Philips Health GoLite M2 Blue Spectrum Light Therapy Device
Philips Health GoLite M2 Blue Spectrum Light Therapy Device

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Product Description

Introducing the newest addition to the goLITE family, the goLITE M2! The Industry's best selling BLUEWAVE technology just got better with the release of our most feature packed goLITE ever. The goLITE M2 keeps all of the same features as the goLITE P2 but improves upon it by adding a longer lasting Lithium-ion battery, a smaller neoprene protective carrying case and an International travel plug set. The M2 is ideal for those on the go, who may not have time to plug in their light, work the night shift, or travel frequently.New Features:** Internal Lithium-ion battery - Advanced, longer-lasting battery technology provides over 20% more battery life than the P2. That's enough power for up to 5 treatment sessions on a quick charge and 8 sessions on a full 8-hour charge.** 12 or 24 hour clock mode - Set your preferred time format, either AM/PM or 24-hour clock.** Slim international power adaptor with interchangeable prongs - Charge your M2 anywhere, no extra accessories needed. The interchangeable prongs are compatible with virtually any power outlet worldwide.** Compact neoprene carrying case - The M2's new smaller carrying case cradles your goLITE to protect it from bumps, and there's space for your power adaptor, too.** New fresh colors - The M2's clean white and aluminum finish gives it an updated look.Standard Features:** Fully programmable** International AC adapter** BlueWave Technology** Suggested distance 20"-22"** Adjustable treatment timer ** Automatic shut-down** Protective front flip cover** Weighs less than 1 pound** Remembers personal settings** UL, CUL, and CE safety listed** US & Int'l Patent pending** 100% of recommended blue light** World's smallest light therapy device** Personalized treatment schedule** Long lasting eye-safe LEDs** Anti-glare diffuser lens** EMF-free** UV free** Built in clock** Backlit digital LCD display** 2 year limited warranty

  • Provides effective treatments: BLUEWAVE? delivers the most advanced treatment available, so you'll feel better fast; It produces 100% of the recommended blue light for maximum benefit
  • Safe and comfortable to use: BLUEWAVE is less intense than traditional light therapy devices, for more comfort; produces no damaging ultraviolet light, so it's safe to use
  • Well built: uses long-lasting LED technology, for years of trouble-free operation; comes with a 2-year limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence
  • Easy to use: the Alarm and Auto-On features will remind you when it's time to start your treatment; remembers time and intensity settings, so you only have to set them once
  • Practical: built-in digital timer includes an automatic shutdown to save battery power

Customer Reviews:

  • Lightweight, long battery life, works great!
    I bought this light to shift my circadian rhythm, and was able to do so. The light was definitely responsible, because when I stopped using it for a few weeks, my rhythm went back to what it had been previously.

    The light is really lightweight and comes with a nice carrying case. The battery lasts a really long time, so you don't have to worry about charging it everyday. ...more info
  • Totally Satisfied!
    I bought this product for my wife who has a real hard time with the dark cloudy Michigan days during winter. Her circadian rythm has been really off this year too, so lack of sleep has really made the issue worse.

    She has been using the product for a couple of weeks now following the recommendations given after a self evaluation from the manufacturer's site. She has now more energy and her sleep pattern has greatly improved. This model is cordless and small enough to be taken anywhere.

    Given the results we've seen, it is worth every cent! ...more info
  • Yup. It works and its awesome
    Coming from sunny SoCal, I thought I would never have to deal with the symptoms of SAD, til I moved to NYC. Light deprivation became a huge issue in relation to my mood changes and brought on some serious depression. So last month, I took a pre-emptive strike and decided on this unit, because of its size and travelability. It works great. Half hour in the morning and I feel back to normal. I use it 5 times, and only need to charge it once a week. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who has to deal with the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder....more info
  • Apollo M2 Blue Light for SAD
    This light is small and convenient to use anywhere, and requires less time to stimulate the pineal gland to increase serotonin than the traditional full spectrum light. (the part of the spectrum of the blue light is more specific to SAD therapy than the full spectrum light box, thus making it more time efficient for positive results.)...more info
  • works for me
    I bought this product to treat seasonal affective disorder. I didn't know I had this disorder until this year. I tried and am using this product. I found it effective in treating SAD. I have been using it since about mid November and have noticed a marked improvement in my SAD symptoms. I believe that the product works best if you use it on a regular basis. You also need to find the time that is best for you to use the device. Prior to using this product I had been prescribed antidepressants to treat SAD, but stopped using them after about a month due to the side effects. I don't want to dissuade anyone from using antidepressants if they need to use them, but this product seemed to work much better for me than antidepressants. I am pleased with this product. I paid over $200.00 for mine , but still consider it to be a bargain. ...more info
  • Changed my life!!!
    I have never written an online review before (though I do read them often). I'm writing because I want other people who suffer from SAD, circadian rhythm disorder, etc to know that this product really works. I have gone to all sorts of extremes (including taking a powerful drug cocktail) trying to treat my seasonal depression with various degrees of success. I did try one of those huge light boxes several years ago but it was just too inconvenient and didn't seem to have much effect, so I had basically written off light therapy as a treatment. Then I tried this product, and NOTHING compares to the effect this light box is having on my life: after only two days of using it, I woke up today at 7 o'clock (on a gray and rainy Sunday morning!) without an alarm; got out of bed without the usual psychological struggle, and have already made it until noon without the desire to get back in bed or go into sofa-coma! It's absolutely amazing. And the best part is I'm traveling to the Northeast tomorrow and will be able to take this with me in my carry-on. If you suffer like I do, don't like taking drugs, and figure you just have to plod through the dark months, you don't! Go to the Apollo Health website to fill out an evaluation and get a personal treatment plan. Using the time-release melatonin as well (as Apollo suggests) helps as well. Good luck!!!...more info
  • Go Lite M2
    This device is portable and easy to use. The soft touch buttons do not always work which requires repeat pushing to activate functions. That is a frustration. Other than that the shipping was good product performs as stated....more info
  • Small, lightweight, fairly effective
    I purchased this Apollo Light Therapy box just before spring actually came. I used it for a couple weeks before the weather started to change and, overall, I like it a lot. I will look forward to seeing any/all positive effects next fall and winter, but it's VERY lightweight and has a nice travel bag that came with it, too. I found it to be incredibly helpful to have the versatility of using it with just the battery. I easily moved around the house to different rooms and brought it with me as I was doing work. I would and have recommended it to friends.

    The only reason I gave this product four stars instead of five is simply because I'm curious to see how I will react to light therapy next year when there is markedly less natural sunlight to supplement this light box in late fall....more info
  • It really works!
    I bought this as a gift for my sister for Christmas. She's always suffered from SAD when living in MI. For the last 10+ years her winters have been in San Diego or Colorado Springs. She was concered being back in sunless Michigan for the winter this year and asked for this for Christmas. She works a job that requires her to be on the road in the dark, 7am and is often driving home from work in the dark as well.

    After using it approx. 20 mins a day, she feels that she is not suffereing from SAD this year. This is the only theraphy she is currently using to combat SAD.

    The unit itself seems to be very well made. The cordless and rechargable features seem a real plus. It's very lightweight and the neoprene type jacket that comes with it, makes it very portable. She sets it up on a couch table, off to her right, to shine on her face while she's watching the morning news, having her coffee.

    ...more info
  • Continued Golite Customer
    Having used the P1 for several winters (I moved from CA to Seattle and the long, dark winters were a killer) this product took some selling, as I'm not one to fix a wheel that isn't broken.

    However, a few key things convinced me to upgrade, first and foremost the cordlessness. I can pick the light up and take it with me if I'm mid-session and want a cup of coffee or the dog needs to go out, bla bla bla. Hold its charge well and, as always the light therapy works.

    Finally, I have to defend this product from some of the crazies on here who tell you you're going to go blind if you use it. It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to look up some research and the science behind it and understand, in simple terms, that this product poses no more threat to you and me than walking around in broad daylight. This light and the other blue light devices have provided life-changing results for many thousands of us who have SAD and have used the light to treat it, and I'm guessing since many of us can still get to our computers to write reviews, we haven't yet gone blind.

    The device works and does what it says it's going to do - if you suffer from SAD or circadian rhythm issues, it will probably change your life....more info
  • SAD I sold my old SAD lite :(
    I had a great SAD lite but it was so huge. I read about this and it sounded great. Specifically the long battery life and portability. Well if you have blue eyes you better look for something else. I learned the hard way that many people with blue eyes get MIGRAINES from the blue light. YEP, happened to me. Then I tried to use it without the power and it only held a 30 min charge with 36 hours being plugged in. SAD to say it was not what I had high hopes of. So back it went. I'm Glad Amazon stands behind the products they sell and this was defective also since it didn't hold a charge as stated....more info
  • Sun in a box
    For the past two weeks I have used my Apollo GoLight nearly every morning for 15 minutes while I eat breakfast. I noticed a difference in my relative ease of getting out of bed and overall daytime energy level within just a few days. I haven't changed what time I go to bed, but instead of re-setting my alarm five times in the morning, I'll re-set it once and then get up. The change in my daytime energy level has not been as noticeable, but I do feel a bit less groggy before noon and less sleepy during the late afternoon. Make sure to go to Apollo's website to get more individualized info about the best time to use the light, and while you're there check out how much more the light costs through Apollo compared to Amazon! ...more info
  • It's all in the dose

    Scared of UV exposure, it's all in the dose.

    From the goLITE FAQ:

    The goLITE produces no UV or near UV, and 1/20th of the blue light found in sunlight. In other words, the goLITE would have to be 20times brighter in order to be a risk for macular degeneration or other eye disease.
    ...more info
  • Therapy Light
    I was a little concerned when I recieved this Light. I was so small I thought boy did I get took. However when I turned it on WoW. Light packs a punch. And it has help with my wakefullness. Would recommend. ...more info
  • Amazon shipped opened products, light gave me headaches
    I purchased this product hoping that it would help me with my up and down energy levels. When I received the product, the plastic bubble wrap the unit was in had been previously opened. As an earlier reviewer had said, when I plugged it in, the unit would make a high pitched noise which also occurred when the display light was on.

    I sent it back for a replacement and the second unit was also used before. The packaging was opened, battery already partially charged, and it too made a high pitched sound when plugged in. In desperation, I tried the unit a couple of times before returning for a replacement and the light ended up giving me headaches that lasted several hours. Instead of asking for a replacement, I asked for a refund. It had been used already, didn't work to improve my energy, and made my problems worse. ...more info
  • Happy!
    I am really enjoying my GoLite. It's making a world of difference for me during this winter season. I feel energized and am continually in a good mood. I actually miss it when I forget a session or two. This is definitely a good solution for people with a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The design is cute and the size is perfect for travelling. Thank you for a great product....more info
  • Light therapy device works well
    We bought this light for my son to use. It is small, so he can use it any where in the house. It seems like it is having a positive affect on him. We haven't had any problems and it holds a charge well....more info
  • It worked for me - I can sleep again!
    I bought this with hopes that it would help me get my internal clock back on track. For the past year I haven't gotten more than a few hours of sleep a night. I would still be wide awake at 2am and have to start my day at 6am. After using this for a week I was literally unable to stay awake past 11:00. I can't believe how much better I am feeling now! I use the light for 15 minutes a day and it has exceeded my expectations. I am happy that I purchased it....more info
  • Two recent clinical studies confirm: blue light can damage eye cell DNA!
    We've all heard that ultraviolet light can damage our eyes and skin. But, as this ScienCentral News video reports,there's more evidence that blue light (400 - 500nm) can damage our eyes.

    "Blue light is the most energetic portion of the visible light spectrum," says ophthalmologist Bernard Godley, of the Retina Foundation of the Southwest in Dallas.

    "It's less energetic than UV radiation but it also has the ability to penetrate into tissue and cause cellular damage."

    Godley, working with an international team of researchers, has shown that chronic exposure to blue light damages retina cells in the lab -- the same cells involved in age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness untreatable vision loss and legal blindness in the U.S. for people over the age of 60.

    "The type of damage that we're seeing in the Petri dish... could very well be occurring in macular degeneration," says Godley.

    Godley and his colleagues reported in The Journal of Biological Chemistry that blue light alone can damage the power houses of the retina cells, called mitochondria, and in particular the DNA of these energy-producing structures, suggesting that any cells exposed to visible light -- including skin cells -- may sustain damage.

    The researchers exposed cultured retina cells to blue light for up to six hours in the lab. Compared to cells that had been kept in the dark, they saw a loss of mitochondrial activity in the illuminated cells after only 6 hours and this loss became greater with increasing time.

    Using a genetic technique called polymerase chain reaction they found that light exposure significantly damaged the DNA of the mitochondria after three hours, but by six hours the body's natural DNA repair process had kicked in, reducing the amount of damage.

    "We confirmed that these changes, this damage, was caused by free radicals, which were generated by the mitochondria themselves. Evidence suggests that these changes may play a role in cellular aging, and in age-related diseases such as macular degeneration," says Godley, suggesting that, "blue light may contribute to the aging process."

    AMD, which has robbed more than 10 million Americans of some or all of their vision, causes the deterioration of the cells in the center of the paper-thin, light-sensitive retina at back of the eye -- the macula -- that focuses the images we see and sends them via the optic nerve to the brain. This results in the progressive loss of central vision, affecting a person's ability to read, drive, recognize faces or colors, and generally see objects in fine detail.

    In some cases, AMD advances so slowly that people notice little change in their vision, and currently available treatments can delay, and sometimes prevent, the progression of the disease, leaving the person with some vision, but there is no cure

    ...more info
  • Great first experience with Light Therapy
    Hi All,

    While no one in my home suffers from SAD, I thought this product would be a quick and easy pick me up for the dreary winter months. Much to my surprise it was.....

    We have 3 kids....12, and twins boy/girl 7. The twins love to sleep in and often have their clocks out of whack in the winter.. This makes for tough school mornings. I wanted to try something that might offer a little brightening effects to get the day started right... I read about light therapy and figured we would give it a shot. We live in we get sun..but sometimes its just dreary on cold Jan/Feb mornings... Yuck!!

    Anyhow...we got the light in record time (thanks AMAZON) and charged it up immediately. We decided that we would put it on a counter in the kitchen so the light would not have to be in direct view. It was off on the side and using the alarm would come on every morning right around breakfast time for about 15-20 minutes.

    At first it was a Novelty in the house...this new bright blue light...then it went un-noticed. This is exactly what I there but it shouldnt be in your face...

    I am happy to report that after a few months of usage there are definitely changes to the morning ritual around our house. The twins are full of energy when they get to the kitchen and feel even better when getting on the bus. There are no crying fits and or second thoughts of not wanting to go to school.

    I can honestly say that I didnt believe light therapy to be real...but now I can say that my opinion has changed. Things improving in front of me in a 3 month span have convinced me that this light will find a permanent place in our home.

    I have no doubt that this is a 5/5 product....more info
  • Don't be scared off--this is a great product
    I recently upgraded to the M2, but I first bought the Apollo P1 several winters ago, and it works wonders for me. I sleep well now, and I have energy during the day, not to mention better mood stability.

    There has been some "blue light scare" about this product lately. Just ignore it! I am a physicist and the blue light that the GoLITE emits is part of the visible spectrum. Remember that blue light is not right next to the UV spectrum. Blue is next to violet, and violet is next to UV. Furthermore, the people who target this product seem to dismiss the fact that a regular 10,000 lux light box produces the same amount of blue light as these lights do, therefore they would be just as "dangerous." And there hasn't been any eye damage found from using those. Since all white light contains blue light, are we supposed to be paranoid about turning on our lights around the house? It is obsurd.

    Remember dosages as you consider all this. Scientists learn by studying the extremes. The studies submit subjects to an extremely intense amount of light for a LONG period of time. Is this supposed to resemble real life? No, it's not. But it helps scientists understand processes. Anything in an exorbitant amount is likely to be unhealthy. I am sure that if I drank five gallons of milk each day for a sustained period of time that I would have some negative symptoms! Perhaps by using my GoLITE for 10 minutes each day during the winter I get the same amount of light (and blue light) as I would get during the summer naturally.

    Don't be scared off. Remember that there has been absolutely no indication that using these lights therapeutically causes any eye damage. Quite the contrary, I would guess that my body is much healthier for having used them. Sleep deprivation is awful tough on the body.

    Science is made slowly through a web of studies, not some random study that is distorted by those misinformed and used to frighten the public.

    Now, on to the M2. As I mentioned before, I have owned the P1 and then recently upgraded to the M2. Both models are small and lightweight, and I have had no trouble with eyestrain (using 100% intensity). I can easily write or work on the computer, or eat breakfast, while I am using the lights.

    Advantages of the M2 over the P1:
    -It is cordless, so you can take it anywhere around the house or elsewhere and don't have to worry about finding an outlet.

    Disadvantages of the M2:
    -It is a little heavier, because of the battery. I don't believe this adds any inconvenience, however, as it is still plenty light.

    I don't really see a whole lot of functional differences between the two models besides this. I like the cordless because I can move the GoLITE to wherever I am working at the time and don't have to carry a cord around or try to find a place to plug it in. But the cordless feature is pretty much the only benefit of getting the M2 (or P2 for that matter). So, if you don't mind having to plug it in, then save yourself some money and buy a used P1. LEDs last forever so you won't need to worry about the lights burning out.

    As far as evaluating the use of light therapy in general, I have found it to be very helpful to me. I use it mostly in the fall and spring when the sunset/sunrise times are changing the most (I live at about the 45th parallel). My body clock seems to get thrown off by the rapid change. I will also use it at other times during the year if I am having insomnia or depression. I find Apollo's assessment site very helpful. When I am having trouble sleeping at night or staying awake during the day I will go take their assessment and it will tell me when to use the light and for how long. I have never had it be wrong. It has always helped me get back on a good circadian rhythm.

    Anyway, I know this has been long, but I hope it has also been useful!
    Here's to a good night's sleep,
    Leslie...more info
  • Careful if you get headaches
    I kind of hate to give this one star because I don't really know if it works. I have tried it three times and I got a blazing headache that lasted for about 4 hours each time. It was almost immediately upon catching a glipse of the blue so I really don't know if this works for someone who can take the light for the 30 minutes or so. Since I assume I am not typical I hesitate to give a single star but am doing so to make sure this gets read. If you are no prone to headaches you may be just fine. I have had them through the years, though have been lucky enough to avoid for the last few. I am writing this to let migraine sufferers know that they should not risk it. Don't risk your money and, if you are a migraine sufferer you know what I mean, don't risk a headache. Pass and find another way to restore your energy. IF you are not a migraine sufferer, feel free - I have nothing really to say good or bad as I simply don't know. I do know it is nice and compact and does go on as expected with a nice little sound. It seems like it would be a pleasant way of gaining energy - if only I could....more info
  • Little blue happy light
    If you've used light therapy before, it's different and a little hard to get used to, however, it's wonderfully portable, and holds a charge for a really long time so you can wake up and haul it around with you wherever your wake-up time lands you and not worry about cords. The blue light seems to be much more potent than the white and requires less time for the same effect. ...more info
  • Seems like it works...
    After going through several winters in the Northeast were we typically have overcast skies coupled with fewer daylight hours that seemed to drain me of energy & focus, I finally decided to see if light therapy would help. After doing a bit of reading of articles and product reviews, decided to go with this Apollo blue light. I can't scientifically prove that it has made a difference, but I feel that when I do use it, that I seem to not be as tired as I remember being without the light, and I've been able to get out of bed earlier. So, while I can't vouch 100% for the effect of light therapy and this product specifically, it's made enough of a difference that I'm going to continue using it. I recommend that if you feel like winters affect you that you try it - it's worth it to try to get back to a normal life. (You should probably not only use light therapy, but also make sure you take Vitamin D, as well as eat well, and exercise.)

    As for this specific product - I appreciate that it is designed for travel and has a rechargeable battery. It's small enough and compact that you can take it with you on business trips or holidays. Of all the light products out there, it's practical, compact, and has useful features (alarm clock, light timer, etc)....more info
  • Works Like A Charm
    I got one of these last year to help me better get through what for me is "insane" season between the beginning of December and mid-January. During this period there is just not enough natural sunlight (in California, that is), which for me yields mild depression, utter lack of enthusiasm, heightened anxiety, and an overall feeling that everything is "off kilter". It worked great for me last year. This year I decided to hold off on starting it until the usual symptoms kick in, which they did, with a vengeance. 3 days after using it for fifteen minutes each day upon waking, I'm feeling groovy again. Actually enjoying the 6 darkest weeks of the year is a great blessing. This thing really works, is convenient for travel, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!...more info
  • Apollo/Phillips Go Lite M2
    This is a fantastic portable full spectrum light. I can move it around easily and travel with it too. The alarm is cool too, sounds like wind chimes. I highly recommend this over the tall lamps that are so cumbersome and hard to move around. It works too, I feel much better.
    Linda...more info
  • Light Therapy
    It's bright! If light therapy is a real science then this should do the trick. Bought it for impending shift work....more info
  • It really works!
    I got the GoLite M2 therapy light right before christmas last year, and I have really noticed a difference. I am more awake now, and the dark and long days here in Norway during this time of year is more easy to deal with now.
    I have more energy, feel happier and better! But most important for me; I use it when I work during the night. I used to have to take guarana pills to stay awake, now all I use is this light. It's perfect if you work night shifts! ...more info
  • great product, received what appeared to be refurbished from amazon
    Apollo's GoLite M2 is a great product and Apollo is a good company with excellent customer service. What I received from Amazon had ink smudged on the buttons and made a horrible high pitched noise while charging. I contacted Apollo and explained the problem and they immediately sent me out a brand new replacement before even waiting for the return.
    The M2 is compact, attractive, and very convenient. In addition to the light it also has a built in alarm clock that makes a pleasant sound that while being gentle enough to not shock me out of sleep is effective at waking me up. If it is plugged in when the alarm goes off the light will illuminate simultaneously. When not plugged in charging only the alarm will sound, but you can manually turn the light on and use it as long as it has a charge. Also, the alarm works whether the item is open or closed. Another nice feature is that as long as the light is not is use the clock screen goes dark after a few minutes so there is no light to disturb your sleep.
    The carry case is well made and holds the clock and charger nicely. Mine went in checked baggage 3 times with no problems. The charger is unique in that it is quite slim and comes with adaptors for most countries.
    They really put a lot of thought and work into the M2 and I couldn't think of anything I would change or any way they could make it better.
    I am basing my 5 star rating on the replacement item Apollo sent me. ...more info
  • Do your homework before purchasing
    I purchased this product and have decided to return it. Although it is very convenient, especially for people who travel frequently as I do, I found the blue light too harsh for my eyes. After speaking with my doctor, I learned that some people with light colored eyes or who generally are a bit sensitive to light may have trouble with the LED blue light in this product. I am going to go back to a traditional 10,000 LUX light. Even then, the products on the market range from very white light to softer colored, more yellow light, all of which can deliver the necessary 10,000 lux. Apollo products are high quality, but very white, and hence too harsh for me. My advice -- do your homework, talk with representatives from several companies, and if possible, visit a store so you can see before you buy how your eyes react to a particular type of light! ...more info


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