1875 Ionic Styler/ Dryer

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  • 1875 Watts, Double Port Ionic Delivery System
  • 2 Heat/Speed Settings
  • Hinged Filter
  • Dual Voltage for Worldwide Travel
  • Thermal Styling Brush and 2 Comb Attachments
Customer Reviews:
  • Great styling brush! Had for 5 years!
    Searching on Amazon because after 5 faithful years my old Conair 1875 gave out. I use this and the Revlon RV446 ion brush. I start with this one and use the Revlon for the styling. I've got thick hair so like using this one to dry my hair a bit. Prefer it because it's ionic and cuts down on the frizz. Let's hope they've continued to make a quality product and this new one will last me another 5 years or longer....more info
  • Dependable Hairdryer
    I've owned this hairdryer for as long as I can remember and continue to buy it when my old one breaks or starts to overheat. It's easy to use and easy to dry my hair straight....more info
  • Great hair dryer for smoothing out curls.
    This hair dryer (with the brush attachment) gives you the same results you would get from the traditional blow dryer and big round brush technique (the way they do it at the salon), except this is much simpler. I divide my hair into small sections and clip them up. Then I dry one section at a time starting from the bottom. The whole process goes very quickly this way.

    I've tried other similar dryers but found the brush attachment to be too soft. This one has a stiff brush which is essential to really grasp the hair so that it dries straight. I still need to use a flat iron to really get my hair smooth, but the ironing goes quicker if I dry my hair this way first.

    The brush will wear down with time, but you can order replacements for about $3.50 each.

    As others have stated, it is loud, but so are all dryers of this type. ...more info
  • ionic styler
    If you want a hair dryer with the comb attached to the air blower, this is one of the few remaining models for you....more info
  • Incredible
    I have long (past shoulder-length) hair which is frizzy and wavy. Typically, it takes me at least 30 minutes to straighten it. (with an expensive straightener nonetheless!) This hair dryer dried my hair completely in FIVE minutes flat. It was straight, soft, and shiny. I slept on it, woke up, straightened it for TWO minutes then was ready to go with perfectly straight hair.

    True, it was a bit loud, but if it can make my hair straight in less than five minutes.. I really don't care.

    Best hair purchase yet....more info
  • Just O.K if it works
    I was glad when I got this hair dryer. It was not great but i thought it did the job just about O.K. The dryer is very loud and it is not easy to handle. But the bigger problem with it was that it stopped working in three days. What more can I say then if it works then good for you... ...more info
  • Fast & Shiny, Loud & Imprecise
    The Good:

    *It's REALLY fast (so fast that I sometimes end up with a weird cowlick or whatever because I didn't realize some of my hair was already dry and I'd missed the styling window)

    *It makes my hair even shinier than usual

    *Gets rid of frizzies pretty well as long as you don't hang out in the humid bathroom for too long

    *Requires less coordination than brush/dryer combo

    The Bad:

    *It's VERY loud and high-pitched and I do have to dry the hair behind my ears, which means the noise is aimed right in my ear canal, and that ain't good (I put cotton balls in my ears before I turn the dryer on)

    *It blows my hair around so I don't have a lot of control over the end result of my efforts (to be honest with you I don't usually care that much)

    *It's a bit heavy, and because you use it like a brush, it gets really close to your head (which in my case means I crack myself in the head with it every few days)

    *The cord is too short

    It's worth a shot if you want a fast dryer. It takes me maybe 5 minutes to dry my shortish hair, and it used to take up to 10 with a standard drugstore hairdryer. I hate to think of people damaging their vulnerable ears with this thing though; hopefully I just got an abnormally noisy dryer. ...more info
  • Dryer
    The hair dryer is excellent and I use it every day for a fast hair drying experience....more info