Germ Guardian EV-9-102 UV-C Air Sanitizer - Stainless Steel

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Product Description

Specifications Construction: Steel Construction Power: Cord Special Features: 9 watt ultraviolet-c light, fan 5-year limited warranty Dimensions: 8.25" L x 8.25" W x 18.5" H

Customer Reviews:
  • Decent product but does not cover room adequately
    After hearing about this product and reading the reviews, decided to get one for our newborn baby. The problem however, is that this does not cover the entire room even on its "high" setting. Over the course of an hour, I would say this thing covers only a sixth of the air in our room (12 x 12). I put my hand in front of the sanitizer and could barely feel any airflow and this was on the high setting. I've only had this product for a month so I will have to follow-up on durability.

    First month impression is this thing is too weak to adequately sanitize an entire room. If it were a bit stronger, would give a better rating. I feel like I will return this item and get a stronger air cleaner, or buy 3 of these (not practical)....more info
  • germ freak
    I love this product. My kids ALWAYS get ear infections in Sept. Oct. I bought this to try and combat against ear infections. To my chagrin, it works. No ear problems. I feel like my house is germ free...more info