Cricket StraightCrazy Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron 1 1/4"

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Product Description

Set the temperature to your favorite setting and go straight crazy. Curly, straight, flip - all styles can be achieved. Solid ceramic plates eliminate static electricity while this lightweight design provides comfort. Get the shiniest, sleekest hair with ceramic infused crushed tourmaline jewels to ensure the most negative ions and far infrared heat. Features 5 temperature settings: 248-392 degrees F. 55 watts. 8' cord. 1 1/4"

  • Made with genuine tourmaline!
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Customer Reviews:
  • Not hot enough
    I've had the Hot Tools Professional for years and love it but it's finally seen it's day from one too many drops so I got the "Straightcrazy Tourmaline" made by Cricket. This is my first ceramic flat iron so I'm not sure if its the brand or if all ceramics are like this but it just doesn't get hot enough. I spend 2-3 times longer straightening and it still doesn't come out sleek and straight - just a frizzy mess. This iron only goes up to 200 degrees Celsius... The other downers are the on/off switch, power light, and the temp control dial is on the inside of the iron. To turn it off or turn it up I've burnt myself because it's so close to the heated area. And easy to forget the iron is on as the power light is so hidden. I'm returning the iron. ...more info
  • Fantastic.
    I've had a number of hair straighteners, including ceramic, but this is the best. I've found that many of the others pull on my hair, or my hair gets caught in the cracks where the plates are not completely flush with the plastic exterior. The Cricket iron has none of these problems. It's smooth and has a variety of heat settings.

    UPDATE: After a year of using this product, I still love it. I have fine hair, but it is very thick, but even with this small straightener, it does the trick. My hair is very wavy, but this little iron gets out all the wave. The size makes it perfect for travel too. I now have two of them....more info