Air-Dryr 1000

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- An inexpensive and effective way to fight mildew, mold, cold drafts and corrosion. - Economical 130 watt operation - 110/120 volt current - Handles up to 1000 cubic feet of living space - Safe to operate 24 hours a day - Ideal for boat, RV, home, office, factory, and any area with moisture build-up - Trouble free, no switch, no fan, no thermostat to break down - Safe to the touch - Low operating cost-constantly on - Fights mildew - Controls dampness and drafts - With thermal cut off - No devices to cause sparking therefore safe for marine use - Designed to operate anywhere **Note, Orders of 10 or more for this item require Special Accommodations requiring additional days to ship and are not refundable.

  • Davis Air Dryer 1000
Customer Reviews:
  • Really helps with keeping moisture down!
    Purchased as a gift for a friend, as we use this in our motorhome to keep the pipes from freezing in the winter, keep the moisture down during the winter months and keeur toes warm while camping. Uses very little electricity, just warm enough and no worries about fire hazard.
    Wouldn't hesitate to buy again....more info