it. The other toys are just barely out of reach, but he'll have plenty of time to play with them.

    The two things that I do not like are that it doesn't have a removable cloth cover that can be thrown into the wash, and the feet don't lock into place. It's very easy to bump the little feet out of position. Fortunately, it's not a safety issue so much as an I-don't-want-it-to-rock-right-now issue. I don't know how this will affect a toddler who might have the feet move while the chair is in use. I don't think it would tip or anything, but it may startle a child who doesn't expect the chair to rock.

    Oh, and I also like the "butt support" thing. There's an actual piece that is situated under the child's rear end that will help keep them from slipping out of the chair (unlike a regular bouncy seat).

    I recommend this product. My son seems to like it, in as much as a newborn can like something. :-)...more info
  • Best Product I Purchased
    When I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, I needed to purchase many baby items since I had previously given the first set away. I looked carefully at my choices specifically remembering how my first three quickly outgrew so many products. This rocker was worth every penny! It is useful from day one - for me, this was my son's bed for several months (vibrations!). Now, it is still going strong eight months later. It has features that grow with every age and stage, and best of all, it is extremely portable and easy to use. My three-year-old is able to change it's configuration to use as a rocker for TV viewing! I truly believe this will be useful for many years. ...more info
  • great item
    This is a wonderful product. Bouncer, rocker, infants, todlers, feeding chair, TV chair, sleeping. This handles everything. We have 6 mo. old twins and a 2 1/2 year old. We can use this rocker for everything and it packs up for travel as well. We have many similar items in the house and this one tops them all. Don't let the low price fool you. If we had bought one of these things before, we would not have bought so many others. We would have just stuck with a few of these ones. We will be buying more in the future for gifts we like it so much....more info
  • Good Item but Warning about the bird toy
    As an infant my son liked this chair but not nearly as much as he liked his swing. He liked to be in motion and if he was in this chair I would usually have to sit next to him and rock (as opposed to a bouncer where his own movements were strong enough to cause rocking). I tried rocking it with my foot so that I could eat while keeping him in the chair but it was not comfortable. Now at 6 months he likes to practice standing next to it while holding on to it, but in all honesty he doesn't really like sitting anywhere at this stage. I expect him to like it again as he is a little older (his older cousins go nuts with it when visiting). He totally didn't care about the vibrating function but absolutely loved the puppy - too bad the melody is less than a minute so I'd have to keep pulling it for him.

    Bird toy - once he realized that if he pulls hard enough he can get it out of the socket it became his favorite toy. One danger is that as he pulls on it when it comes out the momentum can carry it to smack him in the head. Also once he gets it out he of course chews on it. He just got his first tooth and I noticed that with that tooth he has scraped off the pink paint from the circles and the green paint from the beak. Too bad but it's bye bye birdie now. ...more info


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