Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device with 90 Count Cartridge, Teal

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Product Description

Zeno PRO is a clinically proven hand-held rechargeable medical device for the at-home treatment of individual inflammatory acne pimples. Included in your Zeno PRO purchase: Zeno PRO Acne Clearing Device, 90-count Treatment Tip, Leather Carry Case w/ Mirror, Wall Charger and Product Manual. All Zeno products include a 30 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Zeno is a hand-held battery-operated device designed with a tip that heats to a pre-set temperature. The biocompatible tip is designed for direct contact with a blemish on the skin. Once in contact with a blemish, the tip will transfer heat into the follicle. An internal PID controller chip continually modulates the temperature to a fixed range even under different skin and circulation conditions by adjusting the flow of energy to match precisely the heat absorption of the individual user. Zeno¡¯s microprocessor adapts not only to your individual skin type but also to the heat absorption characteristics of the location of the pimple. Your Zeno adapts to you! An integral digital timer controls the treatment time. The level of heat does not cause skin damage.

Specifically, Zeno stimulates a heat-shock response in p. acnes, the bacteria causing at least 90% of all acne blemishes. Heat shock proteins, activated by bacterial cells under heat stress, cause the self-destruction of p. acnes within the lesion, reducing inflammation and allowing the skin to return to a healthy state.

What is Zeno?

Zeno is a handheld, portable electronic medical device that is clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast. In fact, for treating acne pimples, it's the most scientifically advanced and effective device available without a prescription.

What does it do?

Zeno applies a precisely controlled heat dose directly to the pimple through a metal pad. One treatment lasts 2? minutes. Two to three treatments spread over 24 hours clear up most pimples quickly. It's that simple.

How does it work?

Pimples occur when excess skin oil and flaking skin plug the opening of a hair follicle and create the ideal environment for acne bacteria to grow. Precisely controlled heat applied for a specific period of time causes the bacteria to self-destruct. When the bacteria die, the pimple goes away.

How many treatments does it take?

Two to three 2?-minute treatments spread over 24 hours are sufficient for most pimples. Often, only one treatment is needed.

Who should use Zeno?

Zeno is for people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. If in doubt, ask your doctor.

When should Zeno be used?

Use Zeno at the first sign of a pimple. It works best when used on a pimple in the early stages of development. Also, the sooner pimples are cleared up, the less chance they have to leave scars.

How does Zeno compare with topical or oral treatments?

Zeno can clear up a pimple in just hours. Most other medications can take days or even weeks to work. What's more, other than slight, temporary skin redness, Zeno has none of the side effects described by most topical or oral medications.

Is Zeno safe and painless?

Patients included in our clinical trials experienced little reaction to the low-level heat. Other than some temporary skin redness following a treatment cycle, no other adverse side effects were reported. But should you experience any discomfort when using Zeno, discontinue use and consult your skin care professional.

Is Zeno all I need for acne?

Zeno does not replace good skin hygiene or a doctor's care. It is designed to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Your doctor may recommend other therapies, depending on the severity of your acne. Follow your doctor's advice and use Zeno for the occasional pimple.

  • Clinically proven
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Allure Best of Beauty award winner
  • In clinical trails, 90% of blemishes treated fade or disappear within 24 hours

Customer Reviews:

  • good product
    I got the pink and carry it with me in the leather case all the time. I use it at work and in the car it I need to. I got a bit anxious and used it too much on a couple of pimples, and I burned my skin, it got kind of hard, but it cleared up nicely. It has totally worked on my pimples. Amazing, but use it by the book....more info
  • Great Present
    I received this product as a gift from a dear friend, who had been using a Zeno for a while. She loved it and I played around with hers and liked the results. It works for those horrible under the skin bumps that take forever to go away. I love this product! I also like the size, I throw it in my makeup bag and go! I hope everyone enjoys the Zeno like I do!...more info
  • Great Product
    I am a busy mom of 3 and still get the occasional pimple. I tried Zeno as soon as I felt that "undergrounder". I was completely amazed that after a couple (2 or 3) treatments, it was gone!

    I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to friends (and their kids)....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    I'm single and much to old (in my opinion) to keep getting pimples. On more than one occasion I delayed asking out someone because I could tell a monster was forming on my face. I saw an add about Zeno and out of frustration (if not desperation) knew I had to give it a try. I've been using it for quite a few months now and I've never had a blemish rise to the point of embarressment. The trick is as soon as you can tell ones forming HIT IT!!! Follow the instructions and it will not pop out! Period!!! Wish I'd seen this thing a long time ago. Zeno is AWESOME and worth every penny!!!...more info
  • Everything I hoped it would be!
    After seeing Zeno on the Today Show last week, I went out and bought one. Wow! I used this last night on 4 spots while watching the news...2 spots were on my neck and another one right above my cheekbone. This morning, all 3 were completely GONE! The 4th spot that I used it on was an old pimple that I had previously picked which you aren't supposed to do, but it even looks significantly better today too. This is just so much better than creams, not drying at all either! I did get a slight pinkness on just 1 of the 4 treated areas, but it was gone by the time the news was over...amazing technology!...more info
  • Skeptical but now a believer!
    I was very skeptical about this item. I am a 34 year old female who has had mild acne my whole life. Most people never noticed but it is because I never left the house if it was very severe. I have tried everything. I have spent so many dollars on acne products and believed one recent "acne kit" worked but the acne was still there. I must have tried every brand out there. Every cream, gel, lotion, ointment, mask, toner, astringent, etc. I thought it was the way I ate but I drink a ton of water and never touch fast food. I then though maybe it was because I was over washing. You name it I have thought of it. I bought this after I have had a few zits that would not clear up. Nobody likes to talk or even read about zits/acne but it is a problem for some of us. It literally kept me from going out. I recently had a huge one on my cheek, the kind you can feel and it is still healing. I received the ZENO 90 last week. I charged it for the first six hours and it states to use it on acne that is not at the surface already but acne that you can feel coming on. I had a few small ones and tried it on those and they went away. Still skeptical because they were not big and never hit the surface so how was I to know it was the ZENO or not. Then tonight I got a really big one next to the old one on my cheek. I got depressed. I know it is pathetic. I knew this was one that was going to be huge. It was one like the others I have had. You cannot help but pick at it and it takes weeks to go away. Scabs up and bleeds, no make up will cover it. Since it was so deep I truly did not think the ZENO would get it. I could literally feel pain on my cheek that is how bad this new acne was. I used the ZENO twice on it tonight and I cannot even feel the acne pain anymore and within hours it is clearing up! I did not believe it would work until I tried it tonight. I almost want to cry. This little device is giving me part of my life back. I was so embarrassed at some of my recent acne I could not bare to face people. What this thing did tonight proved it works on even the most deep seeded acne that will take weeks to clear. As far as treatments they are not bad at all. They have some heat but nothing too uncomfortable. I truly think it is the acne that you apply it to that can cause the most pain not the device. I also clean the device with an alcohol pad after each use just to be safe. I cannot say enough about this product. I was very skeptical but after tonight, I am a believer and will never use anything else besides this. Of course I will still wash my face with a cleanser but if I feel anything coming on, I am using my ZENO. It rocks! ...more info
  • It's ok
    It only works sometimes, I don't think it is worth almost $200....more info
  • Buy this product!
    As I bet most people are, I was very skeptical of this product before I bought it, but I have to tell you, it is absolutely amazing. I have struggled with acne since I was a teen, and while it has cleared up a lot, I still get menstrual acne, and always have at least one pimple. From the very first time I used Zeno, I have been amazed. It keeps new pimples from growing, and while it says it doesn't work on existing acne, I used it on a cluster of 3 pimples I'd had for a month, and within 2 days, they were completely gone. I could not be happier with this product and it is totally worth the price.

    Buy it!!...more info
  • Very hip, no more zits
    What a nice addition to my beauty arsenol! I know it sounds weird, but when I first got my Zeno, I was actually looking forward to my first zit! It is just a really fun beauty tool that even my 18 year old son likes to use. We just zap the zit and forget about it. Usually by the following day, our face is clear with no other side effects such as flakey skin and so on. It is gentle on the skin, plus it even works on the really deep zits that can be painful. Our house is very happy! The only thing you really need to do is charge it about once a week and it is always ready to go. We are one year and one tip going strong! What a cool, hip zit gadget!...more info
  • 5 stars
    I love my Zeno. It is used quite often. I was surprised to see some low reviews. After reading some I realized that everyone loves zeno, but thought they had some problems with the tip or batteries. Since I am an "experienced" zeno user I think that they are not charging it regularly. Its like a cell phone!! Just plug it in and it will be fine.
    I recommend this product to anyone that has mild or occasional breakouts. It really does work wonders!!! The majority of people will LOVE it!! You can't please everyone. ...more info
  • Zeno Rocks!!!!!!!!!
    All I can say is awesome.A bit skeptical/hesitant about spending the $$,but it really is worth every cent.Not only can you spare yourself an ugly zit...you can also defend your complexion against the weeks of redness "post pimple" as well as any residual scarring.Zeno rocks.BUY IT!...more info
  • Seemed to work
    I used the Zeno for the first time on two small developing pimples. One of them was the kind that typically would turn into something bigger. I used it twice in one day and at first I couldn't tell if they looked the same or maybe even worse. But I went to bed and when I woke up they were definitely better! I can't say for sure if Zeno prevented them from turning into bigger pimples, but at least it did not make them worse and I honestly think it worked. I have been breaking out like crazy lately and this may have prevented another disaster. I'm going to keep using it....more info
  • Technology has a wayse to go...
    My Dad had originally bought this for my sister and I both to use, as we have acne. The promise of clearing that 1 big stubborn zit overnight was so tempting, it was really too good to be true.
    Zeno does not work. Doesn't matter if you use it twice a day or once a week, it does not get rid of your pimples. That is the sad truth.
    If anything, I think the heat irritated my sister and my pimples, and they turned bright red and looked worse after usage.

    Don't buy this product thinking it will help. Nice idea, awful execution. ...more info
  • Not as good as I expected it to be ...
    I purchased the Zeno Pro at the advice of my dermatologist. He is a believer in the product & thought it would help with my frequent bouts of cystic acne along the jawline. Given that it was recommended by an MD, I had *extremely* high hopes. Unfortunately, the results have been very disappointing. The Zeno has done absolutely nothing to clear my skin. It seems to have no impact whatsoever on my acne, even when used at the first tingle of an outbreak. The best I can say is that after using the Zeno, the pimple is somewhat less swollen, making it easier to conceal with makeup. All in all, though, I would say that this is a pretty expensive product that has given me very little return for my money. I would definitely not recommend it....more info
  • Finally a solution!
    I started using Zeno a few years ago. I had tried everything from ProActive to over the counter items and nothing seemed to work. As I'm approaching 30, I was getting really tired of having to cover up my pimples. At first I was skeptical trying out Zeno because I figured that like the previous products I've tried, that it wouldn't work. Boy was I wrong (and I'm glad I was wrong!). As soon as I felt or saw a pimple coming in, I would immediately start my Zeno treatment. It would actually stop the pimple from getting bigger and it cleared up a lot sooner than it would have using a topical medication. Zeno is even small enough to carry around in your purse, which is was I love. I totally recommend this product to anyone who would like clear skin!...more info
  • I feel like Scrooge here, but this was a horrible waste of money for me
    Okay, some basic facts before the review: I bought this for both my son and I to try: I'm 40, he's 17, I have some very mild acne, the kind that this is supposedly targeted at, the painful red bump-y-ish things, nothing severe. Same with my son. Nothing major, just the occasional mild breakout, easily caught early, nothing very inflammatory or pustular, absolutely nothing needing a dermatologist. We both use mild acne products (ProActiv for him, Philosophy stuff for me) with good success, but the occasional painful red swelling acne along the jawline for me and along the hairline for him were an issue, so we thought we'd try this out.

    What a failure. I carefully read the directions and although I know not every kind of acne responds to the Zeno, I'm still confident that we fell into the category of having the kind of acne that should have. From a single usage, my acne became "sunburned" and got more painful, not better. I don't have particularly sensitive skin and I did follow the directions carefully, but apart from obviously irritating my skin, the Zeno did nothing at all for me.

    Worse, the Zeno exacerbated my son's acne the two times he used it. We again, followed the directions carefully, made sure the Zeno was clean, yet he ended up with acne that lasted longer and was more painful than if he'd just put some extra Clearasil on it.

    I'm thrilled that this product works well for most everyone who's posted reviews here, but I felt compelled to also post my review as a word of warning - this is not the end all for acne treatment and it doesn't work well for everyone, even when you'd think there's no reason why it shouldn't. I have a very expensive pimple zapper collecting dust in my bathroom because I had some unrealistic expectations based on some of what I read and some of what I didn't see.

    My best advice is to think very carefully about balancing out how badly you want to risk the money versus how efficacious other products can be in clearing up mild to moderate acne issues. There's actually a great new version of Clearasil that promises (and does) to start to shrink and remove redness of pimples within 4 hours. So it's all a personal choice thing, but this ended up being a very expensive mistake for us and I just wanted to at least be a small voice of warning....more info
  • 90 Count Cartridge only lasted for 12 uses.
    The product does work, however the 90 count cartridge that came with the device only worked for 12 or so uses. Very disappointed. I should have purchased it in the regular store; I would have had better luck with it working like it said. I wonder how long the product was on the shelf when it was sold to me? And, how the life of the product declines when inactive? ...more info
  • Didn't work for me.
    I am 21 years old, I bought the zeno last year and returned it within a month. I don't have terrible breakouts - maybe one zit a week - not too bad.

    Anyways, I found that I tried it on all sorts of pimples and had no luck- never once did I see a noticeable difference in the pimple, whether it was small or big it stayed the exact same and 100% of the time it turned even bigger.

    I bought it based on people's reviews online, and i am so glad it works for people, but for some reason, it didn't work for me, or my boyfriend or my two best friends.... go figure. ...more info
  • Ehhh... Its debatable... but bad customer service
    Well I bought this product 2 years ago and it came with one 90 tip head. The product itself mechanically worked great, but I could not see any drastic change of my pimples going down when i used the zeno... I may have been usuing them on the wrong type of pimples... who knows, I dont really have terrible acne I just wanted to give it a try. If anything this device gave me a little bit of hope and kept me from picking my face when I got pimples. I really do think it works.

    Now heres my problem... I only used the product 90 times (the 90 tip head it came with) I never even bought a replacement tip. I stored the product in my bathroom and didn't use it for a year or a year and a half... and now recently i go to plug it in and charge it and the zeno is completely broken. The charger has no effect on the zeno at all, it doesn't work anymore. I looked back in the manual and it says do not store it in humid temperatures and since it was in the bathroom I guess that could be why something went wrong, but what really bothered me was that I called zeno up and said I paid 200 dollars for this thing... and it doesn't work after one tip! They basically said the product battery is irreplacable and usually only lasts for about 3 years anyway. She said she cannot do anything because they only replace zenos after 1 year of purchase and mine was purchased 2 years ago...... but i haven't used it.... Idk i was just kind of pissed that i couldn't even get it fixed or replaced when it was most likely their product malfunction... I'm considering writing them on this...more info
  • it burns my skin
    it burns so badly my skin that I stopped using it. I gave up. specially if your pimples come from black or white heads Zeno doens't work at all because you have to take that little stuff out of the pimple anyway so for me it is very pricey and burns your skin. Doens't work!...more info
  • Makes it WORSE!!!
    I had the same results as another Amazon reviewer: B. Walker. I'm in my early 30s and experience the occasional spot blemish on my face (T-zone). After settling on the Zeno Pro because of the reviews here and elsewhere, I was relieved to finally have a devise to make my skin blemish free! This week on Monday when I felt the developing pimple on my chin, I excitedly used the device as instructed over the course of 48 hours (cleaned the device, cleaned my face before application, and made sure not to scrub before or after). Tomorrow is Friday, and my pimple has NOT disappeared. In fact, I now have TWO really painful red inflamed pimples where I applied the device. So much for clearing the pimples within 24 hours, and now I have obvious red bumps on my chin (not whiteheads; not blackheads). Sadly, this device did not work as advertised (for me). I'm now back to what my dermatologist had recommended: warm compresses with a warm towel (a nice steam facial), which has always done the trick for me. I just thought that this device would be more convenient; less messy. Too bad it doesn't work ... in fact it makes the condition WORSE....more info
    I usually only break out once a month, but when I do it's not just little pimples, it's cystic acne. I know the product says it doesn't treat cystic acne but I thought I'd give it a shot. I knew right away that I was about to get one so I started the treatment. I actually did about 3 treatments for about 2 1/2 days. It was well worth it. Not only did my huge zit go away, it went away without the bleeding, scarring and dark spots that usually acompany it's horrible visit. This little machine is heaven sent and well worth the price!! ...more info
  • So far so good...:)
    The attention to detail and design is similar to an iPod. It's easy to use, has instructions on the device itself, and is very clear about what it can and cannot do. This is not for all kinds of acne. It's for the kind that sits below the surface and hurts. It's not an overnight success for me, but it speeds up the time for these things to go away....more info
  • Way too time consuming
    The zeno looks pretty, but just didn't do it for me. Two and a half minutes is far too long if you have more than one pimple to treat. 5 pimples at 2 treatments a day comes out to 25 minutes not including the ridiculous warm up times this thing has. Good luck using Zeno without standing in a mirror and repositioning the tiny treatment plate every 2 seconds to make sure it is touching in the proper spot. Not to mention that the tip has to be replaced every x number of days.

    As for results, I wasn't able to see results using the zeno. Maybe this is due to the fact that I simply didn't have enough time to do the proper number of treatments on each pimple. If you're looking for an acne treatment device that utilizes this technology, save yourself hours of time and go with the thermaclear. Zeno is worthless as far as I'm concerned....more info
  • You have to try this!
    You have to try Zeno, I just love it! I use it and it significantly improves the healing time. There is no way it burns skin, unless you don't follow the directions and use it stupidly with medicines or other acne treatments that cause skin sensitivity. I will admit it does get hot, but it does not hurt or burn at all. I've found that keeping the unit charged on a regular basis ensures the battery lasts as designed. This is a really good investment!...more info
  • Happy Camper
    Zeno is a wonderful invention for people (young or mature) who have blemishes. You never know when one is going to pop up but it will happen when you least expect it. I have so much confidence in this product that I know it will get rid of the blemish and not leave a red spot. And you don't have to worry about it getting too hot because it automatically turns off at the preset time. I am a Happy Camper knowing that I can rely on Zeno to "do its thing" and keep me from having those embarrassing moments from unwanted blemishes. Get it, use it as directed and you will get the desired results. I am a Happy Camper....more info
  • So-so results
    After reading many positive reviews for this item I purchased it and 2 replacement cartridges. I was prepared to LOVE my Zeno! Unfortunately it didn't work as well for me as it has for many of the reviewers. Even with multiple treatments, I only had about a 50% success rate with blemishes treated with Zeno. With such a low success rate, it's not worth the cost to me. Ultimately, I made the decision to return it within the 30 day guarantee period. ...more info


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