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Who Reads Teen Vogue?
Teen Vogue is a fashion magazine for teenagers who are passionate about style, the fashion industry, beauty, health, and entertainment news. Published ten times a year, it represents the best in teen fashion through gorgeous photography, world-class styling, access to the fashion industry's brightest stars, and breaking news about health and family issues, as well as beauty tips. The Teen Vogue reader is a young woman engaged with life through style, education, giving back (as seen in the regular Charity page), and an interest in beauty and health. Its most ardent readers even go so far as buying two copies of the magazine each month -- one for ripping out pages to paste on their walls and in their inspiration boards, and one to read and save forever as part of their "style library."

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Talking Fashion: These image-driven pages are filled with paparazzi and backstage photos of the brightest stars in the Teen Vogue orbit, from model Agyness Deyn and Kate Bosworth to Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.
  • Beauty Blogger: Ever wonder what it'd be like to visit the Chanel headquarters in Paris? Hang out with Valentino at a sprawling villa in Italy? Or take surfing lessons from a thirteen-year-old pro surfer on the coast of California? That's the kind of dish you'll get?plus backstage secrets and hair and makeup how-tos?in this monthly dispatch from the front lines of the beauty industry.
  • View: The latest news about the fashion industry, including exclusive stories about the season's must-have accessories, studio visits with fashion designers, "Fashion Crisis" advice, and tons of personal-style stories about "real girls" and Teen Vogue readers.
  • PATA (People Are Talking About): The entertainment section talks about our favorite movies, music, gadgets, and actors. Think Ali Lohan dishing on her new reality show, style tips from Pete Wentz, and indie music stars Vampire Weekend carousing around Paris.
  • Features: Everything that is published in Teen Vogue is filtered through the lens of fashion and style. Recent cover subjects include "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere, Blake Lively from "Gossip Girl," Ellen Page from "Juno", and Rihanna.
Past Issues:

Contributors are culture- and style-obsessed writers and editors who know the scoop on fashion, music and movies way before the rest of the world. They're experts at spotting trends that teens will want to wear every season, and they cover health topics and beauty secrets that matter to our readers.

Magazine Layout:
An intensely visual magazine, Teen Vogue features modern, vibrant fashion stories photographed by some of the best photographers in the world, including Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, Arthur Elgort and David Bailey. They travel across the world and back to locations that imbue our stories with a sense of adventure, sophistication and chic originality. At the same time, it also prides itself on delivering breaking news about health and relationship trends, as well as offering advice about breaking into the fashion industry as a whole.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Teen Vogue touches on relationships here and there, sure, but its reason d'etre is style, and to that end, it covers fashion news, travel around the world to photograph the coolest clothes in exotic settings (China, India, the Caribbean... the list goes on!), and deliver the most amazing new music and movies, college reports, and career advice instead of dispensing boy advice, quizzes, and embarrassing stories.

There is a close synergy between the advertisers in Teen Vogue, the actual content of the magazine, and the brands that readers love. It's basically seamless -- and driven by fashion at both the high end as well as more affordable sportswear and action brands. Each issue features an "In This Issue" section, which lists all fashion credits from our major stories, as well as URLs and phone numbers that allow readers to contact the companies. Teen Vogue's advertising is wholly relevant and targeted toward the fashion-forward, culture- and beauty-obsessed teen.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for aspiring fashionistas
    I absolutely love this magazine. The photos are beautiful, the clothes are to die for and it has some very interesting stories. I am now a freshman in college and I have been reading teen vogue since I was probably a sophomore in high school. Its great for people who are into the fashion scene. They always have articles about inside the fashion industry and stories from real people who share their experiences and give advice on how you to can be a part of fashion. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't like this magazine. ...more info
  • I like this magazine!
    I thought that this magazine had really cute stuff, awesome tips, and I love when I get it in the mail. Yes, the stuff is kind of expensive, but that is part of the fun! You see what is trendy in the $200+ range and find the same stuff for your price range.

    Overall, this was a very good magazine....more info
  • Teen Vogue
    I just got my first issue, and I LOVE IT! It came faster then it said it would too! I read it, and it has some much fun/inspriing stuff! Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    So i thought i check out teen vouge since kirsten stweart was on the cover so i bought one and i LOVE IT! it gives you news about celebs fashion help i am not rich no i can not afford alot of the clouthes in there. pretty much well none. but, it does give you ideas of how to do your closet in difernt ways and explore. buy it for any girl age 11-16....more info
  • Teen Vogue
    I ordered Teen Vogue as a gift for my granddaughter who loves the magazine. The offer was excellent and it was an easy choice to make. Thanks for the opportunity to shop and save money. ...more info
  • Skip this one
    I ordered this for my 16 year old daughter, assuming she would love it since she likes all the teen magazines (Seventeen, CosmoGirl, M, etc.). She hates it. Glanced through the first couple of issues, but now tosses it directly in the trash. I'm glad I bought it when there was a promotion that paid me to take it ($7 for the magazine, $10 toward a future purchase for buying it), because it would have been a complete waste of money....more info
  • Just okay
    Magazine is a smaller size than normal. Just full of ads; not much substance per 14 year old daughter....more info
  • Worth it for $7
    My daughter likes this magazine. However, I was less then pleased when I received an email AFTER paying for the order stating that this magazine is not sent our regularly and that they could not guarantee how often, or not, we would receive it. I think I should have been notified of this PRIOR to ordering the subscription....more info
  • Teen Vogue - every so often
    I subscribed to this for my niece's birthday, but only AFTER purchase, did I find out that the publication prints on an "unscheduled" basis. Why don't they show this info up front? And how many issues does it work out to be?

    The price was cheap, but I hope the purchase was worthwhile, since it's a gift....more info
  • haha this magazine is a waste
    haha. no only is a waste of money, but it is also a waste of time.

    no!!..teen vogue... I will NOT pay $$$300 hundred dollars for a very, very ugly bag. there are people starving and you want me to pay so much for the ugliest clothing. NO thanks. this magazine makes me love Roxy, Billabong etc. so much more and appreciate it. now those are some nice looking clothes.

    anyone agree? comment

    I wish I can give it negative stars...more info
  • take long time to get it
    i bought the subscription for my daughter. i have nothing to write about because i have not got any issue yet, even i paid for it more than a month ago. it takes long time. hopefully i will write an update review when i finally get it....more info
  • my daughter's request
    My 16 year old daughter requested that I get her this subscription after a year of missing it. We got the first issue in four weeks....more info
  • No One to contact!!!!!
    I ordered the catalog through the mail in July, I have yet to get the free gift they offered it is now September. My subscription was paid for as they asked to get the free gift.
    What's irritating is that there is no one to contact if the catalog is late or never got it in the first place.

    Annoyed in California...more info
  • What are you people complaining about???
    Okay... I can see why one would be upset with the higher-end fashions in TeenVogue... but it's not THAT big of a deal. This magazine, in my eyes, is actually very excellent-- the fashions are inspiring to both fashionistas and designers, and encourages a more unique look than the typical Hollister tee and skirt. The photography is excellent, and I find the articles rather interesting. Also, it doesn't include the racier subject matter as found in CosmoGirl, Seventeen, ect.
    If you enjoy cutting up magazines to make collages or hang full pages on your wall, this magazine is for you. That sounds derogatory, but what I'm trying to highlight here is the beautiful shoots and intriguing advertisements. This wonderful publication is recieving too much negative hype on this site, and if you appreciate fashion and photography, I suggest you check this magazine out at a drugstore, grocer... whatever. It's DEFINITELY worth the look. ...more info
  • Undeserving of all the criticism
    I agree that this magazine boasts designer clothing with extremely high prices that most people cannot afford, but may people be aware that this magazine is called "Teen Vogue" and obviously will follow in it's big sister's footsteps.
    "Vogue" does not feature clothes from Walmart, and so "Teen Vogue" will not either.
    This magazine does not necessarily cater to only rich people. who says that a person should only buy a magazine when she is going to get the exact clothes featured in it? I am definitely no millionaire. I'm 16 years old and still in High school, but I enjoy this magazine immensely.Of course I dont slip out to Marc Jacobs when i'm done reading and get myself the shirt on page 79, but I do look at the styles so i can understand the new trends and just inspire myself some. magazines dont always have to be realistic. fashion is about pursuing beauty and covetting beauty, and if all magazines only featured "affordable clothes' from Walmart and Old Navy, well.. I really wouldnt know what that would be like.
    "Teen Vogue" is a pure fashion magazine. it isnt an all-round magazine for young girls. it's only fashion. and it does a great job at what it strives for. the fashion is great and the taste is great, the shoots are amazing. a former reviewer reccomended "Seventeen" and I want to note that "Seventeen" is a different type of magazine entirely. Seventeen is extremely mainstream bubblegum and is not very fashion orientated. personally i do not like that magazine but i'm not going to condemn it here.
    "Teen Vogue" is classy, stylish, and lives up to it's name. you dont have to be a rich kid to read this magazine. but it's the only teen magazine out there which is dedicated souly to high fashion and yes, features the best fashion. people who are not interested in fashion will probably hate this magazine, and that is probably why it has recieved so much criticism. I, on the other hand, love this magazine. the only reason i didnt give it five stars is because the reviews above deemed the stuff in it affordable for young girls and that does strike me as ridiculous.
    otherwise, look to this magazine for some fantastic fashion inspiration....more info