Convair CV-600 Super Cool Evaporative Cooler with over 600 CFM of Cooling Power!

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Product Description

Using the cooling power of evaporation, the Convair Cool Wind 600 cools and filters fresh outdoor air, then distributes it over 200 square feet for your comfort. Set in front of a partly open door or window, the cooler first pumps water from a 1.6-gallon reservoir through its cooling pad. A 2-speed fan then draws fresh air through the pad, lowering its temperature and circulating it. While air draws through, a filter traps pollen and dust before they enter your space. Simple to operate, the unit is both quiet and energy-efficient, using the same energy as a 60-watt light bulb. It's ideal for hot and dry climates, transports easily, and is made from rust-resistant polymers. It can also be used without water as a basic fan. Structural details include simple dials for temperature and speed control and a front-mounted gauge that indicates when the reservoir is low. The cooler measures 28-1/2 by 17 by 9 inches

  • Uses 2-speed fan and water to cool air
  • Covers up to 200 square feet in hot dry conditions
  • Runs on the same energy as a 60-watt light bulb
  • Made of rust-proof polymers
  • 110 Volts, 60 herts, 50 watts
  • 600 CFM of cooling power
  • Up To 2100 BTU's of cooling enegy can be made
  • Features:
    • Super portable and great design
    • 28-1/2 by 17 by 9 inches; 2130 Btu per hour
    • 600 CFM of cooling power
    • Cools areas up to 200 sq. ft.
    Customer Reviews:
    • A disappointment.
      I bought two of these units to use in my small condo. When they arrived I was disappointed in the cheap construction of the units. When I tried them I found that they will barely cool one small bedroom. They are very loud when running. The water usage is what does the little cooling this provides, and it runs out of water quickly and has to be refilled often, so it doen't help through the night. I did not feel that my money was well spent. I have a couple of window fans that work better and were not nearly as pricy. If I could make the decision over again, I would not buy this....more info
    • Good for cooling bedrooms
      I live in northern Utah, so virtually no humidity, and I thought this might help with sleeping on our few summer nights where open windows is not enough. I got good results with this unit by keeping a gallon of water "on call" in the fridge, and then pouring it in right before use. Then I'll take a couple trays of ice cubes, and dump them in to make sure the water stays cold. With those two steps, the unit will cool our room by about 5 degrees for several hours. 5 degrees is often the difference between sleeping vs. tossing and turning all night, so it's a success in my book. The fan itself is quite powerful and loud (which I like, because I need white noise to sleep, but others may not like it). This evaporative cooler is not going to cool down large rooms or anything, but it is perfect for our small bedroom. Recommended for the price....more info
    • Good product, good price
      its a good cooler, but mine came broken, I fixed it and works good now, but it is not being enough for me, it cools good a small area, but even my small room is not cooled with this. ...more info
    • Not as described
      We have a lakehouse in the south with no air conditioner and I decided to purchase this for our bedroom.

      I just read some of the other rviews and see a few people have the same problem I do. The unit is VERY loud. The review I just read said that it has to be fixed.

      Mine runs out of water within 30 minutes and only puts off semi-cool air. One of the reviews say this is becuase of the hose. I bought this based on the description and it doesnt live up to the description.

      So now it looks like I have to go in and work on this thing to make it right according to everyone elses reviews.

      This is what is prompting my bad review of this product....more info
    • Mediocre Product
      The product that I received is made of cheaply manufactured parts which were put together quickly and don't seem to fit well at all.
      In regard to the operational ability of this swamp cooler, it works all right, but not great.
      I have an older Convair swamp cooler that has been working for over ten years. It was better designed, and to this day, it still works better than newer one does. The cost of the older unit was comparable to this unit, and yet I received so much less with this product. The mediocre functional quality, as well as the poor manufacturing, bring me to give this product two stars. The water input feature is also marginally inconvenient.
      I mistakenly purchased this product because it seemed to have good reviews, although not many, but I took a chance regardless. I did some research before I bought it, but I guess I should have done more. Overall, I would much rather just have purchased a good quality Lakewood fan....more info
    • Portable air conditioner
      When we first used the cooler it wasn't putting much cool air out. Had to take the back off and found out the water hose was crimped and water wasn't circulating Once we uncrimped the hose it has been working great. Very happy that we purchased it. ...more info
    • El Cheapo, but not bad when you get it working
      First off, when this product is working, it's a very good evaporative cooler.

      Having said that, the unit that was shipped to me turned out to be poorly assembled. I didn't know that at first, instead all I knew was that when you turned it on, this fan was about as loud and as enjoyable to be around as a jackhammer. Honestly, I couldn't even carry on a conversation with someone across the table from myself when this fan was on.

      Rather than pack it permanently in the closet of unused things, I decided to try and fix it. That's when I learned a few things about this product: (1) it's terrifically cheaply made, (2) it's haphazardly put together, and (3) it's generally pretty easy to fix.

      The problem turned out to be that the pump impeller blade was not pushed far enough onto the metal shaft. When it's correctly assembled, the bottom of the plastic impeller sleeve (that's the part that is in direct contact with the metal shaft) should be flush with the end of the shaft.

      Diagnosing the problem and then fixing it wasted about an hour of my life that I'll never get back. The only tools needed to fix this problem were a flat screwdriver and a pair of needlenose pliers. You just need to be very very gentle when taking this thing apart to fix it, because every piece inside (except for the metal pump shaft) is made of easily-broken cheap plastic. One wrong move and you could easily snap off a critical piece, thereby rendering the entire product useless.

      But now it's fixed and is as quiet as any normal fan of this size. 5 stars for the working product, and a one-star deduction for shipping it to me broken and making me figure out how to fix it....more info
    • Professionalism and Integrity
      Alas! A company founded on professionalism and integrity. My experience has been a pleasant one, and I most certainly appreciate your superb customer service. Thank You....more info