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Jerry Springer in Ringmaster

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  • Can't We Do Better, Springer?
    This book is only worth reading if you really adore the Springer show. If your going to right a book about the Springer show, talk about some of the episodes that are too graphic for T.V! Do better next time!...more info
  • It's a scam
    I thought that this movie was going to be a back stage look at the Jerry Springer show. There is nothing reality based about this movie at all. Even though it is made to look like a documentary. It is not that well done, Jerry has a somewhat likeable charactor, but otherwise his acting is horrible. There are a few people who do a fair job of acting, so I do give it one star. The lowest rating I have ever given anything.

    The Jerry Springer show is a disgusting atrocity. It would have to climb up a very tall ladder just to get up to being appalling. This movie shows people from a demoralized viewpoint. The main theme is a mother and daughter that like to share boyfriends. With a second story about a man who can not seem to be faithful to his women.

    If this is the sort of junk you want, then anything I have to say about it is just going to feed your frenzy. But I would suggest you try to find something more wholesome. You would not have to look far, because just about anything would be a step up from this trash. But that is exactly what they are trying to do is make trash palatable. Jerry's talent is to take you to the trash can out back for dinner and make you think you are getting some thing good to eat.

    The rule has always been: Don't air your dirty laundry in public, and Jerry seems to like to break that rule. Is it worth it for the shock value? There is no shock value, that is another scam. It only triggers our disgust. Our job is to lift people up and to help them to be all that they have the potential to be. Not tear them down and wallow in the muck & mire with them. ...more info
  • You know what you're getting into here
    Okay folks, you KNOW you're not getting Shakespheare from this! All you Lawrence Olivier and Masterpiece Theater fans have gotta go elsewhere. This is down, dirty, lowgrade stuff that's just as bad as the real Jerry Springer show. I don't know why the League of the South or the NAACP haven't gotten after Jerry for the incredibly crude depictions of Blacks and poor Whites in this film and on his show (check out the airplane and elevator scenes in particular). Jerry's soliloquy in mock defense of the poor and ignorant contestants of his show must be heard to beleived. Sounds like an (unusually bad) Bill Clinton speech. But anyway, you know who's involved, so ya know what to expect. Comparable to the "Gong Show Movie" from 20 years earlier....more info
  • I DO NOT KNOW ??





    WE LOVE YOU JERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!1...more info

  • NOT ALL it's craked up to be
    I suppose this book is a fast fun read. I didn't particularlly likethe book. I'd say about 50% of the of pages are actually written by Jerry, the others are either a half-page of pictures or contributions by the Jerry Springer Show staff. I guess, if you are BIG fan of the show, you'll feel this book is a must, I'm a fan, but when I finished reading the book, I was left with, "what was the reason I read this again?". Jerry constantly reminds the reader that he was a Jew and constantly seems on the defense, it makes for an uneasy read. I will admit Jerry does dish out the trash we've come to expect from him, like the story about the man who "loves" his horse. The most interesting thing I learned from this book was that pre-op transexuals all have a similar unique stench to them (due to the hormone pills they take).The book cover may have decorative sparkles on it, but this book doesn't shine....more info
  • Not too bad
    "Ringmaster" pretty much shows what it's like to be a guest on a talk show. The show in this movie is about stepfathers who have been sleeping with their stepdaughters. There's a lot of conflict between the guests on the show and a group of blacks that are staying in a room nearby. Of course a fight breaks out on stage along with a lot of arguing.

    "Ringmaster" also features some other things that go on behind the scenes of "The Jerry Springer Show" such as the women all wanting Springer's autograph and to talk to him in private. "Ringmaster" isn't that bad of a movie really. It has a few funny parts to it and it'll keep you entertained throughout most of the movie. It's also true to what "The Jerry Springer Show" was really like. My only complaints were that after awhile, the arguing between the families gets old and that the movie was a little slow getting to the good parts. However, if you've ever enjoyed watching "The Jerry Springer Show," you will probably like "Ringmaster."...more info

  • te dom om waar te zijn
    Deze man is ziek enr verdient het niet op TV te komen!! Verder ook niet om in boekvorm te verschijnen.

    Het is gewoon een eikel en klootzak die het gepeuple allerlij onzinnige gehoorbeschadigingen aan brengt door het piepen!

    Als ik het geld had zou ik vele miljarden op zijn kop zetten....more info

  • Explaining a Freak Show
    Laura Morton is a co-author and owns a television production company. Gerald Springer earned a BA in political science from Tulane University, a law degree from Northwestern University, and became one of the country's youngest mayors in 1977 Cincinnati. He became a top-rated news anchor, then world-famous for his interview show. This book has no index. I've heard Jerry on his radio talk show; he is smarter than the character he plays on TV. You can read this book for a clue to his personality. Will he run for Senator from Ohio? I think he would be as good as Warren Harding (seriously). [If you take away the music and singing, an opera like `Carmen' is like a Jerry Springer Show.]

    Chapter 1 tells about the beginning of the show. Why does anyone watch it? Strictly for laughs, or schadenfreude. Jerry shows his irreverence (p.8). Why show bigots (p.15)? His show is like an exception report (p.16) It's great fun and pays very well (p.41). While at law school Jerry took a summer job in Cincinnati at a prestigious law firm. He worked on Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign, then to lower the voting age to 19 (p.49). After he ran for Congress he was called up for active duty in the Army (p.52). In 1972 he was elected to the Cincinnati city council. He improved the transit system and lowered the fare (p.59). Jerry explains the check to that health club (pp.59-61). After this he was elected mayor of Cincinnati. Later he ran for governor, and lost. Jerry became a news anchorman during the 1980s. In 1991 his TV station assigned him to "a fluff talk show" (p.85). It started as a copy of Donahue, and then evolved based on their ratings. They would show life as is rarely seen on TV (p.101). Entertainment, not information. He doesn't pander to mainstream tastes (p.104). Jerry explains himself (p.106).

    Chapter 8 explains how business works behind the scenes. Truthful stories that are outrageous are preferred (p.109). They don't pay guests except for expenses (that alone can attract thrill seekers). They don't fake shows, but can be fooled (p.110). Are their critics hypocrites (p.113)? News programs can exploit people (p.140). ["How do you feel about that?"] His co-workers get pages to tell about their work. The owners of the show want "life as it is, even if it isn't pretty" (p.189). Does Jerry really believe that entertainment is causing "kids walking into classrooms with their guns" (p.191)? Doesn't his show make weird behavior seem normal? They were allowed to do anything to attract viewers (p.203). They surpassed Oprah, the first talk show to ever do this. Is TRUTH a coincidental by-product of the news business (p.211)? "The truth is, whenever the senses are involved, what is most pleasurable or most intense isn't necessarily good" (p.241). [His personal experiences?]

    Some claim that Jerry's show is a fake, they have actors on. How different would that be from most of the television that has paid performers to entertain the viewers? Can they make that stuff up? [Jerry's breakfast seems very wrong. He should eat a hearty breakfast and a light supper.] The fault of this show is to present the abnormal and outrageous as if it were just daily life. Readers of true crime know how these romantic triangles are often resolved.
    ...more info
  • Jerry is truly a Rignmeister!
    I have the original hard cover book. I always wanted to learn what goes on behind the scenes of The Jerry Springer Show. I wanted to learn more about Jerry's history background as well. Thank you, Jerry, for sharing the light about you. This book is a must for Jerry Springer fans. Now I would like to see an updated Ringmaster book....more info
  • You Really Get To Know The Personal Side Of The Man
    By reading this book you learn more things about Jerry than you ever would anywhere else. Learn about his struggles, his triumphs, learn what shocks him, & what kind of upbringing he had. This book made me cry on several will touch you that much LESLIE BROWN...more info
  • Ringmaster: Proof that Perversion is Popular
    Recently (July 2002), TV GUIDE listed the 50 worst television shows of all time, and it probably comes as no surprise to readers of this review that THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW was the winner. This is not to say that RINGMASTER is the worst movie of all time, but in its moral sleaziness, it must surely rank in the top (bottom?) ten. What director Neil Abramson has done is to craft a movie that is a 90 minute behind the scenes peek at Springer's daily fare. Much of the same focus of the television series is the center of the movie as well. Neither the television show nor the movie has a plot worthy of the name. Instead Springer is the surprisingly passive host of a series of loosely connected vignettes that revolve around outrageous sexual situations that in their totality suggest that mainstream America is far more unsettled than it probably is. In RINGMASTER, Springer allows a mother-daughter combo to air their rivalry over sleeping with a man played by Michael Dudikoff, the action star who ought to have known better than to sign on the dotted line for this one. Although it is entirely possible that two attractive women could be in such a situation, one is left gasping at Springer's undoubtedly correct assumption that there is a huge market for such frank admissions. As these women in the movie and similar such daily strip and mock battle their significant others while the crowd is prompted to chant in unison to the action on stage, the real stars begin to emerge. Those in the studio audience and those watching on television see a vicarious ugliness in their lives that no amount of concluding serious-sounding final thoughts by Jerry can justify....more info
  • Good...well thought out...lots of humour
    Jerry Springers book gave a great insight into the world of talk shows. Use of humour and honesty was well thought out...more info
  • It is what it is....
    I saw this with a group of friends at a "Girl's Nite In" party and we all knew what to expect...and that's what we got. It was trashy, the plot was thin, and very predictable...just what we needed after a day defending clients in court, running a school district, and 10 hours sewing folks up in the OR!!!

    It is really unnecessary to be overly critical of a film that spoofs Jerry Springer...come on now!!!!...more info

  • A Whole Lot about Jerry You Probably Didn't Know
    When I bought this book, it was purely because of the price and for an entertainment factor. When I got the book, I almost immediately started reading it. I found his childhood very fascinating.

    One of the parts that seemed to bore me a bit was his conversation with God. But after that, the book really seems to pick up.

    I knew some of the things about Springer, like the check at the 'massage parlor', but I didn't know many of the details behind it. Perhaps this was a way for Jerry to set the record straight, and to purge his soul.

    In interviews, he rarely mentions his ex-wife, Mickey, or daughter, Katie. This book has only a chapter about his family, with 2 or 3 pictures. It was a side of Jerry that only the people of Cincinnati saw.

    I think that this would be a good book for anyone who judges Jerry and the Jerry Springer Show to read because it really expresses the theme that you are all human....more info

  • Ay Ay Aye....
    Another Round DVD, it plays a movie. If you're seriously interested in this movie, you're probably still using Beta Max tapes......more info
  • Holy Hell!!!
    I just can't understand Jerry Springer. He is a prominent figure in left wing politics, he was even the Democratic mayor for Cincinnati. And while many liberals actually care about the financially less fortunate, Springer uses them to further inflate his already oversized bank account. Whether it be rural "white trash" or people from the ghettos and barrios, his goal appears to be selling the moral plight of the poor to an audience that views this underclass with contempt. The problem is that the lion's share of his audience is the underclass. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that Springer is not presenting his program through a TV, but through a mirror.

    Movies like Ringmaster make me mad at people who say the movie studios are going to the dogs. That is an insult to that wonderful animal. Anyhow, this was nothing more than a cheap attempt to cash in on someone whose star rose way too high. Some solace can be taken because near rioting broke out in major cities from people trying to be as far away from the theaters as they could be when this turd of a film opened. Yet, the damage was done. I'm sure that some ambitious, idealistic filmaker got his/her project rejected so this crapola could get greenlighted. Hopefully the studio exec that did so got fired and found a job that suited his personality better - Such as scraping condoms off a Walmart parking lot, or selling cheap Souljah Boy ringtones at a mall kiosk. Or better yet, maybe he's going to be the jilted alcoholic Neo-Nazi lover of a lesbian midget with Irritable Bowel Syndrome on next Tuesday's episode. ...more info
    It's funny how some folks turn their faces in "despise" and critisize the "trailer junkies" with such an enthusiasm as IF they are much above and beyond. Such a hypocrisy and ignorance! Guess what, if one is lucky enough to manage their residence not in a trailer or inside of an urban ghetto, it doesn't mean that there are no people who carry their existence in both, economical and spiritual poverty, and guess further -- there are millions of them, and they DO have their subculture! Whether we like it or not, but this subculture DOES EXIST pretty nationwide, and here it is -- the naked truth exposed in this film. Welcome to the real America, which was always ignored by those like us -- so-called "middle class" and higher. Jerry Springer -- whatever his motives are -- is one of those who has enough courage to show us the reality, so this may trigger at least some of us: wake up you selfish ignorants, open your eyes and look around -- what is it happening to our culture?! What is it happening to our moral values, ethics, and interpersonal etiquette? What kind of America our descendants will face in the nearest future?

    This DVD is outstanding, it clearly reflects the internal and external world of the majority -- don't be surprised, the low socio-economic classes, represented in this film, ARE the quantitative majority of our culture -- and here it is: the naked truth. Whether one likes it or not, whether one is in denial or not, but we are living in a ..., and the worst is that NO ONE CARES! -- for one reason or the other... Instead of turning our faces in disgust and critisizing these poor characters (and the act of such critisizm itself makes us no better than them), we should open our eyes wide and take a better look: what is it exactly within our society that is continuously cloning such a breed of population? Is there any solution besides just ignoring the huge pink elephant in the middle of your own home?

    Jerry Springer is great, no matter what one may think -- if we had no ..., he perhaps would run a show on spirituality, or he would run his own law firm, or perhaps he would keep himself busy in politics -- I'm sure, a bright and educated person like him would never be unemployed.

    Get this DVD, it's oustanding, the cast does outstanding job, the plot is humorous and entertaining -- there is no dobt that throughout the movie you'll never stop laughing -- but laughing perhaps through tears if you get the real message, the naked truth......more info

  • Good idea Jerry!
    This book was excellent at giving me some insite into Jerry Springer. There is no mega ego in the writing of it, nor any kind of attitude. He wrote it himself on a whim. It does give you an uncensored look into Jerry Springer, & show. It does not have nude photos, nor is it erotic reading. If that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. This book, if it does nothing else, will enlighten you to the exploits of our daily news (everywhere). It might even refresh your views on what America is really about....more info
  • Amazingly Trashy From 1998
    People having sordid affairs appear with their loved ones on a talk-show host's popular, controversial TV program. Very trashy. Jerry Springer plays himself. I can't believe that he was going to campaign for US Senator. This is like the TV show, except the guests in this movie are actors.

    Drama/Talk-Show (USA 363/5)...more info
  • I want to at least see 10 minutes of it
    I want to review this movie because I heard It was good and I like to watch Jerry Springer. Also, I love actor Michael Jai White. He is so fine....more info
  • It Was SOOOOOO Damn Good.
    This Movie, Is One Of The Best......In Fact, It`s IS The Best I`ve Seen In A Very Long Time, Plenty Of Bad Language And Some Nudity, A Scene With Lezbians And Plenty Of Fighting, I Loved Every Second Of It I`ve Seen It 9 Times, And The Sountrack Is Greatttt Also. And The Song TALK SHOW SHHHH! is the best. The Show Is Basically About Couples That Have Not Been Faithful And So They Are Going To Be Put On The Jerry Springer Show, The Daughter, Is In Love With The Step-Dad, So The Mom Get`s Mad And Goes After The Daughter Boyfriend, It`s Just A Crazy Movie, And You`ll Love Every Second Of It....more info
  • Boy I never walk out of a movie but....
    This movie was without question the biggest waste of an hour and a half I have ever seen. The plot, what little there was of one, was sheer stupidity. Better acting can be found in most junior high plays, and the jokes were just not funny. I don't mind the Jerry Springer I see on television but this was flat out asinine. Do not waste your money on this movie....more info
  • Fun book to read
    I liked this book -- read it an evening. Gives you a look at Springer's childhood, early family life, and his political career. I was a bit disappointed in some ways because I felt that the details were fairly cursory in nature. However, the book does give a good idea at what goes on behind the show. A must for all Springer fans....more info
  • Personally Jerry: one adore-able book!
    I love Jerry Springer's 'Ringmaster' book; this book is about the Jerry show and yet more exclusively about Jerry himself; and especially about his past - pictures of his family, himself as a child..facts and memories on his childhood, family and 'his years' up to now. Jerry becomes pretty personal in his 'Ringmaster' book, and his honesty is as clear as ever. For anyone who is a Springer fan-this is a god-send. For anyone who isnt a Springer fan..why not..the read is just as good....more info
  • Why Michael Dudikoff?
    You are the American Ninja, not trailor park fungus. Michael Dudikoff was the reason I bought this movie and he should be ashamed for being in this movie, such lordage shouldn't go so low. I was disappointed. "Ringmaster" is one of the worst movies ever. My dog could've made a better movie. Jerry Springer is one of the most controversial talk-show hosts ever, indeed, but his presence is limited in this movie thankfully. Too bad those security guards on the show couldn't have let those ignorant people fight each other. What a waste of time. My clock is ashamed of me for watching this by deservingly not letting me get my 90 minutes back....more info
  • Just a few remarks from a viewer over in Scandinavia
    With 49 reviews currently in here, I don't need to go in depth on this one. I am sure that premise, synopsis etc. has been discussed at length by prior reviewers.

    This movie happened on me a few days ago, as leaves on trees clouded my sattelite dish and all I could receive was national television channels in Norway (including a couple of commercial ones). I had read nothing about it, and just came across the opening titles as I zapped through the 4 sorry channels at my disposal.

    It immediately caught my eye.

    I watched it all the way through, promising myself at the very beginning that once this film gets boring or stupid, I'll do what I had previously intented to do, which was watch a DVD I had borrowed from a friend. At no point during the film did I feel the urge to stop watching.

    Obviously, a lot of people will thrash a movie like this. It's main charachters engage in lewd, obscene and morally questionable acts all the way throughout the film. Many people will be put off by this nasty and/or downright trashy behaviour, but it resonnated with me.

    I know people like this. I have at least one friend who has slept with bot mother and daughter in some backwaters place in Florida. I have at least one ex-girlfriend who has done a guy that also her mother has done. And as to this x-gf; the things she put me through, would have been solid Jerry Springer and/or Ricki Lake show, had we had those in Scandinavia. And she had similar stories with most other boyfriends she had done. I'd compare her with the trailer trash daughter in this movie without a second of hesitation. According to the eyes of the beholder, she could be either slightly more or slightly less sexy than this charachter in "Ringmaster".

    After seeing it, I conferred with my Video & DVD guide, a book from 2003 (paperback). It awarded the film with a turkey symbol, and discarded it as pure and utter sleaze. Well, this particular paperback has families as target audiences, but still, that was too easy a dismissal. I couldn't quite believe that everybody would miss the point completely, and later conferred with It didn't have a 0% fresh rating, as one might expect. Instead it had an 18% fresh rating. Most memorably, Roger Ebert, arguably America's (and perhaps the world's) finest movie critic, awarded it two - 2 - out of four possible stars, and provided a decent and just comment on it.

    But Ebert probably never experienced people and/or conditions like these in his own life. Had he had such experiences, I believe he would have awarded it three stars.

    I give it four out of five stars. I don't see how a movie like this one could have been made much more realistically. The finish is very much like that of a TV movie, but I gather that it was in wide theatrical release. I believe the TV movie finish is justifiable, as these are NOT larger-than-life charachters on display here. On the contrary, they are everyday people of the somewhat less fortunate kind, and should be portrayed as such.

    This story is not earth-shattering. It is pretty much a feel-good film, and has no big central theme that is intended to be revelatory or remarkably uplifting. It is a movie that paints probably a quite fair picture of both ex-politician (mayor of Cincinnati, was he?) -turned-talk-show-host Jerry Springer, and of the knd of people who one would think constitutes a mean average of the ususal fair he and his TV show collaborators and henchmen deal with on a daily basis.

    For the sake of entertainment, the charachters are to varying degrees more animated than one would expect from such a demographic, and maybe in some instances slightly less. Like Ebert states, the actors mostly do a fine job of portraying their charachters in a decent but somewhat superficial manner (this IS a comedy-drama, not pure comedy or pure parody), and no charachter is taken to the level of ridicule and/or outright parody.

    We can empathize with these people - or at least we can if we have actual real life experience that compels us to believe that these people could be for real. (If one reflects upon it, an all-out-realistic and down to the nitty-gritty movie about people from these demographics, could just as well have played as Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers"; all-be-it at the opposite and most extreme end of the scale of mild-to-excessive portrayal of the denizens of trailer parks and such).

    There are touching moments, such as the very plausible emptyness, lonelyness and doubts felt by the trailer park mother when she is all alone in her hotel room.

    I can recommend this movie. It's not Saturday night fare or a "date movie". It's something you could watch on your laptop while on a Greyhound-bus or an interstate train. It's something to watch in your dorm room on a night that your schedule is empty, or if you're in sick from work with the flu. It won't change your life, but it'll be a whole lot more easy-going on your senses than actually watching an episode of the televised Jerry Springer show... Where the TV-show is chaotic and in-your-face, this little flick gives you enough background to actually empathize, more or less understand and possibly even believe the "guests" Springer has on his usual shows.

    No small feat that....more info
  • Talk about guilty pleasures...
    Let me state here and now: I loathe the "Jerry Springer" TV show. I think it's contemptible the way he exploits the vulnerabilities of low-income people desperate for their fifteen minutes of fame, encourages them to bare all their sordid secrets on nationwide TV, and then claims he's doing it all for a greater good. So I expected to loathe this movie when I caught it on late night TV recently, and instead ended up on the floor laughing myself halfway into a coma. So why would I like this film, trashy as it is, and hate the show?

    One reason is Springer's ability to spoof himself; he has the grace not to take himself too seriously; he knows exactly what a schlockmeister he is, and he plays himself to the hilt in this movie. Another is that while on the TV we only see the people doing their bad thing on stage (and the audience egging them on with howls of "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"), in the film we see the hacks and flacks who help to prey on these people and get them to make themselves look their very worst in front of a national audience. And thirdly, the characters in the film are so over-the-top, so grotesquely stereotyped, we can safely laugh at them because they look so unreal.

    Here are Angel and Starletta, trailer trash and ghetto trash, winning the chance of a life time to appear on TV as the subjects of segments of "My traitor friends" and "You did WHAT with your stepdaddy?!" Angel is a 17 year old motel maid with a mother only 15 years her senior, sharing a trailer with mom's hubby, with whom Angel is having an affair, right under mom's nose. And don't think mom doesn't know what her skanky offspring is up to; when mom crashes the party and catches the two of them in the act, she goes right off and turns the tables with Angel's sort-of-fiance. Meanwhile, Starletta has caught her supposed best friend in bed with her no-good philandering boytoy Demond, amid a great deal of hair-pulling and name-calling.

    Angel, Starletta, and their entourages are all called to LA to appear on Jerry's show, but Angel's stepdad gets cold feet at the last minute, realizing some things are too private to be discussed on TV, and walks out. Not to worry; there's plenty of adventure on the side between Angel and the philandering Demond, who somehow gets inveighled into getting it on with Angel's mom as well. Turns out that there is action galore for the show even without the stepdad. When Starletta's two-timing girlfriends announce from the audience they caught Angel with Demond, Starletta rushes the stage (amid the usual howls of "Jerry") and goes for Angel literally tooth and nail; and when Angel's clueless boyfriend, who looks like the only word he is capable of is "Duh", turns out to have been awake at the switch after all and announces to nationwide TV that Angel is carrying her stepdaddy's baby (Mom didn't know THAT tidbit), all hell breaks loose. The show segments of the film look a lot like what's shown on TV, with the notable exception that the bleeped-out words are very much unbleeped (if profanity disturbs you, get some earplugs to watch this movie with), and the nudity isn't pixeled into abstraction.

    This is a film to watch if you're in the mood for some mindless diversion, which everybody needs from time to time. Just be warned that to watch this movie in VHS, you will have to scroll through 18 minutes of commercials to get to the start of the film. Get the DVD....more info
  • it got boring but, it's Springer afterall
    It's not my idea of a tell all. Jerry got wordy at times and I didn't picture him the type to try and take strolls down memory lane. It was good to get to know the man behind the show, but at times, it was a snoozer....more info
  • Odorous
    I bought this flick at the 99 cent store and am convinced that I was gyped. Oh well, at least I can tape another movie over it. The characters' behavior would make most members of the animal kingdom to blush in embarassment. One-dimensional stereotypes abound in this Jerry Springer head trip. Instead of this tripe, buy a box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers instead....more info
  • I thought this was an awsome book!!!
    I thought this was the BEST book!!! (Maybe because Im obsessed with Jerry Springer...) I thought all the pictures were very good and it had some good info about Jerry and his show. LOVE YA JERRY!!!...more info
  • Very good (4.9 stars)
    It had alot of interseting stories of jerry's pre-show days, not quite as much as i'd hoped. Everything else was just about perfect though. I like that he has the guts to defend the show, it isn't bad for anyone, unlike what some others will say. PS, He's apparently got at least one more book coming out this year!!...more info
  • Just as much white-trash as there is on the show
    This show is really tasteless and brings out the worst in people, but I love it. Making a a movie on it was probably a bad idea though. I eas expecting one 2-hour long show of Jerry Springer, or some really funny shows all mixed together. I wasn't expecting actors to portray white-trash guests on Jerry Springer and try to make it a drama, not a comedy. I found parts of it entertaining, like in the beginning when Jaime Pressley's mom went out and slept with her Pressley's boyfriend for revenge. But really, this movie is trash....more info
  • Springer... the most controversial talk show host and author
    Jerry! Jerry!

    The crowd chants wildly. However, one must look past this seemingly low-class, degrading form of entertainment. I found this work quite refreshing.

    As a scholar, I do not get the chance to fully appreciate the world around me. For this reason, I miss out on meeting many of my fellow men and women. I have lost touch with the average joe and I find this quite disheartening.

    However, Mr. Springer has given me the chance to connect with millions of Americans. These people real and their stories are not made up. Springer vividly portrays the joys, sorrows, and anguish that these brave men and women are facing. Perhaps the most touching was the story of the 400 pound man that left his wife for a 3 foot tall transvestite.

    I really feel that reading this book helps me appreciate the needs of others. I am forced to realize that all around me, people are suffering. I am spurred on to be a better person because of Mr. Springer and his friends.

    I too can chant "Jerry! Jerry!" with pride. Thank you Jerry....more info

  • Jaime Pressly is not a playmate. She posed, not a playmate.
    It stinks!...more info
  • Wild!
    everything thing was great. The fights, the arguements, the show in itself was amazing to watch. Great movie for Jerry Springer fans....more info
  • Tha White Trash Talk Show Host!
    This is 1 funny-ass movie, I watched in the summer when I was watching Comedy Central, I was already a fan of Jerry Springer & his show, yet I just weared to him because all of his episode were the same, till' I saw Ring Master!!!!!

    This is a tight-ass White trash movie, about a strugglin' couple that live in a Trailer Park, in somewhere in Tampa Bay, FL......where this 1 Hoe with a nice Ass pretends that her own Dad got her prgenant, and her own Mom plays along, while her Boyfriend is confused & opressed! They make it to the Jerry Springer show, where they have to take a plane from Tampa Bay, FL to Los Angeles, CA! Now, lots goes on in this movie and it is Trailer Park madness! Lots of Fyne hoochies, and plenty of Booty-tang 2! Jerry Springer-4-Life! ...more info
  • Ashley Holbrook and Michael Jai White
    See this movie for Ashley Holbrook who plays "Willie". He is so hot, just look at him in the scene with Angel's mom and what she does for him. Also, look for Michael Jai White who plays "Demond" he has a great body including: muscles, abs, tight rear end, and great face....more info


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