Guardian Technologies Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer EV9-102

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Product Description

Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer model EV9-102 destroys airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs and significantly reduces mold and fungal spores. This new product uses ultraviolet-C energy (UV-C), which has proven to be effective in commercial and industrial applications for many years. A powerful yet quiet fan sanitizes the air in a typical 10'x20' room. The Germ Guardian is not an ionizing air cleaner and does not produce ozone. Germ Guardian's powerful fan moves germ-filled air into the chamber where the germs are bombarded with light from the UV-C module. Only Germ Guardian has a reflective aluminum sterilization chamber, which intensifies the effect of the UV-C light. The result is a filter-free unit that destroys airborne germs - more than filters can trap or low-level UV-C lights can destroy - and flows cleaned air back into the room. This small unit is designed to sit on a table or desk. Blue glowing rings indicate that the product is at work. You can vary the air flow using a control with limitless settings.The stainless steel and aluminum unit is virtually indestructible, safe for use around children and pets, and cool to the touch.

  • Please Note - Germ Guardian is neither a HEPA filter-type product nor an ionizing air cleaner, so it does not have a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), which rates air cleaners by their performance in three categories - tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. It is registered with the EPA as a pest control device. It takes in airborne bacteria, virus, and germ microbes and destroys them without the use of filters. It then recirculates sanitized air back into the room.
  • The replaceable UV-C light module is built to last approximately 8000 hours and uses less energy than a standard light bulb.
  • Dimensions - 6.5 diameter x 17 high / Weighs 4 lbs / 120 volts-UL listed
  • Manufacturer's 5-year warranty.