Surround Air XJ-2100UV-BS Air Purifier with UV

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Customer Reviews:
  • Garbage, don't waste your time with this.
    When I purchased this item, I was looking for a couple of features: filterless air purifier and a UV component.

    The air filtration was less than impressive. Having used the Ionic Breeze before, this ineffectiveness of this air purifier was immediately obvious. Nonetheless, I continued to use it until one day, after three months of usage, I noticed it wasn't working at all.

    I contacted customer support at Surround Air, with the understanding that I would send in the unit. No, instead, they sent ME the pieces to replace... because I was responsible for shoddy manufacturing? The disassembly of the purifier was extremely difficult as tiny screws were initially machine torqued in. After much frustration, I ended up replacing the pieces and it worked again...for another couple of weeks and then the same problem occurred.

    Stay away from this one-- it's not worth the problems....more info
  • hmmm....
    not so impressed. cheap construction. it doesn't seem to be helping with my girlfriends allergy symptoms, which, isn't to say that the purifier isn't cleaning the air. it does make a weird smell that i don't like. it smells like metal and ? chlorine. i won't send it back, but i wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • dont buy it
    I bought this thinking it would be just what I needed. It removed very little from the air and it stopped working in a few months. save your money and get something better...more info
  • Super ionizer
    Air feels different in room. We both sleep better. Less allergic reactions, less connective tissue pain. ...more info
  • Best buy for best of features!
    You can't go wrong on this if you want no filters to buy or clean, want an induction fan for more functionality, silent even with fan on, simple to clean the metal bar every few weeks EASY. UV lamp unobtrusively concealed inside the unit you don't see, not like some that users have to tape over an annoying night light. Lamps last a year, $14 replacement. (be sure the model # has UV after, some older models don't). Electric cord is super long if you want it up high like on a bookcase and still reach a socket - big plus for me. I first had it on a desk much closer to where I sit and smoke, but took space so working even better high up across the whole room. Uses just 8 watts, pennies a month so I leave it on 24/7.

    I never had an ionic unit before so read up on all on the market and reviews pros and cons, by my comparison shopping this is amazingly affordable for what you get, less than even ebay sellers and free shipping was here so I had to try it with my low fixed income. Not the prettiest one but was here in a jiffy.

    I have a small one room studio apt, less than 500sqft and I smoke, and have seasonal allergies, dust, pollen, mildew near the beach. During our CA rainy season I can't leave windows open much. This makes ozone thus more oxygen. After one day I could see NO dust particles, lint or smoke in the sunbeams coming through a big window in my room, crystal clear air. I have a good Surround Air ionic smokeless ashtray with carbon filter now that helps too, only odor lingering is what is left from carpet and fabrics thru the years non smokers may notice, not me, but dissipating after over a month's use. NO SMOKE.

    No expensive HEPA filter to replace but my vacuum cleaner has one to scoop up particles that the neg ions and ozone cause to drop to the floor, none up where we breath. I'm sleeping so much better, nighttime sinus allergies gone and just feel better all around. True, it's a mood lifter :-) and Kleenex saver. So happy with it now my sister in Los Angeles who has had lung problems got one. Just a few days shipping, far quicker than estimated super saver, just plug it in and take a deep breath.

    My only neg is the top of the case slants back so can't set anything on top of it for space. About the size of a VCR. Vertical styles were tempting but I found a space and makes more sense up off the floor to work well. Unless you are a dog and like laying on the floor to breath.

    ...more info
  • Quiet and compact
    Surprised by the quality it is compact and fairly quiet. I am happy with the purchase though since it is compact is is good for smaller areas, I have it on a half wall between my living room and kitchen. It is doing a decent job....more info
  • Fantastic
    I bought this item to try, because of all the other ionizers are too expensive. Surround Air is terrific for your money. As a matter of fact I will buy another one for the other room....more info