3M Ultra-Clean Small Air Purifier (16x10)

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  • Quiet operation with 25-30% more air circulation and 35-41% higher pollen capture rate.
  • Three speed fan with filter change indicator that tells you when it is time to replace your filter.
  • High dust and allergen capture rates with advanced Filtrete filtration technology allows these air purifiers to capture airborne particles and allergens, like pollen, mold and dust mite debris.
  • Perfect for home or office, the streamlined and stylish design is made to blend with any decor.
  • Small Size Purifier: best used for a room up to 160 square feet (16' x 10'). Highest combined Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)* for dust (128), smoke (103) and pollen (149) among all air purifiers designed for rooms of up to 160 square feet. Thirty percent more air circulation and 33 to 41 percent higher pollen capture rate than a HEPA air purifier built for a comparable room size.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Watch out
    This is a good system, and I can recommend it. however notice in the description when purchasing it describes it as a 6-pack of filters. this is erroneous. it is one filter only.

    ...more info
  • Excellent air cleaner!
    After 1-2 months of usage(portable air purifier), it is very clear that it does a great job, in addition to our furnace air filter!...more info
  • Clears The Air
    Excellent product! Works extremely well, but a little too pricey. Price per filter should be under $10.00. ...more info
  • Great product, filter availability/price a problem
    We've been running two of these units at home for six months now. The amount of garbage they pull out of the air is amazing. The unit is reasonably quiet on setting 2 and much too loud on 3. I'm not sure it is moving enough air on setting 1 to accomplish much.

    The only disappointment is the high price of the filters -- if you can find them. Online sources are much more reasonable, but availability seems spotty. I'm hoping this will improve moving forward....more info