LaraBar Jocalat, Chocolate, 1.7-Ounce Bars (Pack of 16)

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Product Description

Raw Natural Food For Health. For Life. For Fun.

  • organic
  • no added sugar
  • kosher
  • dairy free
  • gluten free

Customer Reviews:

  • Ugh *Awful Face* Spitting out over the sink rinsing my mouth
    I love other Larabar products (and have them in my cabinet currently). This one however shouldn't have ever made it through their testers. It's so horrible that even 1 1/2 years after trying it, the thought of it causes my face to automatically squinsh up in digust. I cannot express fully in words the utter awfulness of this product. However, the telling of the story of both my mother and I leaning over separate sinks spitting it out and rinsing our mouths is sure to set both of us off in hysterics to the bemusement of anyone around us. I wholeheartedly DO NOT recommend trying this product. (Ugh. I need to go rinse my mouth with mouthwash just from thinking about this product long enough to write this review.)...more info
  • Ick.
    This is my very first review - I thought these were genuinely terrible. I like Larabars; I think the Cherry Pie variety tastes good. But these? Overwhelming orange oil/ zest flavor (it tasted just the way the orange essence smells) and zero chocolate flavor. If you haven't had these yet, buy an individual bar before buying the box. I now have 15.9 of these bars and will *not* eat them. ...more info
  • Great & Gluten Free!
    I really like another chocolate flavored bar that's also gluten free, and have been a repeat customer of the other bar. But I was very surprised at how much more I like the LaraBar Jocalat, Chocolate bar. These area great! I rated the other product 5 stars, because I simply couldn't find anything wrong with them and thought they were that good - these are even better. And they're gluten free!

    One slight caution: I knew I wouldn't be able to eat a regular meal one day, so I took three of these along and made the mistake of enjoying all three at once in place of the meal. I hadn't thought about what the "consequences" might be. Two of these bars at a time are plenty for an active lower digestive system! If you intend to spend an hour or more in a meeting a few hours after eating three of these, you may find it more than a little uncomfortable. Have some Imodium handy in that instance. ;~}

    GRITS...more info
  • Awesome
    If you like dark chocolate with nuts you should like this.
    It has a light sweet taste as there is no chemical sugar taste.

    ...more info
  • Great Chocolate Bar
    One of the best I've had. It doesn't have any unnecessarily added fats. The ingredients are 100% natural, the sweetening is 100% natural, and the taste is 100% delicious. If you love your chocolate with a hint of bitter taste (dark or bittersweet), you'll probably find this bar delicious....more info
  • Yuck!
    This was the first Larabar product that I tried, and it was awful! The bar smelled and tasted like Vicks Vaporub, which is not exactly a pleasant thing when you're talking about food. I will definitely not be purchasing any of their other products after this awful experience....more info
  • Organic bars
    I love these bars! They are organic with no added sugar. Very filling and healthy. Made with real fruit....more info
  • Jocolat Chocolate Orange bar
    I like these bars but strangely, they don't really taste like chocolate or orange. They have a very strong orange-y smell (like concentrated orange oil, orange extract, or lots of orange zest) and a zest-like flavor but again, not quite orange or chocolate. But I like them. Weird I guess but they're moist and dense and you can't beat the unctuous quality of a snack that feels naughty, fills you up, and yet is healthy and natural and actually good for you. I'm starting to really like Larabars and hope to try more flavors....more info
  • Feel Good Taste Good Snack
    A perfect snack for those of us who have food intolerances and are concerned about the foods we eat. Yummy yummy and easy on the tummy....more info
  • Organic Vegan treat
    This is a pretty tasty bar with good texture. Nice simple organic ingredients. At the end of my case, I thought the taste wasn't as good they tasted like they spoiled even though the exp. date was very good. These bars make a good snack or meal on the go. I like to keep them in my bag for times when I'm out past my usual lunch/dinner ect. They help keep the hunger at bay for a bit & keep you going. They also make a nice quick meal as long as you have them with something, yogurt/kefir or the like. The flavor is a mild chocolate nut. I will buy again, but not by the case I think that was a bit much for me....more info
  • Excellent Allegy Free "Candy"
    While some of Larabars have a thick grainy-nut texture, this particular product is very smooth and almost tastes like chocolate candy. For those of us who can't eat real candy because of allergies, this one is a winner! It almost tastes like a soft Girl Scout thin mint cookie....more info
  • These are AWESOME.
    Insanely delicious. Texture and taste are phenomenal, they are incredibly satisfying (and don't leave you feeling mildly nauseous like actual junk food) and the ingredients are just marvelous. Mmmm mmm....more info
  • Review for Jocalat Chocolate Orange flavor
    If you dislike the combination of chocolate and orange, this will not change your mind.

    I've always thought the combination was creepy but tolerated it, however Larabar's version of the combination is just painful.

    It tastes like some sort of orange cleaner mixed into a chocolate Larabar.

    But I like every other flavor I've tried (six).

    We can only taste for ourselves of course, so I would recommend trying a single bar at your local store before buying a box on Amazon....more info
  • Earns a 4.5 star rating
    The LaraBar Chocolate snack is really quite tasty. The texture is good, and it has plenty of nuts. A filling treat, it is also thick and chewy, just like a brownie should be. It is a little shy on chocolate taste, though. If it had the chocolate zing of a PureBar Pure Bar Chocolate Brownie Bar, 1.7-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12), then it would be the best of the best. I recommend this healthy snack for anyone who is looking for a healthy gluten-free alternative to a brownie. YUM....more info
  • Satisfying Treat!
    The LaraBar Jocalat is becoming one of my favorite treats. The rich chocolate flavor and the other nutrient-dense ingredients satisfies the sweet-tooth as well as hunger. I am a teacher, and I keep these tasty bars in my desk for when I am hungry. These bars are far healthier than donuts or candy, which are often found in my school office or teacher's lounge. Furthermore, everyone who I've shared my secret stash with has enjoyed them as much as I do! One day I took one to the principal, who is a health-conscious individual, and he now loves them, too! So, this past Christmas I gave him a gift bag filled with LaraBar Jocolat's. It never hurts to win your boss over!...more info
  • Annoyed at the new (?) size
    I was a Larabar lover until today. The culprit is a Jocalat Chocolate Coffee bar that is markedly smaller than the bars used to be, by at least one half inch. The wrapper is the same size. The next time you see one in a market, see if there's empty space at one end of the packet. I hope it wasn't just a bum batch and I'm venting in vain. Certainly they must have quality control.

    It's like the ever-shrinking candy bar. Same price, but pared back.

    Also, there wasn't much coffee taste....more info
  • Not good
    These did not taste good to me. They were almost chalky and did not have a good flavor. The mint tasted strange. I'm disappointed since I enjoy other flavors of Larabars. I would pass on these and get the cashew cookie, or apple pie if you want something sweet and that tastes great. ...more info
  • Some of the other reviews are for a DIFFERENT flavor
    If you can get one at the store first, obviously try it before ordering a 16 pack.

    This is the plain Jocalat bar and I can say I am hooked.

    We gave up processed sugar and are going the organic route on everything. And this is perfect for a chocolate fix. It's great because there is no added sugar (or sugar substitute) unless you count figs.

    If you are addicted to the fat (butter) and sugar of the majority of candy bars, this is different.

    Tastes what I remember a brownie to be like except less sweet.
    When you get off sugar, your tastebuds change. It's worth it though. Some other people, if they are referring to this actual flavor, probably are thinking it isn't sweet enough.

    Did not care at all for the orange flavored one. Haven't tried the mint. Coffee/hot variety goes against what I'm doing health wise. I'm alright with pure chocolate though. I think this is as good as it gets.

    ...more info
  • Love this product
    Wonderful healthy alternative to modern day candy. Don't expect it to taste like a hershey bar, but it does taste very good and I feel better after eating it....more info
  • terrible
    This bar tastes like fermented oranges. I like alcohol,but this just tastes bad. It has a chocolate/orange alcohol taste to it. The chocolate coconut is a little better, but not great....more info


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