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The end of germs - the beginning of a whole new category! Beginning today, air purifiers or cleaners aren't enough - because they can't do what Germ Guardian does. * Flu germs * Cold Germs * Staph bacteria * Strep bacteria The new Germ Guardian destroys airborne bacteria, viruses and germs. The unique aluminum reflective chamber intense Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light and stronger fan guarantees premium performance for better health. Germ Guardian's effectiveness has been proven in independent tests by Dr. Melvin First, a Harvard researcher, and is backed by a full 5 year warranty. Germ Guardian has no filters to clean or replace. Here's how it works Germ Guardian's powerful fan moves air into the UV-C chamber. There the germs are bombarded with light from the UV-C module - the technology used in many hospitals. Only Germ Guardian has a reflective aluminum sterilization chamber, which intensifies the effect of the UV-C light. The result is a filter-free unit that destroys over 99% of all germs passing through the unit and moves healthy air back into the room: Features: Powerful. Suitable for a typical 10' x 20' room. Quiet. Its whisper-quiet fan can be adjusted for use when sleeping. No Maintenance. No filters to clean or replace. Small. Sits on a table or desk. Runs for pennies a day. Uses about the same electricity as a night light. Sturdy, but lightweight/ It's easy to move from room to room, and the stainless steel and aluminum construction stands up to children or pets. 5 year warranty. Dimension: 17"H x 6.5"W. Weight: 4 Lbs. Model: EV9102.