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A portable potty that's ready to "go" -- whenever and wherever they are! Sturdy tripod base sets up quickly, neatly and discreetly to provide a sanitary personal potty on the road, at a restaurant, while camping, in the park -- wherever and whenever you're on the go!!

Designed for comfort, cleanliness and convenience, with smooth, easy-to-wipe-clean surfaces and a mess-free, disposable bag and absorbent pad waste containment system. Just tie it, and toss it! Potty folds flat for compact carry in a machine-washable, take-along tote with organizer pockets that keep your personal care supplies handy, like your wipes and hand sanitizer.

Includes 5 disposable bags and 5 absorbent pads. Replace with standard 4-gallon garbage bags and any type of absorbent pads (nursing pads, sanitary pads, etc.).

If you have ever planned a family outing around the availability of a toilet, you will understand the value of the Fisher-Price Potty On-the-Go. Now you can reinforce potty training when out about. The base is sturdy and folds flat to fit in the snazzy tote. The tote is discreet and includes pockets for wipes, toilet paper, etc. When the time comes, simply attach a garbage bag, throw in a nursing pad, and dispose. It potty is easily wiped clean, and the tote keeps it from getting dirty when transporting. The Potty On-the-Go includes five disposable bags and absorbent pads, but the nice thing is that they recommend replacing these with generic four-gallon bags and nursing pads--couldn't be easier. --Scott Teal

  • Sturdy tri-pod base sets up quickly, neatly and discreetly to provide a sanitary personal potty on the road, at a restaurant, in the park - anywhere!
  • Designed for comfort, cleanliness and convenience, with smooth, easy-to-wipe-clean surfaces and a mess-free, disposable bag and absorbent pad waste containment system!
  • Potty folds flat for compact carry in a machine washable, take-along tote with organizer pockets that keep your personal care supplies handy!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great buy and very useful...
    I purchased The Go Potty for road trips, trips to the mall or other places, and I love it. Its a relief that my two year old does not have to use a public restroom. This is a very good purchase and well worth the money. ...more info
  • Great Potty!!!
    This is the potty we use exclusively. I love the disposable bag idea better than the rinsing the bowl in the potty. I leave this set up in the back of my SUV, when we are out somewhere we just go in the back and potty. The travel bag is a great idea but we never use it. As other people have also mentioned we just buy trash bags rather than the bags offered with the potty....more info
  • Love it!!
    This is my lifesaver when there are no bathrooms around or just port-a-potties. I just put on a bag, sit him down and it's great. And the splash guard in the front is really useful since he sometimes sprays. Now we can go to the park, beach, a festival and I don't have to put a pull-up on him!...more info
  • simply the best
    I bought at least four portable potties in the past. They were either bulky, flimsy and/or uncomfortable. Nothing is as compact, sturdy and comfortable as this potty. It only takes a few seconds to setup. The opening is wide and there is even a built-in boy deflector. It comes with a stylish carrying bag that fits over most stroller handle bar or basket. Don't waste your money on the refill bags. I think they are way too big. Try the Ruffies 4 gallon garbage bags at Target or Walmart. They are leak-proof and fit nicely. I recommend that you put some absorbent material in the potty to better contain waste i.e. a nursing pad. This works great on road trips and in public restrooms. ...more info
  • Must have for toddlers & big kids too!!
    We got this potty for our two year old and have nothing but good things to say about it! What a wonderful idea, leave it to Fisher Price!! Its compact enough to fit in our Peg Perego P3 stroller's basket, holds wipes and extra bags in it's OWN bag, strong enough for our 6yr old to use in emergencies, lighweight, can use any type of bag-recycle grocery bags!!, and a built in deflector for boys-WHAT A LIFESAVER! The first day we had it we must have used it at least 5 times, we just set it up in the back of the SUV and no need to find a gas station-it's great!! One thing I must note, I see no need to use the absorbent pads, just tie up the bag and toss it. One downside is that they are SO hard to find, I called a dozen stores in our area and NO ONE had them so we had to order online. My cousins saw the potty and are ordering one for their toddler also!

    I called F-P to see what the weight limit is for this potty and they told me they had a 200lb person sit on it with NO PROBLEM!! WOW, we will be using this potty for a LONG LONG time!! We love it so much we got a second one so we have one in each car. Wonderful product worth every penny!!...more info
  • everyone with children should have this!
    This is the perfect on the go seat! I originally bought it for camping - but quicky realized how invaluable it is to keep in our mini van all the time. The carry bag is discreet and great with room to store extra bags, wipes and other things. You really dont need the absorbant pads. i just tie up the bag when she is done and toss in the nearest garbabge pail! I use small storage bags, I read in another review they use the doggie waste bags thats a great idea too.
    This sets up in a pinch and is super easy to keep clean. great for any age kid or adult up to 200 pounds!! Perfect for road trips and every day use since I have a toddler who always has to GO, it is a great peace of mind to never have to worry about finding a bathroom. There is enouph room n the back of our van to set it up in perfect privacy and go! Clean up is a breeze. Couldnt be happier with this purchase! This is well worth the price! NO ACCIDENTS!!! ...more info
  • I just love it!
    My 18mos. daughter using this potty about 3 weeks now, when we go out and she love it. We use it on the trip, when we go out to the playground or just to shop. We don't have to use public restrooms it is hard any way and not clean enough. This potty always clean since no one else using it. Easy to open it and fold it. It fits all kind of bags example garbage bags or plastic shopping bags are good too. It's all worth it!...more info
  • A must for any parent of a toddler!
    I bought this while I was potty training my twins. I wasn't sure I was going to get much use out of it. Boy, was I wrong! This has saved me more times than I can remember. It is so handy when you can't find a bathroom or you'd rather not use a public restroom. (They can be so gross sometimes!) It is very easy to use and clean up. I've just used white kitchen trash bags once the bags provided were gone. ...more info
  • Great potty for when you're on the go!!
    I love how portable this potty is! Our son learned to use the potty a few weeks ago. We quickly realized we needed something for when we're out and about and don't have time to find the nearest bathroom (diapers and pull-ups were out of the question). This was the perfect solution! It comes with a great carrying case. We use the scented pet waste bags (17"x7") that have the straps. The bags that come with the potty are good but a little large. I feel awful throwing such a big bag away when the pet waste bags are just right! We tried it out for the first time last week when we went to the zoo. We found a nice clean walkway off to the side, pulled the potty out of its case and voila! No lines, no mess...and above accidents! Thank you, Fisher-Price, for making the perfect potty for us families on-the-go! ...more info
  • Seems like it will work
    We are just moving forward with potty training, so we haven't broken it in yet. But, we've set it up and it seems easy to use, folds down compactly and nice carrying case. I bought it because another mom said she used it herself in a pinch, so I'm eyeing it as well :). It's sitting in our car now, waiting for my daughther's (or Mommy's) first call.......more info
  • Works Great!
    This has been a great product! We keep it in the car and use it at parks, etc. My daughter loves it and you can use 4 gallon garbage bags to refill it. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Best Portable Potty
    We bought this potty for $20 prior to a trip to CA when our then 20 month old daughter was just beginning to be interested in pottying. It was great. It's convenient, sporty, stylish, and you can take it anywhere set it up quickly. Accessories are cheap, we just use 4gallon trash bags and cut up sanitary napkins or nursing pads or anything absorbent to put in the bottom of the trash bag and you're all set. Plus, the carrying bag looks like a regular messenger bag and has lots of storage space. Noone would ever know you're carrying around a potty. Even my husband loves it! I don't know that I would have paid $50 for the potty then but in hindsight, if you can't find it cheaper anywhere else, this is a potty that would be worth spending $50 on. Now that our daughter is fully potty trained, we still take it everywhere for easy pottying on the go....more info
  • Freedom again!
    I bought this portable potty in the hope that we could start leaving the house again with my newly potty-trained son and it was a life-saver! It is very easy to use, compact and comes with a nice bag to carry it in. I would say that this is an essential piece of equipment. My husband has even said he wishes he could have an adult-sized one!...more info
  • Oh, so pleased with this potty!
    This potty has been great! My 3 year old daughter loves it and therefore, so do I. It's so easy and fast to set up and we use it far more often than I anticipated. I originally purchased this potty for 'emergency' use only, however, I've found we use it when public restrooms are unsanitary, on road trips, or just in the grocery store parking lot when the need arises and it's just not convenient to go back inside. The potty comes with bags and pads and when I ran out I just bought some smaller, thicker trash bags that work great! It comes in a handy travel case that just slides right under the car seat. I would totally recommend this potty.
    ...more info
  • A Potty Training Must Have!
    Our three year old just recently became potty trained (thank goodness). When we were headed to the park one day, it dawned on me that I needed to consider her potty needs. I packed up her little potty in the car, and I lined it with a grocery bag for easy disposal. It was perfect. When I got home, I thought that I had a great invention idea. Ok, so it had already been invented, but it's great! We keep this potty in the car and take it everywhere. She uses it at picnics, family pool parties, and I've even taken her out of a store to use it instead of using their facilities. I cannot say enough about it. It is compact, requires no assembly, and has ensured that her potty training is always on going. If you are even considering getting this product, you should totally do it. You will not regret it! Good luck!...more info
  • A must-have for those who travel!
    A great potty! It is very easy to use, very stable, has a stylish carrying case. It doesn't require any special type of bag - any grocery bag on hand will do and just a piece of paper towel can be put inside for absorbency. Great for travel!...more info
  • Love it
    Love this!! It is perfect in the time of NEED!! It works great in the car and anywhere. My son had cancer and we are in and out of hospitals alot and the bathrooms as so not clean and it works great!...more info
  • No more nasty gas station potty stops!
    This is truly a great potty seat! As long as you replace the bag and pad after each use, you can just pull it out of the case and flip open the legs and it's ready to go. I appreciate that the plastic seat covers the top portion of the plastic bag and keeps it dry, so your hands never need to come in contact with any of the waste. The carrying bag is also a big plus--it's very easy to keep in the car or take along to the playground and keeps all of the potty supplies (tissues, wipes, extra bags and pads, etc.) organized. We don't regret this purchase. ...more info
  • Not to be mistaken by a smaller sized inferior on-the-go potty
    This is my second On-the-go potty purchase. The first tiny red one left my son crying in pain and claiming he was "all done" before he started. I sent the old one into the recycling bin and bought this one. What a difference! Like night and day! It's handy and as convenient as a diaper bag to carry. It sets up in seconds. It's clean, it's comfortable - did I mention incredibly convenient?? My son never hesitates to use it and I carry a few paper towels to toss in the 4 gallon bags for quick absorption and tidy disposal. We bring it on walks, in the car and to public restrooms. The pockets in the bag are handy and the bag itself is discrete. I can't think of any improvements - it's perfect....more info
  • Best Travel Potty
    The Fisher-Price On-The-Go Potty was a life-saver for us. My daughter was perfectly potty trained at home, but refused to use public restrooms. I finally found this potty online, and we've been diaper free ever since. It's easy to assemble, which comes in handy when you have a kid who waits until the last minute to tell you she has to "go".

    You can use normal trash bags with it, and we've never had a problem with leakage. My only complaint is that the top can be hard to pull off if there's no bag on it, but that's not a big enough issue to downgrade the number of stars....more info
  • Not for use with dogs!
    The first day we received our new potty my daughter actually used it. So, we were thrilled when our daughter peed in it after only 1 hour of having it setup. However, a couple of hours later we heard a banging noise in our bathroom where we had the potty setup and found our dog had stuck his head in through the hole and got stuck with the plastic bag over his head. Luckily, we were able to calm the dog (and my daughter) and get the bag and potty off of his head. Had we not been around things could have been much worse, but now we know we have to keep the potty out of reach from the dogs. ...more info
  • Empowering potty training on the go
    This is a great product that will help empower your child to meet his potty training goals on the go. Once my 3 year old finally caught the potty training bug, there was no stopping her. She would be mortified if she had an accident just because there was no place to "go" when she was trying so hard to be successful.

    No worries since ordering this potty chair. We used it in a parking garage in the hatchback part of the car and just disposed of the bag in a waste can nearby. My friends have told me it's a must have for the beach and playgrounds that sometimes only have "porta-potties" available.

    Plus, it comes in an attractive and wipe clean case. My daughter is so proud of it, she shows it to everyone. I also like that you can use your own garbage bags and either sanitary pads or nursing pads (which is what the ones that come with it look like). Then, you are not stuck purchasing their refills forever.

    Not only does this little portable potty give your child the confidence that a potty is available anywhere to boost their potty training efforts, it gives you peace of mind when there are less than sanitary facilities available to you and - best of all - it means you have the freedom to go with your kids whenever you want. No more planning your errands and outings around the availability of a toilet for your toddler.
    ...more info


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