Oxy-Powder-Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleaner, 240ct

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Product Description

The 15 to 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter inside your colon is liquefied and flushed out.

  • As seen on TV
  • High quality colon cleanser
  • Promotes optimal colon health and regular bowel activity
  • Easy to take vegetarian capsules
  • The 15 to 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter inside your colon is liquefied and flushed out.

Customer Reviews:

  • Oxy-Powder works like they say
    This product works like a charm - exactly like they say. I don't know how it works, but it does. I have had constipation issues for years and this is the first product that really softens and makes everything move.

    I am also pleased with this seller who shipped very quickly....more info
  • Dowsn't work.
    The first day black stuff. The following days just miserable diahrea, nothing old dissolving. Am returning it. Doesn't work. ...more info
  • It does Help
    I ended up scaling back from what the dosage says and I just take one a day. That seems to work good for me and keeps me regular. Still a very loose stool and still sometimes can barely make it to the bathroom in time but I guess it's better than not going for days....more info
  • Great!
    OxyPowder is truly a breakthrough for those suffering from chronic constipation who don't want to take Zelnorm or other prescription drugs.(With all their undesired side effects) OxyPowder has no side effects and has worked extremely well for me. ...more info
  • OxyPowder is the best
    This is one of the best internal cleansers I have tried. I have been using it for over two years....more info
  • Finally, some relief!
    I have had chronic constipation for at least 20 years that I can remember. I have used everything you can think of made over the counter. I was highly skeptical of oxy-powder, but after reading some positive reviews, I thought it was worth a shot.

    I started with the full dosage for the first full days and had immediate relief. Over the days following, I took less and less, still continually getting relief. I currently take about 2-3 one or two nights a week to keep everything moving along. For the first time in my life, I'm having regular BMs. To those of you who suffer from this problem, you know how excited I am to be making that statement.

    I love this product! The main differences between it and other products are: 1) How fast it works-I took it the first night and the next morning, I had relief. 2) No cramping 3) No "sudden" or "uncontrollable" urges-you do get a normal "urge" to go, but it's nothing like the "can't wait" effect you get with laxatives or enemas, etc. It's all very natural feeling.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from chronic constipation. As a result of this product, I feel a lot "lighter" and all around more comfortable. ...more info
  • Great stuff but over priced
    This is indeed a great product. People who are complaining need to cut down the dosage. If you have the money to spend it, it's worth it, but I think there are other things out there that are ALMOST as good for A LOT cheaper. Try some Grandmas Herbs if your not wanting to fork out that kind of money. ...more info
  • WOW!
    This product is fantastic! I started a home detox program and now this is part of my regimen. During detox you must eliminate those toxins and quickly. This product helps with "die off symptoms". No cramping, I was able to go to work and have no discomfort. If you have a history of constipation this is a must have. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • oxy powder
    Oxy powder worked well. I felt more energy after the cleanse and my stomach felt less bloated. The downfall is that I expereiced mild flu symptoms for a couple days during the cleanse. Overall, I would liked the product and would use it again....more info
  • Excellence
    This product is excellent, it has saved me a lot of money. I feel great.
    Thank you....more info
  • Excellent Colon Cleanser!! I Recommend it to Everyone!
    I have always been really skeptical of colon cleansing products. I have always been told that it was a waste of time & unneccesary. But, I've been reading more and more about the "benefits" of colon cleansing. I was kinda on the fence about trying it. But after reading a bunch of colon cleansing reviews thru google, I decided to go with OxyPowder, because they were ranked #1 or #2 on every review site.

    The cleanse was pretty simple. I have a busy career and family life, so you can imagine how little time I have. I don't have the time to mix fiber shakes or laxative teas. But Oxypowder was completely different and what I was looking for. That was why I bought this product.

    I was glad that I did it, because I could tell that it worked. I was surprised by how much better I felt after I finished it. I really did have more energy. I was more regular. I felt good. I would recommend OxyPowder to anyone who is looking to cleanse their colon. Thats what I bought it for, and I am glad that I did....more info
  • works but be careful
    even though it works this product made me sick. i weighed 275 pounds and am 6'2". i took 4 pills as suggested on the bottle for a week every day and drank the amount of water suggested. i didn't make it to the end of the week after the fourth day i had magnesium poisoning ,all this from 16 total pills spread out over 4 days.my back was in pain , i was sick ,throwing up, and peeing out my butt . i laid in bed sick for 2 days. . also the pills don't taste or feel good going down you will no what i mean if you take it long enough.it works but use less than what they say to or else....more info


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